W90 Dream Teams

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I suppose I may as well feed some egos.

- war-peace
- L0V3R5
- Nwaro

These three are aside of my list, played with them for almost 2 years over 3 worlds, so it's pretty much a given that I would have them on my dream team, although I'm not playing with them on this world.

1) Dread Doctors
2) One Last Goodbye
3) Hidden Agenda
4) TrustMeImLying
5) RazorShark
6) Furiya
7) Candid Confession
8) HardNutz (seems like one of maybe 3 capable people in 2HARD)
9) sweetmisery
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I'll keep this on topic, and chose those not in my tribe.

Drunk Monkey
Seven Devils
Multiple Wargasms
King Banana
Interesting... No one from WET? :D

the nemesis123

In seriousness, looking at the top tribes:

Divine Strike
Sidd 271

Tried to include some people that weren't on anyone elses list but I like from a variety of tribes, a few of them are echoing the choir though and others I am going off word of mouth. From WET, no-one really stood out, but I know Pongdang and Kekua can be very good given the right activity.


from my short stay here in W90

PurelyForgotten, nice people there
IncomingImpact, some nice voicechats that I will never forget (smirk)
SoCivil, kinda bashed on him in some posts and videos but (GASP) he was ok with it
Loenesoro (I can't spell his name) really friendly guy
I would say some TEA people but TEA's leadership seems to hate when their members are somehow associated with me so I will avoid doing that again.
Also Balian in Ibelin for that swag that he just posted :D I love it


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I can't believe I'm on no-one's team. I've got 6 villages and a damn fine political philosophy! :cool:

Balian De Ibelin

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You mean when I am not sitting you? :confused:
Actually the sit is thankful when at work , working 16 hour shifts , but to be honest and don't take this personal ,because I know you were sitting several accounts , but always leave scouts behind so the enemy don't get my positions LOL


Haha. I guess I can't escape on this one.. :rolleyes::p

If this is a 45 Tribe Limit:

My Dream Team would be:

Councils (any random or specific positions would be nice/numbering is not in specific order and have no meaning just a random order)
1. loenalsonsoro (of course me) - preferably OPS Coordinator/Strategist/war-general ;)
2. Akeldama - preferably diplomacy/duke/baron
3. Candid Confession - preferably OPS Coordinator/Strategist
4. TrexBoom - preferably duke/baron/recruitment
5. atmospherecf1 - preferably duke/baron
6. Purely Forgotten - preferably baron/diplomacy
7. One Last Goodbye - preferably OPS Coordinator/Strategist/diplomacy
8. King Banana - preferably baron/recruitment
9. L0V3R5 - preferably baron/diplomacy/Strategist
10. Murph All CAPS - preferably duke/baron/recruitment/strategist

The council I chose, is there a reason why they are given some random/specific roles/responsibilities because I believe each and everyone of those 10 are good enough to handle a much larger scale of ideas and opinions as the few people that leads in the tribe.

(numbering does not have any meaning/just in any order)
11. tudadar (fast grower and PP user/farmer -> but if utilized well, can do a lot of superb and heavy damage against anyone)
12. Hide (great in sniping and scripts maker)
13. sidd271 (friend in old worlds, great skill too)
14. Mia Khalifa (friend in old worlds, great skill too)
15. Satin Flowers (acquaintance and later been friend/seems a great guy/Barb Nobler -> but if utilized well, can be a heavy frontline defender and great skill too)
16. Kreiz (met him on this world, but I think we have met before or on earlier worlds, great skill too)
17. Posideon (great skill, loyalty and bravery)
18. funforton (silent but deadly -> if utilized well, I can see no much reason for not succeeding on his personal strategy)
19. CtrlAltDelicious (great skill if given to be at advantage can utilize his skills to perform miracle things)
20. Dread Doctors (persistence and camaredie/care for a friend/tribemate really is that valuable, great skill)
21. Rugir (persistence, camarederie, loyalty and friendship, great skill)
22. 3nsion (great skill)
23. Drunk Monkey (I think we met before on earlier world, great skill)
24. ODA Junkie (I think I know the actual owner of the account in RL(forgot though), great skill)
25. The Gay Land Pirate (friend/loyalty and camaredie, great skill and plays very respectful with everyone, no racism/gender equality/discrimination to everyone -> if utilize well can be a good diplomat too, great skill)
26. Beavis and Butthead (I have no idea who he is but seems a pretty decent player and a very skilled and good one either)
27. Multiple Wargasms (friend from other world, great skill)
28. Unknown Soldier (friend from other world, great skill)
29. war-peace (minds over matter, I believe the way he thinks can be used positively on both frontlines, mid-front lines, immediate mid lines and safe zones if utilized well)
30. Mezonis (great skill)
31. sweetmisery (I think I know the actual owner of the account in RL(forgot though), great skill)
32. Subwind (very friendly, also I think he's a friend of mine from other world, great skill)
33. Melted Witch(Nightwitch1) (great friend, loyalty, camarederie and great skill, combination of tudadar/Satin Flowers but instead of PP user, he goes to the middle cluster of the enemy on the frontlines and ultimate savager/destroyer -> if utilized well can be great use for Continental Wars)
34. 2.Pro.4.u (great sniper, great skill)
35. parim (great skill)
36. A Bomb (friend from earlier world, vast knowledge -> if utilized well can be a strategist in the later worlds)
37. hollyghost (met him on this world, friendly and good one, great skill)
38. kirk the wineman (great tenacity and persistence, great skill -> if utilized well on the frontlines can be a great defender)
39. Incoming Impact (known from other world, great skill -> if utilized well on the frontlines and enemy clusters -> can be a great defender and destroyer) has some issues though from most people -> but if utilized well on a tribe that honors and respect him well and give him the values he ever wanted like where he truly belong, can be a great asset too
40. arsenal (great skill -> if utilized well on the frontlines, can be a great defender)
41. lee hughes (great skill and good way of thinking)
42. Seven Devils (met this player on this world, seems decent, great skill) has some issues from some people -> but if utitized well, maybe not on the frontlines but on the safe zone, can do many harms against enemies rather than good for his own
43. Good Game (great skill)
44. Maelyss (great skill) has some issues from most people -> but if utilized well the loyalty and friendship can be turned into a greater bond if he finds the tribe where he truly belongs
45. daredeviler (great skill) has some issues of respect from other people -> but it's not a bad issue, if utilized well can do a lot of PnP damage to the enemy firsthand before the actual damage in battle occurs.

As it may seem I posted all 45 members because there's a reason why the TW sets a tribe limit. ;):):p

However there are 7 more players that are totally included on the roster they just might be not on the tribe but personal ally or a friend as well that can truly do a big and superb damage if they are given with a target..

- HipsterJF
- Sold Mom for PP
- Lord Batan
- HardNutz
- King Ragnar
- Natticus
- NukedbyPenguins

For all others who aren't included in the list, I am truly sorry, but I really believe this people are the mostly ones that passed on my standards and earned my respect very well. Though I respect everyone in this game as far as I am concerned, any feedbacks/comments/suggestions/analysis on this are most welcome and I will be truly glad to hear some of other people opinion's.

Well this is mine.:cool::D:p