Funny IGM Messages

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I find this one very funny:

Urgent Message said:
N1ckV on 31.07. at 22:48
Hi, I would just like to warn you that once beginner protection ends in approximately 4 days, I plan to farm everyone in my 13x13. I'm sending this message to tell you to save yourself some trouble, and to just restart now.

I'm actually helping you on this, because you'll enjoy a better game experience without me. Why should you have to fend for your village, when you can just restart and experience peace? Trust me, you will be better off without me.

To restart, go to settings --> start over --> fill in your password, and press OK. Congratulations, you're now in a much more fun space to play the game. I'm really sorry about this, but I'm just telling you to make the game more fun for yourself.


Lol ya tell em all so they build defence and farm you in return... Smart...


Pretty nice letter actually. Well written, and so helpful to the someone who just started the game, and wants to enjoy a peaceful life at this world. ;)


mayichian today at 00:53
when that happens you will become dumb and you will do my bidding -__O

youngdoc today at 00:43
lol yea i'm not dumb my brain will just have to explode

mayichian today at 00:35
its a noise in which makes the brain explode if you mass recruit
to prevent this you Settings>Start Over>Confirm Password

youngdoc today at 00:23
wat you talking about ?

mayichian today at 00:04
wanna get HURR'd?

youngdoc on 31.07. at 22:42
I am youngdoc, I am an experienced player and have played for some time. My goal is to create a tribe where we help eachother no matter what. I will together with some other experienced players make this tribe to be a tribe of justice and I want you to join us.

If you want me to invite you just reply to this message.

Please join and look at our rules, if you like them contact me again and confirm that you do, otherwise you are free to leave the tribe again!

If you are wondering why we dont have many points it is because we had to make a sister tribe to fill in all the people, and to focus on the K55 area, the points will increase dramatically when the rest of our members switch over.

This is our Sister Tribe, we have the same rules and everything



backwards read ftw


Invite to SHOGUN said:
onelazygamer on 31.07. at 16:28
You seem to be a worthy candidate to join SHOGUN.

Shogun is a conceived empire established through the desire to dominate the world through Power, Fearlessness, and our Strength.

If you would like to join, please accept the accompanying invite.


ashitaka-chan on 31.07. at 16:30
How the hell am I a worthy candidate? Will we dominate K44 and whole world?

onelazygamer on 31.07. at 16:33
obviously, you seem to be active enough and show enough respect to even reply to this message. The best way to dominate World 24 is to conquer each Continent. Of course, originally, we will only be located in K44, but in time, we will conquer World 24.

ashitaka-chan on 31.07. at 16:36
It's been one hour since this world started, and I have nothing better to do, so I joined. Is it good to build resources only or I should build something else? I have no experience from previous worlds so I could use little help.
What is your strategy to conquer this world?

onelazygamer on 31.07. at 16:43
I like to focus on building resources. Of course, right now, you dont need nearly as much iron as you do wood and clay. So I like to keep wood and clay a few levels above my iron at the beginning. Check the help section, it will tell you all about the level requirements for certain buildings. But right now, just focus on your resources, and sometimes your village HQ. That will speed up building times, and help you in the long run.

Thanks for joining SHOGUN

ashitaka-chan on 31.07. at 16:47
I never said that I will join. Thanks for the tip.

onelazygamer on 31.07. at 16:48
Oh. you made it sound like you joined SHOGUN, because you said you had nothing better to do. But okay. your welcome.

I'm actually neat girl. :D


I found this restart letter i got to be a fail

Greetings said: today at 05:17
Hello fellow TW player,

I am an extremely active and agressive player.
I cannot see the both of us surviving in such close proximity to each other.
If you were to restart however, you would find yourself in a new area, without an agressive neighbour.
You can do this by going to Settings // Start Over // And entering your password.

Looking forward to your new home,
TW Tamer

Nuke101 today at 05:40
1.Its aggressive not agressive
2.Its can't not Cannot
3.Its Neighbor not neighbour

By your letter i would start over if i was you cause i would hate to see a player as "active and aggressive" as you be farmed by a little old nub like me.


P.S.If you plan on writing a restart letter make a good one not one what a 5yr could write.


I found this restart letter i got to be a fail

To be truthful, he made quite a mature letter, only thing he spelt wrong was aggressive, otherwise it was spelled properly. Cannot is used rather than can't because it is more formal and neighbour merely means that he is Canadian.


-XXX- said:
darkx today at 06:15
Hello there! I'm [player]Darkx[/player], a veteran from world beta (a world found before w1), and the orignal founder of [ally]-XXX-[/ally]. I come to you with both respect and a chance to join our tribe. Why? because we are very aggressive, experienced and active and will continue to be into this world closes. If you are interested in joining my tribe just reply with a "yes" or "no". What do you say?

thanks for reading this and hope to hear from you soon ^^


razerblade2 today at 06:19
Will I be made a duke?

darkx today at 06:43
no, not recruitor, baron, diplomat, forum mod, tribe messager, nothing but a member

razerblade2 today at 06:53
I'll only join if I get made a duke, Im a baron here =D

darkx today at 07:00
Ok fine I will make you duke ... You must leave your tribe first though

razerblade2 today at 07:01

razerblade2 today at 07:02

darkx today at 07:02
o_O lol hahaha lmfao

razerblade2 today at 07:03
Whats so funny?

darkx today at 07:04
Have strict rules about this and there's no way I'm going to make anyone duke.

razerblade2 today at 07:04
baron at least?

darkx today at 07:06

razerblade2 today at 07:10
Was merely testing you as duke, search me up in tw stats, I am an able leader.

darkx today at 07:12
I looked you up before contacting you

razerblade2 today at 07:13
Baron status?

darkx today at 07:46
^-^ nice, now you can put that in the disbanning dairy which will be located here. Kinda knew that was coming.

Deleted all their forums

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Nickster The 2nd

Razerblade i had the same message but didn't reply.


To be truthful, he made quite a mature letter, only thing he spelt wrong was aggressive, otherwise it was spelled properly. Cannot is used rather than can't because it is more formal and neighbour merely means that he is Canadian.

the letter carried on he was an ausie, then i got a letter from Purple pred speaking on behalf of him telling me to restart:icon_cry:


Free preminum accounts said:
XCITER today at 16:28
Hello sir,
Would you be interested in winning a months worth of premium points?
zmoguliz today at 16:46
XCITER today at 17:01
Ok, we require that you must first be re-located. If you land in any of 4 randomly selected K's it will be sent over.
Settings > Start over and message me with your new location.
zmoguliz today at 18:02
how i sopoust to know theat you are not lieing?
XCITER today at 18:31
This is a legimite competition thrown by the good people of (site underconstruction)
We are here on to promote the Reservation of farm life on the internet. Thank you :)
zmoguliz today at 18:53
ok :)
so i now have to start-over?
XCITER today at 18:54
Yes :) Please inform me of your new coordinates asap.
zmoguliz today at 19:57
my new cords is (357|483) K43
XCITER today at 20:03
Thank you. You can collect your prize Here. Congratulations.

Move. Completed


I was not sure what he wanted...since he wanted so many things.

merge said:
s u stephen today at 19:56
i'm willing to let u merge us u seem descent... If u make any comments like how bout u merge us i will not respond. Tell me yes or no. I mite think bout alliance

Slippy88 today at 20:04
Get out of my mailbox.
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