The Final Victory...


lol you guys mad ?

Agency sucked, suck and will always suck.

Time to choose a new game, clearly you're no good at this one.


This world is only being modded by the elders. The topic won't be even looked at 9 times out of 10 unless something is reported. (Was talking to some of my forum mod friends about the closed world forums the other day.)


Weather people think people deserved to win or not it doesn't matter.
They got there pp. Panic was a great tribe, Agency was a great tribe. It's no secret we all wanted a world win and to
move onto other wolds instead of wasting time on the inevitable. That we all agreed on obviously or we would have just bashed it out between each other. Just glad we didn't have mass
deletions or maybe meow would have lost control of the % needed but fortunately that did not occur. Honor simply couldn't cap anywhere near enough in time. Yes a large portion of the Agency members were left fighting and many of panic left. This stuff happens
all throughout the game for many reasons. Hate on them if you want but if it was truly a point to stand on then those in charge would have suffered the losses to the tribe and kicked those that weren't deserving of this win. They have ofc chosen otherwise as the more important detail in the minds of those in charge was the swift end of the world and not that of (who deserves the win and who does not) and that I actually agree with.

I am personally of the mind that there needed no judgment being passed on anyone. I would have preferred to see a "congrats to all
present & non present during the game that put in work and to those that didn't well that's councils fault (myself included at one time) for not having taken out the trash".

So it has become obvious to me that above anything else Googly and rep find it of the up most importance to remain hypocritical
when it comes to judging upon those they used to get there tasty w62 win. If it was really a matter of pride,honor, & righteousness
all non worthy players would ofc been kicked and the only true honorable players left in Meow worth the world win to go on and keep fighting regardless of the % of the map owned by Meow. So you must understand how ridiculous this looks in the eyes of certain people.


@Asphyxiate: now you are making fun of yourself. :lol:
you just can't ignore the facts. The western MEOW failed to invade the north west. The reason for this was inactivity and incapability of south -west Meow players i.e the ex-panics.The east was invaded upto k24 and k25 completely but in west you guys even could not break k42 completely:icon_biggrin:

There is no doubt that both Agency and Panic were good tribes.But Panic was losing activity big time. Your leaders knew it and they approached(although not all panic players wanted it) Googly and co. for a quick merge.Period.

Aww, its so cute when you try talk about things you don't understand.


So it has become obvious to me that above anything else Googly and rep find it of the up most importance to remain hypocritical when it comes to judging upon those they used to get there tasty w62 win. If it was really a matter of pride,honor, & righteousness all non worthy players would ofc been kicked and the only true honorable players left in Meow worth the world win to go on and keep fighting regardless of the % of the map owned by Meow. So you must understand how ridiculous this looks in the eyes of certain people.

Removing the trash would have extended this world by well over a year and some of the people deserving the win like -Av3nger-, Teh@gressiveF@rmer, Syndicate Symphony, and so many more didn't have it in them to fight for another year because they got burnt out from carrying all of the dead weight..


To be perfectly honest and fair, we "took over" the T@F account when it was maybe 2 million points or so (very late Sept. 2012)... i believe T@F was in Panic! from the beginning also... not 100% sure, but stats seem to indicate so.

At that time, were pointed in the direction of Org and began doing the TW thing... VERY shortly after that (fortunately or unfortunately, however you look at it) we were attacked (not without provocation :icon_razz:) by a member or 2 from HONOR...

During those times (and before the merge specifically), i participated in some of the best planned OP's i've ever had the pleasure of joining... at that time, dylar (unless i'm mistaken and do apologize if incorrect, perhaps SD also) was primarily the "master planner." In their defense, that was most assuredly the case...

AFTER the merge, things did "quiet down" on our front for the most part regarding OP's and movement, unless a few players spoke in game to organize something... i will also say that we (T@F) had heavy defensive support from Panic! if/when we needed it... i believe it was a team effort throughout due to these things.

Did activity levels go down at a certain stage... most definitely yes... did i/we complain about it... most definitely we did (to some extent at least)... i will thank HONOR (and those who stepped up in MEOW management) for keeping us focused however :icon_biggrin:

The final stages of the world were basically a foregone conclusion after the merge and i firmly believe that many in Panic! (and a few others) couldn't be bothered, plain and simple... no harsh words should be spoken, the world was won, and won by ALL at some stage of the game over the world's duration.

Let it be...


lol, now im glad i wasn't active anymore when the merge did come. seems this shit created a lot of drama.

and yeah AGENCY is an awesome tribe. i would play under googly and company again anytime.


This has gone on so long that its beginning to make whoever posts arguing look stupid. We won and the fact is no one can change what happened.

Now can we go back to doing what we all do best. RIMMING NOOBS!

Asylum Escapee

Just going to clear one thing up. I played the Daly account on the north Honor frontline for quite a while. By all accounts i did well.( I was up something like 124 to 6 in caps vs honor). When the merge happened, I certainly did not feel welcome in Meow (thats an understatement). Now, as to the guy who took my account after I left, well, he plain and simply never existed. Normally, I wouldnt quit like that, but several factors contributed to this.

1) winter break was ending and school was starting up
2) Meow plain and simply did not feel like home. Many of Panics best went inactive because they did not like the merge. The nes that were in favor fo the merge were by abd large the inactive ones. Not to take anything away from them , but they were tired of fighting and wanted to quit without hurting their tribe.
3. Over the 2 day christmas attack break, hundreds of barbarian villages to my south were taken by honor. I was assured by leadership that we had the sit of the player that barbed, and that i didnt have to worry about him. I brought this up in the tribal forums, but nobody seemed to care about my front with honor quintupling in size, with all of my D on the west front. A few players got around to taking some of the barbs, but most did not seem to grasp how bad it was for me.
4. I had no coplayer, and sitters were becoming very difficult to find. I was able to fight Honor previously with almost no sniping, but with a huge front you cannot survive playing 4 hours a day.

So, with half of my tribe spewing with hatred for me, a new front 4x the size of my current one opening up overnight, and exams coming, with no coplayer, I hope that those players in Panic that i was glad to call my tribemates, for however brief, will forgive me for essentially giving up the account. I did make efforts to find a good co, but my experience with cos on w62 pretty much put me off of cos for a long long time. I did find a "coplayer", but he was more or less a concept rather than a physical person.

It still pisses me off, because when i got on the account, there were (supposedly) 4 cos, but in reality there was one guy who quit then next day. The account was left to me smack dab in the middle of a shitstorm, which i managed to clear up and proceed to succeed, only to have various non-gameplay factors force me out of playing.

World 62 was the best world I have ever played, and the worst world i have ever played. Likewise was Org both the best and worst tribe I have been in for a significant length of time. (Panic being better, but that was so short). Org was great early game, not that I had any other options as to who to join really. The collapse of Org happened during my month of absence from Org, so cant comment on that, but it sounded dumb.

Thus concludes my very long, pointless post that in all likelihood, has little chance of being read by anyone who might care about it.
It is also very late, but better late then never i reckon.


If memory serves me right, you weren't given the opportunity to quit and were forced out of the tribe. One of Agency's conditions of the merge was that you specifically would not be a part of it.

Asylum Escapee

I apologize for starting it up again, obviously nobody cares except for Repinski, which honestly is kind of sad. I did, however, leave out one small detail, which for the sake of rep's blood pressure, i guess is a good thing.

I dont exactly care about this world anymore, nor about the game in general. I just randomly decided to post a big wall of text because i like that sort of thing sometimes. Maybe I will reveal the true extent of my w62 shenanigans someday, if anyone cares. The thing is, I dont think anyone does. Oh well.


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well repenski .....i just got back to tw 3 days ago thought i shld reply ..... lol no offence but two of my co players left and so did many ppl i know from previous ADD and thus the game kinda gt boring for me i took in 2 other co's towards the end left due to exams and stuff..tats why accnt went kinda inactive


You don't deserve to be here. You have a front with HONOR, yet have done nothing on it. Under 10mil ODT in the wars is shameful to say the least considering HONOR defend and even if you only threw nukes at them you could get over 10mil ODA with ease

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Yan you are not black or asian! I'm so glad you didn't rap... (And i said you are not black because.. I almost thought that was omarion in your sig lmao) You my friend are a Blasianegian. haha.

Good job to everyone for staying this long. Everyone deserves the win!

Well except for Rep of course.

Oh Rep: [video=youtube;NTWLNjxOdNc][/video]


I have to sadly say I was one of the inactives at the end-- queenb86.

First Congrats to those that persevered and won world 62!

Here are my thoughts on the ridiculousness of all the arguing about something that has already happened and I apologize for bumping it I have been trying to avoid tw as much as possible but here I catch myself drawn in and writing something on the externals which I try not to do so much as set by example by the leaders of ex-panic;)

My funnest and best world to date and I wasn't apart of this premade but had friends within it from world 60; even a couple enemies ha. I remember staying up 36 hours setting numerous alarms and sitting accounts and doing whatever necessary and being as reliable as I could be; WHEN I COULD BE. World 62's settings made it set to be a fast world, and in my eyes Panic had the win whichever way we went; albeit I thought it was going to be Panic/Org set in stone from the beginning but alas internal affairs made that not possible. I remember when council told us we may be shifting gears against org and going to Agency and changing our tag to Meow. (I'm a female and even I think thats a shameful name. gahhhh. Paul you set us up for failure on that one! lol) I was surprised but hey did I really care anymore? I didnt' have the time to be glued to a computer and neglecting my son and sitting here playing this game day in and day out and gaining 40 pounds during this period mind you lol cause if you're playing tw who has the time to work out? ESPECIALLY when co's were few and far between. Every merger was so I could get a co but it was just an excuse for the other player to quit I've found out. I played this account nearly by myself the entire time and I just couldn't handle it anymore.

With only 15-20 members at a time, panic's leadership led us to great wins however it was that they did it. We always played fairly and we always gave 24 hours notice before ever launching on anyone. Externals at a time had nothing but good things to say about us. So thank you to ex-Panic leadership that was not even mentioned as council of Meow at the beginning of this thread; yan, Chase, Drew, Paul, you guys made me a better player and we all know we had the win in the bag long before a merge with whoever.

We simply aren't a bunch of highschoolers and college students that can play on their off-time and have no responsibilities anymore. Does that say that we weren't an elite group of players that dominated? The way we won wars was fair and even if we did recruit a few members; it was only a few and in my experience in other worlds I've seen real hugging where they would take half of any given tribe whereas we'd still remain at 15-20 members. So please, don't portray us to have just been gifted all of our villages in our wars. We were silent in externals we talked our mad sh** in game and in our wars. If we hadn't picked up the talented players we did we wouldn't have Dylar's account, and mag, and mam and quite a few others sorry if I didn't mention you.

To ex-panic players, we don't need others to praise us; we know what really happened and I am so glad to have been able to work alongside such great mentors, leaders, and all in all such an understanding group of players. WE know whatsup ;)

To all meow players thank you for getting us to the world win. Ex-Agency, i didn't really have the time to get to know you in order to have been able to say all the same things to you guys. I don't have anything bad to say about you guys except maybe you shouldn't have tried to take all the credit for yourselves a few of you, and the rest I had a blast skyping about the silliest things with you guys when it was i could make an appearance;) I won't say anything bad about our win with you guys it was planned this way for a reason and I'm glad it's over! It was fun but my days in tw are limited. I'll never play competitively like w 62 again:) (at least I hope not)

/rant and +congrats again to everyone! my first world win whether some think I deserved it or not:)


First of all I would like to congratulate everyone who made it to the end, and also the winners of course.

Now I am going to defend myself against all the trashing I got from this repinski guy. I played in 2 accounts, AgainstTheWall until just after the VAN war, and Pharsstin after merge. I started the world playing under my wicked angel account(as yan said, "some nub account on the rim) until I looked around, found yan and started chatting. He then asked me if I can fill in for an account in their tribe, which was somehow behind. From then on, on that account I played solo, almost without sitter, being the sole Panic Member in the K until I just couldnt play anymore because school was taking up so much of my time and my grades have dipped a bit because of TW. I never wanted to play half-assed, being carried by the tribe while doing nothing so I quit, and left my account for someone else. then around December last year, I had some free time until early february, so I asked Yan if I could co-play someone as I wanted to play again and be with the friends I made within the tribe. He said I could hop on to one of the inactive accounts. I said, I really dont have enough time to play solo after my break is over but he said the account was easy and not in the front, and that he felt that I deserve to be with them till the end. So after hopping into the account, I did the best I could even in limited time, sending nukes, fakes and support even if I couldnt even follow a single attack plan due to my inactivity. Then things got really busy again that I had to stop playing so I sent the sit to one of the higher up withing the tribe.

Do I deserve the win? Maybe not, but I wasnt a dead weight. I had very little caps in the Mirage war, does that mean I did nothing? Those stats doesnt show the troops I sent, the times I sat a frontline account under an op (FoF) which really was a last resort as I didnt want to sit in the first place as I am the only one nearby not under attack that can send support and snipes (which I did.. a LOT). Yes, I am upset that all that I did was seen as nothing by some. and frankly, if you cant appreciate or recognize what some of us did, then you are the one underserving of the win.