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Discussion in 'World 54' started by Repinski, Dec 8, 2010.

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  1. bhawb

    bhawb Guest

    They would still be fairly large, however average points of players:
    TBD - 572k
    Punch! - 466k
    PATRYN - 401k
    Pluto - 367k
    Act1 - 361k

    This is just to show that on an individual member basis TBD is doing very well.
  2. Pactli

    Pactli Guest

    It also stands to reason that if those other 4 tribes dropped down to only their top 45 members their average points mer player would go up. TBD is a great tribe with great players, but the discrepency in size of the top 40 players of the top 4 tribes isn't that substantial.
  3. Mr Lanky

    Mr Lanky Guest

    At the end of the day its just how the tribes are playing the game. TBD prefers lower members higher average points (though that doesn't necessarily mean higher skill). The other tribes prefer a higher member count with a lower average, even as Chik3n we had the highest member average by around 100,000 points and there were around 60-70 members there. It doesn't make one tribe better than the others, its just a different style.
  4. bhawb

    bhawb Guest

    I agree that its just a different play style. Having lower member counts forces the players to work harder, play better, and be more organized than their counterparts, whether or not they actually do that is debatable. However being lower in count is just a decision on play style, there is nothing wrong with having 70+ players in your tribe, in fact some people enjoy it more.

    Obviously the average would go up, and the discrepancy isn't much, you can see that by the in-world rankings, TBD is #1 by only a small margin.
  5. Might as well update PATRYN Family. PATRYN Pluto and Patron
  6. Pactli

    Pactli Guest

    Pluto will all be here tonight and we're dumping most of patron shortly. Just moved some players there temporarily, we'll have them swapped out soon, we don't have an official affiliation with them long term.

    The greeting on their tribal page even states that we are going to noble most of them. If you add them you'll just have to remove them in a week or so.
  7. eh not a huge deal to me. I just like things to look up to date :icon_wink:
  8. warham

    warham Guest

    Maybe change the colours of Punch with patryns or punch with zombie's colour?
  9. Pactli

    Pactli Guest

    or give them black now that pluto is not black anymore.
  10. Valth

    Valth Guest

    We wanted orange, and we still do. i dont understand why zombie or patryn discussing about what punch! color should be.
  11. Pactli

    Pactli Guest

    I personally don't care what color anyone is, but, on old monitors your color looks really similar to act1's color. On my laptop it's fine, but the crusty ones at the school, it's annoying to tell you apart.
  12. warham

    warham Guest

    Maybe you can swap with the somewhat lighter orange of S00N? That way you're still orange, but the contrast with Act1 is bigger, and the contrast with PATRYN will still be good enough I think.

    Or Act1 could swap with RAW.
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  13. baddestmfalive

    baddestmfalive Non-stop Poster

    Jan 13, 2011
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    I concur. I said this about a month ago, but someone told me to change my monitor settings. :icon_eek:

    I can see it fine on my netbook and my new desktop, but when I use my old desktop (the monitor is an old tubed 75lb Piece of Shit) I can barely tell them apart. So on behalf of the people still using technology from 1999, please change the color?
  14. calmir

    calmir Guest

    I just realised how fail the ODA map is; I am not listed, but haven't fallen out of Top 20 ODA in at least two weeks. xP
  15. warham

    warham Guest

    I finally found your first fail-post. Oh well a first time for everything :p

    It only lists top 15 ODA noob ;)
  16. going2killu

    going2killu Still Going Strong

    May 10, 2008
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    LOL @ Don Mills and Hymn paired together like that.
  17. calmir

    calmir Guest

    Really? Well, that is awkward. =P
  18. devicem

    devicem Guest

    And, he's ranked 14. Was ranked 14 2 days ago...but hey, he's on the map, so don't know what he's complaining about. :p
  19. Pactli

    Pactli Guest

    Gah! Changing our name made us the same color as RAW. Make us yellow again please.
  20. AsSerTEdEnD

    AsSerTEdEnD Non-stop Poster

    Aug 30, 2010
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    Hmm Maker73 in top 10, i cared to check his stats after everyone was flamming him and...yes Terrible. Internals and barbs...insult to the top 10