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Update : 13th October

Notable changes since last update:

*Rehab and F! have merged with F! now being renamed Inter which will run as the academy tribe for Rehab, i've included them as a family tribe, same as Se7en and SUBV.
*~FFF~ have shown huge growth in the last 3 days, growing over 30% in that time.
*Se7en family showing significant growth in the last 3 days despite fighting wars on 2 fronts albeit Jager has also grown well in that time.
*KIAN and -V- showing very little to no improvement, running out of targets in that small clustered up core? Perhaps they should target each other again.

Current major ongoing tribal conflicts
Se7en vs Jager + Rehab
Colour vs .Next



Thanks man! One of the only reasons I come on the externals! I enjoy these maps.


Updates !

*F! have broken away from their merger/association with Rehab.
*CGI and Rehab have started major skirmishing on eachother in K44 with CGI taking quite a few villages already although some have been recapped straight away - did that have any influence on F! breaking away? Who knows!
*.Next are in free-fall with villages and members being eaten up by Colour with FFF picking off territory at the same.
*Jager conflict with Se7en still going back and forth.
*With -V- disbanding, KIAN has taken advantage by moving in on what's been left behind. Aten, a new tribe, currently ranked just outside the top 15 hence why they aren't shown in the map, has been formed in the aftermath of -V- disbanding.
*Llama and WAR! have only recently agreed an NAP - I know this isn't supposed to be an opinion piece but from a Llama perspective, it makes no sense as they won't make any significant growth gains while WAR! surrounds them. Perhaps a future merger is the answer....or war?
*TDA chilling at the bottom of the map.

Tribes showing significant gains in the last 3 days:

Slow gains:


Current ongoing major conflicts:
Se7en vs Jager
Se7en vs Rehab
Colour vs .Next



hey guys,

maps are temporarily down at the moment due to twstats glitching, will have them back with a brand new update asap


Please can you make llamas colour stand out from Colours colour that way we can see and laugh at their new recruits :icon_rolleyes:


Please can you make llamas colour stand out from Colours colour that way we can see and laugh at their new recruits :icon_rolleyes:

Update Fellas!!!!
*.Next are officially banished from the top 15!
*Welcome, Chron.
*As mentioned by Cool - could a Colour vs Llama war be on the horizon? Llama letting those refugees in like Sweden with no remorse!
*Rehab are down to 23 members.
*ANTX looking like they will be the next tribe to exit the top 15, Jager seem to be eating them at just too quick a pace

Current Major conflicts in a nutshell
Se7en + TDA + CGI vs Rehab + Jager
Colour vs what's left on .Next

Salamanders tip for next tribes to go to war@@@@@@@@@2
Colour vs Llama, ok there was a point in time where i considered llama to have the potential to be a late game tribe but 2 decisions in particular have led that thought a stray. 1st one is the inexplicable way they let WAR! get rim position on them without a fight. Llama coulda/shoulda put them to bed a long time ago when they had the chance - around about the same time they were beefing with .Ex but they let WAR! grow and take position on them to the point that now WAR! controls the northern rim.

The second decision is to accept refugees from if you actually partook in that war, helped Colour - heck ate your fair share of .Next noobies then i'm sure Colour would of let you off and would of considered them spoils of war...but you blatantly came in like vultures and brought them in as refugees, no wait - let's call them illegal immigrants. You've basically given Colour a reason to run at you fellas and i'm not sure how long you're going to last at this rate unless you can save face by having those illegals kicked.



Sal is back with another update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY opinions on a lot of things:
TDA, CGI and Se7en are all making big inroads on Rehab, at this point it's probably fair to say that there is no going back for Rehab, defending on 3 fronts is difficult for anyone, especially when you're outnumbered.

But perhaps in hindsight they should of never tried to jump in on Se7ens war with Jager in the first place as it just left them completely vulnerable on other fronts. Didn't take them too long to realize that Se7en were a little more than just a turtle'd core tribe who could also fight back but i think once F! decided to separate from Rehab it was the beginning of the end as they had lost their only avenue for natural growth and expansion outside of war. Skirmishing with CGI followed by declarations from TDA and CGI only accelerated their fall.

At one point, Rehab were the outright #2 strongest tribe on this world and have been among the top 4-5 tribes since the beginning, their roster is full of experienced and recognizable names from other worlds but ultimately that wasn't enough to keep them around. I'm sure we'll see them in some form or another in another world - 84 perhaps?

*Excluding the fact that CGI is a family, TDA are currently the fastest growing tribe on the world, although recruitment from Rehab has helped, their expansion towards the rim over the last few updates has been impressive.
*No word yet on the Colour situation with the refugees from .Next going to Llama, i'm not in the know so it would be cool if a member gave us an update :icon_razz:
*All four of the top 4 tribes + Rehab are involved in open warfare in K54 and K55 with not much else going on elsewhere, what are the rest of ya'll doing! Start fighting! :icon_biggrin: