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Haven't been too invested in externals since w94, but this is always a fun thread. BE SURE TO INCLUDE IGN IN YOUR POST!

Rate based on the following:

Past Worlds (if any)

And an overall rating if you please. Since I'm the first post I'll do a regular on the w105 forums

Player: Dragu4

Activity/Growth: 7/10 you've got your 2nd villa, but neither are very developed.

Farming:4/10 I see you aren't microfarming, but you got 50k yesterday so you are getting something. Still very early though

Location: 6/10 core position but not dead center, good amount of tribemates around you as well

ODA/ODD: 4/10 still too early to judge much on this, but for all your oda you should've gotten a better village

Profile: 3/10 pretty basic

Tribe: 7/10 top 5 currently but things are changing fast, some high point members but none that I recognize. Have been out of the loop since 99 though

Past Worlds (if any): 7/10 the only world you've got more than 3 or so conquers is 42, where you've got about 1600. Not bad and shows you are capable, but you haven't done anything since and have even been gone since the 60's, games changed a ton over the years!

Overall rating: 6/10

Let's try and keep it civil folks

IGN: Strong Hand
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Eazy- E

Activity/Growth: 6/10 - Rank 200 around which is pretty good! A decent main village i'm sure you will catch up more villages soon :)

Farming: 6/10 - This was weird In a day Plunder 70k but you haven't looted a mill yet. :) In a scavenger world tho I feel like this is harder to judge :p who knows how much you guys are bringing in total i'm sure its not far off that million res :)

Location: 5/10 - I think this can go both ways :p for yourself and your tribe. For you personally smack in the middle of baddass and -L- I don't see anything happening there for awhile but will be good to see how you play out that one :)

ODA/ODD: 8/10 - Solid ODA and some supporting obviously had a little bit of a scruff in there somewhere :) 5,000 troops recruited is also a fair achievement to your size so i rate you guys for that as well :)


Tribe: 6/10 - Not too sure how your tribe will go. I think -L- is a real game changer in that area so I wont say too much I haven't looked into either tribes or if there is a relationship you know :) but I wish you guys the best and so far pretty solid :)

Past Worlds (if any): Not too sure how successful you have been previously :)

Overall rating: 7/10 -

Rate : WhoKilledMickey


Activity/Growth: 8/10 - Top 70 may have spent a fair bit of PP though

Farming: 3/10 only 76k which is terrible for your rank

Location: 5/10 - Has a bad location with PTV all around him

ODA/ODD: 4/10 - an Ok amount of ODA which means he has been clearing and nobling and not loosing to much

Tribe: 5/10 -Not really hard of any of your tribe members before but being near PTV wont be easy:)

Past Worlds no idea who you are

Overall rating: 5/10

IGN Gard345


Rate : WhoKilledMickey

Activity/Growth 7/10 - 10k points, almost top 60. It's good, you have a quite well developed main village and you've managed to build up your 2 new villages nicely.

Farming 5/10 - You've farmed over 1 million at least and at least over 1k villages. You could farm even more in order to further catapult your growth even if scavenging does the job ok for you. I just don't see why not use every single advantage that you can. Your record is 76k resources plundered on one day, which is low for someone with 3 villages. In my opinion.

Location 7/10 - You're quite lonely, your tribe is mostly a few hours away. However I don't see this as a negative thing, they are close enough to help you when things get rough and you have a much freer area to expand in. If PTV lets you..

It will be very fun to see what you can do in midgame with your position facing PTV. You could build such a nice frontline.

ODA/ODD 8/10 - You haven't really been tested but still managed to get some action without having to pay too much. Good warming up.

Profile 0/10 - Comeone, write something????

Tribe 7/10 - I like the looks of Gang. Lots of ODA (5th place), a quite high level of all players. Since I'm new here I don't recognise everyone but most of your members seem to have gotten a decent start. Will be very interesting to see what happens in k55.

Past Worlds (if any) - Haven't played on .net before. Can't judge

Rate: Nybørjaren



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Activity/Growth 6/10 - 7.6k points. It's good, feel like you have rushed the academy a bit too early though, but with good farming that's not necesserely a negative.

Farming ?/10 - No achievement to check, and a 70k best daily makes it hard to judge. Do not know how effectively you scavenge and so on.

Location 6/10 - You have a nice safe area to expand in, however some of the players nearby are low level targets. You also have a lot of fast growing tribemates close by. You could build a nice fortress=)

ODA/ODD 9/10 - Looks good=) Destroyed competition so far.

Profile 7/10 - You are a real princess.

Tribe 10/10 - I think you guys have a bright future ahead of you! Fairly new to the .net servers, but seems like you have found yourselves a good core of people.

IGN: superpolly

EDIT: added ig name

Glassy Sky

Rate: Xillah.

Activity/Growth - 7/10
Rank 141 /7,6K points with 3 villa's.
Both villa's captured at the same day, so that must have been an investment.
Other hand it costed you some progression in your main village.

Farming - 7/10
Highest achievement 72K with almost 1k villages plundered in a day.
Means you put some time in farming, keep on going!

Location 8/10

There are enough targets around you to noble, so i'd say you don't have to worry about threatening.
And so many barbs, jeez. :eek:

ODA/ODD 10/10
Only ODA, Bashlife is on. :cool:

Profile 8/10
Anyone that says you are not a princess is a liar.

Tribe 8/10
I'm looking forward to see the progression PTV will make in the future, it looks promising :)

Past Worlds (if any) 7/10
Accomplished 1,3 mil in W76, so that means you can handle a larger account. Will see where you will end in this world!

55/70 = A great score. :p

IGN. Glassy Sky
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Activity/Growth 6/10 - It's fine. You've got a pretty good main village and an OK second village. Since you're not pulling in that much @ farming I can see why you're not bigger.

Farming 7/10 - Highest farmed in one day 36k? That's really really bad.. However, I see that the highest amount of villages you've plundered is 2.6k villages. That's rough man.. Hope your scavenging is going well. Is it -L- who's taking everything?

Location 3/10 - You are surrounded by a lot of potential nobletargets when they've grown a bit. However will you take them fast enough or will everything worthwhile be taken by your friends in -L-.

ODA/ODD 8/10 - You've already had to defend yourself and obviously handled it, that's some light in the tunnel. You've also cleared out a few villages which I like.

Profile 5/10 - It's clean which I like, but nothing special.

Tribe 6/10 - Hmm it's ok? Don't recognise them at all. Ok at the top, worse in the bottom. Under the protection of -L- which is good? At least they won't noble you guys.

Past Worlds (if any) -

rate: Nybørjaren

Glassy Sky

RIP my rating hehe;)

Rate: superpolly

Activity/Growth - 9/10
Rank 15/ 22,3K P with 4 villages.

Great developed main village and your conquered villages are also in a great state.
Of course with the help of some pp none the less.

Farming - 5/10
Highest achievement 99K with only 127 villages plundered in a day.
Means you don't invest a lot of time in farming, maybe you put your focus on scavenging instead.

Location 6/10

You are safely surrounded by your tribe and Gang, none the less still some players from VIP to noble.

ODA/ODD 7/10
8K Oda is alright, means you did not have that many trouble obtaining your 3rd/4th villa.

Profile 7/10
Seems you have to visit a doctor if you have the problem
you described on your profile, that problem kills the tension under the sheets.. :oops:

Tribe 8/10
It's alright, I like to see how you guys are expanding, as Gang is quite close to you.

Past Worlds (if any) -
I'm too tired to check, sorry if you got some great results on your account. :D

Total: 42/60

rate: Nybørjaren

Activity/Growth - 7/10
Rank 255 /5,5K points with 3 villa's.
You're growing fine, just at a normal pace.

Main village seems a bit low according you have conquered 2 villages,
might rushed your second conquer today but that's my impression.

Farming - 10/10
Highest achievement 198K with almost 3,9K villages plundered in a day.
Sir, you put real effort in farming, respect for that!

Location 6/10

Seems you are growing harder as your neighbors, maybe that's the reason of your capture today.

ODA/ODD 9/10
You are dominating your surroundings due only having ODA and ODD as supporter.
Keep those horses/axes running!

Profile 6/10
Neutral, i like the saying.

Tribe 7/10
I haven't seen anything of CN yet, so i can't say much about the tribe.

Past Worlds (if any) -
Did not check your history, sorry. :oops:

Total 45/60

Strong Hand

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No name above so ^
Rate : Whitegrimreaper

Activity/Growth: 6/10 top 300, not a bad first cap

Farming: 7/10 150k in a day with over 700 villas hit on a different day, youre putting decent effort into farming

Location: 5/10 center of your k, nothing special, your tribemates are a bit spread out and your 2nd villa is a bit far from your main, but there doesn't seem to be an imminent threat in the area.

ODA/ODD: 6/10 most of your od is support, always good to see a good team player this early. Seems you capped that village fairly easily as well

Profile: 6/10, nice first link

Tribe: 8/10 definitely potential there

Past Worlds (if any): 4/10 see one relevant world, 75 with over 400 caps. But then a lot more recent worlds where you make it to about the point you're at now. Hopefully you make it a bit further this time?

IGN: Strong Hand

a.K.a elmoo

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rate: Strong Hand

Activity/Growth: 8/10 In top100, nice caps, not much troops lost as I can see

Farming: 7/10 Still not great, but looks like you are improving your farming, you had your best last day of 117k

ODA/ODD: 5/10 According to your rank, you could have done it better, but also means you found good nobling targets, and might have pretty off atm

Profile: 0/10 Make your name special, write something people will remember :)

Tribe: 6/10 I can see some good names, but only 13 villages on the k where you are. Could be good for spreading, but also hard if dominant tribe from the area start attacking

Past worlds: 7/10 As I can see, its usually around rank 100 using this IGN. I hope you can make more progress here on this one, wish you good luck

IGN: a.k.a elmoo


a.k.a elmoo

Activity/Growth: 9/10 In top 10, though looks like hes spent a lot of PP

Farming: 9/10 almost a million which is to be expect for someone of his points

ODA/ODD: 8/10 its quite close to his actual rank

Profile: 3/10 bit of a stupid profile

Tribe: 7/10 tribe looks promising but will they last

Past worlds:

Overall 8/10

sidd 271

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Activity/Growth: 6/10 could have been better con

Farming:9/10 10k+ village plunder 10 mil+ res looted, pretty solid

ODA/ODD: 7/10.. good at this stage


Tribe: 7/10 tribe looks promising but will they last


Overall 6/10

sidd 271


rate: sidd 271

8\10 - your new villages grow fast

Farming: 2/10 lol, only 37.997k which is a bit low for this stage

Location: 4\10 - a great location to grow but has Death all over you a bit far from your tribe main cluster

ODA/ODD: 2/10 - no need to explain

Tribe: 1010 - you have Lord BERSERK with you lol

Past Worlds: 8\10 - you have some good runs and won w56 as the #1 player

Overall rating: 7/10