World 6 Stories


Heres mine: (i wrote it all out then acidently pressed refrsh so i had to do it all over again>.>)

I started of in k11 quite late, i was a total n00b, it took me ages to figure out how to build my first troop, then i realised you needed a barracks, and then i got an invite to vons tribe TDKA, it took me a while to find out how to accept the invite lol :icon_razz:

So i figured out how to join TDKA and pressed the accept button :icon_razz: and i learnt alot there, as it was an academy, but the forum was scary, there was lots of scary people like von lol:p, but then Kndrd declared war on the mother tribe TDKoD, the leadership of my tribe went to Kndrd so we disbanded, then i joined a little tribe called TDL

I helped it get up the ranks and was quickly apppointed diplomat, but we had a bitter realationship with a tribe in k11 called ROBOTM, when the leader quit i was appointed duke, but just before tht we had joined the WoS family, bad decision as Kndrd declared war on the mother tribe, but then i met von again when he sent me like 10 pages of writing of why we should leave the family, so we left it and as now we had some members in K69 who were in danger of STACHE we joined the ST0RM family

Then there was the merge, merge = fail, as fwof were getting expanding to k11 we decided a 3 way merge would be best, K11 would then be ruled by us, not f~wo~f, so the old ROBOTM, a tribe called FIRE-A and my tribe did a 3 way merge, making one mother tribe and an academy, we had dominance over K11 for now, but then as FIRE-A had merged FIRE-E/HELL decided to declare war on us even though i know they weren't on a permenent contract, it was just an excuse to attack our K69 members as they had few members in K11 they were soon gone..., in K69 we asked ST0RM for help but they were to scared of HELL and left us to die

Then a few days into the war, we had conquered about the same amount of enemy villes, the members that had merged into my tribe abandoned us for f~wo~f, now im asking myself, was this there plan all along...?

The tribe was in chaos, i tried to get it in a fit state but it wasn't possible, i let all of the members leave and find other tribes, some wanted to stay and rebuild it, but i left for CBTF-O

While in CBTF-O i had joined just before the HIRE war, it looked like a good tribe and then the person who go tme the invite to them suddenly left, so i was appointed wolf pack leader of the K11 area, then the hire war started, they took in refugees from PD.B, i was to far away from the front lines but i tried to do some long range attacks, i sent all my offence at him but i was only small so they didn't work, then jim.lane and pooky got kicked, the tribe didn't know why and many weren't happy, then billy declared the merge with HIRE, which was pathetic, they just wanted to be the no.1 tribe in the world, thats the thing i remember from what he posted, and obviously it didn't work to well.

Unhappy with the merge, i had a friend in SOUL who i had known for like 6 months, he was always going on about how much fun it is there, so i got an invite from flightfoot and joined, and he was right, its a great experiance in SOUL, and now we got SPTS and HIRE on us and we're still spamming as much as ever, but the battles with sunnyvale and Dramatic have been fun, and overall, the war has been fun, even if we aren't winning theres still hope



Dunno, couldn't read much and too busy feeding pet lambs.

Just random clicking and woo'lah im here.


Jim.lane and pookey were never kicked

and Pookey was sat by Jim.Lane beacause Pookey quit some 3 weeks before any of that happened


Well they still got kicked and we never heard the full story, they got kicked and we were supposed to merge into HIRE...and how many players did join HIRE in the end actually :icon_confused:


Again they were never kicked :icon_rolleyes:

They left; heck can we get makepeace in here or someone with a memory that isnt in hire, since you would not believe them.

"They" in fact said in "their" mail that they left of their own free will.

And I was thinking that who ever is last standing Billy, me, or makepeace should write what actually happened when they quit but otherwise it will remain so; its nothing that will shock everyone just those who know of CBTF-O's history will even understand it and I don't think you would be an old enough member to know either.

And I think that a little over 1/2 went to HIRE.


Again they were never kicked :icon_rolleyes:

They left; heck can we get makepeace in here or someone with a memory that isnt in hire, since you would not believe them.

Does it really matter? at the end of the day they still ended up not in CBTF-O, kicked or left. Pere might not remember if they were kicked or left so he guessed but he was still right as they weren't in CBTF-O anymore


No i remember jim got his privs stripped so he left...then pookey got kicked as jim was sitting him...


My W6 Story

This is going to be pretty long, but anyways..

Well W6 has been my first and only world. I joined TW because many of my friends in another online game (RuneScape) said it was fun. They all played W6 so I made my start there as well.

I began at 56|337 (North-centre K30) and was a total n00b. However I did learn things quickly. One of my friends from RuneScape (mango-kitty; now leaving TW :icon_cry:) started at 58|314 I think, so we were reasonably close. Pretty soon I was farming, etc. Then I even nobled my first village! (From an active player as well :icon_razz:)

At this point I received an invite to a tribe called Angel Of Death (AoD). Two of my neighbours had just joined it (I have since nobled them both.. lol) so I accepted the invite as well (it was the first I ever received).

It was a pretty crap tribe, though at the time I did not realize. Bad leadership, inactive members, etc. etc. I was definitely the most active there besides another member called CyphirX (who was the only person there I looked up to)

I stuck there from 3k - 80k pts. Midway, it had merged into ROBOT and become ROBOTX.

Then I applied to =RB= and received an invite which I accepted. I got some flame from the leader (FlashAOD) as I had become a Forum-Mod in ROBOTX so my leaving virtually spelled their demise. (ROBOTX is long dead and buried as are mosst of its members)

In anger I nobled my 2 ex-tribemates still near me. Then the very next day after I joined =RB= it disbanded and SoV and Evo were formed... LOL.

After that I drifted from tribe to tribe (~RS~, quickly collapsed, then to FIRE-P, led by KoroMahou... LOL!) and grew from 80k to around 170k points mainly by nobling the n00bs near me. My friend mango-kitty was also growing nearby so together we made sure nothing really threatened us.

Then I applied for Evo and got accepted. At the same time mango-kitty got into FwoF N.

Since then I've been happy in Evo, from 170k - 1m. We recently became BMR, etc. etc. and I'll stick with my friends here till the very end. :)

Mango-kitty also stuck in FwoF N (which later merged into N/A) from 50k-ish till now.

I've obviously become better at the game and since I joined Evo I learned not to mix villages, time attacks, etc. etc. and I consider myself a pretty decent player now. :)


I started in K99 my first tribe is bdr-a then we merge with bdr-4, now i have no tribe.Then I began nobling villages.After that I sold 1 village for 1,000,000 resources so that I will have advantage to grow as fast as I could.

I've been playing TW for about 3 months.Thats all:)


I could invite you to BDR-5 if you want...Didn`t you like BDR-4 ???


I think everyone should include the highest amount of points they made and their peak with villages.


Well many ppls points are still increasing so i guess those who quit might want to do it


Ok i think i should at least try to write down my story,full of drama,pain,suffering,wars,friendship,agony etc..:icon_surprised:

I am not SilentScreams but Golden horde for those that remember me.
I retired along with all other STACHE but i wanted to return as i missed many people here.Silent who was quitting too gave me his account after one month and a half after historical 8 march and i am in charge now.

Ok let's take it all from the start.If you are a Grandpa or a grandma call your grandsons/daughters to read them my story.I am sure they are going to get asleep:icon_razz:

First days-*B.S*

First of all i have to say that i started in k68.It's my first world and that's why it made me to return back again a while before.In the start i made some good friends.I remember netherwindd.I found one tribe called Black Sabbath(*B.S*)and i went there with him.I had about 1000 points then and i didn't know how to play,what's the philosophy of the game etc.
My brother(dainoo who is as well retired now after STACHE mass account deletion too) started playing before me browser based games like tribalwars in k32.When i started in k68 he had about 50k points.He tried to explain me some things and i got quickly into the game's philosophy.Soon i realised that the only person who was near me within my tribe was netherwindd.i decided to leave my tribe and go somewhere else.

League of Rome-LOR

After a while i spoke with LOR and they brought me in.There i found many players that i was going to meet better in the future.
Boothie07: A great mind and player.Don't know him personally too much but he was very loyal to every tribe he was in.
Steerj07:A great player.I am sorry that he decided to leave.A great personality too as far as i know him.
Kkopts:A great friend that i had from the very start of the game.He is from the same country as me and he was a great guy.I admit that he didn't know how to manage well his villages.I didn't know too.I was a pointwhore then.i thought that as more points i have then the more tribes will look at you or you will gain respect at tribe forum etc..
Slipknotsic:He is the best man i met in tribalwars.I will never forgive you buddy.He was from Canada.He stopped playing and he gave me all his villages after a while before i go to STACHE.
maxxjd:One of the greatest and most weird personallities in w6.I didn't know much about him and i still don't know but i admit that whenever he got attacks he was just thinking how many more will come and how to raise his OD.

After a while F4F was attacking us.We couldn't achieve many things as i remember so most of us left LOR and tried to find another tribe for our continue.

F4F days

My first try was at hell.(don't remember their most known name then,but they ended with it).I got invited there but stayed just for 8 hours and then i went to F4F as most of by good friends were there.It was proven then that it was the best choice.I liked F4F and day by day i loved my stay there.Everything seemed so organised,cooperations,shceduled attacks.I participated in a few.Generally i was roaming around like a moron and a noob(comparing to now,yeah i was a noob then)till then and i was killing a few villages our leaders indicated to my tribe.I remember only taking villages of Sir Goodluck from ROBOT.We were at war with robot,boti and pod as i remember.Full activity in our borders where i was from when i entered F4F.But lack of activity from myself.In this tribe i learned what loaylty means.I didn't like when our leaders decided to go merge at STACHE.But i was wrong after a while.I never was good in diplomacy and i couldn't see the benefit of F4F by merging to STACHE.I was just playing and killing troops,nobling villages etc..(when i left F4F i had about 200k points).
In F4F also i met new people like faetzy,djokon(one of my very best friends here,maybe the best!yo djokon!:icon_wink:.he is a great defender too.him,boothie and maxxjd were the best shield at our border line)i drink in your names dudes!:)

Our leaders were Assassin-,Xanarian dynasty,moroveus and Sugo.Xan was not so talkative.
I learned about sugo later when i was in stache how good she was as a player.A great character too:)
I didn't like though assassin- then cause i was not included in his list to go at STACHE.I was young and moron then.Now i can say that assassin- is maybe the best tribe leader i ever had.A cruel and smart player,a great personality.He actually made me to return and continue play.He had a very difficult role at what he was doing.I wasn't a diplomat or even had a chance to understand diplomacy so that's why i couldn't understand him then.
Also a last but not the last player i met in F4F was muhammad-ali.A great persn.I assume that most of you know him.For me i have only good words to say.Cheers dude!:icon_wink:.I have to say also that in the meantime my brother dainoo migrated in k68 to be near me a while before F4F was disbanding so he jumped in KW as a spy...sorry to say that guys but i thought he was better there than getting rimmed by STACHE or KW.:icon_redface:.He didn't do much though...depsite of that he liked his stay then and he didn't gain any important info:icon_razz:


Ok i tried then since i wans't in assassin's list to join KoD by mailing TGP, STACHE's allies.I was speaking with larajane and chop in parallele and after what djokon said about me at lara and chop,chop invited me.Then i started to mature as a player.I mean a great improvement.I was almost nothing as a player and i became something.Not a veteran,but a hard to beat.My lasts stats were loss that was suffered when i was sleeping in k69 when i wasn't too active.After a while i managed to bring my brother in STACHE too..STACHE was faster invinting me so i got there.

My start wasn't good.I took every Slipknotsic villages (i was the only one who took his villages and reached at my very start in STACHE 400k points)and by nobling abandonds and inactive players as most players were doing achieved to angry Stark and whole leadership in STACHE.k68 players then learned how to cooperate syccesfully.We had great chemistry and in general we were kicking ass.I learned a lot back then.For a short period of time i was tutored by torama.Hope you are good dude!I missed contact with you:icon_wink:
KW was going to fall in k68 and k78 later if STACHE wasn't going like that.These were are main targets since we were in F4F.

After 4 months of great play and fun i decided to delete my account(you can see my final screenshot at my signature) and retire as world wasn't going to be the same as STACHE.

I thought it was my final desicion but i was mistaken.I kept in touch with Assassin via Myspace and Djokon via msn so i was missing old days.SilentScreams had started in k2 near my brother.But during STACHE days he decided to migrate down in k68 with me so that's why when i returned i found most of his villages in k68.He abandoned his account and he was sitted by someone else till Assassin made me return and then i decided to ask from my cousin his account.He was getting nobled by his friends or enemies in k2 so i "restarted" in w6 via his account and had about 250k villages.

I made a lot of friends and i have known many people.Many things changed when i logged back again in this world after one month and a half.Our long live enemies KW are now most of them in A~SIN.I am now in END along with players that i respect.Starkathr,Boothie,Assassin-,Djokon,Muhammad-ali,Lady Moria,Corkdragon...Sorry if i miss someone.:icon_redface:

I know i am not so special to write down so many things,but if i start saying something i like describing it.I think i said only a few things.
Forgive me if the post got too long...:icon_sad:

That's all folks!:)
hope the grandsons/daughters are asleep now:lol:


"Yo" right back at ya.
I am honored to be mentioned
Nice story Golden :)

(This might only be understandable for players from the k68 region)
My story is alot like yours, exept for the LOR part, i joined Faetzy`s tribe "BP" instead and contributed to the destruction of LOR.
However we later on were forced to "merge" (we disanded and like 70% of or members joined them) with *F4F*.

This was then my favorite periode of TW started, when i was defending against KW and the old ROBOT (boti) family i had a total of like 60 defence villages next to only 6 offensive ones at one point, we took our task as the "frontline shield" very seriousley.
This continued untill i joined "The Great STACHE", which allowed me to act more offensive.

Oh, how i miss the good "old days" :icon_surprised:

(Leaving out some details about BP, TTA and F4F)
Thanks to BP, TTA, F4F, STACHE, END and my opponents LOR, KW, ROBOT (boti) and SkS for giving me a great time in TW so far.
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Here's my story... I'm copying it from MORGUL's forum so it may not make sense in spots "this tribe" is MORGUL:

Yeah, I'm very happy to be in this tribe :) I've been in a lot of tribes, but there were only 4 I was happy with, POD-48, KWa (Recruiter), -S.A- (Co-Leader), and now MORGUL. I miss all of my previous tribe and the people that were in them. I got into POD-48 (Rank 14... I think... Maybe 20...) as a noob at 116 because my friend in real life was a Duke... Then they got into a war with KoD and eventually merged into them... I was quickly scouted once a had 16,000 points and was found out as a complete and total noob/pointwhore, and had like 5 people trying to noble me... I got rimmed and restarted in K79 where I asked for an invitation to BOTIKa, which was a the Academy for a tribe called BOTIKW, which was the family tribe to a tribe called BOTI. Eventually BOTI exploded, BOTIKW became KW, and BOTIKa became KWa... Then everything slowly fell apart... A guy named Nikolai... Nikolai... Nikolai something (Kobrave?) was sent by grizzle to fix up KWa's forums... But he took a little to much control... He reinvented the entire tribe, he took leadership away from my good friend Asassin Blue and gave it to Laurefinwe, and grizzle refused to do anything... After defending Asassing Blue on the forums I went to bed, and woke up in complete anarchy... I had a report saying KWa had been disband and I had an invite to a tribe called TempKWa. TempKWa was a tribe Asassin Blue had thrown together upon waking up in the same anarchy. I went through that day in complete unknowing of what was going on, but the next morning it was posted on the forums... grizzle had recieved an invitation for KW to become the Academy for O~SIN... After excepting he saw it as an opportunity to "clean out the inactive trash" and sent viper007 to disband KWa. After Asassin Blue heard about this depressing piece of information he told us all to join this tribe that wanted us to merge into it, -S.A-, where within the first couple of weeks I was made a Baron, and soon after a Duke... It was pretty nice for awhile... But then HELL came along... We were asked to become a family tribe to HELL... We accepted under the 1 condition that they were in no kind of conflict with any tribes... Which they told us they weren't... But of course... Like I would soon find out... Nothing in this game is that simple. They were having problems with BDR, who soon declared war on them and all they're family tribe... This, of course, made our leader (kingjohan) very mad. We left the HELL family... But our leader (and I'll admit... I didn't think about it either) forgot to dismiss the member that they had sent us to be a Baron... He invited someone, made him a Baron too, and he dismissed every member of the tribe and erased the forum.... I tried to rebuild the tribe, but after kingjohan left I saw no point in it anymore... Now here's where my guilt starts to get me... I honestly (in the beginning of course) only joined this tribe (at 20,000 points) for protection until I had enough points to join HELL... I had it all worked out with HELL's leader (KuroMahou) and everything. The deal was if I got 100k points in a VERY short amount of time that I could join HELL... But then I found out that he had no plan of letting me join HELL, he simply wanted to keep me pointwhoring so that he could tell volvos40 to noble my knew villages, and I quote "destroy me"... After that my loyalty to this tribe was cemented, as it still is now.
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