World 6 Stories


Personal Story of TW:

I was grounded by my mother one day I was not aloud out of my room for about a month except for food and school. Some how I found this game through some add. Because I wasn't aloud out of my room and i had a computer, i spent a lot of time on TW. At one point I had an account on worlds 1-8 all at the same time, but i grew the fastest on w6. When i realized that it took more time to update when you had multiple villages, i quite everwhere but w6.

When i joined w6, my idea was to join the strongest tribe on k26. It was the famous USSR. They were ranked #1 for a long time there. Then the whole tribe became fearful of one powerful player: druidrune (he's gone now). finally we came to an unspoken nap. then HIRE-E gained a lot of strength, and my tribe wanted to fight them. the problem was that all the leadership was based in k53 or something and a lot of us were in k26. so a member or our tribe talked to kingrich and got a few of us into HIRE-E. we were called backstabbers, but then the tribe disbanned, some went to HIRE-E and some went elsewhere.

I've been in HIRE-E since. Best time was the world war when we all thought that it would actually be only 4 or so tribe left standing.

Now we are fighting two wars on two fronts. It is fun


My turn. xD

My first village - 341|557 of K53, i born around the area of Hire-E family. Starting i am sharing my account with one of college frens, and i am always inactive. We have 5 guy together to join TWs and i think we are the only TW's players in our country. xD They are gone, and i am the only one who still playing. :icon_cry:

My first tribe and one of the best tribe that i had joined, GoT. i think most of the old players should still remember it. Once i start inactive and My ex-dukes transfer me to the academy tribe(GoT2), its too far from our tribe core, and i had just leave my villages growing nothing. Its almost 1 month i had never open up my map, and once i want to noble people, i found that my area already have a big players(People call him point whores) control it, its now my awesome even great neighbours(Maybe friends), Henchman. Its a trade between us, he is protecting me and no back stepping when i noble-ing others, and i pay my taxes. xD Without Premium, its hard to manage my villages and coordinating the attacks, i am grow slowly by attacking small villages of the big players, and capturing some small inactive villages. The most i still remember deeply is hench help me and teach me how to attack a turtle. :icon_twisted:

Hench is a honor player that still keep promise of the trade until he is keeping busy, and many issues make him bring me under his wing. ( My previous tribe had disbanned on that moment). The trade between us was cancel because Hench starting busy on real life and cant continue cover me anymore, i am start being active, and use what i have to try expand with the help in Hire-E. Thanks The Lish, she is the one who leaving villages for me to grow.Anyway, its arrived a time thats there is no more rooms to let me expand and my good protectors - Hench already transfer to RIM, with passing the test and sitting by the RIM's councils, i had enter RIM with the recommaned of Hench(I think).

I start building my villages, but i am ignore to capture those low points abbandoned villlages. Just spamming to RIM's forum, talking junk and posting junk with TBS, PFK over there:icon_twisted:, and ...

The first war i meet in RIM, I remember its A.T.A's war, i still remember its around half map of red dots thats scaring me, with god bless and our great tribemates, we are winning the war and i am growth by the help of my lovely mates.With using my attacking skill on this war, i learn much from this. (Thanks A.T.A :icon_wink:)

The Second war, w2sk,i dun remember much on it, sending support, fakes, suiciding attacks ... and this war seems finish fast. xD ... With my good mates around, i am still alive, until that day, i told them in the forum, i am small but strong. Muahaha ... xD:lol:

The Third war now, *F-F* ... its a same condition as i saw from A.T.A, its a big map of red dots below us ... i believe ... we will wiped it and make it to blue later on ... I think its not easy as we think, but i believe its not so difficult as people think.

With this oppurnity, i do also want to thanks my tribemates and dukes, especially Hench, a real honest thanks.

"We are RIM, a team with good communicate and team works players, we are not fighting alone. RIMmed one of us, we will all to RIMmed you off."

I think this is the most suitable for RIMs, because we are all in one.

In case, anything just think FLUFFY. - by RIM.


EDIT**: Basically, i do think we can declare our once more victory on *F-F* as most of them at front line already join DEATH. The war stats should show everyone that they are losing on the war between us. Anyway, my superior only have the rights to make the official statment here. DEATH should be one of our war now.=P

And, Its another war now with the top one and top two, O~SIN and KoD. , Let see whats going on next. =P

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Pedronicus said:
This isn't finished (I have given up trying to remember everything)

The history of the STACHE

Early history
The original members of the Stache were all old friends from a poker site. We were looking for a game that didn't involve rigged hands screwing you over, if you were holding a pair of bullets. We joined an on line risk site and got banned from the forums. We annoyed Patroclus and his tribe in that site, then discovered he (and several others) had joined this site. So we came over here to annoy him some more.

The name
Patroclus and friends had made a tribe in another site called the bushwackers, we made a group to antagonize Pati and called it the 'Stachewackers' because it was silly (and we could all draw a silly moustache on our avatars in paint with little knowledge of computers!)

We were all forum whores and are vicious in our forums. How our own forums ever gave us any information is beyond me, but the fact that the forum was more important than the game (flaming each other) showed promise for non stop communication. The original Stache loved a forum, and we had found a new home.

We started in world 4 (bionicchop2 & me as leaders) but were all over the map after joining mid way through the game. We cut out teeth there learning how to play the game, but were too spread out to help each other out in attacks. We decided to stop in W4 and try for glory in W5, but W5 was too slow and it was decided to join W6 the moment it opened.

Early world 6
This time around Bogus Bet was going to be in charge, With Joe McCarthy & Diagron, second in command.
In the early weeks, our forum was a freaking nightmare. With no one to attack, we attacked each other verbally with more venom than any tribe has sustained in a Stache tribal attack. Anyone who joined must of thought they had walked into a madhouse.
Captain Fag drove everyone in the forums mad, by signing all posts with 'lick lick'. Joe was shouting at anyone who wasn't building enough troops, I was just mucking around, ghey & GFY were in every other thread. Diagron couldn't handle being in charge and being abused by lower ranked players, threw a paddy and left.

Then I got rimmed (The first and only member of the tribe to be rimmed) and started all over again in K67.

We had formulated a plan of what to do during these early weeks. The plan was to head to a central cluster (It ended up being 2 players who we could depend on - Joe and Chop) everyone who could make 2 nobles sent them to the east or west K55 cluster with Joe or Chops assistance to lower loyalty of close by villages. This was the moment in time, of the Stache, that proved to be our greatest and most selfless plan for survival and success, although it was risky. Each player could of made quicker, more local claims. But we all stuck to the plan (Except me languishing in K67) and as a little blue cluster grew in K55 and the seeds had been sown.

Stache are now with nobles...

I can't remember who we were attacking at first (I wasn't involved) - but the first plan was to link up east and west k55. WAR seemed the sensible tribe to attack to attain this. This we achieved fairly quickly. The reason this was achieved quickly is why we have done so well to date. No one cared who took what, but as long as a village ended up in stache hands, that was enough.
On a side note, I had made my rimmed village in k67 a defensive nightmare to ensure my lone survival. I eventually managed to make 2 nobles and they were sent on a 146 hour trip to take over a dead 100 point village in the K55 cluster. My continued existence in the game had now been guaranteed.

STACHE neutrality

We in the stache have always strived to be nice guys. When we offer you the status of neutrality, it is an olive branch you should grab with both hands. Only once you have grabbed the olive branch will you understand just how oily an olive branch can be. It's our special Hello


Our first war was against the WAR family. The wall of red that lit up my screen looked impossible, but they were a terrible tribe and we attacked them with no retaliation. The penny had dropped, most tribes were not into wars - they were into making points.
Joe McCarthy (leader of the West cluster) had been scouted or attacked by ONEPIECE (who was the number one player in the whole world) and decided to scout him back. Joe discovered nothing in 1 village, jack shit in another and a whole lot of nothing in the other. We attacked and....

dimwitty said:
After dismantling ONE PIECE, and securing most of the western border of K55, STACHE was planning attacks on CORE, who were comprised of several good players, bwah, habla and Cheerios. We got into a pissing match with them because they were also attacking WAR. Whilst we were getting ready to strike, they joined GU, who I hey keep telling us to get ready for believe was the number 1 tribe at the time. GU declares war on us. We never declare war against them, but we take villages from them and thwart their long range attacks. Tthe War Machine, but it never happens. We wiped out Cheerios, who said he was leaving anyhow, despite clear evidence that he fought back to try to survive. GU keeps telling us they are going to kill us, we keep beating them. GU becomes somewhat of a joke since they can't beat STACHE who everyone thought sucked. We get an NAP with GU, but they have to give us 25 villages in K55. Patroculus takes over for GU and tells us to fuck off, cause they aren't going to just give us villages as part of the NAP. We proceed to take about 30 village off them in about two weeks, and tell them how stupid they were to not take the deal that was offerred. GU eventually disbands, defeated and pathetic.
dimwitty said:
bionicchop2 said:
I think after the negated NAP we took over 100 more villages before the final bell tolled.

It was a lot for sure.

During this war GU launched the largest counter-strike we have witnessed against all players in K55. We were instructed by Chop to change our village names to STACHE to try to make their targeting more difficult. Many of us had a small enough number of villages to not require premium, and if the mass name change was done to confuse the enemy, it sure as hell confused the non premium players. I was one such non premium player, and it made the game a nightmare. I knew all my village names by heart and what type of troops that were contained within. This STACHE village re naming drove Joe McCarthy mad and it was this that made him leave the game. Chop had always had a large input to plans etc, and became an official leader.
Basically we stuffed GU, killed onepiece (the number 1 player) then Cheerios (the next number one player) and made them fully aware of our ability as a small group of very active players. We were only ranked about 7th at this moment in time. no sister tribes, no academies, just us.

Here are some quotes regarding that war....

Kendren said:
4 hours sleep in the last 48 will do this to a gheyer, but remembering the GU glory days leaves me a bit misty. I remember thinking there was no way we were ever going to get deep into K54. Oopsie!

Those were such good times. We didn't give a crap who you were, if we wanted you dead, you died. El Fin.

Joe, Dim, Cap Fag, Mitty, Me, eventually Pedro, Andy, Maestro!!!, and others as they came in... Westside!!!!!
dimwitty said:
Deffo good time bruv. We had Stirfry back then too. For awhile it was Joe, Kendren, Andy, TBS and Strifry on the front line fighting practically all of GU.

GU split up and we discovered that most of the refugees were in AoJ.

Merge with TW

I had been a PA to Eia! and ma637 down in K67. they were in a small tribe and I could see they were doing well against a tribe on 25 million points. I'll pass you over to our next members

ma637 said:
TW merge caused AOJ war with STACHE.

AOJ was hitting me and couple others relentlessly (but without success) because we pounded Darthtyrannic.

STACHE I believe was Napped with AOJ at the time (official or not you guys could confirm) Pedro - 'Yes', but looking for an excuse to drop it cause they knew what tools AOJ were and that NAPs were not the way to get ahead in the game.

Someone from stache (I believe it was TheatreSniper), noticed what a good fight a teeny tribe was putting up against what was then one of the top tribes in the world and decided to take us in.

STACHE ordered AOJ to stop hitting the former TW players or the NAP would be dropped (which they accepted)

Then STACHE said they would pound AOJ's Academy and if AOJ supported or retaliated the NAP would be droped (which they accepted)

Then STACHE said **** you, we are dropping the NAP because we cant draw you into a fight by doing the other two things (which they didnt accept, but by then our mind was made up)

/true story.

Needless to say, we didn't need to stop our current success and we went after AoJ with gusto. Yet again another tribe that totally sucked (taking in new members already under attack is never a good idea for any tribe, let alone a shit one) and we rolled over these players in less time than we thought we could. Yet again the surviving players sought other tribes and these tribes were added to the enemy list

The World War. Wsk2 v the Alliance

Now this was a lot of fun for the STACHE. Our leaders had always been mindful of expansion by planning all previous attacks, to keep as many enemy fronts as possible to allow growth. When we joined wsk2, we were in a position to attack CHE!!!, REP and ~666~

Without blowing our own trumpet, we were the only tribe of the 4 that was kicking some arse, and not getting kicked back. It was during this war that most people (if not already convinced from previous encounters) that we were the best tribe in the World War and therefore this world. CHE!!! was a waste of time and never even counter attacked / supported their tribe-mates on the front line. We were the tribe that got the best results against lord orhurn.
The remains of ~666~ weren't much better.
REP got lucky against us, they attacked in K67 had had the best results out of all tribes that were on our borders and able to attack us. They managed to attack BogusBet (who had yellow dotted whilst on an unscheduled working holiday) and then attacking another player who freaked out that he was letting the tribe down for losing villages. We didn't remove him from the tribe to minimize the tribe losses in any TWstats window, until he was virtually dead. Then they came for me I lost 8 villages, but thats where it stopped. I wasn't freaking out and called in support to stop the rot. Well Done REP. The rest just sucked big time.

We attacked (With KOD) Maxortree of the REP tribe (yet again another first place player) and he was killed.
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i started right after i started i got my first tribe invite ( HERO W )and so i joined them it seemed to be a good tribe we were quite strong and our leader was a really go player then after long thoughts we decided to go to war with VIP so we did one of our biggest players we had died becuase he was supposed to work with 3 others to take out 1 player then the others left for VIP and banged him.

so on the right we had a VIP front now on the left was SHs that was aggressive then in 1 night they took out our top 10 players right after that the tribe was hijacked and disbanded by some hacker.

then i got invited by WAR-2 i was comfortable there untill they declared war on the new Hero W cause they remade it and so we started to noble all of our old members cause there were more members that joined there.

then after a while when war-2 started to declare war on shs we started to die hard even though this was during the period when most members from shs where in woot s

so cause we were losing so har we decided to merge with swisss me and some others didn't get an invite so we joined shs and nobled our old tribe members again then i left for REP while in REP all the suddenly the W2Sk broke out and i was immediately accused of being a spy which i wasn't so i left and was tribeless for a while then went to MWG witch seemed to be really noobs so i really couldn't stay there then i went to BDR which i was spying for for the new shs when they came back and so i did right in time when bdr when for the offensive against shs then i told them they would be betrayed by O~SIN and DEATH which will happen sooner or later cause they are just a pain in the arse in their k 83

so then i left for the great shs there the war was out so when we started to lose i went to my friends tribe SOUL. and that is where i am now.


Well this is my story. Its full of sex, blood and explosions. Much like the new rambo movie...

My good friend told me about tribal wars. I was realy boored so I decided to try it out. First I was playing on w5. My friend was at the time one of the best players in w1 and he was teaching me how to play this game. Soon I became no.1 player on my continent. Then w6 started and I decided to join it with my brother. At first I was not playing serious. I joined tribe called KoD the first day that this world started. It was no.1 tribe on K46 and they had one of the best players in the world - blueboxkid. I was building up my tinny village minding my own business. I was quite inactive at the beginning since w5 took most of my time. I was getting bigger and so did KoD. We had one of the best leaders I know - elsidelsid. The first village I took was the one from players in CHE!!!. I belive they were called wizard* and Lord ool. We rimmed them in K46 and soon after that CHE!!! kicked them out.

I dont remember wars that happened on the beginning but the first war that I was in was war with WAR. They were realy crappy tribe so we realy kick their ass hard. Then we kicked HIRE out of K46. I remember nobling Henchman at the time and I also took few villages from the big bad terjon. We became only and true rulers of K46. Our family tribes were doing well also. KoD2 was just few rank below us. KoD were allys with CHE!!! at that time and we helped them in MCD war ( like every other tribe did :icon_rolleyes: )

After that CHE!!! droped our alliance since we were their next targets. They ploted against us and made a coalition of top3 tribes against us. They sent 50 unprovoked attacks against our members so elsidelsid declared war on them. STONED was hitting us hard but we stoped them on the boarder of K46. CHE!!! and GU were no problem at all. we nobled all of their players that were anywhere near us. STONED offered us a NAP, CHE!!! fell apart and so did GU after a while... After this war elsidelsid sudenly disappeared. Noone know what happened to him. New duke was elected mdeamicis and KoD was growing on the ranks.

After that KoD droped his family tribes. KoD2 becamed F~wo~F, some of KoD3 players joined KoD some joined other tribe. KoD4 had a very arrogant leader that was doing things on his own so we took in their best players and helped others relocate. Somewhere in the middle old CHE!!! came back. Still full of their bs and more arrogant than ever.

KoD was fighting bounch of tribes such as POD-48, MWG and others, each time emerged victorious.

Then came the big w2sk war, in which w00t N,S fell.

The rest you know.


I started playing last year in april. Joined a tribe called *AoNa*, the academy of the current *AoN*.
In the early stages of this world, the AoN family was big, and if I'm not mistaken it had 3 tribes in the top 20, I didn't like family tribes even back then but hey, *AoN* controlled K36 and *AoNa* had some members in my continent 37.

I started as a regular member, climbed up to baron and when both of our dukes left I became duke. Back then I was the only leader, pretty damn hard to lead a tribe on your own, especially when the highest points you ever had on another world before was 47k and you had no responsibilities in that tribe.

At first my tribe sucked, we weren't growing very fast and after a while we got a note from *AoN* that we were too small and no longer part of the family. So there we were, alone and no longer under the protective wing of our mother tribe.
We had to change our name, and it became *Or.D*, the Order of Darkness, invented by Cazac.

I made Cazac diplomat and Taishice duke, and I promoted some good people to baron, like murdocku, virjimmie, One Winged Angel, etcetera. In the end, *AoN* kicking us from their family was a good thing, we had to fight to survive from that moment on.
We made plans to conquer K37, first was R.I.P, a noob tribe with a good leader. After defeating them, we took in their best members. Next up was M.T.T, not a tough nut to crack, once their defense crashed on our walls we counter-attacked and removed them from K37. After that we were the strongest tribe on K37, with the 2nd and 3rd tribe, TRK and Smurfs being our allies.
We kept on removing small tribes, but then it was time to take on bigger enemies. PSY-RW made a coalition of approx. 9 tribes against *Or.D*. In the end, only 2 tribes joined PSY-RW in their war. We had our loyal allies, TRK and Smurfs fighting with us. In 1 week time we got PSY-RW to disband, with no single village lost for *Or.D*, and with PSY-RW losing over 400 villages.
After that TRK took in several PSY-RW refugees and they refused to dismiss and noble them. In our eyes this is not something an ally should do, so the Order and the Smurfs took out TRK.

We were ranked 100+ when AoN kicked us, and reached 12th when Horcrux contacted me. He wanted to get my best to join w00t N, and send the rest to ~NA~, the w00t academy. I accepted his request and shortly after, the world war started.
You all know what happened, w00t N was defeated and Horcrux remade STONED. My most loyal members followed once again. But STONED wasn't what we wanted, so I decided to remake my first tribe.

And so ~Or.D~ was reborn, shortly after the best of 7Sin joined us, and the rest of 7Sin became DrkSin, our academy. After that the Smurfs joined us, since they had been fighting with us for almost a year now. And it's always better to fight from one tribe than to fight from two different tribes.

And now here we are today, a big tribe with many members, but almost all members know eachother. We do not play for points, we do not aim to be elite or conquer the world, we play to have fun. Believe me, we have the most spammy forums you will ever see :icon_biggrin:

The w00t N/STONED adventure has taught me alot of things about TW that I would never have learned if I kept the original Order. I will always be thankful to Horcrux and his men for this. But now we are back, more organised than ever, a bunch of spamming friends.


I started playing TribalWars in W6 June 2007. I made a completly random choice and entered W6, had a late start and was placed in K62. At that time i of course fled to the one of the biggest tribes nearby and i quickly noticed STTS2. They was ranked 3 in K62 at the time and lead by Zapeta who was a player from W3 and with allmost a year of experience. I quickly got hooked to the game and was by far the most active player in the tribe. I quickly rose in respect, rank and Zapeta took me under his personal wings to train me both as a player but as a person to control the tribe whenever he wasn't around.

Then came the time for our expansion out of K62. We decided to go west and took out Tempest, who was currently ranked 2 in K61, in 2 weeks. During this war our baron, Dremandred, went semi-active and ended up nobled. This was when i was announced baron and 2nd command of STTS2 and we started gaining ranks real fast while players left and new strong people joined.

Under the leadership of Zapeta flanked by my 24/7 activity we decided to take out =VE= and -HK- who was our stepboard towards K61 dominance. Only threat left was MontyP. We took out 3 more tribes on K61 to make a nice stepboard and was actually preparing a full out launch at the ROBOT's.

At this time Zapeta's activity started dropping and i found myself leading the tribe for 6-8 weeks. Though having done a great job trough my time i didn't feel confident with the responsibility of the whole tribe. We decided it was time for a 2nd duke and i was offered the position officially. I rejected and Knarley was announced the new duke and we immediatly hit a issue: We was allied to SOH who have for long and allways disregarded our terms and disrespected us by taking our fugitives and such. We put MontyP on hold and went for SOH.

At the time a new baron and friend of mine, Sokoho, had established a good relation to a strong and upcoming tribe on K72 known as -=TS=-. We talked to them about taking out SOH and they seemed positive and willing to do so. This made us happy and we was literally willing to bring this alliance with -=TS=- very far with a possible future merge. The day before launching our largescale attacks we suddenly noticed the red dots turning light blue and -=TS=- backstabbed us by recruiting a large amount.

We decided to merge with ROBOT~ as they was falling apart under an inactive leadership taken over by some good players. Several went to us and we achieved the K61 dominance while many others went to -RB- and later SoV. This made us quite stronger and we entered the most wild war period i've been a part of yet. In 3 weeks we went from rank 33-15.

After 3 months of intense fighting we had done better than anyone expected and -=TS=- merged into *F-F*. 100% determined to bring vengeance on those who betrayed us months ago we started being hostile towards *F-F* which lead to war and RIM chipped in a week later. The future is still being shaped.

I'm sorry for making it this long but fact is this is without details and barely consist 20% of the wars :icon_cool:


I will insert my story in between this agrument and I will make it very short so people might actually read it.

I started playing TW in W6, and was a complete n00b. As luck would have it I fluked out and joined the strongest tribe in K24 - Delta Elite, which is the only reason I lived to this day.

I never got good at the game until the war between xDEx and TDoW. The leader of TDoW - Madstar kept trashing our attacks (We weren't sending rams, ect) Through is trash talk the whole tribe statred getting better at playing the game. Myself expecially because I was the War General.

I saw Stoned to the south of us and was concered that xDEx would be their next targets. For over a month I was trying and plotting to get into Stoned. Through my odacisous actions I finnaly got the attention of Horcrux who invited me and the good players in xDEx into Stoned.

I can't say I regreat it, but I caused the break and eventual downfall of xDEx.

That is the end of any large political influence I have had on the game.

On a personal level:
I kept having run in's with Devilsgrace through out the game. If you ever get to read this DG I hated you the very first run in we had. I sought your destruction then and I almost accomplished it. The worst mistake I made that I regret was letting you back into xDEx after I kicked you. Any hint of freind ship between us was only a shadow. Some players say that this is only a game and not to get mad about it. But I was mad, I was pissed. Every time we had an argument since then the hate was running through my viens.

I am like a bitter old man now. The only thing I care about in this game is removing Devilsgrace from it. DG had been banned for a long time now and I believe has left the game.

As soon as I see those red dots go gray, I will die that day.

That is all,


Kiss And Lovs w6 story.

I started in K5. I formed a tribe with someone I knew from another world, Ladams07. We both were dukes. Problem was, we only had a few members. Including Hellman Jack, he became my first PA. Our tribe fell. It was to be expected too, by the way :p Both me and Ladams07 joined SOUL, Hellman Jack joined SOUL via CAALS.

SOUL was a tribe with some people I already knew from other worlds and games. Mistress Kitty Cat, Flightfoot, Wizjany, Ladams07 were amongst them. I first built up my first village, up to 9k points. Then I started nobling. I went from 1 to I believe 6 villages in my first week of nobling :icon_razz: Eventually I built up a cluster on the edge of K5 and K6 with about 25 villages close to eachother and about 15 villages a bit more spreaded out (including 3 in K7). Currently we're at war with SPTS/HIRE, and I have a lot of SPTS-ers just east from me, on the K6 side of my cluster. I have only gotten in a few attacks though, most of them on my K7 villages. And I still haven't lost a single village to them. Just before the war started, I decided I would quit TW, because of real life. I am going to try to leave with a bang though.

Or, as one of tribesmates said: "noble noble noble! ^_^"


My Turn :icon_biggrin:

Well, I was unlucky with my tribes, Every tribe I seemed to join had to disband :icon_neutral: I started world 6 making a tribe with a real life friend, None of us had any real experience and this was my first world...

Our tribe had made 6 members but 3 where real life people and we where too far to support each other so I told my members to seek a new tribe and In a week my tribe would disband.

From there I went to a tribe called T.E. A decent tribe with some good members, But we where based in K68 and K68's finest LOR declared on us. We put up a good fight but there where too many of them. I had good relations with alot of the LOR members and they decided not to attack me. T.E. Disbanded and suffered heavy losses. I am the only T.E. Member alive today...I think

Anyway from there I went to VN, A up and coming tribe based in two continents. A small foothold stronghold in K68 and one on the other side of the world :icon_confused:

They fought in other side of the world alot and usually emerged victorious. However with no disrespect the leaders where extremely arrogant and insisted on having no allies or NAP's. They also said :

VN Leadership said:
We walk alone.

They eventually disbanded, Strong tribes declared on them and they had no allies as a safety net. From there 2tuff invited me to LOR. We did great and where a close tribe. At that time CBTF where huge and they declared on us. But they made no co-ordination, They won some battles and so did we. No one won nothing and no one lost anything. From here LOR elected me to make there academy - I made it - LOR-2 but then it had to disband as the leaderhsip wanted to do something so I went back to LOR :icon_confused:

LOR leadership again - 24 hours later - asked me to make the academy, They said my contributions in the forum where "good"

I made it and we recruited from all over K68, 69 and 78 and taught players some stuff. LOR benefited from this hugely. Whilst leading LOR-A I became great friends with SteerJ07, the leader of the TTA. Someone internally betrayed TTA, He somehow became a baron and kicked everyone out. I saw TTA at 100,000 points TOTAL and joined TTA to help SteerJ07 grow his tribe again (Of course I got clearance to go from Chode)

this move to TTA was supposed to be temporary but a few weeks after I left LOR went inactive and *F4F* was killing them. Assassin- was a great leader and recruited me to *F4F*. I learned alot there and we went to war with LOR, ROBOT and BOTI. After that we merged, I never got a invite to Stache and joined BOTI. But I then went to STACHE and FALSELY got dismissed (Ask Assassin-!!) and never got back in. I tribe hopped for ages and someone kept getting me dismissed. Then I settled in FiRE-E (Now Hell) and dictated a war against EST0RM which got them disbanded even although the war took place in K69.

Then I went to KOLD and quickly promoted to KoD.

Now? Here I am ready to show the world what I got! :icon_wink:


Hmm - for a giggle I guess I'll write my quick story :p (half of ye don't even know me :p but here it goes):
I joined world 6 cos my real life partner (lanmasterd - now gone for ages!!) started playing tw with people at work. So after a while I gave in and joined their tribe -MUNSTR (remember them?) was there a good while, but was out on my own more or less in k59. so decided after a while to join a tribe nearer me - Pod 59. Grew some more but alot of the main people were leaving and joining other tribes, and of the top players that were left, they came under attack alot, mainly by STACHE lol. I was allowed join Stache (thanks chop :D - still unsure why lol), and had a blast! Other then the messing and joking about in the forums, they were organised and helped me set up my villages right. i grew like crazy with them. Think I went from having like 20 villages to nearly 90 by the time Stache disbanded.:icon_cry:
When the lads and lassies of Stache all decided to disband the tribe and mass delete, I was tempted to go too but decided I'd stay on, join O~sin and make sure my pa's and friends were ok. Was sad seeing all the people i knew for so long go but hoped to rejoin them all in another world sometime down the line. O~sin was great and have no quams with them. Had no bad feelings towards anyone but just felt I didn't belong there. So I thanked Nak and left. When a few other ex stache members told me they were forming a new tribe and did I want to join, I jumped at the chance - more to be my friends I knew so long who I had been through everything, good and bad, with. So that's the jist of it - my r/l partner is still trying to get me to quit :p but having too much fun.:icon_razz: So that's me, boring i know - guess it was yer waste of time :icon_wink:. not as exciting as others but thats me.


well just because most people know nothing about me ill post some of my story here :)

CHAPTER 1 (starting)
well world 6 is actually the 1st world i really played. i originally was on worlds 4,5,6,7 but quit all of the others because they sucked compared to w6. i joined HNIC just because they invited me (and i had no idea what i was doing)...but i quickly made friends with all of them. i was the diplomat and one of the head recruiters (because none of us knew what we were doing:icon_redface:) and one day i tried to recruit Kenpachi. unlike most recruiters i sent mails out to the people i invited and talked to them for a while. well ken didnt join us...big surprise :p. but i never stopped talking to him through mail.

While talking to Ken through IGM he invited me to the tribe he was forming 1st i turned him down because i didn't want to abandon HNIC. soon he invited the best players of HNIC to after a little discussion amongst our selves we did. the original Smoke Hunters were about 1/2 ex-HNIC members and we did pretty well from then on out (especially because i wasn't in charge of anything :icon_redface:).

CHAPTER 3 (w2sk)
Ken led us into w00t S and hinted that it wasnt long term...sorry nak and matt- but i kinda figured we would leave eventually. but while i was there i grew pretty fast (considering i never had a premium account)...we started to eat up what was left of SHs and other tribes around us. when the world war started i quickly found out that i sucked at this game :p...i wasn't on the front lines and really didn't have the motivation to try to get onto the front. i was stuck in supporting the rest of the tribe that was fighting (which sucked by the way). as a 600k player i really didn't have enough villages to support everybody that needed the support...and quite frankly i was bored. so after matt- announced he was quiting i kinda followed suit and quit. i had more fun in my last week then i had throughout the rest of the game :icon_razz: ...nuking targets left and right and completely destroying myself to help the tribe.

CHAPTER 4 (quitting was a bad idea)
well almost immediately after i had given my last villages away and had left w00t S Ken led the guys back into then i had given away everything and it was too late to try to get back in the Smoke Hunters with more than 116points in k77. so i just walked away for quite some time :(...but i came back briefly and messed around in K9 for a little while checking in with zbeedy, ken, rek, gattsu, etc....then i quit again :p and thats all im going to say about my experience on w6


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bit bored tonight so im gonna type out my story i suppose

started way back in august when a friend from another game introduced me to this.

i started in the north center of k94(right on the k84 border),my memory of the very start is kinda hazy but i remember joining a small tribe named TMP simply because it was the #1 ranked k94 tribe. but then after a week or so it kinda started dieing and i jumped to a tribe that was growing fast in k94 ranks, Wos*76

in TMP i wasnt very active with tribal forums and such but that changed in Wos*76 and i really liked that tribe, honestly most of the members kinda sucked and were like inactive/attacked real bad etc but at the top of the tribe there was a group of 10 or so super active people that i really got along with

throughout the time i was in Wos*76 i was really paranoid of kndrd(being in the north part of k94 on the k84 border and they owned the south part of k84) and it got worse and worse with time,i received a couple threatening recruitment mails etc,and i constantly did what little i could to undermine their efforts in k94(if i noticed they were attacking someone i organized support/attacked myself,i constantly watched the k94 map)

at one point in time my constant lookout led to 2 kndrd members attacking me,a kndrd member next to me suddenly went tribeless i quickly took 4-5 nice vills at which point the kndrd members mailed me demanding them and i refused,the attacks were easy enough to deal with but i was worried about the whole tribe ganging up on me(never happened)

by the time december rolled around i was up to 320k or so points with a nice cluster built up,and then disaster struck and my comp broke and i was gone for 2 months.

upon returning i was abandoned of course and wos was gone:icon_sad:

at that point i almost didnt return to the game at all but a couple old tribemates welcomed me back and i noticed that although wos was gone most of the members id cared about were still there:)

i then started talking to slay0r(who i hadnt really thought much of or talked to much before i went abandoned) on msn pretty much daily and got the story of the disbanding of wos from him. and began my life in the very southeast of k99. i got a few vills then started looking for a tribe that i would care about as much as i cared about wos.

i ended up joining a small startup called sars because it was a small tribe with active members,had a good time in it for a week or two and then we all ended up joining kwa(well i joined the main tribe kw but my tribemates all joined kwa)
i hated it and didnt feel at home at all in that tribe and was very happy when i was kicked(was going to leave on my own in a day or two anyways)

during the time i was in kw slay0r left and kndrd kinda fell apart due to a lack of leadership. so when i was out of kw i went and joined rb in another effort to find a tribe i cared about(and my extribemates that were still playing were mostly in it) it was a very sad sight very little forum posting,no support/attack coordination etc.

within a few days of me joining rb it fell apart,a few joined asin(which having just been happy to get out of kw i did not want to make an attempt to join) so i followed my friends that did not go to asin to hell.

within like 1 day the whole thing with the kod tag happened and i got kicked to make room for another kod member,lost all respect for that tribe and made no effort to rejoin(i could have easily asked a friend for an invite) since that time i have been tribeless,still hoping to one day find a tribe i feel that i belong to again but growing more and more doubtful that it will ever happen:icon_sad:

that is as brief as i could make my story and if it reads weird thats because i left so much out in an effort to make it short.


Ok well I doubt anyone cares too much as I'm just a small "n00b" off in K22 but here it goes.

Several of my friends and me started playing TW in April of 2007. We formed a tribe named LR, Legion of the Rhelm (yeah we can't spell). My friends were scattered about in K84, 22, 53, 63 and several other continents. I was in charge of K22 and of course co-duke. We drafted our constitution (in an attempt to initiate a democracy) which as all who were in it will say happened to work well for us. We developed quickly into the #3 tribe in K22 behind Godz and Godz-2. We made a decision to war them which we did. For several weeks they pounded me but support from my tribemates allowed be to advance to #30 in OD defender. Together we fought them off. Cavalier07 and many of their barons decided to leave the tribe due to mismanagement by Sokka3u.

They formed GodzR while GodzTF (at this point part of CBTF family) joined CBTF-O. CBTF-O declared war on GodzR at this point for being traitors to the family. We stayed neutral and rebuilt but CBTF-O began claiming all our villages and demanding back villages we cleared and nobled. Due to this we took in GodzR and declared on CBTF with CBTF-O to follow. Now we received support from CBTF-G (GodzTF's former family tribe, now CBTF's family tribe) which allowed us to survive. Eventually F~wo~F agreed to join the war against CBTF evening the war. CBTF-G merged with LOWF (LR had changed names and absorbed a K12 tribe named FWF) to form FwoF N and we became F~wo~F's family tribe. I subsequently quit the game. While I was gone FwoF N signed a NAP with CBTF and an alliance with CBTF-O but when I returned new problems had arisen. SoV and Evo broke their NAP with us because one of our dukes made a few errors in speaking with other tribes (you know where that is going). Anyways Evo recruited a bunch of our players and we turned to F~wo~F for help. However they declined to aid us and said if we made any actions to defend ourselves against SoV's attacks then they would declare ON US?? We decided to seek a real friend, RIM. We joined their family tribe N/A which is where I am now.

There's so much more I could say but this is a decent overview.


we turned to F~wo~F for help. However they declined to aid us and said if we made any actions to defend ourselves against SoV's attacks then they would declare ON US?? We decided to seek a real friend, RIM. We joined their family tribe N/A which is where I am now.

i found this part quite funny :lol:...guess they deserve whats happening to them after all ^.^


Russ94 could you have slanted the war history a little more:icon_wink:


The Warriors of Freedom or WoF are a tribe of loyal members built through merging with other small tribes of loyal members.
This tribe sticks together, through thick and thin, through good times and bad, of both there have been plenty.

It all started when two tribes (WoF consisted of 3 members) and ICE (consisted of 2 members) joined together, as there were 4 members in one block of the map and another on the far side of the world, we grew in two seperate areas.

Another game ended, a game called Kingdom Eras, and the players were lost, they didnt know were to go, we called them here, loudly. We invited them with the idea that if they joined they would be isolated but loyal to the tribe.
They flooded into tribe, raising our numbers from the mid-teens to the late 90s. The problem was isolation.

To deal with thisisolation problem we came up with a kind of constitution:All members have the right to invite and grow in their own way in their own area. This is the reason we have scattered clusters and are not just spread out in the ways tribes usually are.

We then merged with TUM and TORORG. Two tribes in the same situation as ourselves, we became one.

AWoF was a creation of our expansion. After a merger we realised there was no longer room in one tribe to accomodate the newly invited members. Every one of them, as long as they were active had a part to play in the WoF.

We moved forwards, onwards and upward. We dominated 2 continents and were fast becoming a major force. Others didnt like this. KoD started to take us out. Many members died in this war but restarted, we came out of it alive, if not victorious. It was our first real test.

Other tribes tried to take us out, most notably BA. We forced them back and then suddenly our domination of 2 continents was almost complete.
This wasnt the end, members of BA merged with other tribes, one of which left us in peace. The other, which also contained members of a former sister tribe 7th heaven, began attacking.
This tribe was called sin.

We were being destroyed, most of our attacks where being wiped out and their retaliation was strong. We were forced to defend.
With sin attacking from the west and from the south and their allies begining to attack from the north we were in a desperate situation. Our priority became defence and survival.
For two whole months we held out, we created a new base in another K near to our great and longstanding allies, S.O.H.

ROBOT took the reigns from our war with sin, we were defeated, we couldnt survive. We held out in the area for a further month or so but were wiped entirely from the map in an area dominated by ourselves not long before. The last remaining member in that area was kicked from the tribe as a spy, maybe he cost us our survival.

We began our happy life in a new continent. Things were looking good, the main powerful players of the tribe settled and began to build up their villages.
All this under the defence of S.O.H. who suddenly decided to break our alliance.
Attacks began coming in from S.O.H. players the moment the alliance was broken, it had been planned all along. Easy victims recovering from a war, picking our villages like vultures. But they werent good. They sent a lot of attacks but couldnt effect us.
We joined an alliance of tribes in the area but the alliance seemed inactive so we decided to merge into one of the tribes in that area.

In the new tribe, we were doing fine, players begining to rebuild, a few attacks came in from rogue players but no war.
The athmosphere in plague just wasnt the same as theWoF and plague had no alliance with our own Great Allies of the day, ROBOT, so we needed to come back.

TheWoF although never abandonned, was reborn. The players that had remained there invited the others back and we decided to get things rolling again

We started to try and get smaller tribes to merge into us once again but it was difficult as many, like us, wanted to keep their independence. One or two very small tribes merged into but not much brought accross. A few players had by now decided to give up on this world as we were starting to lose players to the larger tribes, our rebirth was having problems. A particular group of players had decided that without us though, they would quit TW as they thought things were getting pointless. We were worth around 800k points and dropping.

We settled a group of players together on three different continents, three different groups. Most had new villages that were practically worthless and the larger tribes were by now spreading to the rim. There was no way now we could become a supertribe and that isnt what we wanted. We wanted to continue having fun with one another and continue to help our friends oh and we wanted to keep having nice little skirmishes with tribes of our own size.

TheWoF in one area suddenly began to gather in new members, players that had been rimmed, had lost most of their hope and didnt want to be a part of a supertribe, players who wanted to continue having fun in the game. We started to grow in the area. A few members of other tribes recognised us from the older days when we were almost wiped out and in wonder formed an alliance with us. I wont name the tribes that allied with us but they know who they are.
We got more aggressive and this was against tribes much larger than ourselves, we needed to keep entertained and players began to grown again.

Some of our members got scared or just couldnt handle being in a small tribe that was being aggressive without having power to make the decisions, they broke away and formed their own rabble, this became HIRETK, then became *A-F*.

This tribe began causing trouble in the area not only with us but also with our allies. We decided to fight back. This fight is continuing, although a few of their members have left the tribe. Mostly, the break away players from our tribe have now left but they remain our number one targets.

*A-F* have now disbanded; we won the war on paper at least, more conquers and points taken. *A-F* now make up the majority of BDR-4.

What will happen in the future we cannot say, but what we can say is this, The WoF has been and will continue to be a great home for player such as myself in TW. Most of our members agree. We may not be big in points, we may not be big in area, but what we are is big in heart.

RIP all the The Warriors of Freedom who have fought alongside us in the past and been wiped out. Those who couldnt return.

This is who we are.



I join Tw sth. like year ago...

First vill was LordAdosPalace still there in K75.....than i went in BEFK46 we were all noobs and learning about tribalwars....Than some players from LBXII want to take me down....but BEFK75 with mark77(their leader) save me....after few weeks in BEFK i ve conflict with traitor imarc...But than came mergin of all big tribes LBXII,KOTF,BEFK into NEW good leaders there, only our group commander was ql PAUL77...We were in war with SHS, than imarc betrayed us by takin NO in SHS academy.....I7evion joined Woots,and get me invt. well matt wasnt happy that 300k (maybe less player) joined WOOTS.....SHS were afraid thats why also they made merg. with woots....In hard times, when we ve a lot of inactive members....Shs members strikes,they went back to SHS and start war with us....Main their targets were iron,i7eivion, me ......Than Nakoro take over Woots, it was hard Shs and others attackin us, inactivity....But nakoro did his best, he organized support for fron line downthere in k75...that help me to survive agresion from SHS....Than we tried to merge I think FF, but Nakoro decide to establish new tribe O~SIN....All loyal and active members joined..and than Party started we start to pwnin....after few months SHS surrender and dissmised their tribe....WE WERE few weeks we came on first place as Best Tribe in World6....

O~SIN and loyal to NAKORO to the END, also special TnX to Zalt, and I7eivion.....
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I know I've quit this world now but I love these stories and wanted to add my own :icon_razz:

World 6 was my first world and my favorite.

I started late in k84 and joined the first invite I got from Tyxddude and learned about the game from him and became a duke of our noob rim tribe. Later I met schickel and he started an academy for TDK and I met Peregrine130 who was scared of our "count to 100" thread as he was worried he'd get it wrong, bless him :icon_razz:

Then came insomnis and kndrd...
They came, schickel joined and naturally I wanted in.
Don't know if it was just me he did it to but insomnis asked me to pledge my loyalty to first him then to the kndrd, I did and I got in.

Me and schickel used our great skills to rise to leadership positions in kndrd and kndrd rose to 2nd behind SHs (At this time insomnis never confided in me about what he did with SHs, hell at this time I thought BDR were our closest allies)

In K94 WoS*76 was a massing, we had a NAP but everyone knew it was for show. They refused to return my *08* village, that annoyed me, I would of ignored WoS if they'd given me that back. I eventually got to talking to slay0r one guy with our propaganda me and slay0r destroyed wos from the inside.

I tried to quit but ended up sticking around just to make the place fun, me and schickel grew apart, Silf talked to me :icon_redface: *2nd Bestest convo I've had in this game.

Then came the drama before the war, insomnis wanted to quit, he was kndrd, our drunk, crack loving, vampire who had his personal life messed up, we had become friends outside of tw and talking to him like that was...upsetting.

He wanted kndrd to fall no matter, what slay0r did to help without our real leader kndrd fell easily.

In short, we lost, longclaw banned, insomnis finally left, slay0r "burned out" as someone else put it, gamegod felt tw was taking over his life, schickel didn't want to follow RB and I had already quit yet, (Strange that as the first to quit I was the last in kndrd)