WAR Crunch Time

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On a day in which i left my tribe to make room for a spanish player to come get help, and i had not 1 but 2 crunchers try to recruit me to crunch within 5 minutes, your accusing us of playing dirty.
Pretty sure every bit of that was banter and sarcasm !! to post it as a rebuttal on forum ! smh
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Just wanted to point out that point :)
The rest of it although is true cicada has had inroads with the op it was a good one but a lot of it happened because druxer changed and gave away areas that shouldn't have been cicada's but that's a if/then situation so can't really say.

personally i'd take that as a failure on our part only silver lining, TSE has 1k nobles we were taken aback by that too xD
Keep Rob and Naga happy you cicada :)
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Guess that's s'posed to make Cicada fools..? :rolleyes:

On the other hand, if we did want to play dirty, surely we could've accepted the invitation to snoop around? Anyways I mean at this point y'all can believe whatever you choose to, doesn't have to be true I guess o_O

@BGR, we will take good care of them, like any other Cicadian gets well taken care of, don't worry! :)