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This World is Upside Down

I never played a no hauls before and dropped by just out of curiousity. From how it has been so far, quite much is different compared to a hauls world. For instance; the initial start up minewhoring. Then the amount of barb-nobling and almost a necessity of it later on. Something that would be seen as taboo in other worlds which you would be bashed for if you would be an established tribe and have members regularly munching low point barbs. Also the world is leaning to be more defense than offense. I have actually checked to see if it was just my impression and found out it actually was so according to TW-Statistics. The defense requirements I came across with were quite suprizing for me who was new in no hauls.

Another thing is that none of the core premades actually managed to dominate, but fell behind quite early. Instead, we have rim based tribes now remaining as top 3 with 40+ million points while the only core tribe left within the high ranks is rank 4 with 10 million pts. - and there hasn`t gone very long time before this world started.

So currently the world is looking like this

Current Top 10 Tribes Map:

Thanks to Destruction for allowing me to use the map.

In order to cover what is happening, I used two existing threads which are li(n)ked here to get a brief picture;

The Latest Evaluation of the current Top 10 can be read here (click)

The Latest War-Stats can be found here (click)

NAM who are currently ranked one gets mentioned as the tribe which is the main contender and holding the keys to how this world ends. Their Duke Sam has been kind and gave some input of the tribe and it´s progress so I`ll let you move onto the conversation with him.
Sam: Hi Kim.

I am Sam from India. Bachelor in Techonology in Mechanical branch from GB pant Univercity.

My area of interest is politics, sports and of course military. I played Football ,Volleyball and Cricket in state level as well as Athletics such as Shot put, 400 m etc.

I started my TW career from World 36 where it was introduced by a college friend. Stick there for a while and learned the basic then took a break and started playing again from world 57 (where I learned quite a lot).

After that i played w61/65/69/71 and now currently playing w77.

During world 71 where I took an account mid-game and joined Venus (tried to help them but you can't help the unwilling).

But my friend dudeja and tris asked me to make a personal tribe consisting of close frinds from India so basically we started this idea 3rd nov 2013.(Link is below)


But as well all know, a tribe representing a country is not allowed so we made an Indian theme instead of only indian membership.

During my 5-6 year TW experince I`ve made few best friends who share same opinion about how TW should be played so I asked few closed friends and they joined.

In the end every friend brought their best friends so basically I almost know every NAM player from last 3-5 years (most of them are from w61 Riot and Zombie).

Kim: What was your reasoning regarding location and jointime in the world at first? Maybe obvious but asking just in case to hear directly from you.

Sam: I will make it short and simple;

*To avoid core
*To avoid other premades early game

We wanted to have atleast 7-10 village before we would go to a big war
And we didn't avoid all premades we still had to face RoyalE, DI, NOS and 2-3 more. Don't remember the 2 name in one nicki minaj was leading.

Also DI made a group of little tribe to cat us down before getting academies (they were dark days in NAM history) - but we know how we managed to academy level :D

Kim: Think the focus were on the core at first so until you guys fought DI, I barely noticed you guys tbh.

Sam: Yeah that was a tiresome war (3 ops every day). We hit where they didn't think we would. And we didn't recruited anyone. Barely any losses at the initial establishment stage. Not to mention they were much bigger of a tribe compared to us.

Kim: Yea, still; it went down rather fast once started. I think around roughly a week - ten days or so?

Sam: Beginning of the war
on 08.11. at 15:30:46
Duration of war
10 days 7:50:29

We nobled around 20 villa daily.

Kim: What I noticed that you are continously pushing towards the core since.. Circumstancial or any thought behind it?

Sam: That is confidential and all i gotta say is we plan everything according to external politics and internal strategies.

On the funny side it's not like we can push towards rim as we spawned there.

Kim: Leadership; as far as I know, you and Smurfy is in charge of the tribe mostly. Would you be willing to give some insight of how the tribe is ran?

Sam: I run an authoritative style of leadership but sometimes you can't be sure which path is right so I make tribal polls (which is democracy).

I run the tribe solo. Chris is available when I am not so he is second in command.

I don't need council but I do urge for few guys to help in management stuff (which is hard to find).

Note : Every important bill passed by me has to get tribe 50 % vote or it get canceled. It's like if someone doesn't like new rule then they fill the petition and if they get more than 50 % vote then rule cancelled.

Kim: Diplomacy; like recruitment, you have been so far very restrictive.

Sam: Yes. We believe in ourself and we don't need anyone to win war for us. Recruitment is also very selective even co-playing someone in NAM is as well.

Kim: Anything else you wish to ad before we wrap this up?

Sam: Lastly I want to say "Happy New year everyone and enjoy tribal war rather you win or lose".

Kim: Thank you once again for having this interview Sam. It will be highly interesting to see your tribes progress.

Sam: Alright good to meet you Kim (handshake).

Kim: Likewise.[/Spoil]

Another tribe currently Rank 2 is RoyalE. I had the opportunity to get their leader KuljaniCS, also known as Krieger to share his insight.
[Spoil]Krieger (Lady Mistress):
Hi! I`m known as KuljaniCS on earlier TW worlds. I started playing in w12 when I managed to have my own small tribe that merged with winning tribe DNY.

Afterwards I moved over to the local Croatian and Bosnian worlds where I was known like 13. krieger. While there I managed to gather group that won several local worlds.

Best of them from there moved with me on to w71 as core of the current RoyaLE.
We started that world late so we did not moved much from rim blocked with much larger tribes. We managed to take controll of south of the world there however.

W2V was a force coming from north. So we made alliance and helped them fighting other tribes there with plan to merge later on. We merged into w2v indeed but it did not work out. Well, we moved to end phase on w71 when we left w2v. They promised us to leave us alone as we were small and they could take the world not touching us. We were supposed to stay back and not nobling the same targets. We complied and held back it but they still attacked us in the end regardless the agreement - Just a short before w77 opened. So we decide for pay back with strong motivation.

It seems to be a good motive as we gathered quite numbers of player we met on w71 that wanted to fought of w2v for different reasons. I would say if there were not w2v on w77 maybe RoyalE would not be the current rank 2 tribe it is in W77 right now. We were small core group after all, not more then 15 members.

Well we fought and won several wars indeed. I think we fought every decent tribe on south east so far and we won all wars even some tribes which put up a hard fight. We recruited a few of the best from each tribe and nobled the rest.

About NAM; we settled as allies before W77 even started. It was made for the reason to confront W2v/Contra alliance that we knew it there would be. We expected them to progress much better then they did actually. However suprisingly our aliance worked without issues as both sides kept their commitment to the agreed terms. So even thoe we never agreed initially on an end game alliance, Us in RoyalE do not see any problem for a such relation as long as our alliance would work fine until the endgame. Respect and communication has been the key so far.

I guess this alliance is one more legacy of W2V existence. They did not show much here in W77 but they manage to unite some different groups in one solide group which became friends over time.

Kim (nowitsover):
What is your own opinion about w77s progress so far in general?

Krieger (Lady Mistress):
It is small world, smaller then I expected and things seems to developing fast. Wars edning rather quick - at least on east side.

West seems to have a more slow progress due to major wars between w2v/bacon/dharma (and some other former core tribes) lasted longer without decisive winners.

Things has been changed with royale charging to w2v however. They have been almost halved from start of this year once we got to their border.

Kim (nowitsover):
What probably most wonders is what will happen if/when you are finished with W2V..

Krieger (Lady Mistress):
We are open for coopoeration with everyone except with w2v. So it depens a lot from actions and decisions of other tribe leaders. However Dharma already recruited few ex SU members that we were at war with and those still consider us as an enemy. The OP:s were organized with Dharma granting them. Former SU members they tried to moved dharma to war us and it is working by the looks of it. Epspecially a certain confirmed ex khan member from w71 that does not like us.

On other side Bacon droped NAP towards w2v and hit them without any consulting with us. Neither did they accept my proposal for initial joint OP right after the new year attack breaks.

Bacon managed to gain ground easier after our offense against W2V. We (RoyalE) nobled 50 or so caps first day and there were a quite number of crossnobling. occuring as they targetted W2V separatelly.

I would not mind if we would have made some kind of border deal on time. Now it is a bit issue. Btw Bacon and us are allies also fyi.

Kim (nowitsover):
Lastly; How would you describe your tribes organization?

Krieger (Lady Mistress):
I`m founder and duke of the tribe. I have a council but they are not actively making any major desicions. Basically I`m in charge of diplomcay, coordination and tribe management. However, we have very clear tribe rules and everyone has to respect them and work as one team.

If you managed the team to work well on their own without much influence from the leader micromanaging, it gets very enjoyable to be a leader of this tribe like this and I don`t overexhaust myself.

Actually thats tribe shape is what I intended to have on each world so far. It needs hard work to make them work as a team initially, but later on when we get rid of dead weight and when new members get their idea it works incredibly efficient as the members usually puts effort into working like part of winning team. Besides I`m a very experienced leader and player. I always leading the OP:s and I expect my members to assist me with at least 10% of the effort I am putting into it.

Kim (nowitsover):
Thanks for taking time and aswering my questions!

Krieger (Lady Mistress):
Thank you! [/Spoil]

Next up is NBD - Located at North (check the map), just became the new rank 6 and has a very interesting position in the World in between Dharma, The Northern Bacon Cluster, NIR, LOM and NAM. One of the members was kind enought to give his input.
[Spoil]Kim (nowitsover):
What is your position in the tribe?

Just a member. I counsil sage and plan ops sometimes but I told him I`m not interested in leading..

Kim (nowitsover):
Would it ok with you talking on the behalf of the tribe?

Yeah definately

Kim (nowitsover):
How did NBD take off?

It was founded by EVILCRIME to break off from the noob rim tribe known as AS #1 tribe in K34 at the time.
Him sage and wonderboy were the core of the tribe in the beginning and have now taken over what was once AS territory.

Kim (nowitsover):
May I ask what your ambitions are as tribe? If there is any kind of plan or if you are handling things as you go?

In all seriousness just making goals as we go. It's the first time me and nick have played together so we're wanting to do better then we did in W65 where we were tribemates.

Kim (nowitsover):
You are neighbouring a few other tribes; a couple of em are kinda world winning contenders atm. After checking the ennoblements, I dunno what to make out of your stance. What is your tribes diplomacy currently?

Well our plan right now is to stay out of potential Dharma and NAM war. So there are some official and non official NAPs mixed in there. We're trying to focus on Bacon who's trying to reposition north of us.
Obviously we don't like that. Well I should say they because they're pretty far from me. But I do have a frontline village ;)

Kim (nowitsover):
What I wonder atm frankly (probably anyone who is following the progress of the world as well) if you are gonna try holding out for your own or are you more leaning towards catching up in size a bit while you can and then joining another tribe..

Tbh I've been playing catch up and getting some breaks with core tribes but since Contra disbanded our only option has been Dharma who wanted nothing to do with us back when we applied. So here we are :D

At this point if I do ever leave NBD I want it to be a merge type thing, like only if my friend tribemates go with me.

Kim (nowitsover):
May I ask about the remaining diplomacy?

We had a recently ended NAP with NIR due to indication of them being about to attack us :D
So I can't wait to see how this plays out cuz I've got a stacked offensive vill inside them ;)

Kim (nowitsover):
What is your personal view on the worlds progress so far?

I see it as being over before the summer due to not many people joining. There's not much of a rim :D It'll will probably end with a NAM RoyalE merge unless Dharma just really woops ass.

Kim (nowitsover):
Thanks for the contribution. Wishing you good luck in your progress in the world.

Okay, and thank you, I'm sure there's a war coming soon so we'll see my future based on how that goes shortly :D[/Spoil]
Since the interview, NBD has initiated an OP on LOM (Check The War-Stats) and there has been some Dharma ennoblements against NBD - Edit: Actually Both Dharma and NIR have current OP:s on NBD atm.

There is also a recent OP made by Bacon and NAM on Master Demanders account, which drew quite a bit of attention. One of the players on the account gave me a very revealing and entertaining interview - probably the best so far (no offense to anyone). It toke it`s time to edit (skype convos into readable convo is a bit work but this convo alone was a lot longer then usual and quite a bit of chatter from both me and him had to be left out). Anyway, here`s the interview with Jeffrey.
[Spoil]Kim (nowitsover):
To start with; who are/were the players on the acc? and a bit of you guys former exp.

Ok I'll start with myself. My first account on this world was on blackgrimreaper. I was on hashtag, part of the council and attack coordinator of the tribe.

Former experience:
w65 -Drex- part of Tb 10M account solo player. Reformed TB on the 3rd time under the banner of NBS, yeah I was the duke. Fought Wobble fiercely but in the end we lost.

Played w71 under the account of darkness jordan. I`m his coplayer there. Won the world as well. Played under the name of Stryker (hp) won the world with bacon/wobble/BFF. Played w73 as well on rank 1 tribe hustle under darkness jordan account as well but lost. Well it was sick at first lol.

Then w77 under hash blackgrimreaper account and w76 nuglord account under rank 1 tribe again Ya bro Before becoming co at Master Demanders.

The other coplayer on Master Demanders account is Sarkies/Henry. He is the main player of the account. He played on w65 along with me but he is on wobble/w65 Winners. We knew each other before then cause we had lots of skirmishes way back in the past he's a good player. Then he played on spring games (well I was there as well were on the same tribe I forgot). Last coplayer the new addition to the team is tommy/cheesecube figther.

Actually Sarkies never wanted a co at first cause all of the players who sat him even from the past when he is sleeping are all noobs according to him. I was the only one who he has ever considered cause im the only one who is really capable of handling accounts. So he urged me to coplay. I was still on blackgrimreaper that time on Contra. I decided to leave and hit them instead.

Day 1, I rimmed the friend of chzzke in the name of try hard, same day I started rimming his other friend as well black adder. Contra was furious that time. They asked our friend cheesecubefighter to attack me and help chzz (which is not part of Contra a tribeless guy, who also left them). But he stayed neutral cause the fact the player they want him to noble was his friend and the player they wanted him to help is not part of Contra. As I was almost nukeless chzz started hitting and taking almost all of my caps. Cause of lack of defense and 2 days continuous nobling and stuffs, we decided to start merging me and Sarkies while we are merging im eating chzz/max now a coplayer of drluminus. I asked tw if it`s illegal well it wasn`t so all good :)

In the end we rimmed him as well and I got into the account. He was mad though saying I`m a traitor, disrespectfull bla bla bla cause I started hitting them.

Then our journey on Bacon started. When max is gone, and we lost our nukes already, ngazpha started hitting. Catting us down though not much happened we fended him off and regroup. They came one at a time lol everytime we lost much nukes and def then a player or two would come after us.

Then the Christmas breaks came. After the break NAM decided to noble cheesecubefighter. Well we wanted him to be on Bacon cause He'll be a good asset though Deb doesn`t want to. So I offered him to coplay and he said yes, we started eating him and we had bunch of crossnobling with NAM.
Deb said to stop cause He is NAM target and we shouldn`t take any from him, which we ignored cause if we didn`t NAM would grow more and get closer to us. In the end we got kicked cause of that.

Then Tommy/cheesecube joined the account and we were now tribeless right before the new years break Bacon decided to op us. Though not all of them agreed to this cause they also want NAM down and some sees what we did was not actually wrong. OP lands 1 sec before new year break. Well it didn`t succeed. 3 of us defended the account well with minor losses and manage to take few villages while defending.

After break we expected NAM to be hitting us already cause area is clear though that didn`t happen. They started sending noble nukes from long distance arriving at 16:30 ST. I told my co's "their landing time is jan 5 16:30" and told them we ask prestacks from all around the globe from friends we know cause we can`t survive alone. Dharma didn`t want us in cause it might break their alliance with Bacon. Bacon wants us to be eaten by them but is coordinating with NAM. Bacon and Dharma allies - Bacon and NAM coordinating to hit us. Nobody we ask there as we thought they wouldn`t want to help cause they had ties with NAM as well as Dharma.

So in the end we relied on a few players who were willing to help (only around 4 players. I decided to have presnipes cause we know when all attacks will land, like sending defense to arrive at 16:30 ST to villages most likely have a train headed.

Though we're tribeless! In the end no one wanted to help actually cause "NAM might, Bacon might". Well NAM will eat everyone anyway if this continues, their closer to Dharma now cause of the gap ive left after being eaten.

Anyway, I set the game plan for the account told the co:s to make nobles everywhere for recaps and stack those villages with at least 3-4 dvs packet style. Front was never stacked only a few of it. All attacks we're tagged properly cause account was online 24/7. I told the co:s to don`t stack noble nukes or even snipe it. We prenobled and sent recap.

So all noble nukes they send took the village on 1st or 2nd go killing each other along with their antisnipe. Well I`m too lazy to snipe so I choose to prenoble noble nuke attempts (rofl)
They also started sending trains all arrives at 16:30 jan 5.
We asked for long range snipes -1 player helped us with long ranges he sniped few around 10 or so.

Kim (nowitsover):
Do you recall how around how many trains were sent to land at that very landingtime?

I was the one sniping the trains it was my time when we can actually started sniping lol. Well from what I recal I sniped around 50+ trains. What killed us are short ranges coming from Bacon, like 1hr trains 35 min train. Actually on OP land most of the caps are from noble nukes. They antisniped trains well, though I still managed to snipe them well. Around 20 noble nukes, 20 villages with noble nukes inbound. Almost all our villages there had noble inbound; like 80% - 90%. But on op land they didn`t manage to take them all as planned. Though they had resent them, I was sleeping already cause I was tired of sniping, dodging, prenobling and stuffs.

They sent timed defense to their noble nukes though just around 1 dv so it was easy to clear with just a nuke then recap. I mean recapping village is around 1 hr or so from the village we are recapping i literally arranged it that way so I can send quickly. Like 5 or 6 nobles each of those villages along with sniping and such I still had the time to backtime lol, killed few nukes that were sent early, use the troops on villages which has noble nukes inbound so no troops is wasted. They were gonna be taken anyway so I used them for backtimes :)

Had to snipe few around 2 hrs before land time cause I need some break and I was tired. I was also about to cancel snipe though I fell asleep.

In the end we lost, it was inevitable. No outside support from tribe with 2 tribes doing op on us. If only we got tribe support we wouldn`t lose any.

If it would be Bacon alone we're fighting we wouldn`t go down :p

Kim (nowitsover):
What went wrong with the Contra merge in your own opinion?

First the merge was never really to happen. It was cause NOS declared and wiped our cluster near them. Contra had talks with them to engage us, so the thing of going to Contra at first was really not nice. As #HashT, not all of us we're invited over even me was on doubt to be invited over cause of past world experience with them. So we had a hard choice of eating remaining Hash members that we're invited over ..and you know the rest.

So no one actually is in favor of Contra merge. Most felt like they're not welcome to the tribe.

NAM started hitting Contra, though leaving cg, ngaz, drlminus alone. Rest of Contra were eaten though the council not and they were not doing anything to help. cheese told me they asked NAM for invites leaving Contra to die. It was rejected at first but after Bacon recruited some hash members like Sarkies
they reconsidered.

cheese was attacked by NAM & no one wanted to sit the account so I sat it, then it got kicked cause Sarkies was sitting it. Well most of Omni actually cause no one wanted to help. Even thoe being allies with Contra didn`t do anything.

Kim (nowitsover):
Bacon, what is your impression/experience?

Bacon was good in terms of players, participation is okay with their size, we did a ngaz OP before first break to land 23:59:59 but ngaz was stacked by NAM. So the OP utterly failed, we took 1 village of him only cause NAM stacked him. Sidenote; Bacon and NAM can almost be considered as allies. Then NAM stacking our target but when we hit their target they complain.

Well what I hate about Bacon is not the players but the council. All wanted NAM to go down but instead we are all bowing down to them and all they give us is "trust in me". I can`t trust that without proper explanation.. I`m a trustworthy person, just tell me the whole plan or not the whole but I want to hear you want NAM down and you're gonna do it is fine with me. But on the looks of things they're not even considering hitting NAM; "..cant do that cant do that cause nam is bla bla bla". Thats it :)

Kim (nowitsover):
I also wonder if you can give a very brief opinion of the worlds progress (in general) and how it may end.

Worst and best non haul world ever. Best in a sense all winners of non haul was here; I`m really expecting this to be like the climax of non haul worlds to see who really is the best.

Though worst! Cause everyone keeps hugging no one wants to actually do a decent war against NAM to be precise.

Kim (nowitsover):
Can ppl expect to see you pop up in a different acc eventally? ;)

No :) Well I`ve been invited to NAM before - I declined ;) 1 month and we'll be 1 m again - Expect a comeback :) Well I got few Dharma friends whose helping us to grow.

Theres still alot more to happen.

Kim (nowitsover):
(bow) I`ll get to it then - Thanks a lot once again! :)

Sure, no problem :)[/Spoil]

All for now but more to come soon enough. Thanks for reading.
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Bacon is also a rim tribe, we have expanded into the core :icon_rolleyes:


If u want to interview some1 from W2V u better hurry up :D


If u want to interview some1 from W2V u better hurry up :D

Edit: I`ll get it done as soon as possible.

Btw, thanks everyone who has offered to help out and those who got or going to be interviewed and anyone who appriciated the thread :)
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I really want to and there are some from W2V who were really kind and offered to give their view on things as well - I am just working 10-12h shifts during this week and can`t use skype while at workplace so :(

So I`ll have to wait until the weekend - or get a couple of days off from the work :D

Btw, thanks everyone who has offered to help out and those who got or going to be interviewed and anyone who appriciated the thread :)

Its always positive to have a blog, and something going on, especially on no haul world, and i salute you for taking ur own personal time to write on a subject ur not a part of anymore, u should become forum mod.


Its always positive to have a blog, and something going on, especially on no haul world, and i salute you for taking ur own personal time to write on a subject ur not a part of anymore, u should become forum mod.

Thanks & incase you really meant that mod thing;

I am not very comfortable with Kim being the moderator for w-whichever. I wish someone more mature and with a keen sense of humor would take the job. I find him very self centered and I have been attacked personally for very little reason. He is one of those people who tends to use their little moderation power to kill other's fun. Thank you for reconsidering this decision Jirki!



Dont interview sicory from NIR I know all is dirty secrets!!!


i love you too bigboy

oh i know a secret too, that i made that beautiful signature you are sporting :icon_cool:


<3 Careful with this guy he is very skilled. To bad i survived and raped hahah

Spoons are deadly

Really good read, flows nicely. Thanks for this.

P.s Sam is definitely a dictator. I hear he started this thread