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What an idiot he is. xponiboix = biggest failure of W24 so far.


invite said:
silentkill6 today at 17:45
i know im probrably going to get denied but can i have and invite? Ive played on worlds 9 and 19 with 15-20k each and i had a pack of sour skittles last night?

shlomzi today at 17:46
Sorry, we are only recruiting people who eat the original skittles.

silentkill6 today at 17:47
fine be that way

Lol, I love it when people actually mail me saying they had a packet of skittles today/night before simply to get in..

They heed to our profile to much :icon_neutral:



well, glad to see you all laughing at my expense :p.

pimpometer, the way you responded to my mail, I was wondering if you could even speak properly :s. Constantly using acronyms.


hi said:
LeviGoodwin today at 17:04
wanna be a family seem we have the same name?

shlomzi today at 17:08

LeviGoodwin today at 17:08

shlomzi today at 17:09

LeviGoodwin today at 17:10

shlomzi today at 17:10

LeviGoodwin today at 17:11
are you straight?

shlomzi today at 17:11

LeviGoodwin today at 17:11
are you human?

shlomzi today at 17:12

LeviGoodwin today at 17:12
you a skittle?

shlomzi today at 17:12

LeviGoodwin today at 17:14
d u only say no. ?

shlomzi today at 17:15

LeviGoodwin today at 17:15
your screwed dude

shlomzi today at 17:15

LeviGoodwin today at 17:16

shlomzi today at 17:16

LeviGoodwin today at 17:18

shlomzi today at 17:20

LeviGoodwin today at 17:20

shlomzi today at 17:21

LeviGoodwin today at 17:21

shlomzi today at 17:22

Lol, so in the end, he agreed I wasn't screwed.


Nice Mail..Friendly Mail... said:
shlomzi today at 18:11


I mailed the leader of some tribe called TKF with this because my member got in, got baron, dismissed everyone and deleted everything :p

zenron the great

I lol'd shlomzi

Joining said:
GetMerked today at 15:59

I was wondering if you would likke to join [ally]-?-[/ally].

We are a new tribe Currently ranked number 1 In world 15.

We currently very small, But could quite easily make it too number 1 if people would join. Once one person joins The rest will follow,

Please Join, Thanks

Reply to this message if you would like an invite, If Not you will be missing out.

Shattered Oblivion today at 18:18
your entire profile is written in spanish.

Hell no!


Public Humiliation said:
iNoob today at 17:54
I would like to be publicly humiliated please.
shlomzi today at 17:58
iNoob today at 17:59
But I wanna!
shlomzi today at 17:59
iNoob today at 18:00
Your tribal profile liez!
shlomzi today at 18:01
iNoob today at 18:01
shlomzi today at 18:02
iNoob today at 18:02
I <3 joo!
shlomzi today at 18:03
iNoob today at 18:03
shlomzi today at 18:04
Yay. Potatoes rule.
Ireland eat Potatoes. Potatoes pwn j00
iNoob today at 18:05
I pwn Ireland.
shlomzi today at 18:05
Ireland pwns all.
iNoob today at 18:05
Except me and a few carefully selected cookiez.
shlomzi today at 18:06
U liez!
iNoob today at 18:06
Ur tribal profile liez!
shlomzi today at 18:08
No, you liez!
iNoob today at 18:09
Now I liez! I liez about lying! But I not lie about 'tatos and Ireland!
shlomzi today at 18:09
Tatoes = best crisps eva
iNoob today at 18:10
Now that iz not a lie.
shlomzi today at 18:12
We agree
iNoob today at 18:13
You gonna post this on munny IG or should I?
shlomzi today at 18:13
I like munny!
iNoob today at 18:14
Bye Byez, speek 2 joo lata!
shlomzi today at 18:14
I am bored!
iNoob today at 19:22
I liek munny too!
shlomzi today at 19:24
iNoob today at 19:25
You spelt Orly? wrong! It is spelt Orly.
shlomzi today at 19:26
iNoob today at 19:27
shlomzi today at 19:27
Yes Rly


tribe said:
Daley Dude today at 19:17

would you be interested in joing a tribe for the elete. i am lloking to make a tribe with the best players and i was wondering if you would be interested

what is this new 'elete' he speaks of?

Nickster The 2nd

Got exactly the same message homo

then i said no

then he said you can be baron.


Problem said:
CandymanCant today at 18:23
Your village has been placed to close to mine and therefore you must move, sorry to be the bearer or bad news but i need barbarian villages and your village is where it should be.

Its an easy problem to solve, just go to Settings at the top, then there will be an option to restart, I advise you take it.

Thanks for your time,

bigt80000 today at 18:24
yo m8 i aint moving 4 no 1 just so u cant get big

CandymanCant today at 18:30
I will love you.

bigt80000 today at 18:31
u what

CandymanCant today at 18:32
I will love you.

bigt80000 today at 18:32

CandymanCant today at 18:34
I will make love to you.

CandymanCant today at 18:42
Would you like that?

bigt80000 today at 18:42
r u a boy or girl and how old r u

CandymanCant today at 18:43
I'm sure you can see for yourself.

bigt80000 today at 18:45
yh ur realy 4

CandymanCant today at 18:49
4 and one twelfth.

bigt80000 today at 18:52
yh corse u r and im 2

CandymanCant today at 18:55
You are too young to play the game, you will be reported.

bigt80000 today at 18:55
ur 2 young 2 play

CandymanCant today at 18:56
No, the age limit its 4 years old. <_<

bigt80000 today at 18:57
yh i dont belive ur 4 coz ur spelling is pretty acriout im 14

CandymanCant today at 18:57
I'm intelligent.

bigt80000 today at 19:00
u couldnt make love coz u would have a maggot as a q p

CandymanCant today at 19:02

bigt80000 today at 19:03
b4 u said u would make love 2 me u couldnt u would have a maggot as a willie

CandymanCant today at 19:04
Its big enough for the ladies.

bigt80000 today at 19:10
yh age 2 ha mines 35 cm long

bigt80000 today at 19:11
urs is big enoth 4 age 2 girls mines 35 cm long thats big 4 my age 14

CandymanCant today at 19:18
Can I see it?

bigt80000 today at 19:19
no u perv and im not sending picks of me ding dong

CandymanCant today at 19:19
Why not?

bigt80000 today at 19:23
coz its sick

CandymanCant today at 19:23

bigt80000 today at 19:26
i cant send a pic 2 u a dont have ur things

CandymanCant today at 19:26

bigt80000 today at 19:28

CandymanCant today at 19:29
Great, send them NAO

bigt80000 today at 19:33
what nao

CandymanCant today at 19:34

bigt80000 today at 19:35
whats nao

CandymanCant today at 19:39

35cms!? :O


Okay, so I'm not the most advanced player in other worlds, but...

why join another tribe said:
chano99 today at 17:43
why join another tribe. join my tribe army its a good trusted tribe and we are trying to grow as fast as we can and we would work together, live together and be together. One thing if you are in the top members of tribe army then you would be promoted as something such as a leader.reply back
Murrayfan11 today at 18:11
I will join if you or other guy in your tribe send me a cookie :) Go to rally point, type 999|999 on the coordinates bit and click support. Don't need any troops.
chano99 today at 18:13
i cant it say no unit selected, so join tribe army and then when i get soldier i would
Murrayfan11 today at 19:41
do you have premium?
chano99 today at 19:41
Murrayfan11 today at 19:42
chano99 today at 19:43
Murrayfan11 today at 19:43
coz people with premium cant send cookies. i need a cookie to join the tribe.
chano99 today at 19:44
whats is a cookie
Murrayfan11 today at 19:46
its a tasty snack that is nice with chocolate chips.
chano99 today at 19:48
anyway how can u send a cookie in tribal waars ru dum
Murrayfan11 today at 20:30
I told you how to send a cookie in tribal wars you gotta stop being premium.
chano99 today at 20:35
u cant send a cookie im not a foll hear so dont try it or y dont u try send me a cookie
chano99 today at 20:36
im waitin see u cant send me a coookie so dont try it
Murrayfan11 today at 20:43
I have sent you one. It's on its way, and it was little bits of white chocolate and raspberry in it :) I hope you like it! And by the way, it may contain traces of nuts. If your character is allergic you won't be able to see the delivery so that might be the case.

More to come :D


hello said:
DeathSythejoey today at 17:58
skitles taste like shit and last time i had any was like a year ago
so can i join? =D

if you didnt guess im taking the piss
Lol, I love it when people actually mail me saying they had a packet of skittles today/night before simply to get in..

They heed to our profile to much :icon_neutral:
(Y) dont hurt me

shlomzi today at 17:59
I realised :p

And no, you cant join. We only accept epic phailures.

Unfortunately, you're just a phailure :p

DeathSythejoey today at 18:00
darn =[

shlomzi today at 18:00
You could be promoted to epic phailure if you manage to join us, get duke, and disband us :p

DeathSythejoey today at 18:02
fancy giving me duke?

shlomzi today at 18:03
Mebe. Mebe Not.

DeathSythejoey today at 18:04
itll be funny on forum SKITTLE DISSBANDED BY A NOOB itll make funny laughing noises world wide

shlomzi today at 18:05
Yeah. But then I'd be seen as a noob. I ain't destroying my W17 reputation (I lead CHE there along with Bloodhood) by doing that D:

DeathSythejoey today at 18:08
ah but you could claim i lied to you and you thought i was like some one else

and didnt know what i was going to do?

and we could lie about who gave me privvs

shlomzi today at 18:09
But then all my hard mass-recruiting work (which failed, only 20 odd people joined) will be gone to waste!

DeathSythejoey today at 18:10
bah you can re-try maybe with a half decent name so maybe ppl will join?

shlomzi today at 18:11
Skittl is a cool name D:

Food always gets good. Like CHE (Cheese Alliance) and Skittl (Taste The Rainbow)


DeathSythejoey today at 18:15
dont forget muffin

but skitle is tooooo good

i was verry bored
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