What is a Casual World?

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Tribal Wars is one of the harshest games out there - perhaps the harshest. You can join as a new player, build for a month and have all you worked hard for be taken away in an instant by someone who is better at the game than you. That's the game's legacy, and is indeed for many people, the reason that they play.

What we've added is an option for catering to those who favour a more casual play style - whether it be because of a busy day schedule, they're still getting used to the game, or simply prefer a more relaxed game:

Casual worlds.

Casual worlds can be accessed after one has lost their last village in the competitive worlds. Players will be offered an option to take control of a re-creation of their last village in a casual world, which primarily features more restrictive attack settings among some other changes to create a more relaxed playing environment.

Differences to regular worlds:

You cannot join this world in the normal manner, only transfer from another world, once having been nobled out.

You start with the re-creation of your village from the world you came from. This village can never be nobled.

There are attack blocks which only allow attacks between players with a points relation between of each other.

Higher amount of barbarian villages.

No end -game goals.

*Please read posts below regarding updates made since this announcement*


Updates to Casual Worlds:

Update 8.49
Easier transfer to casual worlds
After 14 days on a world you will have the possibility to transfer one of your villages to a casual world. Only one village can be transferred, if you have multiple villages the one with the most points will be transferred. Troops will not be transferred and your village will be moved to the casual world associated with your world.
You will find the option to transfer to casual in the settings menu under the restart option and it is called "Casual Transfer". Your villages and troops on the original world will still be available and you can continue to play there if you want to.

Item transfer to casual worlds
When joining a casual world players will now be able to transfer their items in the same way their premium account can be transferred. Please be aware that certain items will not be transferred as they would not be useful on the casual world. A report will be sent listing the items that have not been transferred, including the reason why. Items that are not transferred remain on the original world.

Update 8.52
Coins won't be transferred to the Casual World anymore
It will not be possible to transfer coins to a casual world anymore. We took this decision to make the casual worlds a fairer environment and avoid the big difference in coins between players joining casual that was currently possible.
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Further updates to casual worlds.

Casual Worlds will now have an end game. We will bring more information about this as it becomes relevant.

In-Game Mail sent today regarding CASUAL 1 and CASUAL 2

As previously written, this casual world is currently being led up to a close.

Today the attack block has been increased to 80%. The gold coin costs have also been reduced to 50% of the base value.

For the next two weeks, the attack block will increase again to 90% and then 100%. Two weeks after that, the attack block will be removed entirely.

We have also added a dominance win condition to this world. Once a tribe reaches 51% dominance, they will be considered the winner and the world will close.

If no tribe has reaches 51% dominance by the end of the year, the #1 tribe will win in January 2018.

- The Tribal Wars Team

This is relevant for CAS1 and CAS 2 only. Further details of other Casual Worlds will be released when necessary.
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