Chaos Victory?


none of those members were GOH members. They were north members
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***Closes my eyes and hopes one of his arrows hit me***

I don't like those cookies of yours, wanna come to K93 and try out my new home made special funeral cakes? Its pretty delicious you know.

And yeah 2 incomings out of a month, and killing up dead players that don't fight back, like stell said you have got to be one hell of a warrior to be playing sooo well! I bet even drew and met can't beat your record :D

Nice one .. but come on soon as we turn up the heat on your guys most of them run off so we just get dead players facing us ... then we spend a few weeks cleaning up to gain ground to get to the next player just to find out he has gone too ... and so it goes on and on ...

So please send me as many of them funeral cakes as possible as I am hungry and ok I am out of nobles but still game for fun


good fight chaos and FOE, drew you played it well you destroyed a whole world :), so after this its going to be a CHAOS v FOE fight for the end.


Guest frus, it'll be CHAOS and FOE vs barbs and the remainings. Then it'll be CHAOS and FOE war:p

And no drew, those cakes are only for sale not for free :p