World 6 Stories


I have never shared this information with anyone but Chop. Chop probably shared it with the council of Stache. I am now tell everyone the truth, so you will all shut up. :icon_confused:

The actually downfall of F4F has lots of steps that accord before I had to destroy it.

Step 1 ROSE~: Was an indirect blow to F4F. It actually had to do with ROSE~. F-F was at war with TS, ENS, and ROSE~ at the same time. Once ROSE~ disbanded and merged with w00t S, it left F-F relationship with w00t S sour. This came into play later.

Step 2 Or.D merged with w00t N: Or.D's merger with w00t N broke our stability to have wall of alliances against Stache and KoD. The wall of alliances was POD, Or.D, and F4F. Yes I had to plan against my current tribe and its biggest ally. It is tribalwars and I would have been a stupid duke not to take them into consideration.

Step 3 KoD vs POD Family: TGP contacted me with an offer for an alliance as long as we go to war with them against the POD Family. With Or.D gone and having more experience with tribalwars, I knew POD was going to fall. POD was everywhere with no real power. It was an easy decision to side with KoD. I accepted the alliance. There only rule was to respect Stache. I contacted Chop for an alliance or NAP. He offered the NAP. Now we were allied with KoD and NAPed with Stache. The best diplomatic relations I ever had in F4F. (TGP wanted to get an alliance with F-F at the time, but I think they turned KoD down).

Step 4 F4F vs BOTI and Family and Troje: (aka Tory). We were winning some battles and losing others. This war revealed who was actually good and who was inexperienced. After about a month into the war people started to quit TW, it was about an average of one person per day. It was hard to fight a war with so many inactivities. I had all my barons quit on the same day while myself and another one of my dukes was on vacation. XanarianDynasty left to run the entire tribe himself. He did a fantastic job for one person running a top 20 tribe by himself. It was one of the biggest blows I could have suffered in F4F.

Step 5 F-F declares war on w2sk: F4F was surrounded by Stache and KoD. It could have been a good fight, if everyone was active. I took the option of declaring war into consideration, but it couldn't be done. REP was losing to Stache, F4F was at war with the BOTI Family, I had zero barons, only 5 of my top ten members were active or close enough to the battle to do anything about it.

Step 6 Spies: We had spies in BOTI Family they had spies in F4F. With their members remaining active and ours quiting BOTIKW was gainning a lot of ground. I had to get rid of the spies.

Step 7 Pressure from Stache and KoD: Stache and KoD were constantly contacting me for a descision about the world war. F-F had declared war against them and they wanted to know our move, new tribe or family tribe of KoD. I didn't want either option. I asked Chop for a merger. I would merge my most experienced trusted members into Stache. It was a way to continue to play the game and get rid of my enemies, inactive players, and spies. Stache accepted and we merged.

Step 8 F4F Officially Gone: It was hard to click disband tribe. I waited for everyone to move to Stache before disbanding. I gave everyone else ample time to find a new tribe. I could have been like ROSE~ and disband without telling everyone, but I didn't. Everyone knew days in advance.

Funny things: Everyone that did not make it into Stache has gained very little since the days of F4F. They now stand in my way. Former BOTI and Family is losing to Stache; Stache only added two of their members to this war. :lol:

Everyone that was screwed because of this I do feel bad for, but I know it had to be done. I am turely sorry I ended you in world 6, but circumstances where not in our favor. :icon_cry:

Now does that please everyone. Now you know why I destroyed F4F. I am sorry I did it, but I am glad. I am now in a tribe with a lot of power and active members. Stache is a tribe everyone should fear. :icon_twisted:

Now SHUT YOUR PIE WHOLE about me betraying F4F.


i started in a core tribe that fell. joined another core tribe that was killed by stache.i was rimmed.
i created a new account on the rim and began building a tribe for a top 20 tribe that ended up falling. someone who owed me a favor gave me another account which i still play.

its just vague enough to be indecipherable :p


Copy paste and all that..

[SPOIL]Account Name(s): calmir, tuckhoh and some other one I can't remember.
World 6 History:

My first tribe was HIRE-R, which then changed it's name to REP. We warred ~SIN~/w00t S, STACHE, KoD and STONED/w00t N alongside RIM and CHE!!! (and probably some other random tribes) during the second world war, or what-have-you. We were losing. ^^ In that period of time I happened to become baron of REP, and then Duke after all the other leadership quit. Probably due to real life. Or because they sucked. Whichever. Somehow I wound up sitting about a dozen frontline accounts, then had the general run-of-the-mill members of REP (everyone left), turn on me. I am notable that I am the only leader on W6 to have their tribe mount a revolution against them (and chances are one of the few people to have it happen on TW at all ^^). Suck on that, bitches.

So, I held out for a week, but when my former minions proved unable to rim me, I deleted. I then took over a friends account in STACHE, and proceeded to continue to noble thee aforementioned former minions. Unfortunately, those same former minions happened to - eventually - realise that I was on that new account. And so attacked me. Lots.

Of course, eventually the 'N guy' (can't remember his name) who took over w00t S and renamed it O~SIN decided to make the tribe made up of my incompetent former minions their new academy. I was annoyed. Then KoD decided to be asshats and recruit members of CHE!!!. STACHE was annoyed. So we deleted and left this huge grey splotch on the map. 'twas awesome.

Eventually, I came back. I took over an account in RMC for a while, but eventually quit again.

W6 is the place I learned to be awesome, and met lots of people with incredibly large ego's (probably why I also now have an incredibly large ego). These people are noobs like Bloodhood, Pervis and mattcurr. I also met a crazy Dutch (pretty sure it's Dutch) guy that likes to dig (up graves). His name is Henchie-babe. Other notables are pen0r obsessed crazies like King Matt II and Warham. I also met Blodyx - one of the defining moments of my TW career... Come to think of it, most of the defining moments of my TW career involve meeting women... Well shit. :icon_wink:

Tl;dr - Played, stuff happened, deleted with STACHE. Came back for a little while, quit. And happened to meet a bunch of eclectic noobs.

Real name:
Age: 18
Occupation: University student.
Location: Australia.
Favorite animal: Wedge-Tailed Eagle.
Favorite beer: Resch's Draught.
Favorite drink (non alcoholic): Ice Coffee.
Hobbies: Reading, studying, exercising, thinking, volunteer firefighting.

Favorite music: Music? Favourite band would probably be Florence + the Machine.
Favorite movie series: Star Wars.
Favorite book series: Riftwar Cycle, Dresden Files, A Song of Ice & Fire.
I could not live without: Books & Music.
I don't like: Idiots.

Favorite quote: "A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age." -- Robert Frost


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my story:

personal history: i started this world with a really gd player-njub...

I first joined MontyP and they were awesome, then i noticed that tactically we were not gd for eachother in terms of geographically so i joined the legendary [FR], which almost immediately when i joined merge into IMP.

My ways with IMP parted because of bad leadership so with njub and GARAK THRASHER i joined [ally]D.o.W[/ally]. We had great times there but after a while a war with -RB- came up which made me and GARAK THRASHER join -RB-, njub thought i betrayed her ven though i told her we would remain friends etc...she sarted attacking me so i took out loads of her villages

in my time in -RB- i had a personal war with hermis, who was banned for some reason i dont know, he went inactive so i took like 2 of his villages, after he started randomly attacking me cos he was a bad loser (at that time he had like double my points) we started a war eventhough we were allies....i won...then someone else took over his account cos he lost around 200k points, i made peace with that guy

jassmien also got banned, i think hermis and jassmien both did someting together dunno what...anyway jassmien betrayed me, he lied to me..we nearly had a war and he randomly put my name as a P.A...weirdo, eventually we killed him

since then in our fight against a certain tribe i hired a spy...i will not name the spy or the tribe

ive been in SoV ever since it was formed


Slifilus's Story(For the who do not know who I am) I will write my story, not a story about wars and other people. :icon_rolleyes:

I joined the first tribe I was invited to. It was called -HUS-. I was the only member who decided to apply for a job, so I quickly jumped up the ranks. First it was "Support something something" then "Diplomat" or something, then "Co-Duke". By then, I was the only active leader of the dominating force on K73. Although we were really n00bish and were easily nobled, we were just ranked #1. :icon_redface:

I had no idea what I was doing, to be honest, and the other duke disbanded the tribe and I joined F|ANNA along with some other people.

In F|ANNA I met vroken iii and became a diplomat. F|ANNA disbanded.

Then I went to ROSE~ and became a diplomat.

Then I logged on one day and had a mail from waylander1. At this point in time I was in love with Hartand2 and her "peace is awesome" method of diplomacy. So I was going to true to be nice to this FF member who was contacting me about a sniped village or something...

Not sure how, but it eventually required a duke named Zerostaruk to speak with me. He just sounded really arrogant, so I started to be mean to him... and I believe it was then Slifilus was born. I realized Hartand2 had her own way of diplomacy and I had mine. I don't think I would be writing under the Slifilus alias with mean words if it wasn't for Lord Zero Brains <3.

Oh, and then ROSE~ disbanded and I joined w00t S, la de da, then I joined FF. Then I joined FTW, a tribe of my own making...

Now I am in a HIRE family tribe.
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Well here is my story for all of my fans out there :icon_wink:

Joined w6 eager to test all the stuff i learnt in the LFKD-alliance w5. Knew that my fellow tribesmember kingvalkyrik aka virus ex urban was going to start a tribe here so i mailed him and got an invitation to BDAS. Spread fear and nobled my first village there. Probably one of the very few original BDAS members that still play this world :icon_sad:

Hesitated a bit before following with the merge into CHE!!! since it all happend so fast and i wasnt really interested in it. I think i even voted that we shouldnt merge, well it is quite obvious now what i finally decided to do:icon_biggrin:
Have been in CHE!!! since may 02 last year except for about a month i was in GU and i like it:icon_cool:


The Story of TBS. :p

I first started my life in the bottom left corner of K53. One person in particular was a lot stronger than me, so I joined his tribe, W6D. I soon realized W6D is probably the best tribe I could of possibly been in. The guy then betrayed us and I nobled half his villages, Kroner72 nobled the others.
War-3 (BTB) were threatening war with W6D, and thus we disbanded and we took out our anger on a certain little brat named Babaganabal.
Because I was tribeless, I joined W6D's closest allies, RGN. There I met Ack3rl3y and Invincible, who were the main reasons I got into the new RIM. At that point, I was the player in RIM with the least ammount of points and villages and I could tell they all thought I was an idiot. Copy1234 would never have guessed I would become what I am today.
Shortly after I joined RIM we went to war with BTB and wiped them out in a week, taking over K52. Then we went to war with -RB- (SoV) for taking in BTB refugees, after nobling a number of their villages we made peace. Then there was the ATA war where we took over K53. Our last war was with w00t N and w00t S, which we both won against.

Now our current war is along side our great allies STTS2, against *F-F*. Things are looking good as we have a good head start.


I started W6 in the first seconds of the game with a village in K45. I joined my tribe from W5, but soon I left because there was no future for that tribe. I joined B45, but only for a day or two and I left for BA who was no 1 at that moment because my best friend in this game was there and he managed to get me in.
Meanwhile, I was growing pretty well, but some guy near me was better. He was farming everyone around and one day he sent some scouts at me. At that moment, there were no nobles in the game yet, but he had the academy and he was about rank 20. His name is Sneggy. Some of you may know him. I checked him and I found out that he was a much better player than I was. I was scared, I admit. I asked for help from my tribe and from about 50 people around me. :icon_rolleyes:
And I did something else. I scouted him while he scouted me. This made him angry I think because he thought he can kill my troops, but I had many defensive troops at that moment and a level 20 wall. All his troops died and most of mines. I understood much later why he told me that it's better to dodge sometimes. Well, afterall it was better to kill his troops because he liked my village and he was planning to noble it. If he would have chosen another village, he probably would have been the first to noble a village in W6. But he chose wrong, he chose my village. :icon_evil:
After this, he offered me a deal and I took it. Anyway, I was watching every move he made (including time of his posts in the forum.... yes, I knew his schedule better than he did :icon_cool:). I had troops in every village around me and I sent support to those who responded to my mail of help. I saved many players at that time and I killed some of his nobles by supporting people around me. :lol:
After a while, we became friends. :icon_wink:
In the meantime, I was unhappy with the leadership of BA. It was around MCD war. Sneggy offered me a place in his tribe, WPW (CC at the begining). I accepted. We were supposed to join CHE!!! later and Uldor knew that. He said he will declare war on us when we will hit 12 members. It was a short time WPW existed, but it was pretty nice to be in there. We prepared a perfect offensive on the MCD members around us and we took some villages. Then we joined CHE!!! as we were supposed to do. MCD disbanded. Those were the moments I enjoyed most in this game.
After that, I didn't have much time to play, but I remember that we had a lot of players quitting, many inactives. Then I think the war with Kod and Stache started and Bloodhood went on a vacation. You know the rest.
I left CHE!!! and I joined GU as most of the others. Some mistakes were made in the process so we lost some good players to other tribes.
The time in GU was short and that's because they had the same problems CHE!!! did: inactivity and lack of leadership. LacrosseBum7 wasn't much around. We still had Daethon at that time and I remembered he tried to make things work, but at one moment he accepted an unacceptable deal with STACHE. We refused to follow that deal, I remember Patroclus being very upset about it, Deathon left the tribe and soon after the tribe disbanded.
I joined CHE!!! again because Bloodhood was back from his trip. But I didn't have time to play the game for about 2 months.
Then the war with w2sk started and I was in the worst position ever. I still regret the 2 months I didn't play because my bad position was because of that. I was the first target in this war because they knew Orhun will be stucked with defence. And so he was. I wasn't. Yes, it's true I had support coming from whole world and I want to thank everybody who sent me support with this occasion. :icon_wink: It's not easy when you have over 1000 incomings towards your villages, but it's impressive when 1/2 of them are support incomings.
I had a tough week then, I barely managed to sleep, to eat, to do my work. But the attacks almost stoped at one point and I was pretty ok. True, my villages were half empty, I was very tired, but most of my villages were still mine.
Then the second round began, but I was more ready than ever to face it. And so I managed to become no 2 in OD as defender (no 1 when Orhun's account was abandoned). And I would probably be no 1 for a long time if there was an OD for the nobles killed.
And the people who asked me why I didn't attacked back should know that I had to defend myself with my offensive troops many times and I didn't had much of offensive left. Second reason was that I knew the enemy's villages were supported at the time of attack (someone from Kod sent by mistake support to a friend of mine about a week before). And there is a third reason, but I will keep it for me.
In December I didn't have time to play either, but I account sitted a friend of mine who had his computer stolen. Someone knows why I mentioned this and I have to tell him that I was pretty upset with him at the time. :icon_evil: Not anymore. I lost only one village after I took the account. And that was because my dear weaverdh attacked me after I went to sleep. :icon_cry:
And in January I decided to join Kod. I already had many friends here and I think it was the best thing to do. It's true, it was hard to leave CHE!!! behind after all this time, but sometimes you have to move on.
So, here I am now, better than ever. :icon_wink:

I guess not many people will read this because it's pretty long as I can see now, but you should know this it's just a piece of my history. :icon_razz:


my story would begin when i joined w6 within the first minute it of being created.. sluggy88 my realife also started at the exact same time... i was a right noob at this game still with limited experience from w4 and w5! so i started growing really slow made a friend but i forgot his name now... and i nobled the 2 abandons in my area and my PA got rimmed by Lodda! i panicked so much when he started to suround me... :icon_neutral:

i basically started this world by feeding of abandons until sluggy told me his PA was quitting i forgot what his name was now it was like dooooooogle if anyone can remember!!! (he was in CHE i believe) and me and sluggy took some of his villages and started expanding together..

after a long while i had finally joined B.A because i had a couple of good friends in there.. i made sure CHE was not gonna rim me and i got friendly with wheatyl and superjsq who surounded me at the time, and then i also helped virus ex urban with some troubles as he was under attack.. i regret helping him so much though

after securing my area it all went peacful then next thing i know... B.A is in war and raphael the person meant to be leading us had RAN OFF! and then i noticed he was banned and it all ballsed up and sin completely toar B.A apart and i left..

after B.A broke up i had no where to go so i mailed jasperjasper and he got me into UM and i was happy there for a couple of weeks and then we merged into DCT+UM and again i was happy for a while until a lot of crap started up between them and CHE!!! me and alexius never got along and i couldnt stand sinnuh... so when they posted information that jasper had been given them on these forums i followed jasper and left DCT+UM and finally got into CHE (a tribe i wanted to join since the start of the world)

i pissed sinnuh off and rimmed him and named all my villages offensive to alexius just so i could really aggrovate him! and eventually they quit anyway..

after that i took my first propper target with jasper and we rimmed Darenas who was based to our west in K44.. and then somewhere along here i gained a lot of trust from BH and become a Baron and began helping with K44 co-ordination etc and then everything thats happened the past few months i dont really need to repeat.. its all basic and thats a quick outline of my W6 story i guess

haha have fun reading (if u can be bothered)


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Ermmmm well i was asked to write my story, so errrrr its quite long i suppose, but here goes...

Well anyway, it starts in w4. I was at war with Uldors tribe MCD there too, me leading the rank 10 tribe OAK on K54 against K54 tribe MCD, K45 and other cluster tribe w00t and also FTR family. The war had been quite long and very tiring, it was my first large war warring and at the end of it it was quite simply just getting disheartening. So i decided to join W6... And make my second tribe... but this time take what i had learnt and make a better job of it, so i contacted a load of players that i knew were good, amongst the names were Nedowiz, Lord Executor, hades1234, a couple of MCD w4 players , hydrogenknight and a few others.

It quickly became apparent that some of our players were extremely good. I knew i had to play my best since i was largely unknown outside of world 4 and other players were generally just very good. When we had around 20 players i think we had 3 in the top 20 and a couple of others in the top 40, i was top 20 myself and later on became i think 4th, since i was the 4th player to noble a village on the world. After a while CHE!!! took in around a 10 player tribe called PoD, led by Gans43 and Hompsu. I had known Hompsu from world 3 after threatening and the completely outgrowing him :icon_wink: They were situated on K44 and increased our base there since many of us by co-incidence had started on K44. After a while i seem to remember we were 32 players strong and in 16th place.

After that things developed with diplomacy with me getting contacted by vpar2 who wanted a circular alliance between us, PH and MCD. BDAS were being loosely considered for it after me and a couple of others in CHE!!! had been talking to KV. However the diplomacy thing never really happened much, and neither did BDAS, it started to collapse and as we were its sole ally, KV left, told all members loyal to him to join him. And that was that, teh creation of me on this world and the emergence of what we now call old CHE!!!, led by me and co-lead by gans43, KV and hompsu. As a partnership of 4 ill say it now, it worked very well. We won a load of wars over this period.

Over time however i stopped playing so much as a player, gans43 quit, hompsu did too and it was left just me and KV with CHE!!! at first. We wanted more aristocracy members but none really could replace gans or hompsu. We kept going for a while but the tribe started to get inactive and disorganised, our initialy impressive tribe was looking badly out of shape. Then the KoD war came up, it originated from them attacking Grawler after a promise not to then me being told they were planning on one of our players. I wanted to avoid war, offered them a NAP for just KoD, it was denied, we were then asked by STONED to start the war, we agreed, two days later i went on holiday, and passed the tribe to KV...

Well i suppose this is where it started to go wrong... I was hacked and nobled down to one village, leaving people thinking i had quit, it became quickly apparent CHE!!! were not doing much in the way of killing and KV being critisized by more than one persons, tried to take fast action, made some wrong decisions, then gave up and left. And there it was, the end of old CHE!!!, people left to GU and STONED mostly, each tribe now critisizing the other for taking players. GU had the obvious advantage in taking players since i had given a sitting account to lacrossebum7. GU grew big, perhaps taking in too many of the wrong sort and some of their older players grew inactive.

At this point i got back, and it was like ah... CHE!!! all but destroyed, GU now first but losing a war to stache and KoD continually posting on the forum of how they won a war against the great CHE!!! then moaning about refugees taking in by other tribes. Now CHE!!! was gone it seemed everyone thought they would trash talk us, whilst my closest ally GU was getting slaughtered ingame and on forum too. So i took a large sitting, superjsq. I had talked to a few prominent CHE!!! players when i got back, still wanting just to be quiet, planning our come back. Superjsq quit and set me as sitter, so it meant i could try my best helping GU. I defended the account whilst trying to organise attacks to revitalise GU. But without leadership GU were looking poor... Which was then the time Lacrosse offered it to me, i rejected knowing the bad situation of GU and still wanting CHE!!! back after the complete and utter slating they had received after their downfall. I convinced Lacrosse to try one last attempt at huge co-ordination, throwing its full weight against stache, whilst id try pull exCHE!!! players out of stache. He tried it, but it failed, for one thing it was all just quite disorganised and inactive, it was an attack that should have started at the start of the war but hadnt happened. It was also by this time i noticed that really STACHE were actually a very good tribe, better than i had thought... their defence and offense operations very effective, a leader i had a lot of respect for and players now very loyal to them.

Then as we know... GU disbanded, i pulled my favourite players back into CHE!!! and others followed. We werent too many, but we were back. I had pulled as many account sittings that i had been given in GU back into CHE!!! to really make us stronger than we were, we lacked active members, had a large amount of inactive ones and really it was up to me completely to try do something. Knowing i couldnt face war, i NAPed with KoD, tried and failed with stache and from then just tried to make us look better than we were. Next problem, yey, i had another one, we were not even number one of K44, DCT+UM were, they had a few million more than us on the continent. So we had to war them and it became quickly apparent that the few members we had on K44 were still actually very good ones, a combination of players like lord executor who gave a complete raping to a couple of their players and Posh-monkey who first received attacks then gave them led us on our way. It was then we took in jasperjasper followed by outbreaker123, and sluggy and i think a couple of others to really start to take over K44 again.

I was then gifted a number of villages in the center part of K44 so that i no longer had one village that was constantly being attacked. I built myself up to 100K just to basically be able to support, attack, morale bash. Anywya so yea we fought through more K44 when eventually NAPing with DCT+UM on i think the condition of them joining us, which never happened since they ran to w00t :/ The NAP allowed us to noble a load of the inactives now anyway, since we knew war was coming eventually, and we wanted to be prepared, so we simply nobled as much as we could of ourselve, we wanted all inactives, all sittings, out, i wanted, i needed CHE!!! as a tribe to be good in war, this was the first stage. Anyway as predicted w2sk war came up, i was hoping to be just against w00t, but it didnt happen as you know... We warred those ex-DCT+UM and once again showed them who was boss, even me playing a large part of nobling a w00t player (though lost loads later after being banend :/) We supported K45 best we could whilst continually trying to make way on w00t. w00t then disbanded, our momentum slowed down, then we came to the reform of CHE!!! we saw recently, and yep thats basically it :icon_wink:

yea that was long :icon_neutral: And you wont believe i cut that down a bit, and i could add loadssssssss more, but thats my brief story with my involvement with CHE!!! also :icon_wink:


The Jeff

I started w6 in a quiet, south-easterly corner of K45. Under the tutelage of Mr. Miyagi I learned kung-fu and the art of building good villages.

I joined WAR almost straightaway because (I’m not ashamed to admit this) they had a pretty cool name. Who would dare go to war with WAR? Everyone, as it later turned out.

Fearing for my life as better tribes grew up around me (I am an abject coward) I joined B45, only to realize they were at war with RoE. Despite my pathetic cowering, the tribe survived and thrived. Sadly bad things happen to good tribes, and B45 merged into MCD. That sure was a lot of fun. I spent several days hanging upside-down by my ankles in the MCD Academy before Uldor dismissed us all. I got off easy. By then I assume the eggs were hatching in his brain, he seemed increasingly erratic and disappeared not long afterwards.

Anyways, much like Conan the Barbarian, we had been set free to roam the cruel world. Unlike Conan we were pretty scrawny folk and not particularly fearsome. Things were looking up when MCD started breaking apart and a number of ex-B45 and ex-MCD players joined the shortlived [M] (bless his heart but Rak never could choose a cool tribal tag). A merger was worked out and most of us joined KOD.

KOD was goodtimes but eventually I realized something was missed from my life; blatant homosexual innuendo. Also lara and Chop had gotten ahold of some ‘artistic’ nude photos from my early days as a male model and blackmailed me into accepting an invite. So I bundled up my leather chaps and pink feather boa, and joined STACHE.

Everything after that’s a bit of a blur.


Well, figured I'd give this a try.

I joined HIRE-E at its very start, and became diplomat and second duke. Back then, HIRE-E was a K53 and K46 tribe. Both the original founder, Terjon, and I were increasingly frustrated with the lack of kick-ass players to work with (obviously, positive exceptions existed). The fault had been our starting recruitment, we were total noobs at the start of w6. We were very lucky to get some very good people, but at that point, we both needed to join better tribes. We decided upon coccamocca as a replacement, and left HIRE-E.

Terjon joined PH, I joined RIM. RIM was started by Lord_Anubis, PerQ, and myself, as a continent tribe of K53 with only good players. We stayed very small , around 20 players. In this form, RIM fought two wars, one with ATA (short-lived, eneded by NAP), and one with RFG. Although we won when looking at enemy villas conquered, NBD almost rimmed two players, and withstood all our attacks. We ended the war with an NAP, and with our council short on time, we merged into CHE!!!

CHE!!! was working towards a war with PH, and they merged with MCD because of the pressure. I left CHE!!! to help HIRE-E out, who by then had gotten into an ill-advised conflict with KoD. Together with my PA demonas, and Terjon, we rearranged HIRE, and turned the situation around again.

In the end, our recruitment in K26 proved to be a good decision. Led by an ambitious member, KingRich, our presence there grew quickly. Terjon became inactive, the puppet first duke was never on, and so I ended up being the only duke in HIRE-E. With the resurrection of RIM, I had a good tribe to join in K53, and I was looking forward to playing with those guys again. Especially since Invincible was now leading RIM, because he and I had always gotten along, and his reputation as a player was excellent.

Having made KingRich the new duke, I moved on to RIM, taking some friends with me. We then proceeded to send ATA to the rim, and we played a big role in the wanks vs w2sk war.


My story:

I started in this world very late so i was put in the rim.When i had about 4k point,i tried to join the ranked-1 tribe of k51 but i was told to join their academy-Sin-S2(Sinners Syndigate).I grew at a very high rate.Soon, i gained 100k point and i became the top player of my tribe.When the duke refused to make me the baron inspite of being strong and active,i decided to join the main tribe-Sin-S.Our tribe ranking was within 20-40 top tribes of w6.Nearly all the members of k51 were in my tribe but most of them were n00bs and inactives.

One day,one of the strongest player of Sin-S left the tribe and joined CHE!!!.He also gave me an offer to join his tribe.Keeping many factors in consideration,I decided to join him.[i had around 250 k point then].After this incident,2 more best and strongest player in that area joined us.Soon we started nobling inactive members of Sin-S.After taking around 40 villages from them,Sin-S declared war on 3 of us.It was a WHOLE CONTINENT vs. 3 PLAYER war :icon_sad:, as the other players of our tribe was in k44 and the world war had already started.Due to the un-organisation of attacks of Sin-S, 3 of us managed to defend us untill their offensive troops are dead :icon_biggrin:.Then we waged war on Sin-S family taking -RB-.Soon their members changed their tribe but most of them failed to save themselves from us.In the meantime,we recruited some more players in that area.

Within two weeks after the start of war, Sin-S dropped from 9 mio. to 100k point(the sister tribes got disbanded) :lol:.
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I started World 6 and was asked to join MCD by Uldor after a couple of weeks. I reminded him that I had left MCD in W4 a couple of months earlier, after dramatically posting in P&P that he was 'a complete wanker'. At the time I thought I had been terribly brave but it turned out he didn't even see the post or really remember who I was :p

MCD was fun in the early days of W6, with Uldor declaring war on a new tribe every few hours. We got exciting circular mails every day demanding we withdraw our entire armies from where he had told us to send them ten minutes earlier, and send them twelve continents away to new people in other tribes who we were at war with the day before but were now merged with :)

The extent of the confusion in MCD can be best described by this one fact : I have known The Jeff for about 4 years, and I only realised he was in MCD with me about 10 mins ago when i read his post above :D

By the end of May even Uldor became bewildered and one day I woke up to find he had left TW and left me in charge of MCD. I discovered this not from Uldor, but from a mail from bionicchop, congratulating me on my new position. I never wanted to be a leader due to being inherently lazy and so i left MCD and scurried off to STACHE where I had heard the facial hair was plentiful and luxuriant, and the men there unlikely to try and hit on me due to their extreme gayness.

When I joined STACHE they sucked and now they are #1. Need I say more? :p


hmmm i will give it a go as well.

i will introduce myself to those that dont know me.
i am the Duke of RIM, second in command, i tend to internal affairs of the tribe and i am the second diplomat.

i started this world in K53 and joined to an tribe called DnB became a top tribe at the begining but as the leaders gone inactive it fell apart slowly.

At that time i got an offer from Lord anubis and Henchman to join a new continent tribe and after consulting my PA red larson we desided to join the tribe, as hench described we had 2 wars that in the while i became baron of RIM as perq and anubis had personal problems that prevented them to continue playing we merged CHE!!!, for a while we got alone there but allways kept the K53 players as a separate groop that was led by me and latrinepower, we had some diffrences in leadership issues with the CHE leadership and when BH went inactive we (invincible latrine and me) desided to re-establish RIM.

I entered as a baron to the new tribe (and became duke quite fast) that was led by invincible latrine and henchman. We recuited only good players and made it quite difficult to enter the tribe. I started training players and evaluate their progress and to encourage them to work together. honor, honesty, team play, order are some of the values that i hold important and i made my best to get all the players to play for the tribe and not for their own points and to play by the values that i belive in, i preached :)icon_redface:) that "when a friend gets stronger it is your gain as well".

RIM won battle after battle and destroyed tribes that had the nerve to attack us, we played by our standards and we had no allys for quite long untill BH reviwed CHE!! that were our natural friends and became our first allys.

one of the best wars we had was with ATA that launched a coordinated attack on the 4 dukes without any declaration, as a result, in a great demonstration of team play and coordination we wiped ATA off the map.

another sucsessful war that led to a great friendship and mutual respect was with shevar's tribe that ended in a nap that i forced upon the tribe (out of internal reasons) and most of the players were angry at me cause we were wining.

On the Aoj war we tryed to stay neutral esspesialy as NDB allways treated us with honor and we had no buisness in that war, after that war we had a dis agreement with Woots as they thretened us not to take in NDB. After we desided to ignore their threats and recruited him the relations with the Woots worsened and led to the world war that gave us the control over K43, wiped out the resistance in K53 and part of K54 was taken as well.

i wanted to say a few words about RIM and the players.
i cant be more proud of what this tribe became, the loyalty of the players is remarkable as there is not one that left the tribe willingly.
RIM has great team play, players help out and play first of all for the tribe, there is not one of us that had second thoughts about throwing 30 or more attack villas on an enemy at the other side of the tribe for a player there to actually take the villas, i am proud that we try to play as a honorable tribe and we respect others.
RIM is here to stay and we have great players and a wonderful leadership that plays selflessly for the good of the whole tribe, we are the only tribe up there that got to allmost the top (we wil in time get to the top as well :)) with a trail of blood of beaten enemies and not by mearging with all that we can, we see great importance in good friends and we will keep up the work to stay the tribe that we all struggle to be, a tribe that all that play in can be proud of it.


since ive already read all the stories and im bored now i will write my own as well :)

well i started this world when other members already had like 100k points or even more ..

i joined visitors tribe ( she is in *F-F* now ) and we were best in k72 ..

until she left us and took few of our players with her to *F-F* .
Trblesome1 started a new tribe in that teritory and invited all ex visitors members and we were growing there for like about 3-4 months i dont really remember ... i just know we fought quite few wars and win them all .... we were really working as a team ..

well troubles begun when we started an Academy . I didnt have noone else to noble down there since all wars were somewhere up there in the northern borders of -=TS=- so i started more and more to argue with trblesome about the academy cuz i really wanted to noble it and he didnt soooo we kinda didnt like eachothers ...

then we went to war with S.O.H where we recruited few of their members ..stts2 didnt like it so they attacked us to .. Right after stts2 attacked us we also went to war with *f-f* and since we couldnt defend ourself on 2 borders so efective cuz by then we had quite alot of inactives already the tribe started felling apart ....

by the end of war ( menaged to get a NAP ) about 5 of my bigest friends left the game and i didnt have any more reasons to play this game so i started a rebelion again Trblesome and his tribe -=TS=- and i started inviting TS and TSA members ...

i menaged to get only 20 of them inside the tribe since other were afraid that they would get nobled if they join ( in fact those who did join didnt loose not a single village that time )

well but when i started my new tribe up there ( REBELIONS ) i meet few new friends so i decided to stay and try and play this game for some more .
i knew that if we stay up there we would get nobled eventually thats why i made an agreement with snafumaster so that he wont noble me and he will give me some time for me to relocate to k92

well after that i did relocate and i have almost 70 villages down there in 4 weeks already :icon_biggrin: and every week i give like 5villages to snafumaster in k72

well anyway i was missing -=TS=- alot cuz i still remembered those nice moments in there so i started a new -=TS=- in k92 ..

we are ranked #3 in k92 now but in few weeks we will be number 1 already since we have most villas down there :icon_razz:

well thats about it i hope i will be able to establish a tribe down here on the RIM just like it was that one in k72 .. ( i mean even better tribe that was that one :icon_wink: )


Oh, man... I hope you have, like, an hour. :icon_biggrin:

At the outset of W6 I had a/cs in W1, W2, and W3. W1 was just for practice, I moved to TW2 before quiting, altogether. W2 I had a core a/c(K44) and was in the reigning tribe FTR. W3 I ranked in the Top 100 and Top tribe FTR.

I joined W6 to stay in touch with some friends from W1. We had a n00b tribe named KoV. I just gave advice and stuff. I didn't even get premium for a while. Then, I saw that there was a gigantic pointwhore right next to me^^. I spanked him hard once I had 2500 points and he had 5000.:icon_biggrin:

I got my premium and started being a bit more serious, but was fighting wars in W1, W2 and W3... I started looking around for a decent tribe nearby since my friends were far away. I mailed a neighbor, -Oxygen-, to ask about his tribe, -300-. No reply.:icon_neutral:

Days later, some guy, Matt-, mails me and asks if I would want to join PH. I checked them out and they seemed good so I agreed. I only needed to let Matt- sit me, so he could make sure that I was up to snuff. As fate would have it, as soon as I set him as sitter, my wife decided she was in need of "something" and I was unable to return for about 25 minutes.:icon_eek:

When I returned, I found my Defensive troops attacking my Offensive villages.:icon_sad: Needless to say, I was more than a little pissed. I contacted a friend from W2 and asked if I should send a ticket and they said "Absolutely". I got Matt- banned for a few days. Upon his return, Matt-, -Oxygen- and their other friend Rsorh Nalozigur started to move in on me, and set up position to wreck me.:icon_cool:

I toyed with the idea of coming to the P&P and telling the whole story to try and garner support from any enemies they might have already had, but I didn't want anyone to know that I was weakened by the loss of troops that were lost by the sitting. I was scrambling to find help - I had already left KoV and they would have been of no help, anyway. I entered into a discussion with lacrossebum7 to join GU, but he was really dragging his feet. :icon_redface:

At this point I needed a tribe, bad. I spoke to a friend and tribesmen from W1 and joined his W6 tribe STACHE. What a great time I had while I was there. Their forums were the most fun I had ever seen. They were well organized, had a plan, and were executing it beautifully. :icon_cool:

I began to feel guilty. Here, I was dragging my friends tribe into the trouble that I had, and they didn't even know who I was. So, I laid all my cards on the table. I told them that I was still negotiating with lax, and even copied and pasted our convo into the STACHE forums so they could see the whole story. Many did not trust me and thought me a spy. I told them that all they had to do was say the word and I would leave the tribe. Joe McCarthy didn't hesitate one second and I left.:icon_eek:

I had several invites in my inbox, but I was still talking with lax. I was bordered to the south by 7th, so I accepted their invite but to avoid the trouble that I had in STACHE, I never even looked at their forums until it was apparent that GU would not be taking me. I quickly became friends with the leader of 7th, deathangel01. Great guy. He promoted me to High Advisor and soon I was head diplomat, also.:icon_cool:

I quit all other worlds to focus here, and DESTROY Matt- and his minions!:icon_twisted:

Meanwhile, Matt-'s PH had merged with MCD and he went out on his own with F.A. Now, firmly entrenched in 7th I had the chance to exact my revenge on him. Then, a funny thing happened. Matt- was looking to merge with 7th. da told me that he wouldn't do it without my blessing. I was in a tough spot. I am a firm believer in tribe above self. I knew that F.A would be good for us. I was still talking with lax, informally, he and asked me to give Matt- another chance to show me he was a decent guy. So, on lax's recommendation, I joined da and Matt-s convo, and just read.:icon_neutral:

I swear, I have never met another player with the shear TribalWars sense that Matt- has. I hated him, but had to agree with every single word he spoke. He had a plan that would make us the dominant force in southern W6. It was flawless. Matt- gained a very loyal follower and confidante from an enemy. Many of you think he is too arrogant, but that is just his way. He is actually a sweet lil' teddybear. :icon_biggrin:

So, ~SIN~ came into the world. Not these guys who run around calling themselves ~SIN~ now, but the actual Strength In Numbers. It was awesome. We annihilated all opposition! We coordinated on a tribal level. It was unbelievable! We seemed unstoppable. We removed nearly all non allied players from k64.:icon_cool:

Then, came the ROBOT war. The plan was perfect. We would take small abandons in K65, heavily support them from our k64 base, build them up and take ROBOT apart from the inside while avoiding a costly border war. What we didn't foresee was the intribe apathy that would go on while we were building up those small villages. Many found interests elsewhere during that slow time, several did not return.:icon_sad:

We needed fresh meat, but this is quickly turning into the history of w00t S/O~SIN, so I will stop. Most of you know what happens from there, anyway. :icon_biggrin:


This is my w6 history:

I started this world with another account (Tamino) in the first 3 hours of this world. When i joined i had a lil experience from w5. I joined in a semipre-made tribe called Exer (top 20 in the first month of the game, horcrux should remember them :icon_wink:). After I nobled my first village, one of my real life friends decided to play as well this game. I offered myself to help him with resources till one day...I was on a party with him and we decided to check both of us our accounts. Next day we were banned (for not reading the rules and being n00bs) and I decided to start a new account with him an my cousin.
I created a tribe called Godz a tribe that was ruling k22 very easy and had another 2 good clusters in k23 and k24. I created another 2 branches for my new family tribe in the next month.

Good for me/ bad for others decision

AS you know all the newb leaders decide to have many allies and we had of that we joined CBTF family tribe. This somehow made my tribe mates furious because i didnt consulted them first.

After a while a tribe called LR tried to get H1 our best ally in a war against us.
I found out quickly so I declared war on them. After 2 weeks of war when we were winning the war clearly I made the biggest mistake of my TW career: ceasefire with them. Why I did it? I was a n00b and I hoped that i would get a merge with their tribe. This pissed off all my baronship and something else occurred in the same time: my PC died :icon_cry: Then Cavalier asked for a vote on the forum to step me down as leader. He won the vote but I refused to let him be the duke (he was the worst duke possible for that tribe then). He left with session destroy to make another tribe called Godz R. Almost everyone leaved me for them. So I disbanded Godz and took with me the best players into CBTF. CBTF-O declared war in the same week, even if CBTF naped with them. After a week of fight CBTF joined too in the fight.

When we were almost finishing with them, Cavalier07 decided to merge with LR (we declared war of course). LR changed name into Lowf and soon become a sister tribe of F~WO~F under their actual name FWOF N.

When the world war occurred we decided to stay for a while neutrals. w00t N finished quick our ally XdeX so we decided to join the part with many tribe numbers (wanks). We won the war very quick most of the w00ts joined a tribe which we had nap, P-DB.
We declared war on P-DB, we won it, they fled into Hire-E and thats all the story.


ill go back as far as anyone really needs to know.
and then detail HIRE-Ss growth and past.
i didnt start out as frogdude...
i started this world in K45 and a series of events occured that had me deprived of my own account and its power so i was given frogdude by the original owner who quit when practically a month after he spawned in K17.

at 2K i was in the tribe called USA. i was in squad 14 led by SirDevan and thusly started my lowly journey to the top. my first major victory was over IBMP who i coerced the leaders of USA into warring since they had been working for higher ups in other tribes and intended to spy on us with one of their higher pointed players by the name of silfa. a friend who i had associated with who was formerly IBMP told me this and so we baited silfa into a false sense of security before we hit lesterman his PA and struck him down following up with the destruction of silfa himself.
as SirDevan at 12K was the biggest member in our squad so at the time this was a victory as we were naive and thought points equaled power and their combined point total was more than our squad in entirety.
through this small victory we followed up with minor exterminations of minor tribes in K17 and i rose to diplomat through massive finagling. i stayed as diplomat up until the day i was contacted by KingRich about USAs possible includance in the HIRE family. i saw this immediately as an opportunity to grow in influence so i managed to arrange a merger with very little support from USA proper. this was right before the USA D.B merge and through assuring D.B and USAs cession to HIRE immediately afterward but wanting to focus on my own K for the moment.
i convinced USAs elders and KingRich to allow me to break off and create a new tribe combining the whole of HIRE and USA in K17 into a new HIRE-S. i wasnt meant to lead this tribe but i assumed command any way and thus HIRE-S was born. we were roughly 200K at our birth and two days later ascended to 1 million points which seems sub par but was more of a success than i had expected to be honest.
KingRich secured a merge with DCT+UM shortly thereafter and i secured the K16/17 members coming over from DCT+UM who had migrated from K44 following the DCT+UM/CHE!!! war who were more likely than not supposed to go to HIRE-E. another great success i had wormed my way into.
then our closest allies KoEN started to look enticing so by a combination of threats and empty promises i managed to absorb their higher half and then dropped our alliance to absorb the rest as well.
HIRESA was formed to contain our lower pointed members and KoEN, scared for their lives with HIRE on their doorstep merged into HIRESA. we absorbed Euro taking us roughly to 15 million points then split to create HIRE-C. since then instead of recruiting and expanding crazily like most tribes are wont to do, we have been contracting and building offense/defense to maximize our defending(specifically) and attacking abilities. all hail the mighty turtle.
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King Matt II

Heres my story:

I started world 6 as my first world, and started in K21.. and I joined a tribe called K21.W and it was fun at first but only the top 5 of the tribe were active. Then I logged in one day to see our duke had been nobled and our second duke was in K93 so I left. Then I got invited to a tribe that was unorganized and I left within hours of joining it. Then Jelmerkroezen saw me tribeless and told BH to invite me to CHE!!!, and I've been in CHE!!! since 30K points, and the rest of K21.W got rimmed, except Siskinegde who got me to K93 and now quit.

Boring, I know.