=SK= Loses Rank 1 Spot to Legend

Discussion in 'World 30' started by demize98, Dec 25, 2008.

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    Dec 20, 2007
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    A good picture of Raven punching kebabe. rofl......
  2. Past Time

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    Ability to read between lines, quite an admirable trait. +1 on my respect meter :lol:

    Anybody who uses a spy would never post the info on forums unless he/she has been neutralised or is of no longer important as a spy. He uses his info just to make a joke and maybe tarnish their image. He is just helping SK by telling them they have been infiltrated. He is an SK fan but doesn't know it yet. :icon_cool:

    I am no Optimus hater, infact i like him. A really good forum contributer, and does bring a lot of points to the table. Keep up the good work. No flame intented :icon_redface:
  3. Kebabe has gotten better and is generally flamed for his past deeds. He also contributes to meaningful discussion on the forums sometimes. You more than earn the flaming coming at you now. I've seen you creates five worthless threads in under 5 minutes (half of the topics were already in existence).
  4. GT blows
  5. Do you think before you open that black hole, also considered as a mouth?

    Firstly where did we say we're so elite? And secondly go back to the hole in which you crawled from, fact is your opinion is worth as much as your puny 26 point village. :icon_rolleyes: