Open Letter between Samulis and Inty


Do you know why Chuck Norris doesn't play W17 ? cos void is ...



Well, after being away for so long, I couldn't help but to pop on here and see what was going on in W17 after my most embarrassing departure. Im going to say my peace here and Im gueesing that if you dont read this soon, it will be gone and this alias deleted by the Mods. I put it here hoping it may last a while longer than if I posted my own thread.

First off, I want to sincerely apologize to the people I played with here on W17. But please let it be known that I never ever cheated on this world. What I did was very stupid. It made all Mods look bad and that is very much NOT the case. There are some great Mods both present and past.

What did I do? Well, I was playing one of the newer worlds, and I posted that I was playing there, but somehow it was overlooked and my privis were not taken away. I was tempted to log in and see stuff about an enemy tribe that I shouldnt have. And I did it.

Why did I do it? Honestly, I was bored, and it added some excitement to it. Yes, very poor excuse if I do say so myself.

Will I return under a new name? No.

Now, about my former tribe and tribemates. Integritous was THE greatest leader that I have ever had the privilege and honor of playing with. Some have suggested that I had quit W17 because of him. That is absolutely NOT true. The last short time before I left, we did not always see eye to eye, but there were extenuating circumstances involved.

Jehosophat is a great young woman, and I believe she is a great leader in her own right. She is not Inty (this is NOT a put down) but she is a leader with her own style. She is also one great person with a heart the size of Wisconsin.

The transition from Inty, to Jeho leading was cause for alot of frustration on everyone. It truely broke my heart to see the friendship between Inty and Jeho fall apart before my eyes.

I really dont blame either of them. Inty was a strong and opinionated leader that wanted to pass the baton, and knew Jeho was the one to take it, but he had a hard time letting go. Jeho tried to take the baton, but in Intys absence, the war was turning in the wrong direction. I fully believe Jeho had the power to turn it around, but once that seed of doubt was there, Inty (I feel) had second thoughts.

Anyway, this is drawing out longer than I had planned. Im going to stop here.

Inty, Jeho, I hope you both know that I love you both. I hope you can believe that and know how ashamed I am of myself.

Morticia, take good care of Tiff OK?
SusieQ, I will never forget you. Say hi to Leeko for me.
Shinra ... Your full of ... well, just guess lol


Still smells like cheating to me just a nice way to put it anyways ta tar :icon_rolleyes:


Good we finally cleared that out ,so Sam you heard it first hand.
If this is real oice and not MM :D

And oice it happens to the best of us , dont let it get to you ...


Off cours its real oice when would MM say :

Integritous was THE greatest leader that I have ever had the privilege and honor of playing with.


Inty is not that low, for he still is a man of honor. And if it was, I would be shocked to see him using language less than collage level... :lol:

To summarize, my entire stance has been that Inty began to hold the reins too tight. It is an opinion based on opinions based on facts, as are most opinions made using first-hand witnesses... For the record, I still believe Inty had a decline and that he, to this date, still holds some of his powers and rights that he supposedly gave up.

However, as some of you so consistently and strongly pointed out, opinion does not equal fact, even if it comes from a fact. That still doesn't mean either 'side' is right. Inty could be a good person, Inty could be a misled person. It all matters about prospective.

Lastly, I like to believe I am right, so you guys can all believe your own stories and I'll stick with mine. :icon_wink:


Well, thanks for getting people to read the forums, but we're spamming now so we dont need you anymore ;)


can you interview me and do a psychoanalysis of my behaviour?? it would be funnnn


Sorry, I don't have much time... I would take you up on the offer, but I do have other projects to work on.


Hes working on my interview right now adam.. I r much more interesting!


You really aren't that interesting cane. SAM DO ME AND CANE TOGETHER!!!! we'll do a double interview :)


Well, i didn't get to see inty lead.
Not because that he didn't but i was inactive most of the time due to real life problems. Things might change but if we go back a year or so, wisdom needed more freedom and more rights, i couldn't be a forum mod i don't know why but back then i used to play 7 hours a day. Maby that was when i was in wise s witch had war forums i think and i was interested in sandbox. But im okay with that, this is not revenge cause i didn't get mod privileges.
But Samulis I must say something.
Inty is/or was (i haven't been around and from the posts he is not leading anymore) a great leader, i was a leader in many worlds the biggest one i could handle was a 6 mil tribe, not that i didn't know but i got tired of non stop leading, some people like it and i don't. Look how far Wisdom has gone :)
Now directed to inty
Sumosland on the other hand was a great leader, he was more of your friend that a leader and that made you feel great, and you sometimes like to use the powers to tell that I am the leader. (I think that's what samulis is trying to point out, i didn't mean to offend you inty in any way)


Can't belive people are still "fighting over" so old issues(not directed at this topic fully, just a few parts and other topics):icon_neutral:

Oh and hi everyone :icon_razz: Got up too early, with nothing to do, so thought I'd check this place to see if anything has changed.

Didn't read through all the messages but since you're all still bringing it up and talking shit about Inty - I'll be brief:
Belive it or not, when me and Oice/Jeho were still dukes, he didn't just go and makes changes without discussing it (atleast) with us. I sometimes wasn't agreeing with them but they still went through because they both were and vice versa. Overall, there were some bad choices taken, things done, but Inty always had his best in mind for the family.

Also, if I am correct, you forced all three; Sumo, Oice, and Jehosophat; to step down simply because you didn't like how they led.

Now that's just funny. No one ever forced anyone to step down as far as I remember, so that's just silly to say. And contrary to popular belief - I didn't leave TW because of Inty or anyone for that matter, not even for having less time to play was the main reason for me to leave - I simply got tired of playing TW . Not just because of tedious account management since I've grown large (in that case I'd simply join another world and play solo - fun times :icon_razz:), but because I lost interest in the game after 2 years of active playing. Just like playing minesweeper was the best thing 10 years ago when we got our first computer I then found something that fit and amused me better.

So how is everyone? Sorry for rarely being on Skype, I'll come on soon, missed you Susie <3