1. Misc CoordFilter

    Filters out coordinates from any text. Works on all pages.
  2. Misc CoinPull

    Pulls resources from your villages towards your minting village. 1 click per action. Works on &screen=market&mode=call click 1: checks if your in the correct minting village + correct group (or switches if needed) click 2: selects all villages click 3: converts resources to coin ratio click 4...
  3. TheRealNuno

    Failed Vote Scavenge a specific resource

    It could be a good improvement especialy in late game if we could choose only 1 resourse (wood/clay/iron) to scavange, it gets ennoying when we a surplus or deficit on a resourse over and over and exchanges on the market dont fix it.
  4. Linoko

    Scavenging Scavenging script "Outstanding Organizer" (Maximizes resources / hour)

    Hi. This is a scavenger script that distributes troops between the available/selected levels to maximize resources per hour. It was approved in ticket #t13006587 under the old approval system. However, I'm uploading it here as well to make sure that it is approved under the new system, and since...
  5. Failed Vote Scavenge Section in Reports

    Can we create a scavenge tab in our reports page? We have attack, defense, trade, support, events, etc. Because scavenging has become so much of the game, I think it would be beneficial for a scavenger section rather than to group them all in miscellaneous. Thanks.
  6. RedAlert

    Show amount of units sent on each scavenging run

    This is the current single village scavenging screen: It shows the amount of resources to be scavenged, it shows the time, however it does not show the amount of units and what units where sent on each scavenging run. I think it would be beneficial to show that kind of information on this...
  7. The Quacks

    Scavenging Optimal single village scavenging

    Approved t14493425 (.net) Approved t14513816 (.nl) This script goes back to basics, optimizing resource scavenging on a single village. Fundamentally, it is based on a script by @Shinko to Kuma, but the inner math is such that the resources scavenged per hour are maximal (see plots below)...
  8. In a day tribe ranking

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way on seeing "In a day Ranking" for a specific tribe, possibly a script for it? trying to see the performance of my tribe and rank who has the most scav/loot in the tribe
  9. Scavenging Settings: Exclude X

    Hello all, I suggest the ability to allow players to define which troops should be available to scavenge in a given village. This would be particularly helpful while using the Mass Scavenging premium feature. Benefits: Removes chance of accidental paladin deployments Guarantees desired static...
  10. kira.

    Spear Rush (Scavenging) - Simple Startup Guide w114

    Here's the results video some of you have guys have been asking about in game on the results i got on w114 using the Spear Rush (Scavenging) - Simple Startup Guide that worked so well on w103! I started about 30 days late on this world but still made 1000+ spears and had plenty of time in...
  11. In Progress AM SCAV

    Be able to set Account Manager to unlock Scavenging levels, like in research. thnxs
  12. Optimal Scavenging (Warning: Math)

    Hello everyone! This is one of my first posts to the forum. I hope you find it helpful/interesting! Recently I decided to tackle the challenge of finding the optimal scavenging method. We can't consider of the objective of this problem to be simply to get the most resources. We must think of...
  13. nightblade.greyswandir

    Mass scavenging not enough troops reset all issue

    Can you set that missing troops for scavenging in mass scavenge do not cancel all scavenge command, but just do not stat scavenging in the village that has no troops. As it is now if one village in the list is missing one pop of troops or one type of troop command will be canceled for all...
  14. Mass Scavenging improvments

    Hello, First off the idea of Mass scavenging is a very good one, so thank you for implementing it. I just had a little bit of feedback if that was okay. It is pretty good as it is for those who have memorized the scavenging amount they want but for some people they wont know how much to...
  15. Duplicate Adding Scavanger Unlock to AM

    Using scavenger for large accounts can typically be a pain, doubly so when your co/account owner/old owner didn't unlock the various scavenger levels, requiring a rather tedious walk through of all your villages to ensure that scavenging has been unlocked throughout. Would it be possible to add...
  16. Shinko to Kuma

    Scavenging Scavenging script - Early release

    Last update: 11 JUNE 2019 - REWRITING CODE FROM SCRATCH 13 June: added a counter that says how many times the script got used by all users :D How to use: Scavenge script: javascript: var premiumBtnEnabled=false...
  17. Implemented Research template for scavenging

    Since I'm a nooby barb nobler and have started to get tired of constantly having to unlock every level on scavenging. I'm suggesting a research template for unlocking/researching the scavenging levels much like the one already existing for troop levels.
  18. Implemented SCAVENGING REPORT

    When opening Scav reports could be a good idea to see the option Scav with the same troops. to get troops faster scavenging
  19. Olve

    Implemented Including the unlocking of scavenging paths in Overview

    Is it possible to include the Scavenging paths into Overview? For example under the research tab. This is so that unlocking them in mass wouldnt be so tedious, and it is currently incredibly hard to find a village with only, lets say 3 or none unlocked, when you have 100 yourself.
  20. HotLikeDat

    Implemented Scavenging/Commands page

    A screen whereby you can see for all your villages, how long until the scavenging troops return (like we have a commands page where we can see where attacks will land/return for all villages).