Funny in-game messages


something to pass the time -.-

thekingman1 on 18.04. at 05:17
i seen u was acc sitting for that guy i was wondering if my tribe and ur tribe could have an ally

aka9 on 18.04. at 05:20
I am not the ally person :O

thekingman1 on 18.04. at 05:20
oh well could u talk to them for me plz

aka9 on 18.04. at 05:21

thekingman1 on 18.04. at 05:22
why maybe?????????????????

aka9 on 18.04. at 05:24
cause i'm not the ally person

thekingman1 on 18.04. at 05:25
oh well what do u think they will say what is ya's lowest ally tribe

aka9 on 18.04. at 06:04
I'm not telling you that

thekingman1 on 18.04. at 06:04
okay sorry i mailed the diplomacy

aka9 on 18.04. at 06:06
okies :p

thekingman1 on 18.04. at 06:07
can we be friends

aka9 on 18.04. at 06:10
we already are young padawan

thekingman1 on 18.04. at 06:11
oh lol sorry

aka9 on 18.04. at 06:11
Don't be sorry. We can share your sorrow

thekingman1 on 18.04. at 06:12
okay and u r really cool

aka9 on 18.04. at 12:47
awwwh thanks babe.. I don't get that a lot anymore :(

thekingman1 on 18.04. at 16:17
r u a girl??????

aka9 on 18.04. at 23:25
if you want me to be

thekingman1 on 19.04. at 02:14
well is that a yes

aka9 on 19.04. at 12:14
Do you want me to be a girl?

thekingman1 on 19.04. at 17:53

aka9 on 19.04. at 18:01
well I will get the operation done for you then

thekingman1 on 19.04. at 20:08
ty r u a hot girl????

aka9 on 19.04. at 21:06
I will be ;D

thekingman1 on 19.04. at 21:06
what u mean u will be

aka9 on 19.04. at 21:44
Need to get my make up sorted

thekingman1 on 19.04. at 21:44
oh how old r u

aka9 today at 00:01
18 and ready for fun.


thekingman1 today at 00:16
same here babe

aka9 today at 01:08
Mmm. What you doing later?

thekingman1 today at 01:14
nothing u

aka9 today at 01:23
same :( bored

thekingman1 today at 01:26
u got me

aka9 today at 02:03
true. But i don't know you :p

thekingman1 today at 02:40
lol u can if u want

aka9 today at 03:01
I might want to know you

thekingman1 today at 06:03
well u should sexy babe

thekingman1 today at 07:02
if i was u i would mail back lol Jk whats up

aka9 today at 07:03
It's a co here..she will get back to you soon

thekingman1 today at 07:04
oh who is this

aka9 today at 07:06

thekingman1 today at 07:06
i know that but who

aka9 today at 07:17
does it matter?

thekingman1 today at 07:17
sorta why

aka9 today at 07:20
generally I don't like to talk...she does all the talking.

thekingman1 today at 07:21
who owns this acc

aka9 today at 07:25

thekingman1 today at 07:25

thekingman1 today at 14:32
hello babe

aka9 today at 14:45

thekingman1 today at 14:51
whats up

thekingman1 today at 14:53
so do u want to get to know me

aka9 today at 14:58

thekingman1 today at 14:59
this way or do u have a cell phone

aka9 today at 15:02
i don't give out numbers on the internets >:[

thekingman1 today at 15:03
oh well lets get to know us on here sexy

aka9 today at 15:09
how big is you johnson?

thekingman1 today at 15:10
my thing

aka9 today at 15:11
yes your thing

thekingman1 today at 15:13
huge why

aka9 today at 15:13
mines bigger

thekingman1 today at 15:14

aka9 today at 15:14
My banana is bigger than yours.

thekingman1 today at 15:17
i tho u was a girl

aka9 today at 15:19
Author said:
aka9 on 19.04. at 18:01
well I will get the operation done for you then
Sex change operation?
I just thought you liked girls with pen0r's

thekingman1 today at 15:20
igtg bye
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xdfoley56x on 24.05. at 02:10
hello. i recently left my tribe [ally]hg[/ally], because they are a bunch of newbs, and i now need a tribe. i am very experianced, and can help your tribe a lot, i think. are you currently recruiting? if you are only going to look at my points, i lost 5 villages to [ally]S00N[/ally]recently.

thx for your time


Awesomesawce on 24.05. at 02:13
View my profile and apply as specified. Thanks and have a great day!

xdfoley56x on 24.05. at 07:20
To get why it's funny, this is my profile:

Why not a village giveaway to a random person? kinggrunt and kinggrunt3? So many questions!

Update: Oops, the ban hammer slipped! Also, I lost the axe I sent. I had high hopes for him. I was terribly mistaken.

kinggrunt today at 21:31
why are you attacking my friend (op: kinggrunt3)

a delicious bratwurst today at 21:33
i'm just a poor farm boy!

kinggrunt today at 21:33
ok cancel the attack

kinggrunt today at 21:38
cancel it! Or ill attack you

a delicious bratwurst today at 21:39
do you want to make a trade?

kinggrunt today at 21:41
trade of what?

a delicious bratwurst today at 21:44
you want something from me, so i feel its only fair that you give something in return.

So, if you give marinoqb1 one of your villages, i'll stop attacking.


kinggrunt today at 21:45
whos he?

a delicious bratwurst today at 21:45
who is anyone?

kinggrunt today at 21:46
what and why do you want him to have one of my villages

a delicious bratwurst today at 21:49
just in the interest of fairness.

kinggrunt today at 21:51
but why him and you still havnt canceled the attack and kinggrunt3 dosnt care about tribal wars so he dosnt mind he finds it funny that your attacking him

a delicious bratwurst today at 21:52
i haven't cancelled the attack, because we are still working on an agreement. Once the details are finalized, i can stop all further attacks. I can't throw my cards on the table until you do, ya know?

I can pick someone else to take the village if its a concern for you, i'm willing to be flexible on that.

kinggrunt today at 21:54
sorry but i dont want my villages being lost but how about i help you out by supporting you and sending resources

a delicious bratwurst today at 21:58
i'm all set thanks, but i'm still sorry we couldn't work out a deal. Anyhow, your friend is kind of funny so i'll let him be.

kinggrunt today at 21:59
thank you ill tell him to be allies with you
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Haha this some funny stuff, some ppl have no idea do they...