1. RedAlert

    Misc Frontline Stacks Planner

    This script needs to be run from the map screen, if you are not already on the map screen, the script will redirect you there and you will need to run the script again so the script initializes. The idea behind this script is to help tribe leaders to check which frontline villages need more...
  2. Teh Knight Owl

    Able to relocate Paladin on Map

    As the title suggest, it will great for an account to relocate the paladins on its own vills from Map. don't need to go to overview of paladin and relocate > and search coords from there.
  3. Map/Coord Village Marker v1.1

    I have read other scripts to understand how to implement scripts for the game and I've used the template from the post: A script to import coordinates of villages and mark them on the map...
  4. secundum

    Commands Hide commands

    It is hard to have a good overview if there are a lot returning attacks and fakes per village. Therefor i created this script to reduce bloat commands. Hides commands according to your prefereces. Works on the map , village Info and on the commands page. Attention!!! The tooltip on the map...
  5. Lord DciBelia

    Misc Mass deletion of notes

    Here is a script to quickly delete a large amount of notes. Use
  6. Dr.Bunny

    Map Suggestion

    basically just have the possibility from map, today you can see a slim overview on the village, add the possibility to see which buildings are being upgraded/downgraded with a simple "+1" etc next to it.
  7. Map/Coord BetterMap

    Hello, This script was created 6-7 years ago on .ro, it's approved on but I wasn't able to find the topic of the script on the .ro forum, only in the script collection. What it does basically shows the player names on the map under their villages and can make the background of the text for a...
  8. RedAlert

    Map/Coord Watchtower Evolved

    This script can be run on the map screen: /game.php?screen=map The script helps to draw watchtowers on the map so you can better plan the location of your watchtowers. However, this script also allows adding watchtowers from other players on the map and you can have watchtowers shown with...
  9. Shinko to Kuma

    Map/Coord Map SDK - Tool to assist scripters to draw on the map

    I wrote this SDK to help scripters to easily visualise things on the map/minimap. I plan on updating this in the future with extra features, but the fundamentals are this: The SDK is selfcontained in an object called MapSdk First, you want to get the SDK using this...
  10. Map/Coord Change village on map

    This script must be run on the map. A new icon appears so when you click on one of your own village, you can click on that icon and you go on that village selected, but you are already on the map screen ! (because with the icon already existing, you go on the village's overview )
  11. Teh Knight Owl

    Fixed Dynamic Groups Troops Returning and Outgoing

    Just noticed things happened two days ago when i sent nukes to attack.
  12. Map marking

    Is there a script or extension to easily mark villages on the map? Without leaving the map page itselt. Cause now even with premium you need to go to village, manage highlights, add a highlight and later on repeating the same thing to remove it. A lot of clicking and it gets really annoying...
  13. TheRealNuno

    Duplicate add manual groups through map

    I think it would be great if we could add manual groups to villages through the map, it's helpfull in situations where im planning a quick mass attack and i need to make noble trains by adding lots of villages to a certain manual group that is going to take forever to do one by one. Consider.
  14. Snowbrand

    Show inc attacks and support separately on the map overview.

    It would be much better if we were able to quickly see how many attacks and how many inc support commands we have inccoming to a villa, while quickly hovering over it on the map or if you would go into the village info screen from the map. Just seeing the amount of inc (attacks+support combined)...
  15. Map/Coord Collect tribe coordinates

    This script lets you collect all of the coordinates from a specific tribe, making it easy for you to put them into fake scripts. You go to the profile of the tribe you wish to target, then you click on the script, click the get coords button and it'll give you all of the coordinates of the...
  16. Make it possible to use the fast attacks while changing villages

    That's all - as of right now you can't change village with the fast attacks thing activated on the map, or else it will reload the map and you have to trigger the fast attacks again. It would be very cool if it was possible to make that not reset, as then we could send mass attacks through the...
  17. Attackable villages on mobile.

    So both on the app and browser version of the game on mobile, does not show the "greyed"/transparent villages that is outside of your points range as it does on PC. A great example of this is on casual, you have to literally go through every village, one by one to see if you can attack or not on...
  18. RedAlert

    Map/Coord Player Finder

    This script can only be run from the map screen: /game.php?screen=map (if you are not already on this screen then you will be redirected here) This is how the script looks like in practice: This script can help to find small players so you can build farming player scripts. The scipt can help...
  19. Failed Vote Add more cardinal points to restart option

    I've started noticing this a bit more now with the international speed tournament, but restarting is not at all accurate. When you think you're restarting northeast and ur gonna be somewhere close to actual north east you might end up closer to east or to north than to northeast. What i suggest...
  20. RedAlert

    Map/Coord Find Frontline Villages

    This script needs to be run on the map screen: /game.php?screen=map If you are not already there, the script will redirect you there. This is how the script looks like in practice: Personally I love to have a frontline group and sometimes it gets hard to manage what village goes into that...