A Walk down Memory Lane.


Don't really care who created AXE, but we all know that Sid was the glue that kept the tribe together and was not fully given credit for it!!!!

We all do? No we don't. Not going to bore the world rehashing what went down in AXE.

No one will deny he was a great player but I am going to positively say that not everyone will agree with your statement.


Zmic, I see potential here for you to take over my place in the flame wars with Jaffe :icon_razz:

Hope everything is well for you!


I very clearly explained the relationship between Boozie and Jaffe and what led to the merger between 2EZ and CK a while ago under my Captain Wal Persona....it fully covers what happened at the time...(to the music of 'The Brady Bunch')

Here's the story, of a man called Boozie,
Who was bringing up 60 very active accounts.

All of them drunk too much, like their Duke,
Upon their enemies they'd pounce.

Here's the story, of a ol’ gent called Jaffe,
Who was busy with CK on his own.
They were mainly men (and Miri), living all together,
Yet they were all alone.

Till the one day when the ol’ bloke met this Irish fellow,
And they knew that it was much more than a hunch.
That this group would somehow form a (non)family.
That's the way we all became the Axe-wielding Bunch.

The Axe- wielding Bunch, The Axe-wielding Bunch.
That's the way we became the Axe-wielding Bunch.


This sounds a lot like a drunken Englishman who once played in AXE. You don't happen to have a Madonna fetish do you?


Nah, I can't flame Jaffe. Now I can see Jaffe and I par-taking in shot-gun/beer bong contest involving a case of coldies. Winner determined by the last one standing =)


This sounds a lot like a drunken Englishman who once played in AXE. You don't happen to have a Madonna fetish do you?

Only the one you gave me, although over time I found her conical bra of strange and beguiling interest...


..and just to give you a flashback to the roster of AXE 2+ years ago...this was posted in March 2009 (where did those years go ???)..each of the (then) members of AXE was mentioned, from lowest points to hightest...how many do you remember ?

Darkness to Mirinia,
Have you been spamming ?
Bosco12h lay quiet,
He must have been shaming.

DanteDMC had a whisper with Cheese,
This fight with WAR, isn’t it a breeze.

Dragon and kenshilito, arms folded and stern,
With oriental wisdom say, with experience you will learn.

Gimli and daguo new kids on the block,
Hanging high fives, couldn’t give a fock.

Jagster said to Nobled, do you think,
The front of War will shrink and shrink ?

Emboni and pmgs walked up and said,
Quite a clever move, when Godly and TT got wed.

Jazzy said to cher-cher, my villies are going !
Cher-cher to jazzy – pull you trousers up, your pants are showing.

Nephiko takes Valpo to aside,
Say’s ‘Bud, taking them -I- villages, it’s gonna turn the tide.

Coolbreeze to ssgpapa, got your nukes all ready ?
Ssgpapa to Cool…’Yawn… to late I’m of to beddy.

Zelfios is just biding his time,
While leeold uses medication to clear up the slime.

2 hidden weapons, ped6 and $dragon,
They’re on the way to you, hitch your belongings to your wagon.

Matrix to kplummer90 – who the hell are you ?
Kplummer90 to Matrix – I’m active and I’m new.

From such auguements, ghorabi and AncientHoard away steer,
Two veterans smiling slightly, raising a beer.

Doumeki, pakun ‘We offer our cash..
To the man who works hardest, his name is …. Xannash.

John Lenin, WindWalker, clintaldean fight hard,
To the sweet song of Elboriqua, ‘tis AXE’s only bard.

Garyhelton and Sueco say to Tuna,
Bud, grab your villies back (wish you’d done it sooner).

McBoozie, lord of them all,
Sends fl@rin off to summon his fool,
Upon Blue’s arrival, the declaration is made,
Upon the scales of spamming, your crimes have been weighted.

Medic and krazy, planning their strikes,
Then off to war, on their harley Davidson Bikes.

Steak, Crysalith and Greynova wonder, can we do more ?
..as they watch their ODA ranking hit the floor.

song zhao yu to Protectorus..’You are no lesser,
just because (unlike Snipershot83) you’re not a cross dresser.

Now to the 3 Knights…Sir Avalon, wakasm and dannz,
Their enemies go screaming when their Nukes lands.

IvchaM and grebro, their best still to show,
Their final plans ? only their victims will know.

Unstoppable jugganaults, that’s PR ONE and Gutts,
Watch their targets kiss goodbye to their butts.

Nearly to the top, we have jaffe25 and Jedi,
The latter great as a fighter, but as a sitter…sigh.
Now..I don’t think I said enough about Jaffe,
But just look at his stats and do the math.

Top of the shop we have Siddhartha,
That’s all peeps, we can’t go Further.

In summary, what can we say about AXE ?
Should we all be pressing the wall to our Backs ?
In their conflicts are they doing poor ?
(unlike Basil, SHOULD we mention the WAR ?)

Well, experience will win out, and I can’t lie,
They’ve won their spurs against the –I-.
Now that’s over, plans are being made,
Maps are mulled over, tactics are laid.

Merged tribes with your acolytes, members beware,
Your farms and your walls AXE will soon tear,
Nukes will land, their cats will send fire,
Into your headquarters, to be your funeral pire,

Back out to the map, do you see a change ?
Blue to orange, across the range.
Your defence was weak, your spear lax,
Yourself to blame, oh..and AXE.


For some reason i can see this ode set to the score of "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice. I think I could dance to it.


Twas Good Poem or a Rap....
remmbered half or almost 3/4 of them...

great players.....


I played it, LONG ago... under the alias of Richard Riddick, SP tribe, along with xxAcidGodxx... Now I barely recognize 1 name from all the guys still playing.

Good times, nice wars.


I remember you as I do everyone from that era. Good times. Go look at the AXE/SP forum i brought back to life


The bolded part of your comment is so far from right it is totally left. Please don't try to rewrite history when you weren't present for the event you are trying to attest to. 2ez was split from from EZ b/c Boozie and I merged our tribes(CK and 2ez) and that was part of the agreement. Split from EZ and attack SP. We were BOTH dukes and he never did anything solely. Ask someone who was there. Which I believe the only one left still playing is Ali(Sueco). We are the only 2 original AXE members left from the time of our merger and the initial creation of AXE.

Xannie hit it exactly right actually. He left twice. Not bc things weren't going the way he wanted but because he just got to busy and quit. Which is fine. It happens. He was good at his role but unfortunately you never knew when he was going to leave for months at a time.

BTW Xannie, how the hell are you? Swear you should have been here at the end. World is down to probably 90+/- accounts with a pulse.

I'm crushed Jaffe!!!! :icon_sad:

coolbreeze70 TKOT AXE 19th April 2008 - 02:30:34 31,405

I was there before you (only cuz I was in 2ez which formed into AXE of which your group merged into). At any rate, Jaffe.. you are correct in what transpired.

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Unstoppable jugganaults, that’s PR ONE and Gutts,
Watch their targets kiss goodbye to their butts.

Ya there is.


Unstoppable jugganaults, that’s PR ONE and Gutts,
Watch their targets kiss goodbye to their butts.

Ya there is.
o i c.

Thank you for pointing it out, seems my bourbon filled eyes made my reading ability less than good >.>