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This script can be run on the map screen: /game.php?screen=map

The script helps to draw watchtowers on the map so you can better plan the location of your watchtowers. However, this script also allows adding watchtowers from other players on the map and you can have watchtowers shown with multiple colors so it's easier to spot them. For example, you can make all watchtowers from player A with the color blue and watchtowers of player B with the color red, etc.

Here is how the script looks like in practice:

You can add new watchtowers by clicking over a village on the map or just by clicking Add Watchtower and then filling in the data. You can remove watchtowers. Every time you reload the page, the watchtowers data is saved in browser memory (so if you run the script on another browser, those data will NOT be there).

Credits to Sass also for working on the Map SDK since this script utilizes a method from that SDK.

I started working on this script by the end of September. I had managed to finish nearly all the script except one small "little" detail. Showing the watchtower circle on the mini-map.

After that got busy with real life and stuff so stopped working on this but it was on my to-do list to finish.

So when Sass published the Map SDK I thought about utilizing it. The integration took no more than 5 minutes to make the script fully functional.

For any bugs, suggestions or if you need help with the script, let me know by replying on the thread.
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