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Bacon are planning on switching worlds, hence the lack of our presence :x


Hello again..

Sitting finally at my break at work. My weekend fun will be working 11 hours at nighttime during Friday, Saturday and Sunday (yay :icon_neutral:..). Got called in with short notice and well, I have more use of extra cash then time as the weather sux this time of year where I live anyway.. So I went to sleep instead in order to be able to stay up during the night. In short; I delayed a bit but doing this now so I can get it done. If anyone is annoyed so far, I totally get it - I would be that too.


This World is Upside Down - part 2.

Incase you wonder what that odd looking ball thingy is; it is a mini w77 as globe - upside down :icon_idea:. I did make a larger (upright) version in the player made maps thread earlier but it doesn`t look as detailed as a plain map can so I am just putting a such here to show how W77 currently looks. You can find it spoilered below. I have also added a fourth feature; a weekly gif which shows the nobling made during this time. By checking out the map, noblings, evaluations and stats, you can probably get kinda an overall picture of what is happening in this world.

Edit: Oh, before I forget, I would have put another thing about why the world is upside down;

I was thinking how come the competition itself is of quite good quality while there is really not much of substance being posted. Anyone have seen any good PnP lately? Also some may reason that posting junk is better than nothing at all but (call me a grinch if you may); the forum of the world you play in kinda sux atm and occational memes and being grumpy about not being allowed to using curse words aren`t helping.

What actually happens in game is what counts for sure. Yet it is like a good read in a crappy cover (cover being the forum). This is also kinda documenting what you have spent your time on. So some actual contribution would be nice. Rant over :p

Current World Map (22 January)

17-22 January W77 Noblings.

The Latest Evaluation of the current Top 10 can be read here (click)

The Latest War-Stats can be found here (click)

Like the first part, I have made some interviews with some who has been kind enough to answer a few questions and give some input. I am simply making things easy for myself and not adding any of my own opinions on things other than trying to state what is obvious and let any of the the interview objects to share their view on things. You readers can draw your own conclusions.

First up, we`ll get to know a bit of Giacomo who is one of two co players in xXxJackxXx account. Giacomo is in Dharma and is kind enough to give his input about his tribe.
I`ve have started playing tw about 6 years ago. I have been playing on and off for most of the time, playing for a year then taking a break of another year and so on due to life issues mostly. I have played in mostly average accounts throughout my career, never something that would stand out in the masses. Before this world, I had always given too much faith into people around me that eventually backstabbed me. It happened 5 times if I remember correctly. I am an overall average player and have been thankful to have found a really amazing co player early on in this world. I wouldn`t be here without him

I started off just thinking of this as a pass-time and stayed tribe less until I reached 2000 points, then i joined MOB, they seemed interesting and the recruitment process seemed pleasing. I soon started to talk to my neighbours and tried getting some personal diplomacy done so I napped with a few people around me (one of these ended up being my coplayer). One of the guys that stood out the most was Tw News Team who I soon got to know pretty well and we started working together. I helped him secure his first and second village and he helped me get into Dharma. MOB was at the time shattering from the inside due to inactivity and unskilled players getting nobled off by other tribes.

My time in Dharma has been a very pleasing one as everyone was very welcoming in the beginning and now I'm one of the senior players and I try to make other people feel welcome when they join.

Dharma's leader, portugal737 is a very good leader and strategist and knows exactly how to approach diplomacy as seen from the Bacon situation. We were initially warring them and although we had the upper hand on them he decided that it was better to ally them. Although most of the tribe was initially against this decision we soon noticed that it was a very smart move as Bacon are very skilled players and will hopefully stay on our side until the end of the world.

As in nobbling I have been pretty lucky as most of the people I have targeted either quit after I started nuking them or fought a bit but I ended up winning anyway, my path to where I am now includes a merge with a fellow Dharma player and a lot of barb munching since there isn't much food in k44, Dharma have surrounded me.

Dharma, I'd like to say that it is very organised, both leadership wise and forum and coordinating wise. We have only one Duke which is our main man "Port" and a few other players helping him run the tribe. Overall, Port takes care of everything, internal and external affairs and is very active to help us whenever we have issues. Coordinating wise, I must say that I am surprised at how many people help each other out here.

In most of my previous tribes many people were very greedy and only looked at their own growth. Here in Dharma everything is different, almost everyone wants the tribe as a whole to succeed and no one prefers growing his own account before helping the tribe. This is in support and attack situations, there will always be more people willing to participate than needed which is a great thing. In the previous Ops, the tribe has done average I would say while I have basically played the role of a basher for the tribe as I have always been long range and my nobles have always gotten sniped. I have usually given up the villages I have cleared to frontline members so they could take them swiftly.

We had some internals, so everyone got their share, some people more and some people less. This was because we had to take them out fast so people with more and closer nobles obviously got more villas than people who were farther or who had less nobles at the time when they quit.

We basically have a leader for every sector but it is not officially divided, for example one takes care of diplomacy while the other takes care of operation coordination. The leaders take turns in coordinating Ops or most often the leaders of a certain area, for example leader a is in k44 he will make ops for k44 while leader b who is in k43 will take care of ops there. We also have a defence coordinator who we have to give out our troop count and he gives us villages that we have to defend.

Our strong abilities are surely communication, most of us use Skype and we have a tribe chat where we discuss opinions and possible solutions to problems, again as I have said before some of us really take tribe growth to heart, we all watch each others backs and we are a friendly bunch but can get very aggressive.

Actually I'd say that right now the world win is in balance between us, RoyalE and NAM. Maybe more tending towards NAM but although many people say they are favourites they might be overvalued. Although NAM have the greatest potential because of player size and experience we have the heart and the will to succeed.

I think Bacon will play a key role to the winner of this world. It will all come out to coordination and strategy in the end, good leadership and committed members. We have a good amount of committed members and i believe we have possibly the best leader in the world, we have a great morale and a good size to have a lot of troops.

Kim (nowitsover):
Would you want to comment anything about the W2V front, Civil skirmish and the recent NBD OP?

Yes i can give my opinion on each one. To start with, W2V have proven themselves to be a worthy tribe but have fell due to size I would say. We were too big for the too handle for a long period of time. Although this war was started with our alliance with Bacon, and Bacon later leaving us fighting their fight alone it has turnt out to be beneficial to us as stats may have shown. I believe they will not last more than 2 weeks longer as us, Bacon and royale have all stepped up their paces.

The Civil skirmish is a very important topic. On the externals we seem like absolute noobs since a rim tribe managed to eat a lot of our villages. In my opinion the whole picture is left out. We obviously did not play our cards well in the beginning and may have seemed clueless as to what was going on. This was due to the fact that the people getting nobled were both inactives. The Civil players have taken the piss out of us on the externals and I really believe that they deserve what they are receiving, especially their nuke. If you may not know, we are carpet nuking and catting their duke down. We have shown to the world that this rim tribe will not manage to continue eating us as stats may suggest, we have stepped up our game and started to get our villages back.

The NBD op was unfortunately not well executed. This Op occurred during a time of festivities for many people so this influenced the participation of this op. Not many people participated thus allowing the people from NBD to stack the villages targeted. For the record; We did a co-op with NIR

Mandatory emergency sitting has been required for a week after those events to prevent more to occur in the future.

Kim (nowitsover):
What about the current NAM front?

We are just stalling there, nothing really going on except for single players trying to attack.

Kim (nowitsover):
That might be some of the Dharma stepping inot NAM area - noticed a while ago a couple of vills indeed deep into NAM core.

Hehe yes that is me and vodka shot. Our villages managed to suck around 40 nukes out of NAM. It was a clever idea that they have obviously copied as you may have noticed Eklavya of NAM has done the same.

Kim (nowitsover):
Any of the current higher rank tribes which has impressed you in any way so far by any specific reason?

Bacon has proven to have key diplomatic relations. Their leader is a firm such who enforces what she believes in although some do not agree. She is also close minded from what I have seen so far.

Kim (nowitsover):
Thanks a lot for your input!

My pleasure.[/Spoil]

Next person is probably someone more familiar. Styx from Bacon. I asked her to let us get to know her a bit and share also a bit about Bacon.
[Spoil]I'm 38 years old (considered an oldie on tw these days), I`m a biker which is a lifestyle in itself and love rock music. Been playing 6-7 years now. My first world was w31 and I was a proper noob, nobling barbs and attacking with defence (facepalm). Over the years I've met a lot of friends on TW (and some enemies) and have recently become an in game moderator which is fun. I enjoy helping people and answering questions, despite people thinking mods are horrible people who enjoy banning everyone! :D

Kim (nowitsover):
I remember you from W40; you were in my favourite tribe!

w40 was my fave world! It was so much fun. I was in a tribe called RUM!! as you know and it was a pirate themed tribe. My duke was amazing, I've never known anyone that could motivate a WHOLE tribe to speak in pirate.

Kim (nowitsover):
How did Bacon end up playing here?

Well it was Deb's premade, and she just gathered a load of her friends and people she's played with in all her worlds. I didn't know Deb much before w77, It was Core who dragged me in lol. I normally hate no hauls worlds because I find them extremely mergy, not just tribes merging but accounts merging too which I detest. However there were a lot of people I knew joining this world and I would have hated missing out on the opportunity to play with these guys. I knew about 80% of Bacon before I joined the premade. I just knew it was going to be a really competitive world and it is.

Kim (nowitsover):
You are known to be a player who contributes with taking sits and such to help your tribe and tribemates.

Well during the W2V war early on, I wasn't on the front so I had a lot more time to focus on sniping and defending for others. But yes I would like to think of myself as someone who does their best for others before myself.

Kim (nowitsover):
There are several players in Bacon who are known to be good players. Are there any of em whom you would point out to be playing exceptionally in this world and give some credit?

Well everyone is good at different things. It all depends on the definition of good. To me "good" is a good all rounder. Someone who not only has things like good timing and good playing skills but someone who is also a good tribemate, who will go out of their way to help with sniping or sitting etc. I'm a bit reluctant to mention names as such because some might get upset at not getting mentioned but the names that automatically jump out at me for being amazing team players are PC Porky, Don't go bacon my heart, Seductive Klobasa and Bashers of Pigs. There are others that do a hell of a lot too but they`re the ones that stand out the most. I honestly love all the Bacon members and each and every one of them brings something to the tribe.

Kim (nowitsover):
Bacons progress so far in the world and any reasons for it in your own opinion?

so my opinion is that one mistake we made was pre registering which made us all bunched up at start up, way too much, this did hinder our growth early on. I think our diplomacy wasn't too smart at the beginning, maybe we were a little cocky too but I think Deb was a bit wary of trusting other tribes. Another was possibly warring Dharma early on, this stunted our growth tremendously and it was at this point that other tribes started to outgrow us and of course this is when we looked our most vulnerable and so W2V and Contra joined in.

I think we gained a lot of respect in that war beacause despite being heavily outnumbered, we held those tribes off, our only issue was due to our size, we didn't really have the offensive power to even make much of a dent in them.

We were however smart enough to then sit down and take a good hard look at our situation and thats when we made the decision to team up with Dharma. We still would have held up in the war, but it may have taken its toll on us eventually.

Well with us being a small group of friends that in the most part knew each other before this world.. Its hard recruiting because we're not good at trusting outsiders.. and thats probably had an effect on the position we are in today being such a small tribe. We've been very very selective in recruitment which maybe we could have opened that up a bit more

I think if we were going to merge we would have done it a long time ago. I don't think anyone in bacon expects to win.. its a long way until end game, pretty much anything can happen. However we all love playing together and I think people are just playing for the moment and whatever happens we'll fight as bacon and go down as bacon together if we have to.

Of course we'd love it if we all stayed to the end and won the world.. but at this point nobody is expecting anything but playing as a tribe and seeing how far we go.

Smart diplomacy has definitely been the turning point for us. I doubt we're a threat to the big 3 as such.. We'll never outgrow them due to them having at least twice as many members as us. However the big 3 know we'd be an absolute pain in the bum to take down so I think thats why some of those guys want to work with us.

Us and Dharma have had our ups and downs as I'm sure you know, but we've been allies for a long time now and have a tremendous respect for one another. We've done a joint operation and individuals have helped support and snipe for each other too.

Sometimes it's hard to keep that level of trust going when its clear other tribes are trying to instigate one or the other to attack the other. So understandably so, this causes a level of mistrust sometimes and Dharma and Bacon are working towards building that back together. At the end of the day our relationship is still strong. So we are actually in a good position right now. The future looks exciting.

Kim (nowitsover):
Lastly; any opinions about the world itself and the outside tribes so far?

I don't take much notice of other tribes outside my immediate vicinity really, that's Deb's job to do that lol. Personally I'm just pleasantly surprised at a no hauls world being not as mergy as I thought it would (w65 literally everyone merged into Wobble). There's a hell of a lot of good players on this world and it`s a very competitive world which I think is the reason most stay. There's some good little rim tribes coming through too which will be interesting to see what happens there. I know most people think that NAM will win the world, but honestly absolutely anything can happen from now until end game. The most destructive force in a tribe is internal problems, so that could happen to any of the top tribes.

These are my personal opinions and not that of Bacon's.

Kim (nowitsover):
Thank you a whole lot!

Been a pleasure :)[/Spoil]

There are quite a bit of unconfirmed, unfinished and also deleted convos/interviews. I`ll spare some to be put here to next weeks edition instead and just wrap this one up. Hopefully this edition didn`t come out as something with suspicious ulterior motives :icon_wink:

Have a nice weekend.
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Hi there!
As I mentioned yesterday to one of my interview victims; I caught cold and am now staying at home from work with fever but finally getting as bit better so I`m trying to get this done before the weekend at least

Well, some might go "there is that bigmouth nub who got himself rimmed and doesn`t even play, again". Well, you`re right. Even thoe that being circumstancial (me not playing in this world anymore), I still don`t or did ever hold myself higher than the average. This goes for my opinions of how the world proceeds and such as well. As I am not within the tribes, it is not possible for me to know every aspect of what is and has been happening. It is not an apology, rather an explanation. There are also people who are far better at both blogging and graphics. Unfortunatelly, there isn`t anyone who is up for the documentation (or call it what you may) in W77. There has been some requests for me to continue writing, and I enjoy doing it. So I started to follow up and catch up a bit in order to do a somewhat ok presentation of the worlds progress..

I`ve been kinda a fan of this world since the competition aspect and quality of it was high and also out of curiousity - The world started around the last week of September last year and it has not been a year yet (seven months to be exact). It is a small world and evolves fast instead of taking ages. We are already standing with two tribes taking positions before the endgame already. Even thoe they are both pre-mades, they both started about a week later as rim tribes and toke things from there. How they have operated has been different but both tribes made an endgame agreement for my knowledge at the very initial stage and kept it intact. There has even been outside speculations that both tribes would merge in the end for a world win due to the 77 memberspot and a 70% dominance requirement which the sum of both tribes are now above atm. But from the sources I have been in contact with, it has been indicated that a merge won`t happen. Atm the world is kinda looking like this:


The above picture kinda says all; NAM has the dominating position at the nothern half of the world and RoyalE is dominating the south. The other tribes which are no longer around has already threads in the past and their histories are more or less mentioned or has not been of any significant influence to be mentioned so I won`t put much of a focus on em unless there would be a request from several of those who reads this. The current remaining tribes except the mentioned top two tribes are now in no realistic position to be any contenders either; but they are still alive and even thoe a win is the ultimate goal, a win is not the only motivation that makes the game enjoyable - so any input from them are still wellcome and appriciated.

In order to show the world progress, I`m using a roughly weeks time nobling maps gif as I find it informative about what actions are taken where and I will try to share em here (as long as tw self updating maps are regularly updating on dailly basis), so the reader can follow up as well. Btw, the blog will be up kinda weekly from now on. Rather often is probably more usefull with less but continous amount of info perhaps which is gonna be more upto date. Anyway; here it is;


The maps, and gifs are going to be here in the future instead of being spread out in the player made maps section (mainly in order to make things as simple as possible for me - and any reader who may not wanna open up a different tab linked while reading the blog). The evaluations are not gonna be on the top ten thread either as there are not enough tribes within the top ten which are significant enough in size or efforts to put focus on. Putting who is where on the map is kinda enough imo. Incase anyone wonders or want to have something to look back on; the current top 10 looks like this: [Spoil]
RankTagPoints of best 40Total PointsMembersAverage points per memberVillagesAverage points per village

The Stats at this point due to tribes relations and locations is going to focus on RoyalE and NAM as main. The rest are going to be covered as well but to show what I mean, I`ll let the stats speak for itself instead.


From (The current rank 1) RoyalEs perspective

^Above is the overall stats.

Below are the (roughly) past weeks stats.



From (The Current Rank 2) NAMs perspective

^Above is the overall stats.

Below is since 16 April until now.


Note: The above stats doesn`t include all the former opponents of RoyalE or NAM, only includes their current opponents and meant to show what they are upto currently.


There can be much to say but I wish to keep it a bit short and just put out there what is obvious this time. If anyone wishes to or anything may be unclear or wrong, I can elaborate further if requested.

77 has been both awesome and awful at the same time. Several tribes has played well but has not done well due to their circumstances. Some excuses are more valid then the others and there are several players who probably would deserve a better ending due to their personal efforts and commitments. Like I mentioned, I won`t go into the ones who are not remaing at the moment.

The early allience between the current rank 1 and 2 and the world diplomatic relations overall had a major effect. The world could have seen very different but From the time NAM and RoyalE established their position as major powerhouses, the rest had the odds against them and were not able to turn the table around themselves. This is in no way meant to take away any credit from neither NAM or RoyalE; they both did well in their own ways.

RoyalE has shown a good organization as well as determination. Some of the growth came from recruitment from other tribes which they had an opportunity to recruit from. RoyalE had also a sub-tribe which got absorbed into the main eventually. The membercount and the tribe changes has also been quite larger compared to NAM. Yet the fact still remains that RoyalE has been a warring tribe and the position they are in atm is due to their continously offense towards opponents (sometimes multiple such). 40 members currently. Generally good activy except around 4 accounts in the lower half. bond95 account seems inactive.

NAM is another story; the marginalized tribes around their northern parts have mainly been left alone as long as they didn`t cause any problem or got in the way. Anything that started to be annoying got removed thoe. Since the NOS splitting up in the core area and some of them being recruitted into NAM, they played more of a chess-game rather than going full-throttle with brute force. The OP:s has been well operated and mainly when it suited NAM rather then really having to be on a backfoot and counter. The diplomacy has been used (or avoided) towards surrounding tribes in order to keep them at bay until it the time was as suitable as possible to push. Even thoe the membercount and some of the members/accounts activity has shifted at times, the caps amount is now increasing significantly and the latest recruitment of three accounts signifies that NAM is now speeding up clearing their half of the world in prepartion for an endgame. Currently 30 members. PyroManiacs and Autoritah accounts doesn`t show any activity but rest are alive.

Civil joined this world about a month later without any ambitions other than having fun. From my point of view, they did quite well both in game and towards outside that they did just have fun and was fun to follow (I really symphatized with them most probably - I admit). They had their fight with Dharma which was much larger at the time. Civil eventually had to fight RoyalE which is now focusing on them as there are not much else remaining around as distraction. The size of RoyalE being 6 times larger and aggressive, the result of Civil being down in stats is hard to avoid and they are considered on their way out.

NBD is a tribe I know not much about - The few convos I had with a couple of their members gave the impression that it was a small band of players who stuck together as much as possible. NBD mainly fought NIR & Dharma (later Goats) - which NAM also did. There were also a skirmish with LoM and later Hate. once they shared borders recently. About two weeks ago one of them (Darkness Jordan) joined NAM and due to for my knowledge unknown reasons, there were no one else considered as recruits by NAM. At this point an offense has started a couple of days ago towards the rest of the tribe by NAM.

To sum up; it is about two tribes counting down to endgame.


I always forget how much enjoyable these interviews/chats are. They always take more time than the amount what I estimate at first - but the heavy part is unfortunatelly the editing of it into a readable convo. This part (editing) actually takes much more time than the rest of the sections. Once done, it is worth it thoe.

Anyway.. First off is someone I had enjoyed to be in the same tribe with even thoe it was a limited time earlier; Ebisan Ekperigin currently at Dont go bacon my heart account in NAM. He was kind enough to share his experiences of TW in general as well as his journey in W77.
Ebisan Ekperigin: Well, I`ve got to say that before October last year I would have been considered one of the noob players in tribal wars, I could not snipe or backtime or anything of the sort but naturally I kept coming back for more of the game because it is so interesting.

Previously the best I had done was like 10 villages under a different alias, and of course I was a point whore and never/hardly built troops.
On world 77 I was very fortunate to have come across some really strong players at the start of the world, and I was located not too far form the core so there were a lot of good players around.
I had many friends from my first tribe "Blood bath and beyond"; really good guys. Some of them taught me things like sniping and backtiming which have helped me immensely.

We started to war TWD(The Walking Dead) and of course we were getting rekt, but I had started to understand some things in tw and I had made many friends so I merged with an account in TWD after showing good defensive potential. Tokeduptrojan is where I moved to next. This was the beginning of an awesome journey; I made friends with many players(most of whom are not around) who taught me things such as mass faking and some aspects of predicting opponent strategies. I was on tokeduptrojan for a while learning a lot from the owner, but then he had to quit and so there I was alone and I began my search for a co.

I ran across the best person possible(of course i didn't know he was the best at that point) Stuart Chadwick (also known as stuartc611 or Edgber on other worlds). This dude had managed a 30 mil account solo and at the moment he told me this I knew I had gotten a gem of a player. We stayed on the tokeduptrojan account showing good skills until the unfortunate event happened that our account got banned due to password issues and quarrels with owner. Stuart and I were stranded , but hope came in the name of a 1 mil account, Tw News Team :) The owners (Aaron and co) had decided to call it quits and so entrusted the account to Stuart and I. You must imagine how weird it must have been when I (someone who had managed a maximum of 10 villas) was told to manage a 100+ villa account) took control of the account. It took some time getting used to and Stuart taught me many useful methods of tagging and predicting attacks. Also I started to think of some myself! A great pair was born.

So I sat many accounts when we were in Dharma; pyro4lif, lord anubis and so many of the frontline account, slowly gaining war experience and strategies by carefully observing their accounts. So eventually I decided I might not do too bad at war as I started loving the red dots.

Skipping forward some time, Dharma was falling and RoyalE advancing, threats of NAM on the north Dharma front and so I sent like 95% of my D there to aid them. Of course at this point Bacon were still our allies (I never trusted them though, you can ask anyone lol). I knew war was coming, but I am always the player to put tribe before self so I left all my D there (in the north). Then bacon turned on us. Northern accounts went inactive and I thought for sure all was over. RoyalE advanced on my account and so did Bacon. I lost many many many villas; like 2 clusters worth I think. Of course I tried my best sniping with little def and even got a snipe n with 10hc. I followed the whole time during that happening. But of course it was a lost cause and my villages were taken and named things like "TW old team" :D

At this point Stuart was on holiday as well so I would wake up to like 1k untagged attacks *logs in* 1k attacks *logs out*:D Nah, I never did that but that's what I wanted to do. I had never experienced 1k attacks and I used to manually dodge every attack which was time consuming, so I thought of ways to overcome this and I did overcome my problem hehe.

Kim (nowitsover): too bad ID tagging got disabled due to the game updates.

Ebisan Ekperigin: ^ yeah exactly :( woulda been easier. Anyways, so I was left with a huge front with Bacon. So my endeavours began. I had never done full scale attacks so I was still learning about nuke scripts and etc. I could fake awesomely at this point now though, 1k attacks in 5 minutes was what I was averaging. Bacon started off on the good foot because of surprise advantage but Stu and I eventually levelled the caps and all was well till they hit delete.

At this point the only goal was to munch munch munch. We munched Baconologist first and moved on to others. Also many tribemates were being internalled. I was used ot having 2k-3k attacks everyday by this time so I wasn't phased by anything. In a week or so Stu and I got to 3.5mil points or so.

We had been fighting against both RoyalE and NAM and we`re doing pretty well, having really high ODD and even capping a few off them thanks to people like JonNavaja(later BuzzNavajaBlietzkriegInc) Stewinthepot meep sicory shao and TJ (from Don`t go bacon my heart). I kept playing and enjoyed the challenge but all good things had to come to an end so heavy fighting with NAM started and I fought hard but could not overcome. Glad to say I bowed out from Tw News Team account with the highest OD and ODD, a top 20 ODA and some great friends from both tribe and enemy.

Many NAM members commended my fighting so I decided to try join which brings me to where I am today, on the Don't go bacon account, fighting hard for NAM being a "top flight" player and enjoying the game with great friends :)

NAM is a very organized and aggressive group. When the gun is shot, the race starts and it`s intense. You look at an unclaimed cluster, come back in 30 minutes it`s claimed, in 6 hours its nobled. Sometimes less.This puts everyone on their toes and ready. No claim hording and a short limit. TWD and Dharma did not work this way, not in the slightes. Organization then was not up to par; nowhere near NAM at least :D NAM is an aggressive tribe, the almost 5mil average points per player for 30 players says it all.

Kim (nowitsover): How´s NBD "Front" going? ;)

Ebisan Ekperigin: : Out so soon? ..the war caps say it all. 40 villas by lunch and the big boys haven't even landed yet.

Kim (nowitsover): Anything you would like to ad before we wrap it up?

Ebisan Ekperigin: Well, to all those players with my old villages; I`m gonna get them back someday! hopefully ;D

Kim (nowitsover): Thanks a whole lot for the chat!

Ebisan Ekperigin: no problemo ^^ Have a lovely day

Kim (nowitsover): Good luck & Keep it up![/Spoil]

Next is Harry who is more known under the name "meepworrior" (with an o) of Civil :). Being in a tough spot, he has been keeping the spirit up in game and also lived up the world a bit as well with his presence towards outwards.
[Spoil]Harry: Hello, I'm Harry. I play the meepworrior account within the tribe Civil. I previously played world 72 under the same account name. Then the account newchiefog before quitting around 3 months ago cause I got bored of the end game alliance shenanigans.

I decided to give w77 a go because no hauls seemed like a lot less work. After the disbanding of Thugz, Civil and Dharma took or ate most of the members. I decided to play solo for a bit. I started attacking one of the Civil members and taking his villages. I then made a deal with him that i could take all his villages if I let him move to the rim and give him res. The duke and a few other members got in the war and convinced me eventually that it's probably not a good idea to fight and we needed to work together to beat Dharma. After about two months from the start, I joined Civil.

The leadership is a pretty simple Hierarchy, 1 duke, 1 Baron, and council members. We didn't really have specific roles it was all about talking about it and stepping up to the plate. Some players in the council did more that others (CIVIL members will know what I'm on about.) Our ops on Dhrama where well timed and involved finding offline times and spamming fake and real trains as well as nukes during those times. We would generally all chat about OP:s and find an agreeable target. We even did polls about targets at times so all members could feel included. Op:s against RoyalE were fair in their successfulness but they were simply so much larger so it was a lot harder. In terms of diplomacy and internal issues, most of that was handled by our Baron. Overall Civil was rough around the edges but worked pretty well. Others may disagree.

Kim (nowitsover): Would you like to mention some of your tribemates for being exceptional?

Harry: My co - for sticking with me after being opped for 2 months on the external and in game, Real MVP.

Dagan - For the amazing implementation of RoyalE members and the rest of W2V that stayed to stick it out. Good going guys.

Tydans - Shame you dropped off recently mate I don't know what happened with you. All the best though.

Welsh - For holding a massive front and trying to hold it against the odds. Nearly 100 mil ODD too. The Hitler videos were and still are the bomb. Couldn't stop laughing at em.

Egg - For the internal dealing keeping the tribe afloat and together. Keep it up bruz.

Also to the rest of civil thanks for being there, it's been the most fun tribe I've been in, in a long time. Some of you went without a trace and if you read this i hope you're doing okay.

It's possible you could see CIVIL again, Everyone will just have to wait and see the next no hauls :D

Regarding this world; Well merge or war (RoyalE & NAM). We are all hoping for a war but the member limit is high and we can't really control it. We don't know at this point. It's a game worth losing sleep over but not taking it as seriously as your life. It's not all about winning.

Kim (nowitsover): Harry, thanks a whole lot for getting in touch and giving me this interview!

Harry: Best of luck then man.

Kim (nowitsover): Thanks - likewise.

The owner of the stewinthepot account has been one of the key players/accounts in the west in this world and also someone who has been very openhearted and easygoing in former communications. I thought I would check up on him to see how things went in his new envoirement after being one of the few who recently got recruitted from Goats into NAM. I hope to catch him later for an extended interview later on thoe.
Kim (nowitsover): How`s NAM?

Stewinthepot: not bad, they actually have rules which is new for me :D but other then that its fun so far. We ended up there cause all of Dharma quit other then the except a few and I`m not dieing for players who weren't even pulling their own weight. Unfortunatelly a few good players were left behind but most were awful. I think NAM planned this as they probably knew I`d leave, and they never really catted me much.

Kim (nowitsover): Any players along the way you would like to mention standing out?

Stewinthepot: Sicory - just cory, Darkness Shao: its just shao, Michael (my old coplayer), The old twnews players- Stu, Ebi, AAron Navaja/buzzard, Sirtaz, Tman93 from NAM
Chris, sams coplayer, Babin and blyq from hashtag and you :D cause you seem fun. That's about it. I probably forgot a few but eh.

Kim (nowitsover): Good thing u never experienced me as a duke then :D

Stewinthepot: Some people think I`m the best duke in .net. Some people think im a effin retard. It`s all perspective.

Kim (nowitsover): Indeed. Also the situation you were in Dharma/Goat is not the ideal situation to land in really. Thanks once again!

Stewinthepot: Sure man sounds good.

I have played on and off since about 2009.. Something that was interesting was to talk to different caliber of players and their journeys, experiences and how come they are in the spot they come to right now - as we do have our own stories and have invested a lot of time and effort; in developing relations as well as trying to make progress. When I first started to play and knew barely anything, there was a player who already could be considered as a veteran of this game. I noticed him in W40 when I started to get the habit of following the externals. He played on W77 until a couple of weeks ago and I toke the opportunity to ask for a chat, both about his broad TW exp and W77 related as well; h0llygh0st[Spoil]h0llygh0st/MLC.: Aight, got my beer ;) I thought you quit 77 though Kim? Then again I did notice you posting once more ;) And giving me rep on the forums :D

Kim (nowitsover): got summoned back (worry)

h0llygh0st/MLC.: ^^ I know that feeling

Kim (nowitsover): u know as a veteran of this game - it is a bit of a habit to check in every once in a while even thoe u know u shouldn`t :D

h0llygh0st/MLC.: Aye :p It`s not even the game :D Just wanting to know who's still around.

Kim (nowitsover)
: first of all - would you like to tell anyone who doesn`t know you too well who you are in terms of your TW history and a bit about your journey in w77 so far

h0llygh0st/MLC.: No problem :) My history in TW is quite lenghty though, so I'll shorten it a lil. I started playing TW in the fall of 2006, on W2. I got nobled a few times like most noobs do and didn't really accomplish much (Other than being a troll in ROFL) until W6. Where I co-lead a family tribe. When that failed I joined my first proper tribe. STONED, lead by Alphabonkers. Learning the basics there I joined W7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 20 & 21 in which I had leadership roles in shortlived premades existing out of world hoppers :) I was also active in W1 in RoBaC's academy tribe (HNR), though it was brief as TW wiped the floor with us.

From there on my activity lessened until W30 where I played in Bloodhood's HAM!!! tribe as a normal member for the first time since W2 or so. Then in W40 I created my first tribe (Excluding -Evo- in W17) called Apathy, which was a minor success seeing as we accomplished all we wanted to do, which was effing up family tribes and have fun ;) Though I lost most of my members to W41 which came out simultaneously and with better settings according to some...

Building on that small group of friends that formed Apathy I created a major premade in W51 under the same name, which took a dominating lead in the forums (Largest premade thread to date.) as well as ingame of course. Until I had to abstain my leadership due to activity... Only to take back control because things didn't progress as I liked it, ultimately leading to an implosion of sorts. Though I restarted on the rim after being rimmed myself. And without disbanding we climbed back up to #6 from scratch (Only 3 people other than myself stayed.) But that didn't last either as the burdens of leadership were to much.

After that whole affair I took another lengthy break, played in W61 Riot! as part of the leadership, left due to disagreements in said leadership after our duke went MIA and came back in W77... Which is what you were interested in of course :D

I came back to TW 2 days before W77 started, as I liked no hauls I was interested in joining... But I was severely out of touch, so I reinstalled skype... Asked Jirki to unblock me (Another long story, I have been a moderator twice and also been permabanned twice... :d)and started messaging people ^^ Also had to get my IG acc back as I handed it to a friend who also quit after W61 0o It was quite messy tbh. But I learned of 2 premades. Bacon and PoW! lead by, as I heard it, Sumner and Muldie... Now I hadn't been close to either of these leaders before in my TW experiences, though we had lead tribes on the same worlds before. But I chose for Muldie's tribe as Sumner didn't really seemed to like the idea of me joining him.

I joined Pow! as a normal member and some friends who noticed me being active again also joined the world in the same location and got into PoW later on :)
About a week into the world though, I noticed friends of mine leading premades such as NAM, NOS and DI >_< So I kind off regretted joining PoW... But then again lots of my friends where in there as well, the leadership at the start was simple. Muldie as duke together with Matt (Same account) And Nami (I think her name was) as a baron. Though it was actually Nami's premade. Later on Silver (Gorth) also became a baron.

Though things didn't seem to work out well, Nami quit... Silver was the defacto duke and Muldie was inactive. Meanwhile I had kind of volunteered to be a diplomat as nobody else was taking up that responsability. When I thought we finally had a good thing going with me as a third in command, Silver second and Muldie at 1, Silver got into an argument and quit. Muldie was AFK for 36 hours or so and the tribe was starting to get restless. So I mailed Muldie to make me duke, though I was kind off drunk that night :D It was halloween and I had a few to many. Muldie didn't like that and kicked me from the tribe, I made my own tribe and people strarted following me...

When I sobered up Tom and Lucifer were made dukes, Muldie demoted himself and I was invited back in to become duke =/ You can imagine the mess the tribe was in...

During all that we lost several members to RoyalE whilst they slowly but surely gained ground on us, though I think the tribe was on the right path again... I had a timelimit. I had 2 weeks before I had to work a long period of extra hours coupled with my second job during the weekends, making it nigh impossible for me to function as a duke... Though I had planned to absorb a large amount of players from the collapsing DI in order to stabilize and broaden our front against RoyalE whilst simultaneously make a pact with NAM to stop them from crossing into K55 whilst nobling former DI... All of this failed, only 1 DI member joined us and the rest was unsure of what to do or went along with the masses and joined RoyalE... For me this was the end of the tribe, we couldn't win the war nor could I stop it. They offered a merge into them, which I should have accepted in hindsight, but I declined. Instead looking to merge ourselves into SU. A long term ally of ours... After Donkyho arranged this merge, or rather during... I sort off quit =/ Only logging on to mint coins.

Then a month after I actually quit (Logged on drunk, put a friend as sitter and told him to distribute the villages) I came on Skype again, asked Krieger for an account and played on Aser0 for another month or so. Though with less and less activity every day as it was too boring for me (worry). And here we are o0

Kim (nowitsover): Some opinions on RoyalE?

h0llygh0st/MLC.: I'll type a little about them :)

Before I was a baron in PoW! Muldie or someone else in the leadership made a NAP with ??? (RoyalE) a NAP which was broken a week later while we were completely unprepared for it. Resulting in the loss of quite a few players of ours. After that we came to know them. RoyalE joined this world with a purpose and a clearsett leadership. Krieger wanted to rim W2V. And apparently his desire to do so was far larger than most of us could have anticipated early into the game :D

He had a small group of close friends, mainly other serbs, and mass recruited others near them during the start, he then started cutting people until only the good players remained. A good tactic, though not often executed that well. But he did o0 Before I, or even others from the remnants of PoW! joined them they had an influx of people from DI which strengthened them quite bit, after the collapse of SU and the recruitment of even more people.. I'd say about 70 to 80% were recruits from tribes such as PoW, DI and SU and the small core still remained and it was still in charge of the tribe. When I joined, well even before that tbh, I knew that RoyalE wasn't a tribe lead by a friendly duke who is friends with his members and know everyone well. Krieger is... Well, mean sometimes :D And stubborn. Honestly I can't bring myself to like the guy. But he managed to do what he did because of it

He leads RoyalE with a iron fist, only compromising a few times, but damn does it work... You made the conquer maps, you saw the progress they made against W2V when they finalled reached them right? That was incredible. Half a continent nobled in just a week or 2? I had not often seen such things in TW before ^^ So I gotta admit, though I didn't like the guy nor could I ever duke like he does... He's a good leader :p

And RoyalE... Well its simple, you have a war room chat which is dead serious. And a RoyalE Spam chat, Krieger isn't even in it :) Basically, he lets the tribe mess around on their own and trusts they will behave themselves, and when the time comes he gives the orders and the tribe listens o0

I've always been a duke who is very close to his members, he's the exact opposite. Yet my tribes fail... And his seems to have a great chance of winning the world :)

Kim (nowitsover): are there any players/accounts you would wanna mention being exceptional in this world so far in any way?

h0llygh0st/MLC.: Saul Goodman (Donkyho). This guy has always been in the shadows this world, but man he's a great guy. Good player, good leader, just a great asset to any tribe. The account that Choco Death/Kourosh played, something long involving Eugene :D Was also a great asset. The things players like Soragado did for their tribe have also been missed by the general public, people like Jacki, Josh (All of them!), Tom, Bill, Erndos, Cat, Angelo, Andy and his friends ... I met a lot of people in this world who I considere to be friends, and we had loads of fun troughout ;) and everyone I've been in a drunken voicechat with at 5 am! Shoutout to them! :D

Oh, and let me just mention... There is a premade in the works for the next no hauls o0 I'm not forming it, but I will be in its leadership (Not as duke though! Never again!) It ought to be announced in a few days :p

Kim (nowitsover): you just answered my next q; if you would be playing in the future :D

h0llygh0st/MLC.: ^^

Kim (nowitsover): really looking forward to it - at least as an outside viewer

h0llygh0st/MLC.: till the next world, we'll stay in touch, cya!

Kim (nowitsover): take care and thanks once again![/Spoil]
A reminder for the reader: The conversations are edited and some parts (mainly some of my follow up questions or comments) are not included. Some parts are excluded by various reasons. Also no info that are not meant to be shared by anyone outside mentioned will under any circumstances leave the conversation and get to be mentioned elsewhere out of respect for the integrity of anyone being interviewed - Edit: In some cases, the info itself is ok to share but not who has mentioned it and in such cases, I won`t mention who has shared the info.

Incase anything needed to be added, corrected - any kind of critisizm good or bad - let me know please (both here, by pm or skype will do). Also my apologies for the delay and also several grammar errors (english is my third language) but I`ll correct them as soon as I stumble on them. Thanks a lot for the patience, reading and the appriciation. -Have a nice weekend!
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Thanks Kim, good to have you back just what the 77 externals have been missing for the last few weeks. Enjoyed the read too.