sonnyok1h a warrior that will be dearly missed


It really saddens me to learn of Sonny's passing.
I had the great pleasure of Leading Sonny, Leading 'with' Sonny and in the end, being led 'by' Sonny and despite never hearing his voice nor ever seeing his face, I really felt as if I had known him for years. He was a great character with a huge personality, controversial at most of times and lovable the rest. No doubt he had a profound effect on all those he had contact with in the game.
My biggest regret is walking away from the game 10 months ago thinking it was just that...'a text based game'. But the truth is, some great people are sitting behind computers around the globe making this game what it is. Sonny was definitely accountable for that.

I'll miss you old chap.



All I can say is RIP. I did not know Sonny very well, so it would be an insult to him to act as though I did. From what I can see though, from family, friends and enemies alike, he was certainly some man, and will be a tragic loss to the TW community, and I'm sure to his family and friends in real life also.

I opened this thread today (I don't read W17 very often anymore), expecting to see that Sonny had finally kicked the addiction that so many of us have to this game, and quit. In a way, he has, I guess - although not in a way I, nor anyone else would expect or want. He is though, I hope, in a better place right now.

As for the World 17 community - after reading this thread I have great admiration for all of you. World 17 is known for having some of the most bitter disputes and dislikes between members of the community, and it is a great indication of the character of each and every one of you that you would allow Sonny to leave this world with the dignity and respect he deserves.

I would make a suggestion, and I apologise if Pit or any family members find it inappropriate. As members have passed away on TribalWars over the years, especially extremely influential members and leaders, one does not want their memory to be forgotten for the duration of that world, and often their "passing" threads are stickied so that does not happen. I would suggest that this thread be "Stickied", so that there is an eternal reminder of Sonny on this world, and that this thread will not fall back into the countless other pages of threads on this forum. This thread, if stickied, would also be a permanent reminder of the great compassion of the World 17 forum community, and how dearly missed Sonny will be here.

-Conor / Shlomzi


Wow, that’s crazy. I just logged on to see how the war was going and found out this sad news. Sorry, I am so late on the matter but I would like to say a few words. Although when I quit a few months ago me and Sonny had a pretty hateful in game relationship it is extremely sad to hear this.
When the titans were BoT we had some good times on the forum in game. Other than that in game I know I enjoyed the banter and it game me something to do last summer…so thank you for that sonny. I hope none of the things I said you took personal because it was all fun and games.
I’m sure you were a great Man, father, brother, and person in genral….I have empathy for you and your family pit I know how much it hurts to lose a family member…But as many have said he is in a better place and we will all meet again someday.
Also I would like to think you for severing and protecting our country in the military

RIP Sonny



News has only just filtered through to w20 of this terrible loss. On behalf of myself and my RL "other half", Rockstareza (who was one of Sonnys friends on w17 when 'eza played there), I would like to offer belated condolences to Sonnys family.

Rockstareza and Sonny became great friends in game, and his passing has been a great shock (we only found out today). Sonny was a great guy and will be sorely missed.