Exile v AXE --- Declaration - let's do it right

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As I am sure you know cool, stats can are just thats, stats and do not generally deliver the whole picture.

Here is mine.

Side 1:
Tribes: AXE AXED

Side 2:
Players: Finfarfin

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 16
Side 2: 85
Difference: 69


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 148,542
Side 2: 854,256
Difference: 705,714


Inactives and bad players are easy to find and both tribes have plenty of each - I had a guy from AXE attack me with mixed villages yesterday and it was not long ago that AXE were giving exile grief about players doing that.
Inactives and outlying villages will be easily taken, the real war will start after the holidays!!


i remember UNP he was never a runner :|

and he certainly wouldnt of deleted his acount over attacks .

i have no idear what happend , but i can guarrentie the UNP i played alongside with for roughly a year would have left axe and deleted ...

it leads me to believe he wasnt in controll of his acount , maybe he was but its nothing like him :icon_neutral:


Actually those barbs from the non factor of a deleted player seem to be a big factor...their real estate value seems to be greater than the real estate value of the red dots
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and its also helped exile gain controll in that k o_O

that like 9mill of barbs that apeared in k20 .

thinking about that its a pretty huge non-factor O_O


well, to sum things up a bit

1. He was in AXE less than 90 days total.
2. Gained about 50 villages from enemy while in AXE.
3. Gained 200 villages from barbs in that time frame.
4. Lost over 200 villages to the enemy (150 or so to Exile)
5. Over 700 of his total villages were from barbarian conquers.

Looks like he should not have even been in AXE in the first place. Of course Exile probably sees him as a big accomplishment and factor but...........

In my opinion, based on these facts, simply a non-factor. Not like Exile hurt the core of AXE at all. Just trimmed some of the "fat" that should not have been there in the first place.

Thanks for that. :icon_wink:

Oh and BTW.........

Hapy New YEAR!!!!!


UNP was about to quit before he joined AXE. He was barely here while he was here. Exile made him decide to go ahead and quit. So yes, it is an accomplishment for exile, but it's not a loss for AXE.


In the spirit of honesty I'd like to say losing UNP does hurt. IMO this late in the game losing ANYBODY is a loss. THe fact that their just isn't anywhere else to recruit from makes every player even that more valuable. That being said, if I had gotten to choose which player in AXE that was going to delete UNP would have been in the top 3.


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Think that this is all done and dusted,people leave the game as RL comes along and bites,would not like to think that AXE or Exile would gloat over someone leaving,especially now one of the best players in W15 is having to leave,yes I know grebro is an AXE player, he was one of the best,and will be missed by friend and foe alike

This war is being waged in a good spirit,would hate to see that change


Facts don't change that this is a game played voluntarily by all of us. With out the many people who login daily - we have no game - when a well know player leaves - we are all saddened by this lose - Grebro will be missed by us all.

With that said - I agree with Derek - let's keep a civil tone and a good spirit about the game. We are here to have fun!
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