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Ohh you done it :D didnt see it until now. Looks good mate enjoyed it, i will get thinking of ideas for the comp! Thanks again :)


Must be main question inside krieger fan club circle. Maybe you should open new forum topic about ? After all like you said there are still 17 more Civil topic about Royale on external needed before Civil world win. After rr you are not Civil member anymore, but still it's fine.
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We have more threads ready to make for our lord and Savior Krieger. We will do anything for you. Ready for the Civil world win. Hope you enjoy the thread though. Much love <3.

Btw mate you got snapchat? I'd love to add you.
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I mean you can't even define rimmed, and you've been playing for two years. :lol:

Rimmed = Fully nobled...

In the end I lost 8 built villages for 2.4 mill ODD (Not bad for only 10 built village at any one time), nobled a bunch of barbs; built them, then got bored and gave what was left to oldman & tribe and deleted. *Tribe were slow on the up take


Not really poor, you said once, i called bullshit :| I don't get who is Mr frock



Croc mate, let's be fair, the only reason you're not rimmed on every world is because you hide behind Jess