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, slow .

Farming: 5/10 , 177k for a 22k player , low .

Location: 5/10 , little room to grow as you are surrounded by your tribe.

ODA/ODD: 7/10 , average .

Profile: 6/10 ,
a little dry for my taste .

Tribe: 5/10 ,
they are expanding quickly because they got no one to stop . We all will see how they will fare against Blood/Gang , they will soon come to know that it wont be a walk in the park .




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Activity/Growth: 7/10. Some decent nobles, growin steadily. Top 100 aswell which is good.

Farming: 6/10. About same rank on res plundered as on points. Very low on vills plundered so could be that you just got a ton of res farmed on a vill you were nobling or something like that.

Location: 8/10. Furthest to the east in your tribe. Looks like you have a lot of food and good room to grow.

ODA/ODD: 8/10. Rank 20 on ODA. Has been going up steadily every 3rd day or so. No massive spikes which means you probably havent lost too much for the clears you have made.

2/10. No picture...

4/10. As stated by xillah, 3 tribes in the same K all together as a family tribe is a massive red flag. I doubt you guys will be around in 3 months time.

Rate: bradders the brave


bradders the brave

8/10. Top 50, not bad at all. You seem to know what you're doing, so just keep doing you're thing.

Farming: 6/10. 227k is alright, you do farm but I believe you can do a lot better soon.

Location: 7/10. You definitely have room to grow if you play it smart, there are big contending tribes nearby that might become and obstacle. Will be interesting to see how it develops

ODA/ODD: 7/10. You have worked for your villages, top 50 with majority ODA and some ODD shows you are aggresive but also able to defend yourself, I like it

Profile: 3/10 only a gif and nothing else

Tribe: 9/10 was very interesting to see you guys take on CN. Appears as you know how to efficiently work together and im sure it will be interesting to follow your tribes progression in the future.

Rate: Shortfuse


Rating Shortfuse

Activity/Growth: 10/10. Spent time as rank 1 early world, now settled in the top 10 at rank 8

Farming: 10/10. Rank 3 for in a day farming, 1 of only 3 to hit that 1 million mark

Location: 9/10. Eaten a bit of ASG recently, looks like there is more food around still as well

ODA/ODD: 10/10. Rank 3 ODA, so good off presence (hope you have troops still). ODD not high, so not yet been challenged defensively. Good amount of ODS though, so looks like you are doing your part there

Profile: 5/10. Nice pic plus a decent summary of what your account is about

Tribe: 9/10, Echo look pretty well set jumping up the rankings recently on the back of some nobling and handy recruitment

Rate: Not playing W105 - so i nominate that our favorite reporter be rated - Dragu4
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Strong Hand

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Rating Dragu4

Activity/Growth: 4/10 well below average at this point in the game, smallest member in your own tribe.

Farming:4/10 50k farmed with 660 hit, hope you're scavenging more efficiently than that

Location:8/10 looks like you have tons of room to grow

ODA/ODD: 5/10 would expect some better caps with 19k oda

Profile: 6/10 nice coat of arms I suppose but pretty basic

Tribe: 7/10 rank 2 with some notable members, but youve got a full 40 players and some very far behind in size. Maybe consider merging some accounts?

Rate: Strong Hand


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Player: Strong Hand

Activity/Growth: 8/10.
Currently ranked 46. 9 villages atm. All are relatively low points so I assume you're focused on pumping troops for the short term over building out your villages. High Risk, Potentially High Reward. I can dig it. However, it can be debated whether in the long term it will pay off. Often times it doesn't because your account is too sensitive to handle losses. But if managed the right way and targets are chosen wisely, while farming and scaving are pressed, it can help one snowball.

Farming: 7/10
Strong farming record. Currently ranked 32 for LotD. However, only rank 160 for PotD. I imagine once you build up your troop counts and start filling out your farms you'll be able to micro farm more and improve this.

Location: 2/10
You're a bit isolated from your tribe. Surrounded by the Gang / Blood alliance. Future growth is dependent on diplo. If any diplo is established you will exhaust targets and have head aches with cross nobles. If diplo isn't establish or if/when diplo falls thru you will need support and the ability to handle your self with hostiles on 270 degrees around you.
If you can handle yourself in those circumstances and with tribe backing I'd consider your location probably 6 to 8 out of 10.

ODA: 6/10. Rank 156 ODA. Decent level but this is an unimportant stat for you given your account strategy.
ODD: Irrelevant because only 958 units defeat. Unable to rank.
ODS: Irrelevant because only 70 units defeat. Unable to rank.

Profile: 2/10
Your account name is Strong Hand. I like it. About the only thing tied to the profile that is good. Village names aren't great. Profile picture doesn't make sense or tie into anything related to your account. No profile description or creativity.

Tribe: 9/10
KicK is a top notch tribe. Solid leadership and membership base. I've noticed your tribe has slimmed down their members. I assume it's account mergers to grow accounts and get coplayers at where they need to be. Smart time to do it after all the events the world has already had and early enough to easy facilitate merges. This also makes running the tribe easy and more organized. Less chance for complications. Solid plan. Definitely a top contender on w105 and I look forward to some good competition in k45 :)

Past Worlds (if any): 4/10
I'm sure you've played on other worlds but I'm not sure of any other than the ones tied to this account. For this account it looks like its first "real" world was w84. For this account it looks like it struggles to make through early game / early mid game. It appears this account has a long history of the owner getting disinterested and giving the account up for internal around late early game / early mid game or the owner quits after taking some hits from the enemy. Given the account's current position on w105, if that analysis has a sliver of truth to it then this account will have a rough road ahead given its current location.

Overall rating: 6/10
Obviously a very capable early game player. Strong farming, pretty good activity and growth. The account is in a strong tribe with an enormous amount of potential. However, given the history of the account from prior worlds and the pattern shown... And the difficult position the account is in currently... The player manning the account will have to really step up to plate and perform when the going gets tough and break the pattern of quitting the world before mid game gets rolling. I believe the player is capable of it if they want to. We will just have to wait and see!

My w105 IGN: Slaying Out.
Previous worlds IGN: Red Cup / Griffin140

Almighty Push

Player: Slaying Out.

Activity/Growth: 10/10.
Simply amazing

Farming: 10/10
One of the best

Location: 1/10
Not near me :/

ODA: 10/10 Attack King
ODD: Tank
ODS: godlike

Profile: 0/10 Not me
But cool name

Tribe: 0/10
Not Creati :/

Past Worlds (if any): 0/10
Shoulda Played with me :?

Overall rating: 12/10

My w105 IGN: was Cancel That. just changed back to phantom :)
Previous worlds unknown


Player : Phantom Troupe

Activity / Growth : 2/10
Really slow growth for the last 4 weeks and you recently restarted.

Farming : 2/10
Resources plundered are the same as the highest points you've got before restarting.

Location : 8/10
You're on the rim. So can grow fast and less threats in the area for you.

ODA : 0/10
Since you have no ODA
ODD : 5/10
Guess you got cleared and the reason for the restart :p
ODS : 8/10
Can see that you sacrificed your troops for another member unlike so many others I knew who were afraid to send support.

Profile : 7/10
Cool Coat of Arms

Tribe : 0/10
Since its a new tribe :p

Past Worlds : 10/10
Only checked out world 97. You'll won the world and you have a good list of villages conquered. Very few barbs conquered. Not like most players who barb munch. Respect.

Overall Rating : 6/10
Need to improve on your farming and growth if you are playing 105 to win.

105 1GN : Solidus


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Player: Solidius

Activity/Growth: 8/10. Late start, seems like you are growing at a good pace atm.

Farming: 10/10 Really impressive imo considering your size =)

Location: 1/10 Very close to the ever so fast growing BobOnFire.
I see you are protected from one of the Death members, however not sure if you get protected if Bob wants a piece:p

OD: 0/10 Pretty much none.

Profile: 6/10 Decent, i like the name though!

1/10 Just you in there ;)

Past Worlds (if any): Did not see any:p

IGN: Peanut Butter Jelly


Player: Peanut Butter Jelly

Activity/Growth: 10/10 Doing very well, kept Top 100 for most part of this world and just shy of Top 30 atm

Farming: 5/10 Very poor for your size but to be fair your right in the core with a lot of competition and your not exactly surrounded by barbs either.

Location: 8/10 Right in the core, not stuck right in your tribes cluster so plenty of room too grow. Potentially future frontline account. On the downside not the best area for farming.

OD: 10/10 Plenty of ODA and ODD so far

Profile: 5/10 Nothing much too see :p

9/10 Contenders for world winners ( I know it's early days!). Dominating their territory and plenty of room to grow.

Past Worlds (if any): Can't see any with your current IGN worth commenting on

IGN: Aaron0097


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IGN: Aaron0097

Activity/Growth:5/10 hard to gage at this point, but larger player right above you is 2 times your size.

Farming: 7/10 pretty good for your size over 200k in a day! good job there mate keep it up

Location: 8/10 #rimlife! not alot of farms around though, (grey ones anyways)

OD: 7/10 Good ODs and ODA for your size

Profile: 6/10 i like the punisher :p

Tribe: 6/10 good rim tribe love the name, and the knock part (those who know me will get these)

Past Worlds (if any): Can't see any with your current IGN worth commenting on

IGN: Codygoodthegreat


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IGN: Codygoodthegreat

Activity/Growth: 7/10 really great—think for your location, you’ve done very well for yourself.

Farming: 9/10 one of the best farmers in the world currently.

Location: 5/10 One of the best, yet worst places to be. Surrounded by teammates, but unless you’re allies with Death, you’re in a dense, frontline position.

OD: 9/10 strong ODand ODA—someone likes to go boom boom against the walls.

Profile: 5/10 pretty basic picture and profile writing.

Tribe: 8/10 top 10 tribe, just short of a million, hiding in the shadows of Death.

Past Worlds (if any): A fanatically, talented veteran! Happy Hunting!

IGN: Slient.Assassin


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IGN: Slient.Assassin

Activity/Growth: 7/10 considering that you are surrounded by tribesmates i'll give you a 7 :D

Farming: 6/10 187k and 1k villages in a day, not too bad. i am guessing you scavenge a lot. decent amount of barbs around you, but lots to share with:p

Location: 1/10 One of the safest, yet worst places to be. In the middle of your tribes cluster. Not much room to grow.

OD: 6/10 decent ODA, no OD to show. have had it pretty easy so far

Profile: 4/10 "silent" is spelled wrong ;) otherwise decent profile pic, and howdy to you too ;)

Tribe: 9/10 top 3 tribe. should be interesting to see how you guys do as the world progresses

IGN: Peanut Butter Jelly


You got rated 4 comments ago but whatever :D

Player: Peanut Butter Jelly

Activity/Growth: 9.5/10 Looks like you had a decent start havent been out of top 100 much if at all and currently Rank 20

Farming: 6/10 Would like to see it be a bit better for a player of your size still not the worst i have ever seen. Not sure how your area and the tribemates nearby is affecting hauls

Location: 9/10 In the Core, decent location for expansion in a few directions so with a few good moves could set you up well. Still got tribe members nearby so not going to be isolated.

OD: 10/10 Top 50 for both ODA and ODD so you havent been slacking or focussing on easy villages which i like alot. Looks like you are fighting a few of the smaller tribes so gained good amounts here i guess

Profile: 5/10 Nothing really there. I prefer sparse profiles so will give you 5 :D

8/10 Potential world winners. Will have to fight one of the bigger tribes eventually so wont give you higher marks until i see how your tribe performs in wars with the biggest tribes.

Past Worlds (if any): Can't see any with your Name but i might of missed something

IGN Cardocard

Lord -Fac-

Player: Cardocard

Activity/ Growth: 7/10 - Initially I graded you a bit lower, I think you're quite small for how long you've been on this world and it looks like your startup strategy was quite slow, but hey! But you are steadily growing and it looks like this last week has been good to you.

Farming: 6/10 - Again 206k in a day seems quite unimpressive for your size, but that was back on the 25/1/19 ~ 10 days ago. But I think there might be a good reason for this break... lmao. So let me cut you some slack for now

Location: 7/10 - I don't hate your position, but you are pretty deep in the core which can be rough. I'd be looking to get out on the rim to open that K up for expansion. Being right on the edge of your tribe has obviously placed your entire account right on a main frontline, not ideal!

OD: ∞/10 - Rank 1 for OD is ridiculous, and clearly the reason for some fairly slow/ restricted growth. Your ODD and ODS are really high, so you and your tribe are taking one hell of a dicking right now. Gotta say, well done for not losing any villages apart from that one recap.

Profile: 8/10 Cheeky message, but no picture and very short. But hey that does push your FIVE defender of the days to the top lmao. Also your village names are great haha.

Tribe: 7/10 - You seem to play well together, but your position is tight and suuurely its only a matter of time until a big tribe comes knocking. And there's a clear divide between you and 4th place making you the best of the rest!

Past Worlds: I kinda hate this one because Im not sure how relevant it is. But been playing for 5 years though so congrats!

Im gonna give you a 9/10 overall :) I think you've done exceptionally well for yourself despite the constant battering you've taken. You seem like the type of player people would want in their tribe, gotta keep growing though! I'm expecting you to make it to late game so good luck!

IGN: -Fac-


Player : -Fac-

Activity/ Growth: 6/10 - Kinda slow, but lots of room to grow in your location. keep it up son.

Farming: 4/10 - Highest plunder resources is 127.396K, thats low for your size.

Location: 7/10 - Rim location, Can still grow depends on the activity and effort.

OD: 3/10 - Guess your not Hitting a large amount of units so far. And still not attacked quiet a bit.

Profile: 5/5 - Almost the same with others. But meh, profile will not define your game.

Tribe: 5/5 - Rank 19. Not familiar with the members. below average tribe OD. You guys will soon meet
Vis in Concordia and Plebs.

IGN: kaloiski

Undead Royalty

Player: kaloiski

Activity/Growth: 6/10 A bit slow but I don't know what that area is like and the diplomacy :p
Farming 10/10 rank 57 for farming
Location 5/10 I'm not sure how much food you have there but a jump to the rim is possible for some good hunting is possible
ODA/ODD 5/10 you're aggressive but haven't really been attacked yet
Profile 8/10 Another One
Tribe 8/10 Echo slayers of Dragu4(R.I.P. Dragu times)
Past Worlds ??? Don't really know of your past worlds mate :(

IGN: Undead Royalty


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Player: Undead Royalty

Activity/ Growth: 7/10 Good steady growth, only 1 barb nobled rest players so that's good I suppose.

Farming: 2/10 Barely farmed at all it looks like, I hope you are getting a lot from scav ^^

6/10 Not an ideal location, in the core but atleast you are not central within your tribe. Good location for internalling your "academy" tribe anger...

8/10 High ODA, low everything else. What you want to have at this stage I'd say.

Profile: 10/10 Obviously put a lot of effort into your profile. Cool picture/gif, some quotes and a riddle. If you only put that much effort into your farming :p

Tribe: 8/10 Rank 1 tribe, would give a higher rating but I'm a bit disappointed by the fact you guys got 2 tribes in your K for you to internal/merge with. Either way you guys will for sure make it to end game and have a good chance of winning.

Past Worlds: Can't find any worth mentioning.

Rate: bradders the brave


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Player: bradders the brave

Activity/ Growth: 8/10 Steady growth, some bonus barbs nobled and rest players which is nice

Farming: 7/10 625.052 with 5.7k villages in a day which is pretty decent, i am guessing you scavenge a lot too.

8/10 Pretty good location, however looks like you will have or already have trouble with Death:p

OD: 9/10 High ODA and ODS, pretty low on defense yourself but you have supported you tribemates A LOT :D

Profile: 2/10 Meh :p

Tribe: 6/10 Rank 5 tribe is decent, however i do not see you guys lasting that long sorry

Past Worlds: Too lazy to check:p

Rate: Peanut Butter Jelly