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K64: Top 5 Tribes

TBS 80,394 30 villages

2 dukes, Says it all, even if these dukes are good players. Mainly food for Norse with very few decent players. No idea what is going on with their academy tribe. Half of them could be farms for TBS half are on the other side of the world. The majority of their players are in a big cluster with some lurking closer to the rim. Not a fan of the name and they seem to be mass recruiting. They won't last. 5/10

2) WAR 53,34 35 villages
Way to many council members for a start. There is 7 listed on their profile along with their thoughts on each side which is laughable and has ridicules comments from members however their leadership claims to be good. Majority will be farmed or decent noble targets for stronger players. The name is alright. Their spread is quite clustered in the centre north of the K but that won't matter as many won't reach nobles. Wont last.2/10

3) ~OR.D~ 52,650 17 villages
A premade with many strong and well known players within, however not near the quality of norse and unless they join forces with local tribes they will get either recruited or eaten for sure. The rest of their tribe is very thinly spread out but in this K they seem to have a nice hold in the center and a decent spread. The member i did speak with was very unfriendly but i don't know if they are all like that. Some of their players could do well but i don't see them beating norse on their own. 7/10

4) Chess 39,756 19 villages

My tribe. 10/10

5) Bears 29,979 27 villages

Hard to tell as it is a rim tribe in its early stages. 1 or 2 decent players but other than that it doesn't show much promise. Unsure on how well it will do in the future because of this but from what i can see it isn't amazing. 4/10

12) Apathy 12,351 3 villages

Super tribe, super player. For you azazel aziz ;) 10/10


I would do a k34 analysis but its really boring, with the most hugging I have ever seen. 90 players all in the same alliance all in the same continent. and its a rim K...

Anyone want to do an updated k44 one? That seems to be where most of the early action will be.


Map of K44 top 5 tribes as of today.

Rank 1 & 2: A&H
Hey I can see my villages from here! We are currently growing and rebuilding after a war with Apes. We have a pretty dominant spread through the K.

Rank 3: =HRE=
Very clustered to the far west of the K and seem to be mostly defensive currently at war with CHAOS who is ranked 37 in k44 but probably higher in an adjoining K.

Rank 4: =PRO=
Also super clustered and right on top of =HRE= I am guessing they have a NAP/Ally or are just ignoring each other for now.

Rank 5: Empire

In the middle of the southern portion of the K. Have been quiet for the most part except for a few members who just might disappear soon. They dont really have a profile but they do list their duke and war coordinator which is a bad idea. They make good targets :D
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New Management

fyi, The Undead Dynasty:icon_razz: is under new management.

We r seeking new players, teachers, leaders, and warriors.

thx, and welcome !


Until Norse rims you, shahyd

Maybe I'll do a k54 analysis for you scorpion head if I have some time tonight.


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Link to map of the top 5 tribes in K46:

B_BaNg [Big Bang]
Points: 110.392, Rank: 48, Members: 34
Total points: 110.392,Avg points: 3.247
Villages: 40, Avg points/village: 2.760
ODA: 77.769, Rank: 103, ODD: 17.550, Rank: 222
Conquered: +5, -1 (last week)
Last week's increase (individual members combined):
ODA:52.396(91%, 83% ODA/points)
ODD:14.896(100%, 24% ODD/points)


K46 Rank: #1
Tribe: B_BaNg
Points in K46: 107.772
Villages in K46: 39
Tribe Changes:42

@Night [DreamCatcher]
Points: 399.121, Rank: 4, Members: 34
Total points: 399.121, Avg points: 11.739
Villages: 101, Avg points/village: 3.952
ODA: 916.048, Rank: 1, ODD: 301.802, Rank: 4
Conquered: +39, -1 (last week)
Last week's increase (individual members combined):
ODA:526.326(100%, 290% ODA/points)
ODD:186.880(100%, 103% ODD/points)


K46 Rank: #2
Tribe: @Night
Poins in K46: 92.975
Villages in K46: 23
Tribe Changes:64

Pokems [Pokemonz Team!]
Points: 74.756, Rank: 72, Members: 29
Total points: 74.756, Avg points: 2.578
Villages: 33, Avg points/village: 2.265
ODA: 49.121, Rank: 133, ODD: 45.404, Rank: 141
Conquered: +4, -1 (last week)
Last week's increase (individual members combined):
ODA:36.733(100%, 80% ODA/points)
ODD:6.251(100%, 14% ODD/points)


K46 Rank: #3
Tribe: Pokems
Points in K: 72.539
Villages in K: 32
Tribe Changes:79

RAGE [Undying Rage]
Points: 70.897, Rank: 79, Members: 21
Total points: 70.897, Avg points: 3.376
Villages: 25, Avg points/village: 2.836
ODA: 222.129, Rank: 41, ODD: 208.172, Rank: 20
Conquered: +4, -5 (last week)
Last week's increase (individual members combined):
ODA:94.570(100%, 185% ODA/points)
ODD:55.411(54%, 108% ODD/points)


K46 Rank: #4
Tribe: RAGE
Points in K: 58.292
Villages in K: 19
Tribe Changes:105

ROMA [Roman Republic]
Points: 58.086, Rank: 91, Members: 33
Total points: 58.086, Avg points: 1.760
Villages: 33, Avg points/village: 1.760
ODA: 54.340, Rank: 122, ODD: 60.104, Rank: 117
Conquered: -1 (last week)
Last week's increase (individual members combined):
ODA:23.851(100%, 65% ODA/points)
ODD:29.635(100%, 80% ODD/points)


K46 Rank: #5
Tribe: ROMA
Points in K: 58.086
Villages in K: 33
Tribe Changes:81
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Nice data dump, let's see some opinions now about your neck of the woods


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How'd you do that data George?

For the map link above all the data, I used http://www.twstats.com/en75/index.php?page=map, put in the tribes I wanted and edited the map settings, then copied the link address.

For the above the graph as well as the graph, I used http://en75.tribalwarsmap.com/ and did a copy/paste of each tribe's historical data. However, it will have coding that the forums don't recognize, so you have to edit it by removing the codes.

For the data below the graph, I simply went to the "Continent Tribes" page for K46 in-game and did copy/paste and added some extra text to it.

For the tribe changes I used http://www.twstats.com, I typed in each tribe, and copy/pasted the tribe changes for each.
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Deleted User - 4669627

Nice data dump, let's see some opinions now about your neck of the woods
i know what is on EVERYONE's mind, that 1 burning question that keeps EVERYONE awake at night


[spoil]what is the current status of the western k64 rim?[/spoil]
regrettably, i do not have the answers to the question of all questions, but i do have some firsthand observation
i have drawn this crude map as none exists of this virgin jungle i find myself in
as you can see i have marked the significant native tribes, though i have yet to fully understood their languages (which prohibits me from communicating effectively enough to understand the political situation)...



as you can see, i seem to find myself immersed in an area that 2 rival tribes appear to be vying for
the yellow tribe has slightly more points (despite slightly fewer members) than the red tribe, but it is very close between those 2
but the red tribe is cunning, they saw a way to claim the area before the yellow tribe, so they created a sister tribe whose goal seems to be to dominate the area and help the red tribe keep the yellow tribe from taking it
i was even invited to the pink tribe (i believe the invite still stands) :icon_redface:

i tried to speak to one of their members, but alas, the language barrier prevented us from understanding each other...

Anthills Jul 13, 05:35
was avatar always a mass-recruiting family tribe, or is that new?
i just got here, apparently you been around a minute, i expect i will be around a while and we all starve if we all join the same family rather than eating our hearts out in anticipation of the norse approach

Forest Elf Jul 13, 05:43
if you want to join us or do diplomacy or anything else like that you better talk to [player]wolfboy 12[/player] he is our leader and i think it's not my capacity to talk about it

ME! was founded by Anthills. If you have questions please contact Anthills.

recruitment and diplomacy closed

i am not looking for invites or diplomacy
who will win the battle for supremacy between wwiii and avatar?
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Deleted User - 4669627

there are several reasons norse is not a worry, at least atm

first there is the distance between us, i actually had to map them to find the closest to ME!



inactivity of the closest norse to ME! is also an issue. the closest is nowhere near ready to noble, despite starting 1 month ago. the other queen is barely any better off. each has 1 ODD which means that the only reason they have not been eliminated already must be the tag which apparently has kept them safe since day 1. i doubt the extended bp that their tribemates provided them will last much longer, but even if they manage to make a few nobles, they will use them on much closer targets. the distance to ME! from norse's closest village is 12.5 hours by noble, but i will probably have a noble before that queen.

one day i might border the active members of norse, but that day is not close. when it does come, i expect the first of them (perhaps the tribe as a whole) will want to work with me, not against me. if they are anything like jake (respectable) i expect i will agree to work with them.
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Or someone From Norse will move Fronts and Noble you out. Either way is fine.