Implemented Send support from multiple villages to a single village

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I want to a way to conveniently send support from my multiple villages to any other village.

The way to do it should be available from screen=info_village. Ideally would be a popup, but at the very least link to it from here.
Nice to have would be a popup from the map.

For inspiration see screen=place&mode=call (rally point -> request). This is a great way to send support from my multiple villages to a single village I own. But sadly it can't be used to send support to villages that I don't own.


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This idea is approved for voting. Good luck!


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Implement this asap please. Sending a lot of supports to a village not owned by you manually can be quite annoying. Like op said, there should be a way to send supports to a village like you can request support to your own villages.