W90 Dream Teams


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Good thread, made by a good player!

I can´t make a dream team without including some tribemates!

I know and have played with alot of players in this world, some very long time ago so my memory of their real skillz could be VERY wrong but ill try my best here.

The dream team

It´s a must
War-peace Rock solid player that does not mix business with pleasure!
Lovers Kick ass player that goes all in, a spammer but a nice one.
Dread Doctors Because i like sam and i have had some fun fighting against him.
Sold mom for pp If you sell your mom for pp you must be dedicated!
Furiya Always active and a kick ass defender!
99jr12 Well every dream team needs a joe
Akeldama Just sounds right, judging from rumours.
Sweetmisery Simply because every dream team needs a girl and Mike can´t stop talking about her.
Subwind Dream team´s old man, no escaping that!
Nwaro Well not sure why, but he can learn. And i am a good teacher.
One Last Goodbye A good player for sure.
Comply or die A solid player, and it´s epic to have 2 sam´s

Damn this was hard, could mention alot of players but i guess i have to agree with akeldama that my tribe is kind of a dream team!

The Big Lebowski

War Peace
Purely forgotten
Comply or die