Wisdom and BA war STATS only thread!


Nice talking to you Mennomen, it really was lovely. I'll once again appologize that I misread the dates when Yarnie posted the stats last time and that was why I posted what I did...sheesh. Maybe next time you should click my link rather than just ignoring it rather than just putting me down. :icon_neutral:

On Topic: A problem with the idea of using pictures and such is that everyone either hates each other atm or every large tribe has been declared on already... so unless someone wants to start interviewing people and including pics, I'm at a loss :icon_confused:

A blog would be nice lol, who is in charge of the w17 blog? Isn't Jehosophat(sorry if i spelled wrong) in charge of hiring for that?


There was a post somewhere about the whole thing. Just mail her I was going to see about joining but you have to have access to skype in order to get any positions around here.