AXE Declares War


As i think this will be locked soon i will just paste stats

Side 1: AXE

Side 2: (~SP~)

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers:

Side 1: 11,768
Side 2: 12,205
Difference: 437


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 562
Side 2: 363
Difference: 199


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 104,076,504
Side 2: 100,793,183
Difference: 3,283,321


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 5,699,320
Side 2: 3,555,995
Difference: 2,143,325



So much speculation and only one tribe has so far amiled to find out our intentions

I'll let the forum trolls speculate some more


So much speculation and only one tribe has so far amiled to find out our intentions

I'll let the forum trolls speculate some more

I have some wild ideas on what AXE will do but I will wait and see what happends :icon_idea:



AXE did a great job and win war against SP. They invited some enemy players - thats normal. Look at jaffe - he joined AXE same way.

The only question stands for me why AXE invited Blue ...
Guy, who wrote this:
Traitor to me is someone who isn't loyal to the tribe he belongs to, which in Nelaime's case was -?-, he left for their enemies, betraying them.

Hmm, perfect fits to you, Blue. Allow me to call you TRAITOR.
Let me guess - its hard to betray first time only? :icon_twisted:


Blue contradicts himself more often than he opens his mouth, regardless SP saw him as a member.

His opinions are just that, opinions. And this invitation to our tribe can be consider a second chance, no ones position in our tribe is guaranteed, certainly not his.


Likewise my position is not guaranteed, and I speak for myself, and what I suspect others in AXE might say..


Nel we tend to let our members have their say on the world forum as at the end of the day it is just that their own opinion and NOT THAT OF THE TRIBE but needless to say if they make comments which the council does not like then you can be guaranteed that they are spoken to and told of their errors

Blue is on a chance at the minute so we will see how he does, i enjoy his posts and laugh a lot at what he has to say sometimes, but he is not the only example of players on this forum who makes errors in what they say.

Another example well known one at that is Redhunter. He says what he likes also and verm and ryalnos repeatedly say that his comments do not reflect those of the tribe

And yes Nel i am always careful of who is invited but in every good bunch of apples is always a bad one or two:icon_cry:


Found this as a great read to rediscover AXE's roots. Good times..... Good times...


Talk about a blast from the past. xD
Can't believe it's been that long. Seemed like only months ago since the start of AXE.


For a long time tensions have been high between AXE and SP. And recently i even recieved a mail showing me that Angacam and AcidGod had plans for SP to launch against AXE. So now not only have SP been caught red handed planning war while at NAP status but now they have also launched attacks against tH, who are allies of ours(this is hardly a secret). Combine this with the fact that Acid is quoted in the world forums as saying, direct quote here, "The plan to attack TSoH was originally mine, Anty will vouch for that..." and suddenly he now becomes the instrument in attacks on two of our allies. Unacceptable.

Now I really scratch my head in puzzlement, who in their right mind makes a tactical decison to not only take on a tribe's two allies but also to try attack the number two ranked tribe Ninjas.

We here in AXE won't stand for these bully boy tactics and will not wait for them to decide to add us to the list.

So we're calling you guys out for the 3 reasons listed above.Let the war commence!

P.s. to any that decide to post stats date the time from this post as a time line due to cross noblings in the past that would affect the correct figures, here is a time stamp to use Server time: 19:47:42 23/09/2008

How big pointwise were both tribes at declration?