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Sorry. Was that just an offer for you to get tag teamed all over the world? lol. Your paying I'm down for a trip around the world. I'm a troll, I know I'm safe from your obvious advances.

Yes, I start from the south and slowly and deliberately work my way north :icon_wink:

...that is to say nobling Undy villages of course. :lol:


raymond.2009 Aug 26,2012 15:22
Good luck in this world as your mass off army will see me off but you will not be here at the end your not good enough.

'Tis funny because its true :icon_redface:


This is not a funny IGM, but it's funny just the same
I put the wrong coordinates in the attack planner, I couldn't leave it without making a comment

JethroTull said:
Launch from ..Slowest unit.. Time to travel ..Launch at
Question (348|756) Ram 133107:44:25 1997-07-20 15:19:59
I'm obviously playing this game in a different dimension. Does anyone have a lvl 100 HQ with a time traveling machine in one of their villages? As you can see, I need to go back to 1997 to launch this attack


:icon_eek: Where did you send that to?

Edit: After fiddling around with it awhile, I got this:


I think I know the intended launch place, but that's hilarious!
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Guess I wasn't paying attention when I entered the coords but those are the exact coordinates that showed up on the planner.