Funny in-game messages

Discussion in 'World 54' started by Morthy, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. cloudffvii

    cloudffvii Guest

    the complete lack of "funny" is funny.... I think I lost myself there
  2. zezula

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    Nov 30, 2010
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    Not Mine so No credit should be taken... Hilarious none-the-less

    Hi i understand i am currently to low to join your tribe, but is there a certain amount of points i have to get before i am allowed in? (if a am alowed in)

    We don't do evaluations based on points.

    on troops then? or what?

    Activity and creativity.

    i see, well i'm very active. how do i show my creativity?
    ok, send me a poem asap so we can decide the personality match and when you get to silver plunder you'll get the invite.
    awesome :) i'll get right on it

    Then this:

    They're 8th in the world, Patryns are their name,
    their gunna set all your villages aflame

    They have a weapon which will make you think,
    watch out.. or they'll get you with their sink,

    They're so big, they'll make you cry, to your villages
    they'll make you say goodbye,

    They're top member is Augustus888, he's so strong
    he'll send you home in a crate,

    Pacli is coming up the rear, to his enemies eyes he brings a tear,
    he destorys everything anywhere near,

    The message is.. They're really really sexy, hopefully
    They will accept me?

    Hope this is okay, if not i can improve it :)


    (insert name here) wants more about himself in there. He's a real egomaniac :(. I think he's jealous of me because I'm better looking.

    When I wrote mine I wrote several lines about how I had a man crush on him. You should add some lines about that.
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  3. xxkemistryxx

    xxkemistryxx Guest

    haha ^^^ nice one. I love these letters of people just taking the absolute mick out of eachother
  4. Rika530

    Rika530 Guest

    I have a brilliant one, but I dont think I'm allowed to post it :[ Because some people seem to care about privacy... pshh :L
  5. Argo-not

    Argo-not Guest

    -matt (I-AM-HERE) from the forums, shortly after joining the failed tribe T-S during its war against Pluto..

    This was his last mail, before his final nuke was killed on our walls with this result:

    Attacker:I-AM-HERE Origin:BACKTIME 012 (774|494) K47
    Quantity: 0 0 5900 0 80 2778 0 0 254 50 0 0
    Losses: 0 0 5900 0 43 2778 0 0 254 50 0 0
    Defender:Beve001 Destination:Quebec (762|493) K47
    Quantity: 7620 1708 0 6629 105 5 0 2963 0 650 2 0 0
    Losses: 319 72 0 27 84 0 0 124 0 27 0 0 0

    When I saw this mail I smiled a little bit, I figured some others would enjoy this "chest thumping" that got a little too intense. Its fine to be cocky.. but at least back it up. A red report is alright, but getting a blue report and seeing this must upset you a little bit, after all that talk.
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  6. UnholyTerror

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    Feb 27, 2011
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    Heres a funny mail i was sent today :)
    back ground = some random peps sent 3 random attacks at me....

    Funny part being Duke of mental He doesn't even have the gusto to send his own guys in to the brink at me , he has to mail some poor unfortunate, and bully them in to sending....

    Way to go Mental Duke!
  7. Argo-not

    Argo-not Guest

    I laughed when he showed this one to me haha
  8. Amane.

    Amane. Guest

    Apparently I should not be in punch? :(
  9. goatpie

    goatpie Guest

    It was just his iggnorance i found funny. And his last attempts to insult the Ira aswell :L
  10. warham

    warham Guest

    Good thing you're not ignorant one bit ;)
  11. jjminowi

    jjminowi Guest

    And this is why chickens love me :')
  12. Bloodhood

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    To be fair is probably more the stupidity and laziness of using tribal average as a recruiting method.
  13. petard?

    petard? Well-Known Member

    Feb 22, 2011
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    Behold the duke of Hung! ( damn it made me laugh so hard that I posted this in w55 by mistake :lol: )

  14. Dr. Cox

    Dr. Cox Guest

    This made me laugh harder

  15. going2killu

    going2killu Still Going Strong

    May 10, 2008
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    Impressive internals and barbs are impressive.
  16. Bloodhood

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    Well it amused me...
  17. KeegiKolmas

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    Jul 22, 2007
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    i think its a little fun.
  18. Ec-Unlimited

    Ec-Unlimited Guest

    Awww Comon
    He insulted me but praise you ?
    :( I'm sad.
  19. Argo-not

    Argo-not Guest

    He mailed me that also haha
  20. calmir

    calmir Guest

    I found that funny, do not know if anyone else will. Though, the part I found funniest was the first two messages. My co was the one who made the rest of our replies.