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Strong Hand

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Rate: Peanut Butter Jelly

Activity/Growth: 10/10, front page would be petty to rate you anything lower. Not to mention every time I've messaged you're online

Farming: 7/10, top 100 for LotD, top 200 for PotD, you're a scavenger though i believe ;)

Location: 10/10 only because you've got a front row seat to watch me noble noobs, we'll both be needing to secure a rim spot soon enough though.

OD: 7/10, Great attack stats! Not as much for defense but still a considerable amount. What troubles me is the 9k ods! A good defender has his troops in his tribes villages unless he needs them. Can't say i know exactly what's happening and where troops are needed on your side of the fence, but surely you could have more.

Profile: 6/10 pretty plain, nothing wrong with that though. See you finally numbered your villages :D

Tribe: 8/10 all looks well but no clue whats going on behind the scenes. Seems like you guys are set to go the distance though

Past worlds: N/A it seems on this account.

Overall 9/10, capable and solid looking account.

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Rate: Strong Hand

Activity/Growth 7/10: Well your rank 49, so your activity seems decent. Its hard to tell though since we arent in the same tribe, but I reckon you are active enough, also your growth is decent despite being in the middle of Death cluster

Farming 2/10: Terrible for your size, perhaps its the location? Rank 143 when you are on a rank 49 account isnt good enough, sorry.

Location 4/10: Front to us in PTV! and 4U. Fair enough if it breaks out something, frontline player, but right now I dont see it as a good location and you should get a new cluster somewhere else.

OD 7/10: Fair stats! Not the biggest OD but its absolute fair with a little mix of all attacking, deffending and supporting.

Profile 6/10: No text, but a very cool pic though! I like it plain, not too much fuzz.

Tribe 9/10: I dont want to give you 10, because we are 10, but ill give you 9 because you are indeed for the moment in rank 1. Seems like a good bunch of players. Dont know whats happening behind the scenes here either, but seems like there is some drama with a few tribes around you. I can definately see you guys be a good treath later on.

Past worlds 5/10: I see you have played a few other worlds on this account. That I can see is that you seem like a early game player who havent had big accounts larger than 200k points? Correct me if im wrong. The best ranks around 50-100. Not that good, but perhaps you have played on a few other accounts as co? What do I know.

Overall 6/10: You size is absolute fine, solid account with good frontline! Your tribe is also looking sharp.

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Rate: Hybris

Activity/Growth 7/10: Pretty good activity, rank 61 tells me you have put in some time but not around the clock

Farming 9/10:
5.8M is really good for your size. Only reason i wont give a 10 is that you "only" have 17.9k farmed villages as best, so I asume you found some big unfarmed villages yesterday.

Location 6/10: Solid spot at the rim, quite a bit of room to grow but quite far away from the action it seems.

OD 4/10: I guess you mostly have had to fight against player much smaller than you since you are close to the rim so thats why your ODA is so low for your points.

Profile 8/10: simple and good profile. couldnt agree more with your statments.

Tribe 9/10: you guys have a strong line up no arguing there with a strong ODA but are untested how well you defend together so far. I dont see you guys going away anytime soon and are a clear candidate to the endgame.

Past worlds ?/10: cant really find anything on your past worlds and havent played with or against you before (that i know of atleast)

Overall 6/10: overall decent points If you keep your farming game at the same level everyday i can see you growing faster than most in your area.

Rate: TheMMan


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Activity/Growth: 6/10
450k points, top 30 ish. That is a prty decent growth!

Farming: 6/10
plunderer and robber in gold, that is good. But who needs to farm? :eek:

Location: 9/10
Far away from me, that is good!

ODA/ODD: 4/10
the lower OD the better rating. kind regards.

Profile: 1/10
3 players on acc, still looking for co players.

Tribe: 5/10
Another rääändom top tribe, would suprise me if they are a contender to win this world.

Past Worlds (if any):
Sry don´t know you.

Overall: ok player, the Swedish player on the acc is probably making it work.

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