Aletheia's Bonfire


And what are the odds that you or someone near you will get the Bonfire early on?

To be honest with you, on every world I play that has paladins, the bonfire is always one of the last ones I get.
1/11 to get the Bonfire as a first weapon. When you start you are probably surrounded by 20-30 other players, and by those odds atleast 2 of those around you have the Bonfire. Even if they are poor players it will give them a significant advantage over the others. If they are good players they are virtually unstoppable. They are unstoppable because no other item can negate the Bonfire's effect or come close in matching it.

But right now for instance, when the world is fairly developed, Bonfire is only fun and does not give any significant advantage because enough people have it, and so many have over 10 villages, so it is hard to implement it effectively or to your advantage.


This thread is very old, you should learn not to gravedig before it gets you into trouble =/

Also: DK played this world?


oh, I agree it is crazy useful, and I make sure my tribe uses all their paladin weapons to full effect for defense, and yes the bonfire weapon can be crazy good, but I don't think it needs to be nerfed quite yet, as it is finally making people think of ways to use what has been a woefully under-used weapon.

I'm actually playing around with a support-village build that capitalizes on this weapon and a paladin to deliver them quickly, but I've yet to find a ratio of Cats to Spears and H.Cav that makes me really happy.

plus, I suggest having 200 cats with the pally for better results in surprise thwot-ings of attacks :icon_wink:
Well if you have a pally, you don't need Hc i usually go for Cat-spear