W5's Best Tribe?

Discussion in 'World 5' started by Petnquaranlor, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Dazrield

    Dazrield Guest

    Agreed, maybe you should tell that to the Sci players that came on here flaming R2 to start this little fest. I find it amazing that your family always tries to play the moral card after it doesn't like the can of worms it opened up. Then all the little Sci posters come out of the woodwork to act all injured 'you flamed us, it's not you right to decide we suck, stay on topic, and blah, blah, blah'.
  2. Gammlen

    Gammlen Guest

    Amazing how my family doesn't have a charter as to how to have some consistency between topics. I generally speak for myself on the W5 forums and I intend on keeping it that way. If I make mistakes I stand for them, no reason to blame it all on others or try to explain it all away. Little more off topic then the above: Can somebody please get vanessa mello to take my remaining K19 villages a little bit faster? They might get support if she does it any slower :icon_neutral:
  3. Dazrield

    Dazrield Guest

    Really? No charter on chastising a fellow family member for doing the same thing that I do? Do they take away your posting privs if you should do that? I mean.. why pick my one flame out of them all to chastise while ignoring your own families if not for the sake of hypocricy?

    Lets examine why I might've mistakenly gotten the impression anything you had to say was about tribes in this thread:

    Seems I even see you speaking for others as well. Meh, maybe you just meant 'in general' not the actual instance you are debating.
  4. King BenX

    King BenX Guest

    i could, but what's the point if you would not understand anyway?! :icon_redface:

    go and read R2-TRU vs SCI thread.
    Dazrield and other comedians were telling us ALL THE TIME how good they are and how badly SCI sucks.

    well... where's R2-TRU now? :icon_eek:
    the funny thing is that they were trying us to belive that they're winning even just few days before R2-TRU went down.

    believing to Dazrield and his crew is like believeing in usa goverment.
    Dazrield is good, very good.
    ...at brainwashing.

    i'm not saying that 1337 is bad tribe and that Dazrield is bad player.
    ofcourse not!
    he's just not good enough to stay alive in tribe like 1337.

    back to topic, yes, PKs is the best tribe. :icon_cool:
    long time ago there was a small chance to bring down LFKD, but few wrong decisions were made.
    but, that's another story that is also alredy explained. :icon_wink:
  5. drxavier

    drxavier Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2008
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    here here.... never a truer word said!

    however, I guess having 5 of 7 active members makes its nice and cosy for the players, so therefore a nice tribe, but I still don't know what they have achieved, apart from running, I mean regrouping with the disbanding of R2, I suppose that could be seen as an achievement in itself, forming a new leet squad, well done to one and all :icon_wink:
    because I'm a n00b, I couldn't possibly comment, I'll get flamed anyway for any post I make.
  6. drxavier

    drxavier Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2008
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    Admitting what?
    now I thought this was a war game and that strategy plays a part, that can manifest itself in many forms, basically if all else fails, we'll n00b you to oblivion, now I'm fine with that!
    I'm glad your amused :) and of course we all know you can defend a train, I heard it a lot from you.
    Whatever tactic I have used, you have beat me, i.e. you are a far better player than I, we all know that already. Why should I attack, just to make you feel better? Just to make myself vulnerable? even I can work that out!
    Now how do I know that next door villages are unstacked, oh yeah i forgot all l33t players unstack and have no walls (according to matt anyway), its only what you say, now I always believe everything you say..... yeah right, whatever :icon_wink:

    back on topic....

    As for best tribe....

    what exactly are we looking for, best warring, best forums, best org, best buddies, etc.

    its in the eye of the player, I expect 1337 is a good tribe to be in, active in warring and all that, but I like where I have been, I made some good friends and enemies (so to speak), I think that some strategies and tactics (in tribes) are wrong in some of them, but hey..... its game, this is what its all about! :lol:
  7. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    Lets do a drx.
    I just said my opinion, i din't accuse them.
    But i guess that is already pointed out, you want people's opinion, but if you don't like them the whinning comes up.

    Oh, and i pointed out earlyer that i don't speak while posting.
    No worries, i got enough people stand by to give me a translation.

    They do suck.
    I also notied that anyone that isn't in your tribe is concidered: n00b, comedian, little n00bs, pointwhorer, etc.
    I feel sorry for you though, your tribe must be filled with n00bs after the RFG merger.

    I pointed out before that counted in villages it was 20000 for R2, and 80000 for the sci/lfk family.
    At a certain point, we were winning, but its not easy to win, if not impossible with beiing outnumbered at this scale, and after all, we din't loose. :icon_cool:

    certainly not.:p
    there was never a small chance to bring you down, you just recruited -A-, and they all returned. :)
    Actually, If your alliance din't had a book filled with wrong decisions, and agruments where the fools won from the smart guys, i believe LFKD would look a hell of a lot difrent.
    Now, you are just locked in your core, and rotting away.
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  8. Matt76827

    Matt76827 Still Going Strong

    Jun 3, 2007
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    KB the real test of if someone was lieing in the thread is that if they said they were winning and are now gone.
    As far as I see daz posted a lot about how SCI sucked and he is still around. And so did I.
    If SCI were to rim me or daz then it would perhaps affect the validity of our statement. But I don't see that happening any time soon. At least not without their big brother Pks doing all the heavy lifting.

    Woot someone noticed my sig :)
    It actually comes from a talk about what buildings you should give up in order to gain farmspace from a IRC room from the tribe clorox in W8.

    As for which tribe will be remembered long after this server is closed is LFKD. Of which mainly PKs with their whole attitude of "this is so much easier than travian". Not to be confused with the new watered down version of LFKD.

    As for which is the "best". I think the smaller tribes are generally better than the larger ones because they are far more interesting and they work like a larger tribe should but is unable to.
  9. King BenX

    King BenX Guest

    i have to tell you a "little" secret!!!
    R2-TRU IS gone. :icon_surprised:
    ...if you didn't notice.

    do i have to say anything or did you alredy noticed that something is just not right??
  10. gherilla

    gherilla Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2007
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    My opinion:
    -Best tribe in w5 history: PKs
    -Best tribe right now : Sciros
  11. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    Nope, i noticed for months there is something wrong.
    Are you attacking yourself benx? :\
    Our number 1 goal in any game has been to remove the pathetic family tribes, nationalist tribes and elite wannabes who plague all games.

    If you act, as your tribe profile states, you probably are. :p
    Daz also posted an edited version of your profile somewhere, so i cbf to put up something simulair.
    You might edit that profile already, looks incredibly stupid.:p
  12. Blub de Vis

    Blub de Vis Guest

    Hello 1337. This is a thread about which W5 tribe is the best.
    We all know you like to whine about SCI but plz do that somewhere else.

    I believe Dazrield started a special thread for this called SCI vs 1337.

    Best tribe in W5: I'd have to say the PKs. They fought the world with great skill and adapted well to recent changes, reviving a once dying tribe to it's former glory.
  13. Matt76827

    Matt76827 Still Going Strong

    Jun 3, 2007
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    Now KB I may have missed something in TW 101 but as far as I know a tribe is not the same as a player. Apparently your attention span is so short that you didn't read the next sentence and see the 2 examples that I posted. Perhaps you should see a doctor about that.

    Ooooh does blub have the authority to make me an honorary member of 1337?

    Also blub if you care to actually do some research on things you may notice that 1337 (nor I) took this thread OT.
    *Hint* look at the last post on the first page.
  14. fizzolio

    fizzolio Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2008
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    i used to think JB Clan was the best tribe but now I am starting to think it is SCI.........Oh wait, I thought the topic was best tribe to easily take villages from.

    honestly my vote goes to Barbar. I think PK's is a great tribe but I have only fought with them and never against them.

    Back when I was in the LFKD i sat a lot of frontline accounts. I was able to smack around just about any tribe that I went against. Barbar on the other hand was a pain to deal with. Their organization and ability to defend frontline villages far exceeded any other tribe I battled against.

    Matt - be gentle on blub. his feelings are just hurt because sci's name is not being mentioned very much in this thread except to be made fun of. He also had to watch some of his troops die today in my villages. it's ok blub - - we understand it hurts.
  15. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    Hello SCI.
    There are some tribes and players that think they are the man:
    look at how big we are, we are teh pks allies!, we are teh sci!, plese dont renaame mi cities hwen you taake them, all nubs, all these quotes are in the "wannabe" category.
    And i/we just here to remind you are are worth nothing, and that you will fail. :icon_cool:
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  16. Dazrield

    Dazrield Guest

    Not all my villages are unstacked.. just the ones that border only you. I mean.. why would I stack them? You gave up on attacking any border villages 5+ months ago.

    Didn't proclaim R2 was all that great, did proclaim that Sci does suck and that they cheat. Probably brings you back to the good 'ol days before you got yer ban eh?

    Nowhere did anyone in R2 say that we were winning the war, we did post about good weeks, and did show that the slanted stats discluding scrisa and kicked Sci players made them skewed. Sci players said that we were claiming we were winning.. another suck up to get an invite benny?


    Good enough, there's no question. I could dodge, stack and snipe all day long. But.. with mass recruiting familys the 'leet player is put at a disadvantage. Gosh, I have an idea... maybe someone should form an alliance or something to put a stop to that. Meh.. they'd probably give into fear and sell out anyways. Anytime you want to dance kiddo we can always start a new world in the same area and see who comes out on top. I can guarantee you'll have a fast trip to the rim, the nubtribes yer allied with rubs off I hear.
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  17. Gammlen

    Gammlen Guest

    There does not exist any charter, no. I've not seen any of the SCI tribes brainwashing people either for that matter, maybe they should? Just to prevent us all from making "dumb posts" or even visit the propaganda forums. For there is no politics left here as far as I can see, only two or more sides flinging insults at each other.

    I "ignored" their criticizing R2-TRU basically because that tribe does not exist any longer, it disbanded and thus lost its war against the SCI family. Since R2 called SCI n00bs I have to agree R2 turned out to be bigger n00bs since they lost. You can argue that the tribes players are still around in other tribes but that doesn't change the fact that they failed to win the SCI war. Anyways, didn't anybody tell you SCI is all about the hypocrisy? Striving to constantly contradict ourselves at every turn just to make you mad.

    Oh yes, because speaking about tribes is the same as speaking for them. Thank you for looking into the obvious for me. First quote I speak about tribes, I don't speak for either side, I present stats that are not in your favor. Second quote is not speaking for people either, I speak of numbers of people and the chances they will remember a tribe, larger numbers = larger chance to be remembered. Also about what way people get to know a tribe affects their chances of remembering them and in what way they will remember them, hardly me stating anything concrete on the behalf of others.

    Seems you see what you want to see, not necessarily what is really there. Hope this post brought you all a little closer to quitting the game out of boredom so that SCI can win it all.
  18. Dazrield

    Dazrield Guest

    So.. under your theory if I lose this war.. and ex-JBclan members take my villages.. that would make them better than me. Since I am a better player than you personally, that means that JBClan would pwn you all day long.
  19. Gammlen

    Gammlen Guest

    No, my logics goes this way - tribe 1 say tribe 2 sucks, then tribe 1 disbands and loses the war. Thus any claim from tribe 1 that tribe 2 sucks is invalid since tribe 2 is still standing and tribe 1 is not. It's like Germany saying the Soviets sucked in WW2, even though they lost to them. I am not saying you are a bad player, I am saying your tribe did a poor job and your propaganda utterly failed you in the end. In the "who's the better player" debate that is something totally different entirely. We've never encountered each other in the battlefield and thus you have no right to call me anything. What, you don't believe me when I said I was not sending nukes at you or anybody else back in April? Well too bad for you.
  20. Dazrield

    Dazrield Guest

    I've seen and defended your noble trains and honestly I'm not even sure how you get them so slow even though you explained it was cuz you were quitting. 20 seconds is like 2-3x what it takes even using the back button on the browser window(which is the lazy quitting man's method). You'd have to be pretty incompetent to screw up even doing it the lazy slow way, it's.. like.. special ed for n00bs.