Rules and Unfairness


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Not gonna lie asking questions about game balance and asking for feedback on game mechanics to the general public is pretty flawed. People (as a mass) in any walk of life dont really know what they're talking about so 9 times out of 10 you're going to get pretty irrelevant/uninformed feedback. And i know you already know that so its kinda wierd you complain that the feedback given isnt of a high standard when you're not taking any steps to improve the quality of your feedback.
I agree with Minty here, the feedback posts are usually littered with one line replies of people who don't have the understanding of the game nor put enough effort into properly testing/calculating something to give actual feedback. It's why games like League of Legends are usually balanced around the feedback of pro/high-level players instead of silver players.

There are plenty of people (myself included) which would put in time and effort to help improve the game if we felt like this time we put in is actually worth the effort which in the current situation for me it doesn't feel like it is.
A think tank like topic where only certain people are allowed to discuss or at the very least only serious content is allowed with mods actively engaged in the conversation would do a lot to improve the community feedback I would assume.


i think we should bring back the general section of world forums. i tried to get a mod to understand my concerns on some thread but he just ghosted on me after I pointed out his response was misguided and invalid. it's irritating but im pretty used to being irritated.

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I'd like to suggest a forum or place where we (scripters) can have a more direct way to talk to CM's responsible for the approval, and with eachother. Support tickets take too long especially since during dev of a script the code constantly changes. On .Nl I got a discord chat pushed through so scripters can communicate with eachother and help, which can only help the game.

It would be a good way to get instant feedback as well... I often feel like scripts get frowned upon as 'taking away skill', in reality they just expand on the game and make the game more user-friendly. I think that is something that should be encouraged rather then drive potential new scripters away by the horrible process script approvals etc are right now

I'd even be willing to write some guides how to get started with scripting for TW to help future scripters to get the ropes and even write some template code to help speed up script development


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I'd like to comment on the mentioned issue of "transparency" and information not being shareable from a support ticket - GDPR/privacy laws were quoted, though in this case I don't think there's any benefit or relevancy in it being held by Tribal Wars with respect to users and their support tickets. Of course, support staff shouldn't share messages with users. In the other direction, though, the only issue I think would be if there were controversial, contradictory, or unexpectedly personal information shared by either party. I think Inno should allow for messages on support to by shared by users by default. Despite opt-in being required by GDPR for data sharing instead of opt-out, I think the fact that Inno owns the communications product changes the situation to where they can change their own default agreement without violation of GDPR.

Regarding scripts - code review is a pain, takes forever, and is probably particularly horrific considering that TW scripts are usually written as quickly as possible. I don't think it's unreasonable for scripts to take a long time in review. Vault took ~2 months for its first review, and I'm glad that they even took the time to go through the whole thing. I think developers should recognize that their script could be denied, even if only because the mod happened to get flipped off on the drive to work. Mods aren't unreasonable - ask what should be changed, or what options there are to try to get the script approved. Outline appropriate features, possible known issues, and offer some alternatives. I think there are very few cases where they'll be against a script in its entirety, and compromises can be made to still release it as a useful (if less capable) tool.

Finally, Inno isn't obligated to support scripts at all - they're a security concern. I don't think they should be forced to explicitly support script development. I don't know of any other browser game that has rules allowing scripts, and I'm glad that Inno does support their existence at all. I would appreciate a link to the appropriate community forums in the rules, and some time spent by a mod to collect info from scripters that may help newcomers, but again that's far beyond what's required of them.