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Denizens of World 112. Our fellow fighters, warriors and comrades.

Welcome to what is, sadly (for me at least), the final edition of The Cicadian Times.

Why? Because Cicada is conceding defeat, and capitulating. We wish to congratulate our enemies, Crunch and Spexit, for the fight they have given us. Crunch in particular, given that they were in a losing position 4 months ago but chose to up their game to a level of activity and pressure that we simply couldn't return.

Why has Cicada lost?

There are a number of reasons. It boils down to:

- Burn out. Cicada went from a several month long war with JheeeZ immediately into a war with Crunch. Some players have been so burned out that during our last op, they were only able to give 1-2 hours of time in total to defend.
- Poor leadership strategy. This is entirely on my head, as I pushed for a more balanced and challenging 2v2 when there was an offer to gangbang Crunch on the table.
- Losing SINTM. This opened up a much larger front (with less defense to hold it with as we weren't going to go pure defense).
- Attrition. Crunch (and then Spexit) were keeping up the pressure effectively. Ops alternating so that Crunch and Spexit landed on us at different times would have likely led to this outcome far sooner as we were getting small rests, but our own ops took a long time to launch, again contributing to our burn-out.
- Size disadvantage. 130 million vs 200 million was always going to be a challenge. And we brought it on ourselves. Which we have really enjoyed, but unfortunately the enemy were simply too good for us to overcome the disadvantage this time.
- Outplayed. Put simply, we have not raised our game enough in response to Crunch raising theirs.

There are no complaints to be made, as we have enjoyed the fight and it's been a real pleasure to play a world where non-stop merges aren't why a tribe wins a world, but instead long, drawn out conflicts where tribes are equally matched in so many ways. The worst of those mass-merging tribes are long since gone, at the hands of the remaining tribes here who value fighting for a win over taking the easiest route to victory.

And so, having accepted defeat and acknowledging our enemy has outplayed us on this world, we look to the future as friends and as a team. Whatever we decide to do, it will be - as always - done as a unit, as a team. This post is about accepting defeat; what we choose to do next (be it mass delete, go pure defense and keep accounts on this world to keep the dominance percentage low) is a matter for us to choose internally.

And so, before this Cicadian Times is wrapped up, I wish to make a few thank you's before I bow out.

Thank you for being the perfect ally. I have never seen an alliance so loyal to one another and you have earned deep respect for that.
George - you in particular were so great at communicating with our leadership, that working together hardly had a bump in the road throughout this world.

Thank you for making this war such a challenge. Short, easy wars are never fun. You have made this conflict very enjoyable ingame.
IDCrisis, Ben, Ticko, Mastah - I'd like to give you four a shout-out in particular for impressing me in how you have handled yourselves and approached the game through this world. We have been on opposing sides for many months and often haven't seen things in the same light, however I have a lot of respect to the four of you as individuals and would be delighted to have the pleasure of playing alongside you in future worlds if paths align.

Hybrid, Dan, Bill, Freeman, Rob - thank you for, at various points in this world, co-duking Cicada with me. It has been an honour.
Mahler, Vick, Rhys, Andy, Sam, Sara, Chris, Nox, Nest - thank you for your massive contributions as part of Cicada's council.
Bill, Andy, Connor, Don, Nox - thank you for all the quizzes, radio shows and helping maintain our weekly internal awards.
Dan - a special thank you to you for everything you did for Cicada throughout this world. You've been one of my oldest TW friends and we've yet to play a world together where it's not been tonnes of fun. As always, my right-hand-man who deserves far more credit for Cicada's successes than I know you'll ever accept. Next level talent behind the scenes!

There have been over 100 players in Cicada on our various accounts throughout its life, and it would be impossible to thank you all individually here for your own contributions. Instead, I will thank you all as one (which feels fitting, the Cicada way). You have been an incredible team to lead, the comradery and team-first ethos that each and every one of you adopted upon joining the tribe made Cicada a true pleasure to lead from day 1 to conceding defeat.

Even when it has become clear we do not have the energy or drive to continue, not one account has walked. There has been next to no negativity, finger pointing or arguments throughout this world - even when under such pressure. You don't often find tribes who have that shared mentality. And for that, and all your efforts and commitments, I thank you all.

As said earlier, we're conceding victory and Crunch/Spexit deserve to go on to fight it out and earn the win. Both of them have outplayed Cicada, and we congratulate you on that.

Cicada have not won this world, and will not get crowned the best tribe on W112. For me, there will never be a tribe as good as Cicada internally, as a team, and with the spirit you have all brought to the table. And whilst we have lost this world as a team, this game is not just about winning or losing.

As we've always said, for us it is about the community. And in that regard, Cicada will never lose. The community we've built and kept has made it a pleasure for so many months. And that can continue without TW.

Thank you all for reading. This reporter is signing out one last time on World 112 forums.

Congratulations to Crunch and Spexit!

May the best remaining tribe go on and win - we will be watching with interest to see which Tribe Tag comes out on top.

Where's my shout out for throwing all those nukes at y'all from actually account??!?


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nice write-up

shame to see it turn out this way but was fun while it lasted(at least until I burned out a few months ago anyways, a year or so seems to be about my upper limit for a world personally before i'd rather do other things with my time)

the Jheez war and quizzes and such really did help brighten up an otherwise depressing year in 2020 for me


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As I said before boring world,will be interesting to see,which way the world is won,one giant merge,or lots of giant battles