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Sometimes I wonder about the new TW players ;)

Avidaman23 on 31.05. at 02:10
can i join your tribe! :D

pk3rz 30 on 31.05. at 04:49
Sorry mate, you're already in a tribe. If you're that willing to just swap tribes, I have to wonder if you will change that quickly again.

Avidaman23 on 31.05. at 04:51
ok! give me invittion now and i join now! :D

pk3rz 30 on 31.05. at 04:55
Sorry, but no. You are already in a tribe, stay loyal to them.

Avidaman23 on 31.05. at 11:06
please accept my request!


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Zhuge-LiangMZ on 12.06. at 20:45
can i ask you please stop attacking me?

Runesten on 12.06. at 20:55
Why did you noble one my barbs? Those are MY farms, not your targets

Zhuge-LiangMZ on 12.06. at 20:59
you didnt tell me?

Zhuge-LiangMZ on 12.06. at 20:59
and no they cannot be yourfarms

Zhuge-LiangMZ on 12.06. at 21:00
why cant you just cant me some slack please its my first time nobling

Runesten on 12.06. at 21:11
I dont need to tell you its my farm, you should be able to see it is.

They are my farms, when i say they are my farms.

I will let it go for now. But if you noble another barb village, i will remove you from this area!

Zhuge-LiangMZ on 12.06. at 21:19
then wat barbs can i use?

Zhuge-LiangMZ on 12.06. at 21:20
I mean what can I noble then

Runesten on 12.06. at 21:29
noble other players

Zhuge-LiangMZ on 12.06. at 21:29
ok so just not abandoned villages right?

Runesten on 12.06. at 21:30
pretty much yeah

Zhuge-LiangMZ today at 06:49
Hey please support me star dragon is destroying me

Zhuge-LiangMZ today at 06:54
And he is frm ur tribe tell him to stop please

Runesten today at 06:57
i just asked them and they said if i dont shut up they'll get me too!

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He called me elite...aww shucks...

And, yes, I was trolling with the religion and he called me on it...oh poo!

mystic 2628 Jun 16,2012 00:22
Jesus christ! Leave me alone! I've already been negotiating with Haguey and Jarmen in your tribe and i just want to be neutral! I don't care about winning any war i just want attacks to stop. This is my best village EVER on tribal wars and i don't want to lose it. I'll offer anything. I'll join your tribe even. I just want all these attacks to stop! Obliterate TKR for all i care! I want to just get my village better and continue playing this game. I'll gladly stand by and watch while you have this war as long as i don't have to fight in it.

Josh Doyals Jun 16,2012 00:25
I am a very religious man.

mystic 2628 Jun 16,2012 00:28
Ok... But come on. I'm not even in TKR anymore and i have damn little intention of ever going back. I don't care about the war. I just want to not get attacked and actually have my village grow. Please can i just be left alone?

Josh Doyals Jun 16,2012 00:31
When my great grandfather came to this country from Ireland, he had a dream. He wanted to prosper and grow in wealth so that our family would be taken care of after his death. Instead, he was put to work on the railroads with the Chinese. He was treated like common trash. Now all we have left of his blood, sweat, and tears is our faith. We are unshaking in that. God shall provide for all. Just seek Him and He will protect.

Are you a religious person?

mystic 2628 Jun 16,2012 00:33
I'm kind of religious. I don't exactly know what to believe. But what does it have to do with Tw?

Josh Doyals Jun 16,2012 00:35
God is everywhere. He is everything. He is Tribal Wars. If your faith in Him is not strong, then He will not allow you to prosper.

Grow your faith. Will you Grow your faith in Him starting today, or will you allow your life to continue in darkness that is the light of Satan?

mystic 2628 Jun 16,2012 00:36
Your trolling.

Josh Doyals Jun 16,2012 00:37
I never jest when it comes to faith. I am appalled that you would suggest such a travesty. No wonder you have not had luck in this game thus far.

mystic 2628 Jun 16,2012 00:39
There are a bunch of people better then you who have not had any faith in god.

Josh Doyals Jun 16,2012 00:40
You have no idea how successful I have been at this game. But I assure you, if you have faith in the one true God, you will come away from this war unscathed.

mystic 2628 Jun 16,2012 00:42
Come on. I know your trolling. Just please, stop. I can't freaking lose this village! I have nothing to do with TKR. I don't care about their war. I just want peace.

Josh Doyals Jun 16,2012 00:42
60 incoming is a lot isnt it. How many others do you have?

mystic 2628 Jun 16,2012 00:43
I have 61 incoming.

mystic 2628 Jun 16,2012 00:43
I bet my village won't last the night.

Josh Doyals Jun 16,2012 00:47
61? That is all? I have 453 incoming right now as we speak and i am not even breaking a sweat. How old are you man?

mystic 2628 Jun 16,2012 00:47
No it's the fact that each one probably has a noble in it.

Josh Doyals Jun 16,2012 00:49
61 nobles? Well that would be rather silly. Do I look like a clown? Do you think I sit around and tell jokes all day? You think my mom gave birth to a joke? You think my great grandfather came here from Ireland to further a family of comedians? You just bought yourself another 30 attacks.

mystic 2628 Jun 16,2012 00:51
Thats cause your elite. If i had 400+ attacks i would accept that i'm dead.

mystic 2628 Jun 16,2012 00:51
61 is a lot for my village.

Josh Doyals Jun 16,2012 00:52
My mother didn't raise a feline ass quitter. I am a beast. Hear me ROAR!!!!

Where is your inner beast?

What are your troop counts? Are you willing to allow me to sit your account for about 15 mins and see if I can help you out?

mystic 2628 Jun 16,2012 00:53
Really? How would you help me out?

Josh Doyals Jun 16,2012 00:55
I can't tell you my secrets. But never mind the helping you out with an account sit. I can't. I have sent attacks at you. But i can try to help another way.

What are your troop counts? What are your building levels?

mystic 2628 Jun 16,2012 00:58
Troop count:

440 Spear fighters
149 Swordsmen
103 Axemen
85 Archers
371 Scouts
66 Light cavalry
Ysgramor (My paladin)

mystic 2628 Jun 16,2012 00:59
Village Headquarters (Level 10) Barracks (Level 5) today at 23:51:01 Stable (Level 5) today at 16:14:26 Workshop (Level 4) Smithy (Level 10) Rally point (Level 1) Statue (Level 1) Market (Level 1) Merchants: 0/1 Timber camp (Level 20) Clay pit (Level 20) Iron mine (Level 20) Farm (Level 17) Warehouse (Level 14) today at 12:53:25 Hiding place (Level 6) Wall (Level 15)

Ignore all the other random stuff.

Josh Doyals Jun 16,2012 01:03
I don't understnd why you are afraid. You look fine.

When he actually gave me his build and troop count I had to leave him was so sad...
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Moon. Jul 07,2012 01:05
I have been playing a world 1 account mate. You do not know more than me.

He and others who have been messaging me lately have been saying plenty of funny things like that. :icon_razz:


Murphster66 Jul 09,2012 03:13
how would you feel like making a partnership. help me get a village or two in your area and we work together. if this happens I can ensure that my tribe leaves you alone whenever we spear over this way

I am speechless :icon_eek:

Your telling me i should worry about his tribe in my location :D


Thats what i said....

I said you got agency to get through before you reach me :p

cooled ice

I keep attacking him for the lulz he provides via IGM :p

cooledice Jul 04,2012 14:07
hey please restart. this area is not going to do any good to you since you joined in late.


Darthvader85 Jul 04,2012 20:43
i tried to get in the same area as my dad, but it sent me here. if i restart, i lose everything ive built so far. why cant we be allies instead of enemies? i'm no threat to you. My dad got me started in this game and think its pretty cool so far.

Darthvader85 Jul 06,2012 21:30
dont you have anything better to do than attack a SMALL village? whats the matter? afraid to attack a bigger village?

cooledice Jul 06,2012 23:51
hey mate. I have asked you before to restart in a different area. I hope i don't have to waste my time with you. Cheers.

Darthvader85 Jul 07,2012 02:04
waste your time. whatever.. it your time not mine. cant move, wont move. im not the one picking on a small village.whats the matter? afraid to attack one of the big villages around here? have to pick on a small village.

cooledice Jul 07,2012 03:20

Darthvader85 Jul 07,2012 17:27
what a coward!!

cooledice Jul 07,2012 19:16
hint: More you talk the more it will hurt :)

Darthvader85 Jul 07,2012 22:44
why cant we be allies? maybe even friends. you along with my dad can give me pointers.

cooledice Jul 07,2012 22:53
Yyou called me a coward.

Darthvader85 Jul 08,2012 06:25
i appologize for calling you a coward.

cooledice Jul 08,2012 06:43
sorry mate words can't be taken back. Please restart at a different location. You haven't made much progress in this area. might as well give it a shot somewhere else.


Darthvader85 Jul 08,2012 06:59
i could if you would please stop attacking me. i never done anything to you. where are you from anyway?

Darthvader85 Jul 09,2012 20:24
Hey there, you need to quit picking on villages smaller than you, i mean what is up with you, all you are is a bully and prick, so u need to quit picking on me and attack villages youre size, its starting to piss me off!

cooledice Jul 09,2012 20:44
Settings ==> Settings ==> Startover ==> Confirm with your password and YOUR problem is solved. Cheers.

Darthvader85 Jul 09,2012 20:47
No i am not moving from this spot, i dont care how much you want me to move, i aint moving! You need to quit this now!!

cooledice Jul 09,2012 20:49
ok then :) Enjoy!

Darthvader85 Jul 09,2012 21:03
Whatever man youre just a prick

cooledice Jul 09,2012 23:03

Darthvader85 Jul 09,2012 23:10
Look im no threat to u and i mean really i cant attack u any time soon so why do this? its retarded!

cooledice Jul 09,2012 23:30
I need you to leave the area. I can't let you stay here with all the insults you have thrown my way.

Darthvader85 Jul 09,2012 23:32
Ok i threw those at u because ur picking on me i wont do it anymore just leave me alone please

cooledice Jul 09,2012 23:43
there;s something about destroying buildings that i find amusing. sorry bud.

Darthvader85 Jul 09,2012 23:47
look if u quit i will help you i know im small but i can help just please quit picking on me

Darthvader85 Jul 10,2012 01:04
Please quit atacking me, youre making this game misereable for me, why do you have to pick on me all the time??

Darthvader85 Jul 10,2012 01:32
whats the matter/afraid to respond?

cooledice Jul 10,2012 01:50
yes :S

Darthvader85 Jul 10,2012 02:07
quit attacking me, please why do u do this i mean really ur being immature

cooledice Jul 10,2012 02:17
i want you to relocate.

Darthvader85 Jul 10,2012 02:18
tell me why?

cooledice Jul 10,2012 02:28
because...this is a war game. Whole point here is to attack people. Whether it be my size or not. I have fought with players much larger than me in my days. You're my unfortunate neighbor. I'm also attacking danger51.

Darthvader85 Jul 10,2012 02:36
idc who else u attack and idc care if this is a war game, please quit attacking me for now please, u can attack me wen i have something here to attack please

cooledice Jul 10,2012 03:03
Settings ==> Settings ==> Startover ==> Confirm with your password


cooledice Jul 10,2012 05:14
awww now im more mad. :( You killed my troops :(


funnies noble kill ever

Attacker: Origin: K46
Quantity: 0 0 300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Losses: 0 0 300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Defender: Destination: K46
Quantity: 0 0 0 0 7173 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Losses: 0 0 0 0 1532 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
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Duly noted, will be placing 1mil scout stacks in all villages from now on.


[Spoil]TurtleTurtleTurtle. today at 00:40
It is possible when you 1 inch now. For you imagine being 7 inches :p
Swaggur-Tastic today at 00:36
idk k44 appears to be allied against the barbs. and 7 inches come on thats not possible.
TurtleTurtleTurtle. today at 00:35
Worth a try, imagine actually be 7 inchs eh?

Panic! declared on barbs? Ohh hell no!! They are mine
Swaggur-Tastic today at 00:32
I thought panic declared already, they should win right? Oh and if I get my money back i guess ill try it out, 2 inches a month would give me 6 inches by the end of the year.
TurtleTurtleTurtle. today at 00:19
I have 2 inches growth in a month, if it does not work. Well you know get your money back guaranteed.

Barbling is good, they are winning this world at the moment. Need to declare on them
Swaggur-Tastic today at 00:18
have you tried it? I want to make sure it works before I use it. I also heard barbling is good for growth.
TurtleTurtleTurtle. today at 00:15
Swaggur-Tastic today at 00:12
yeah I'm just not getting big enough
TurtleTurtleTurtle. on 26.07. at 22:12
size issues?
Swaggur-Tastic on 26.07. at 18:36
ive got size issues, any suggestions?
TurtleTurtleTurtle. on 26.07. at 18:34
with what?
Swaggur-Tastic on 26.07. at 18:13
Wow your pretty high up the rankings, think you can help me out?[/Spoil]


I love this baron...

H0TStuff Aug 14,2012 01:54
Hey man i heard the negotiations. Thanks for not just trying to completely wipe us out and letting us survive after everyone above 3k moves up.. I'd like to grow this tribe, along the rim, so hopefully we dont get in anyones way. Best of luck in your war:)

xxxleonidasxxx Aug 14,2012 05:21
yeah no problem :)

H0TStuff Aug 14,2012 06:30
could you just take out [player]nona lamba[/player] now he keeps going on yellow, and is right now. Don't give him any time to move. Noble his ass pronto :D

xxxleonidasxxx Aug 14,2012 06:32
Our policy is that we noble villas above 3k

None of his vills are above 3k yet.. Im sorry.


H0TStuff Aug 14,2012 06:34
awh, oo i got on you cant refuse! [player]wreos[/player] is yellow, and he has one village that just peeked over 3k lol. You could wait till it grows more but you dont have to give them time to move.

xxxleonidasxxx Aug 14,2012 06:38
I will see.

The war makes me busy... But i will see when I have some spare offense.

H0TStuff Aug 14,2012 06:40
So you dont have to waiste any more troops, what'll do is next time they log in i'll request them to have me sit them due to the fact they were inactive then ill clear there troops for you and then you can take them.

Either way i cant imagine too many troops in there. But no rush man, your war is more important take wreos when you got the time
good luck with the war

xxxleonidasxxx Aug 14,2012 06:44
Alright, that sounds awesome :)

When they log in again, do get rid of their troops and we will noble.



H0TStuff Aug 14,2012 06:46
Alright, will do
Im heading to bed, talk to you later william. Night:) (for me atleast lol)



xxxleonidasxxx Aug 14,2012 06:32
Our policy is that we noble villas above 3k

You call this Honor? (191|505) K51 1,103 Barbarian xxxleonidasxxx [ADD] 2012-08-10 08:15:30
You call this Honor? (192|505) K51 1,125 Barbarian xxxleonidasxxx [ADD] 2012-08-09 15:40:58
You call this Honor? (152|572) K51 1,304 Barbarian xxxleonidasxxx [ADD] 2012-08-07 22:09:19

You are one of the worst players I have seen, who are you to laugh at anyone



I like how you try to bash him for saying he only nobles vills above 3k, and then you show the stats of under 3k nobling. Ever think that there might be a reason for him to noble those villages?


Pro double post is Pro!

NewBottleOJack Aug 14,2012 20:37
Mr. non talky Aug 14,2012 20:44

NewBottleOJack Aug 14,2012 20:45

Mr. non talky Aug 14,2012 20:48

NewBottleOJack Aug 14,2012 20:49
(finger) to the world. :p

Mr. non talky Aug 14,2012 20:51

why did you ruin our face line (dull)

now i have to give you a whale face


NewBottleOJack Aug 14,2012 20:58
Baby I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you so, Oh no no.
Baby I'm sorry, don't wanna let you go, oh no no.

You know
I tried to call
I wanted to apologize
But you, you were angry
You said you had nothing to hide.

Mr. non talky Aug 14,2012 20:59
you dont mind if that goes on the externals right =D

NewBottleOJack Aug 14,2012 20:59
Of course not :D

Linky meh!