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Well Hi there everybody!!!!!!!!!

Yes, thats right, I am your new blogger!!!!(Crowd moans)

But its alright, I am trying very hard not to be a douche!!!

I was waiting to get the smexy purple name, but alas, my superiors have gone AWOL.

Anyway................ Check out my introductory blog!
Let me know what you think, I am always open to contstructive criticism :icon_razz:

FnF, would you be kind enough to sticky this?

Issue 1 - Taking Flight, In World 48

Issue 2 - A World on Fire

Issue 3 - A World of Egotism

Ebony's 1st Issue - W31 & W48 September Competition

Ebony's 2nd Issue - Long Live Elf World

Issue 4 - A Red Dawn Rising

Issue 5 - Aftermath

Issue 6 - Return of the........Blogger?

Issue 7 - The Final Conflict?
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Nice 1st blog!And why didnt you posted womble sucks?

If its too hard to understand,this was an attempt to humour
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ASCN and Pirana began our war on 07.04. at 07:51:53
Pirana has villages there because Khaos was being hammered by SYN and -XIII- (BUZZ essentially) and at the time had roughly 3/4 of K23 and about half of K13. They had Robin right below them which joined them to the rest of Pirana but he moved to Womble. Which isolated them pretty much; even though he wasn't doing anything to help them in the first place. Admittedly they did have a lot of ground to begin with... Clearly not anymore.

She lied ;)

Also, you missed RAM fighting that lone player...


I got me smexy purple :0


Thanks for the heads up fraser :)


Hi World 48!!

How's life going? Good, Great! I am NML0089, 1stphoenix's Head Blogger. Yes I know what your thinking.. "You poor guy.." it's ok.. We're both from the same country :D

If you guys have any issues with 1stphoenix and you believe he is being mean / wrong and wont help you out, I am the next line.

For example:

Level 1 > 1stphoenix
Level 2 >> NML0089
Level 3 >>> Jehosophat

Sort of like with young Miss FNF...

Level 1 > FNF
Level 2 >> Senior Mod
Level 3 >>> Jirkii

If you have any issues, You can contact me via skype "iloveinosha" or via PM.

You may also see me post here every now and then.. so dont mind me :)

Thanks & Enjoy your blogger & blog!!

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PIRANA decided to recruit Khaos because they believed it would distract SYN/XIII (then BUZZ) enough for them to destroy BUZZ. Obviously it didn't and has resulted in the fall of ex-Khaos to ASCN advance. I believe they assumed you could stack it against ASCN and the former BUZZ.


Congrats 1st!

Hope you can write some good blogs for when i'm bored :icon_biggrin:


Nice blog, well constructed. Just to add to Fraser's points above, it's the PIRANA strategy - when things look like they are not going too well in wars, they recruit massive bodies of players just far enough away from the core of the tribe to divert attention and give them some breathing space. Cannon fodder basically. They did it with khaos, they did it with COTA, no doubt they will soon be doing it with xwolf1 too.

Now I'm going to go and have a little cry about the fact that -XIII- didn't even get a mention...

Peter the Red

Congrats phoenix! Blog looks good. Hopefully you'll keep it going with all the latest news and updates.


finally a blogger for w48. congrats phoenix hope you keep the blog alive!


Yay :) Easy for me to keep updated with w48 events now (provided you are up to date with your blogs... ;) ) without reading the countless pages of useless arguments or spam :D

12 Inch Cubone

anyway as i said before GJ pheonix looking forward to your blogs :)

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Congratulations on your blog positions, 1stPhoenix. You've got one hell of a group to entertain.

Haha I dont know how you want us to take that :icon_neutral:

But anyway congrats on the position I think you will do a good job as the blogger. And I will enjoy reading these hopefully unlike the rest of w48 now. So i hope you live up to what I think you will