better.....but your still avoiding my question, you know you cant answer it.....tell me exactly what a noob is? you cant call me it coz u dont even know what it meens.

you just made my day...

Noob is a slang term for a new person in a community, group, or video game, and especially on the internet (see internet slang). . A noob usually means a bad player in a game, or someone who does not know the rules of a community. Being a noob is usually not a good thing.

In many Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)s or other internet based games, the word noob is used very often. Noob can also mean someone that has a high level, but is not a skilled player. A person new to a game is often referred as a Newbie. The word can also be used to talk about a young player.

However lots of places (mainly internet forums and online games) use the word 'noob' differently to the word 'newb'. Where a 'newb' or 'newbie' is simply someone who is new to the forum/game/etc..., and a 'noob' or 'n00b' is someone who has no respect for the rules, does not want to do anything for themselves and generally acts like an idiot. So 'noob' has become an offensive term in a lot of places on the internet. To behave like a noob will often mean getting disrespect and lack of interest from other players. Once noob status has been initiated, you're a noob for life.

Noob's are usually referred to by the 1337 (pronounced "leet") or skilled players, who have marginally higher experience in the game.

The word "noob" or "newbie" originated in World War II. It was a word veterans used to describe new recruits.

Recently "noob" is used mainly just as a name to refer to other player's in various games (FPS, TPS, RPG, etc.) It's usually a derogatory term, but can be exchanged as a friendly greeting.

Also, noob is used as the meaning "a person who does not know anything" or alternately anyone that uses "TehLeader" as their forum persona.

A noob is sometimes confused with a "choob" (a person with nice things but has a low skill level).

Calling someone a noob outside of a video game environment is an legal offense in Michigan, Kentucky, and Alabama if you are under the age of 13.


who wants the definition of n00b? in my profile search up "all posts by bicky team". many fine examples there. :)

then leave uber-n00b


I'd much prefer having bicky here. He's like our little parrot. What he says doesn't make sense, but at least he's entertaining :)


join w36/7 and you will find out when hugz own you all!! mhahhahaahhah

I cbf waiting for it to open, not to mention waiting for an academy and a noble to rim you in hopes that you'll finally shut up... so how about we do this on speed instead? I win, you stop posting on w5 forums. You win, I stop posting entirely.


Another interesting topic lost due to an idiot. nice work.

as for RS, you have got a very steep climb ahead of you, you might not win, but you have to be commended for taking vvv on. you shouldn't be flamed for attacking a tribe, no matter the size or number of the players or tribe. so flamers shut up.

VVV quit whining and play the game, personally alot of players would rather go out fighting than die of boredom at eating inactive players. =RS= good job.


also at least lay down an achievable challenge so we can all have an entertaining bout.
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found out who who was??

that tehleader person seems well kool.....and thats coming from the captain of kool!!
how pathetic can you become?
don't you got something better to do?, Oh wait, my mistake, ofcourse you don't :p
and am i mistaken, or did you misspelled "cool"? xD


what did i do?
i just came on here to talk to some of my fellow world 5ers....

anyway, i like the guts of that tehleader....how he stood up to all you bullies...

Lol - you are obviously one of the same. Now kindly say who you are on W5, post in that account, or go away.


I dont think he should if he wants to continue playing this server. If anyone found out im sure 5-10 players from across the server would immediately send 500+ incomings his way. Although he may not really even play this world.


I dont think he should if he wants to continue playing this server. If anyone found out im sure 5-10 players from across the server would immediately send 500+ incomings his way. Although he may not really even play this world.
tehleader or captainkool is W5 player:


sci player, but that isn't a suprise. :p
and to point out how pathetic he is:
aaaaooooyyyyaaaa on 18.03. at 23:47
i need some iron i scan give you wood and clay in return

aaaaooooyyyyaaaa on 18.03. at 23:47
i dont like the market

bicky team on 18.03. at 23:49

maybe tomorrow

aaaaooooyyyyaaaa on 19.03. at 00:07

aaaaooooyyyyaaaa on 20.03. at 02:50
im mad now!! send me 400 k iron and wood to each village that attacked your friend. you could have have saved me loses your friend could have savd me loses WTF!!!

aaaaooooyyyyaaaa on 20.03. at 02:51
what 20 hrs is not enough!!!!

bicky team on 20.03. at 23:39

not my fault.

aaaaooooyyyyaaaa on 21.03. at 03:20
ok then your friend is fair game and so are you!!!

bicky team on 21.03. at 13:44
i'm confuddled... once those attacks hit i'm afraid you're going to be dismissed from SCIOVA. :)

bicky team on 21.03. at 15:14
and if i can be bothered i'll wipe you out. :/

bicky team on 21.03. at 17:28
scout scout scout, you can scout me all you like. xD

aaaaooooyyyyaaaa on 21.03. at 21:44
oops! sorry i was alittle drunk last night no harm done at least i have more inportant things to do then attack an ally sorry about that
its a suprise he has better things to do then attacking an ally.
all sci's tend to attack their allies out of the blue. :p
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haha, all his vills are stacked in K1 because SCIOVA think V V V will war on them...