Funny in-game messages


the complete lack of "funny" is funny.... I think I lost myself there


Not Mine so No credit should be taken... Hilarious none-the-less

Hi i understand i am currently to low to join your tribe, but is there a certain amount of points i have to get before i am allowed in? (if a am alowed in)

We don't do evaluations based on points.

on troops then? or what?

Activity and creativity.

i see, well i'm very active. how do i show my creativity?
ok, send me a poem asap so we can decide the personality match and when you get to silver plunder you'll get the invite.
awesome :) i'll get right on it

Then this:

They're 8th in the world, Patryns are their name,
their gunna set all your villages aflame

They have a weapon which will make you think,
watch out.. or they'll get you with their sink,

They're so big, they'll make you cry, to your villages
they'll make you say goodbye,

They're top member is Augustus888, he's so strong
he'll send you home in a crate,

Pacli is coming up the rear, to his enemies eyes he brings a tear,
he destorys everything anywhere near,

The message is.. They're really really sexy, hopefully
They will accept me?

Hope this is okay, if not i can improve it :)


(insert name here) wants more about himself in there. He's a real egomaniac :(. I think he's jealous of me because I'm better looking.

When I wrote mine I wrote several lines about how I had a man crush on him. You should add some lines about that.
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haha ^^^ nice one. I love these letters of people just taking the absolute mick out of eachother


I have a brilliant one, but I dont think I'm allowed to post it :[ Because some people seem to care about privacy... pshh :L


-matt (I-AM-HERE) from the forums, shortly after joining the failed tribe T-S during its war against Pluto..

MoeNox on 06.02. at 14:49
Well that's disappointing.

You seem like a good player.
Sometimes things become a bit blurred or heated, and whatever happened I would suggest taken a moment and making sure you don't let the rash actions of Ripped cause you to select a course for self destruction.
That isn't bravado, that is me suggesting things slow down and perhaps think things thru a bit.

Was hoping to have you as a tribe mate.
Either way, hope you are enjoying your weekend.


I-AM-HERE on 06.02. at 14:52
Some of your local clowns think its funyy to mess with me, Ripped snipped 1 of my takes, he looses his main + the take. Now bev wants to snipe it, he is next.

i have been in this game for a very long time. i fear nothig or no-one, you should have warned your goons to back off. I warned don yesterday. i had intention of joining pluto once they sized down (as don said you were going to) but obviously situations have changed and now i will be helping both -f- and t-s coordinate against pluto to prove, 1 player can make a difference ;)

I gave plenty of warnings. Now its time to act, just like i warnned ripped, i warnned bev.

Every action has a reaction

MoeNox on 06.02. at 15:04
Ok, I see you are still full of reactionary emotion.

We have downsized, perhaps you weren't watching closely?
Either way, all we really get to do is choose our own path. I was hoping to help talk you into a course that was longer lasting than what you seem to be making.

Currently it sounds like you simply want to be a martyr to hurt Pluto and take as many with you as possible. Perhaps this is incorrect? Or maybe it is the reactionary emotion still, that makes sense.

Anyways, I am always here if you wish to talk. reasonable speaking however, I don't care for the bravado and chest thumping. I also think you are a smarter player than the actions you have just taken.

The only reason T-S is still alive is simply a matter of distance. You have just made yourself the closest target in the middle of our highest priority war.
I do not believe that to be a wise move by a player, any player, and I think both you and I would make better decisions without adrenaline and testosterone getting in the way.

If I am very wrong tell me and I will not waste either of our time any further.

I-AM-HERE on 06.02. at 15:15
You got alot of incorrect statements based on what i think is your lack of experience, i have been front lines many times in the past, and you still need ALIVE nobles to get my villages, between my snipping skills I(some say the best on .net) and backtime and my general knowledge of the game +activity and my coplayers. i will not be goign anywhere anytime soon.

Nobles will die, and players will be rimmed. This is fact. i have been in the trenches before in alot WORST odds than this. this should be a walk in the park TBH
This was his last mail, before his final nuke was killed on our walls with this result:

Attacker:I-AM-HERE Origin:BACKTIME 012 (774|494) K47
Quantity: 0 0 5900 0 80 2778 0 0 254 50 0 0
Losses: 0 0 5900 0 43 2778 0 0 254 50 0 0
Defender:Beve001 Destination:Quebec (762|493) K47
Quantity: 7620 1708 0 6629 105 5 0 2963 0 650 2 0 0
Losses: 319 72 0 27 84 0 0 124 0 27 0 0 0

When I saw this mail I smiled a little bit, I figured some others would enjoy this "chest thumping" that got a little too intense. Its fine to be cocky.. but at least back it up. A red report is alright, but getting a blue report and seeing this must upset you a little bit, after all that talk.
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Heres a funny mail i was sent today :)
back ground = some random peps sent 3 random attacks at me....

zomber today at 18:04

Just wondering what your smoking

and if i can get some?


adamboyd today at 19:43
sorry the duke of the tribe mental said to me if i dont send 1 axe man in 3 attacks to you he would wipe me out

Funny part being Duke of mental He doesn't even have the gusto to send his own guys in to the brink at me , he has to mail some poor unfortunate, and bully them in to sending....

Way to go Mental Duke!


Don Mills on 02.03. at 04:27
I sent an attack at you today by mistake, it was intended to hit the village below you.

I am asking that you please dodge this attack which consists of a single noble with 55 axemen. I wouldnt like to waste 150k resources when it could be avoided. I promise I have no intentions of attacking you.

killmo4 today at 00:36
o-o okay better not happen again=)

killmo4 today at 00:37
wow holy u have alot of points u can prob noble me anytime=(

I laughed when he showed this one to me haha


punisher4346 on 03.03. at 02:14
You know what I've realized? as i recall you requested that I get m points to your average points before i can join, but, you personally don't even meet those standards. Please don't take this offensively at all! I am just merely pointing out a fact.
Best Regards,

Amane. today at 00:05
Please, don't get in a fit lol I joined this tribe, due to my skill, I joined when it first started, if you believe that I do not deserve to be in Punch as I am not the tribe average, then what about the rest? Then once you boot them the average goes up, and up until you have 1 member left. Think before you speak.

Apparently I should not be in punch? :(


It was just his iggnorance i found funny. And his last attempts to insult the Ira aswell :L


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jjminowi on 12.03. at 20:18



And this is why chickens love me :')


Behold the duke of Hung! ( damn it made me laugh so hard that I posted this in w55 by mistake :lol: )

Zaralox on 16.03. at 19:18
Hello mate!!

I'm being attacked by members of your division 1, can you pls tell them to stop

Can I join your tribe?

pwallace on 16.03. at 20:54
Yes...this doesn't surprise me....why do you want to join us?

Zaralox today at 01:55
Well you see, your guys are attacking me and I don't want that, it's stressful and I cannot handle so many incoming all the time.. pls when can I join?

pwallace today at 01:57
I would have to sit you first.

Zaralox today at 01:58
But I can't do that now, my leader will find out and I'll get dismissed

pwallace today at 01:59
ah...I see...Ok...I'll invite you...once you join...I'll sit you...fair enough?

Zaralox today at 02:00
yes I agree!

pwallace today at 02:01 take the invite...then send the sit...if I don't get it right after you join...then I'll have to withdrawal it or kick you.

Zaralox today at 02:01
yes no problem!

pwallace invites you to the tribe 'Hunger' (new) Mar 17,2011 02:01

Zaralox today at 02:02
how do I join? wheres the button

pwallace today at 02:02
you will have to leave your tribe first to see it...but it's there.

Zaralox today at 02:03
wait where do you leave a tribe..? sorry I'm new to this :(

pwallace today at 02:03
it's ok...go unter the tribe tab...then you should see leave tribe...somewhere on the it and your out.

pwallace today at 02:04
Tribe overview..then look to your right...scroll down a bit.

Zaralox today at 02:06
ok I see overview profile members diplomacy wars noble planner and forum

do I click members or diplomacy, where is that?

pwallace today at 02:07
click overview...look for Leave tribe

Zaralox today at 02:08
ah yes it is there! do I click it or what?

pwallace today at 02:11
yes...then you will go to invites...and you will see the one I sent you.

Zaralox today at 02:12
yes I clicked it and it said something am I sure to leave, what does that mean, will something happen to me if I leave??

pwallace today at 02:12
no...just answer yes....

pwallace today at 02:13
then go under Tribe and look at invites...and accept the one I sent you.

Zaralox today at 02:14
wait what? do I say yes or no?

pwallace today at 02:15

Zaralox today at 02:15
yes to yes or yes to no?

pwallace today at 02:16
lol...yes to yes.

Zaralox today at 02:16
ok send the request

pwallace invites you to the tribe 'Hunger' (new) Mar 17,2011 02:18
The invitation of the tribe Hunger has been withdrawn (new) Mar 17,2011 02:17

pwallace today at 02:18
invite sent

Zaralox today at 02:18
ok where do I click yes now?

pwallace today at 02:19
you still haven't left PLUTO yet....first you have to leave PLUTO.

Zaralox today at 02:19
ok so I leave on the overview?

pwallace today at 02:19

pwallace today at 02:21
Is Flaming Petard your coplayer? ----------> I played in Hung before I started co playing zaralox

Zaralox today at 02:22

I truly am amazed and I think I love you

pwallace today at 02:23
lol...that's lovely :) you coming or what?

Zaralox today at 02:23
yes of course!


pwallace today at 02:24

The invitation of the tribe Hunger has been withdrawn (new) Mar 17,2011 02:24

Zaralox today at 02:25

Deleted User - 3135

crafty206 on 19.03. at 13:09
I am now part of a tribe called [ally]A Team[/ally], we are a strong tribe and I am here to ask if it is possible for our tribes to have an alliance or NAP?

P.S. I will also offer you my first born.

crafty206 on 21.03. at 17:28
We have been discussing it in the tribe and have agreed that any sort or agreement (Alliance or NAP) would be very good, we would like to be friends rather thans enemies and so plz send a reply ASAP saying if we can come to an arangement or something.

Bloodhood on 21.03. at 21:09
Well it's good you've had a discussion.

crafty206 today at 20:06
So i am just wondering is that a yes or no to the nap/alliance?

Bloodhood today at 21:36
It was neither, it was my applause at you having a discussion about it.

crafty206 today at 22:14
Thx for the applause (not sure if it was sarcastic or not because it hard to tell in writing) but I would still like an answer about the NAP/Aliance is possible?

Bloodhood today at 22:18
Yes, it is possible.

It's a no.

Well it amused me...


excon77 today at 08:52
you know you're the greatest and the most powerful conqueror of our own beloved world. I praise you very much, join our tribe master. God bless you master, ask and command whatever you wish from me, I'll be your perfect loving slave master.
i think its a little fun.


crazyCanadianGuy on 05.04. at 15:38
please stop attacking my tribe mates ... also get out of my church area please ..... talk to your tribal counsel they know me


IceHotPenguin on 05.04. at 16:05
Are you threatening me? ^^

crazyCanadianGuy on 05.04. at 16:14
not really just asking you to stop your progression int my area an to stop attacking my fellow tribe mates ...

are you threatening me ?????

IceHotPenguin on 05.04. at 18:23
I do not believe I have shown any aggression towards you; if it were the amount of spelling mistakes or the amount of question marks one puts at the end of his sentences that showed aggression levels, then I would say that you win on that front sir.

crazyCanadianGuy on 05.04. at 22:31
i have found that spelling and grammar give away to much about ones self , so the odd mistake makes you seem a bit dumber than you are , how wise of you to pick up on that , you honestly must be a TW god ,, and i guess you will only be satisfied when all around you bow and take notice ... :)

kind of arrogant ... i kind of like that ...

2 thumbs up .. maybe someday we will be working together ... that could be fun .....

IceHotPenguin on 05.04. at 23:08
The odd mistake possibly can be forgiven, but generally good grammar and spelling comes naturally to those that are generally 'good' at the game.

Granted, there are exceptions to every rule that works both ways, but its a rule for a reason; 90% fit under that stereotype.

I'm glad that I meet your likes.

Of course I will only be satisfied when all those around me bow and take notice - one of which I have already achieved, it would seem (the latter, in case of seeming too arrogant)

I found that funny, do not know if anyone else will. Though, the part I found funniest was the first two messages. My co was the one who made the rest of our replies.