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As of September 11th 2017 at 22:11:09 ST, SCREW controls 45% of the player owned villages in the world. This means they are 64.29% of the way to triggering end phase of the game. Now W93 has been a wild ride to say the least. While some would argue it is a sterling example of how TribalWars has declined as a game no longer showcasing individual skill in lieu of shrewd and sometimes underhanded diplomatic moves. Below I have a collection of various opinions and statistics as well as my commentary on a few matters.


Without further adieu, I will below post my various interviews that I've had with various tribe leaders over the past few days as well as our forum moderator (Ele <3; thank you kindly for taking the time to talk with me) and below I will further dissect, analyze and follow up on the workings of the world.

On 2017-09-13, at 5:22 PM, Patrick|SOLO-|OTD| wrote: If I was to sum up w93 at this point in one word - it would probably be 'mine'. It has been fun winning this world, started with friends and since then assembled a great winning team that are a truly reliable bunch. We have had highs and lows but we have always kept with our plan and driven the world how we want to the edge of victory and all the rest could do was react or attempt to deal with the consequences we set about for them. Tribes like Avatar we helped rise and then pulled the plug and watched fall. Further back assembling the northern/eastern coalition vs W|S as they were fighting NOOBS/RoyalE...So much to mention that we have directly or indirectly had a hand in either urging or forcing through. Diplomacy has been a key factor in our victory; we played it smart, like we always do...We are the best at it.

However some of our greatest moves were unforeseen; the merger between Inc. and Panda; we all cant thank superguy enough for being so intolerable that the best inc. members wanted to be anywhere but Panda. That really was the defining point on the world and made our win inevitable. The 'supertribe' to tackle the rise of the power of SCREW only ever amounted to a thought. Since then those members have ingrained themselves into my w9 and w74 winners cultures and bringing their own bit of spice.

Of course the move of recruiting those 10 or so ex-inc. didnt come without its own troubles as we were spread and outnumbered in K54 so it took full tribal dedication between support/sitting and attacking to dominate the region. Truly was a highlight of the world and I will take those players with me on worlds to come(if they will come hah).

In more recent events Panda merged to SQUAD which was two losing tribes just to make a larger losing tribe - dead on their feet but still standing and deserve credit for that; even if they are propped up by a handful.

On a note of hilarity; NOOBS claim they will put up the best fight, but they dont know what birds and his crew have endured -truly are oblivious if they think they stand a chance. At least SQUAD keep their house in order and dont have people leaving and joining - NOOBS have been a mockery of an end game tribe really between having up-to 3 acadamies, important tribal figures in NOOBS losing half their villages(as barbs ;)) for 'various reasons' split away tribes etc. - isnt that what they prophesied would happen to SCREW? I smile writing this at the thoughts of it wont trip over a barb in their K's anyway :p

At 45% we are just playing this world out now until 70% - depending on how fun the world is and if my team want to go for it we will see if we will keep refreshing the timer before it falls into end-game to ensure we get rid of the scum that dont deserve to survive on our w93.

I dont know if I will get another opportunity like this that wont be read by much other than the winners in SCREW; but I want to thank a few people...

First and foremost the opposition, thank you for allowing me corrupt you and dictate your paths effortlessly, both past and present. NOOBS/SQUAD you are free to merge if you so wish :)

My w9 guys are awesome some of you are here on your own accounts and others as co-players. Cant believe how long we have all known eachother I love to hate you guys and we are absolutely the epitome of a team even if you are all playing as part-timers here !!

My w74 crew - you SHOCKED me when I joined and more and more of you were popping up all over the NW. It was like some terrible outbreak...for the world lol. We endured what was a turnaround world on w74, destined to lose but turned it around. I know anything is possible with you lot - we have proven it. We have lost K's and been crashed down only to rise up to win. Relentless and thankfully stupidly following me always :)

Now my w93 crew - wow! You have made this world so exciting for me :D I have made some special snapchat friends here lol Although we havent had to struggle vs decent opposition here we have had the challenge of motivation and to some degree that is more difficult. We have created a tribe that would have clearly stood the test of time in a hard fought slugfest and I would have liked to see that. You are all winners that clicked like a family and I cannot wait to do it with you all over again. I cant believe the assembly we have. Huge characters. Diverse. Opinionated. Interesting and Amazing - I wouldnt change a second of it.

Thank you to everyone that makes up SCREW :)

As for the opposition - thank you for trying or having some failed sense of belief that you stand a chance or if you are just here to delay the inevitable. You have allowed us to have fun rimming you and your friends and your time is coming up soon :)

*For the Record John Saikali = Artista90*
[2017-09-11, 9:12:43 PM] Fleezus Clyde: I want to know about w93 from your perspective :D
[2017-09-11, 9:13:13 PM] Fleezus Clyde: what prompted the split into STOIC? and how is being in STOIC different than being in NOOBS?
[2017-09-11, 9:14:05 PM] John Saikali: Id rather not say m8
[2017-09-11, 9:14:18 PM] John Saikali: I already caused myself enough trouble lol
[2017-09-11, 9:14:28 PM] Fleezus Clyde: fair enough - may I ask why u are remaining coy? :D
[2017-09-11, 9:14:31 PM] John Saikali: Everyone around me hates me and wants to attack me lolol
[2017-09-11, 9:14:51 PM] John Saikali: Thats what being famous does... im okay with it (cool)
[2017-09-11, 9:15:07 PM] Fleezus Clyde: fair enough :D
[2017-09-11, 9:15:30 PM] Fleezus Clyde: would it be any interest to you to be in a roundtable discussion with SOLO BGR and birds?
[2017-09-11, 9:16:17 PM] John Saikali: Nah im
Not the leader

I wont know what to say or answer without my tribe
[2017-09-11, 9:16:46 PM] John Saikali: Im a nub remember? My first world? Whatever decision made by stoic was voted on by its members and not my decision alone
[2017-09-11, 9:16:46 PM] Fleezus Clyde: fair enough - may I ask who leads STOIC then?
[2017-09-11, 9:17:01 PM] John Saikali: Stoic leads stoic
[2017-09-11, 9:17:07 PM] Fleezus Clyde: so you are like an open democracy
[2017-09-11, 9:17:18 PM] John Saikali: I just hold power to make sure it stays that way
[2017-09-11, 9:17:25 PM] John Saikali: Yip
[2017-09-11, 9:17:38 PM] Fleezus Clyde: I’m guessing this was your issue with NOOBS? a rigid power structure?
[2017-09-11, 9:17:45 PM] Fleezus Clyde: didn’t like the hierarchy
[2017-09-11, 9:18:06 PM] John Saikali: Noobs are selfish and kinda self centred towards their premade
[2017-09-11, 9:18:23 PM] John Saikali: Whoever saw then left them, and got to experience true equality
[2017-09-11, 9:18:35 PM] John Saikali: For once everyones voice was heard and mattered
[2017-09-11, 9:18:46 PM] John Saikali: Something screw leadership is even scared to do
[2017-09-11, 9:19:56 PM] John Saikali: 3/4 of my members have invite privelegdes and all the rest as well lol
[2017-09-11, 9:20:02 PM] Fleezus Clyde: Well I would argue SCREW is not scared to do that - just operates under a more traditional style
[2017-09-11, 9:20:14 PM] Fleezus Clyde: we run under a hierarchy
[2017-09-11, 9:20:19 PM] Fleezus Clyde: we have a pecking order
[2017-09-11, 9:20:21 PM] John Saikali: I got in so much trouble for recruiting people that i didnt actually recruit :p funny
[2017-09-11, 9:20:55 PM] Fleezus Clyde: while in NOOBS?
[2017-09-11, 9:20:58 PM] John Saikali: Yeah but in screw u guys are scared to speak ur mind

At least scrared to do what u want
[2017-09-11, 9:20:58 PM] Fleezus Clyde: or now :p
[2017-09-11, 9:21:24 PM] John Saikali: For example if u completely disagree on a Op

U will probably get force internaled in screw
[2017-09-11, 9:21:34 PM] Fleezus Clyde: On 2017-09-11, at 9:20 PM, John Saikali wrote:
> Yeah but in screw u guys are scared to speak ur mind
> Or
> At least scrared to do what u want

again different style - we run much like a dictatorship - and it’s hella effective.
[2017-09-11, 9:21:47 PM] John Saikali: In stoic u participate if ur interested. Simple as that
Each person owns their own account and knows whats
Best for it
[2017-09-11, 9:21:53 PM] Fleezus Clyde: exactly :D u would be force internalled for that
[2017-09-11, 9:22:12 PM] Fleezus Clyde: I can respect that - but i’ll tell you why it will lose out
[2017-09-11, 9:22:28 PM] Fleezus Clyde: here there is no room for deadweight and those without like mindset
[2017-09-11, 9:22:32 PM] John Saikali:
[2017-09-11, 9:22:49 PM] John Saikali: But u dont know the plan, so how do u think well lose?
[2017-09-11, 9:23:02 PM] Fleezus Clyde: any who are not committed to win & understand that personal sacrifices need to be made for the tribe…. need to be eaten :D
[2017-09-11, 9:23:25 PM] John Saikali: Lol :=)
[2017-09-11, 9:23:35 PM] John Saikali: U dont see the flaw in that do u
[2017-09-11, 9:23:54 PM] John Saikali: I dont think u realize why 1/2 the east went inactive
[2017-09-11, 9:24:16 PM] John Saikali: When the players were forced to send all their nobles as fakes, 140hours away and all their nukes
[2017-09-11, 9:24:24 PM] Fleezus Clyde: On 2017-09-11, at 9:23 PM, John Saikali wrote:
> U dont see the flaw in that do u

I think the west has bred a different breed of player
[2017-09-11, 9:24:30 PM] John Saikali: What are u really going to do if u log in for the next week
[2017-09-11, 9:24:35 PM] John Saikali: Please explain it to me
[2017-09-11, 9:24:36 PM] Fleezus Clyde: well thats poor leadership :D
[2017-09-11, 9:24:43 PM] John Saikali: If i participated i would have quit after
[2017-09-11, 9:24:45 PM] Fleezus Clyde: that’s nothing else
[2017-09-11, 9:25:08 PM] John Saikali: But u see my point why polls were needed
[2017-09-11, 9:25:19 PM] John Saikali: People came back active
[2017-09-11, 9:25:19 PM] Fleezus Clyde: I can see your plight
[2017-09-11, 9:25:28 PM] John Saikali: They were inactive almost going to quit
[2017-09-11, 9:25:32 PM] John Saikali: Even i was
[2017-09-11, 9:25:53 PM] Fleezus Clyde: I sympathize with you - i truly think you’ve reinvigorated the east - however how are relations with NOOBS if i may ask>?
[2017-09-11, 9:26:07 PM] John Saikali: Derp
[2017-09-11, 9:26:11 PM] John Saikali: :)
[2017-09-11, 9:26:20 PM] John Saikali: I dont hate them as much as they hate me
[2017-09-11, 9:26:35 PM] Fleezus Clyde: I understand that :D
[2017-09-11, 9:26:43 PM] John Saikali: Ive never blocked so many people in my life to be honest the hate messages are u real
[2017-09-11, 9:27:00 PM] Fleezus Clyde: so relations are poor - but not warlike?
[2017-09-11, 9:27:28 PM] John Saikali: The forum keeps going blue over flaming at me :p

Im almost going to stop checking that shit soon, its so annoying to always see something useless
[2017-09-11, 9:27:45 PM] John Saikali: When someone needs help probably no one will open the forums anymore
[2017-09-11, 9:28:12 PM] John Saikali: Not warlike no

No one attacked anyone
[2017-09-11, 9:28:18 PM] John Saikali: Its a verbal war
[2017-09-11, 9:28:34 PM] John Saikali: Kinda lame to be honest and mega annoying
[2017-09-11, 9:28:55 PM] Fleezus Clyde: I can imagine - it seems it’s just a clash of two leadership styles on how to combat SCREW
[2017-09-11, 9:29:40 PM] John Saikali: Not really :p

I mean i dont need to tell u how the noobs are watching in the north
[2017-09-11, 9:29:50 PM] John Saikali: U can literally ask ur tribe mates urself
[2017-09-11, 9:29:53 PM] Fleezus Clyde: what about SQUAD :D
[2017-09-11, 9:30:02 PM] Fleezus Clyde: they are on your profile - so relations are better with them?
[2017-09-11, 9:30:31 PM] Fleezus Clyde: are you going to recruit from them as they fall?
[2017-09-11, 9:30:35 PM] John Saikali: Ask them about the heat noobs bring in the north

No bu11y will say he naps all day and they he is bored
[2017-09-11, 9:30:45 PM] John Saikali: Fall?
[2017-09-11, 9:30:55 PM] John Saikali: Squad??
[2017-09-11, 9:31:01 PM] John Saikali: Ill die first.
[2017-09-11, 9:31:10 PM] Fleezus Clyde: hehe :D
[2017-09-11, 9:31:16 PM] Fleezus Clyde: I’ll start your eulogy
[2017-09-11, 9:31:18 PM] John Saikali: I plan on winning w93 from that tribe
[2017-09-11, 9:31:33 PM] Fleezus Clyde: That’s a very bold plan :D
[2017-09-11, 9:31:37 PM] Fleezus Clyde: care to elaborate?
[2017-09-11, 9:32:04 PM] Fleezus Clyde: so SQUAD will recruit from STOIC? :^)
[2017-09-11, 9:32:09 PM] John Saikali: Map will talk much better very soon and the name change has its meaning
[2017-09-11, 9:33:06 PM] Fleezus Clyde: fair enough
[2017-09-11, 9:33:20 PM] Fleezus Clyde: that’s about all the questions I have for you today John thank you for talking with me :D
[2017-09-11, 9:33:38 PM] John Saikali: Thx for the fun :)

*This interview was conducted prior to the SQUAD jump and REBELS split*

[2017-09-11, 9:35:13 PM] Fleezus Clyde: hey birds how’s it gan :D
[2017-09-11, 9:35:25 PM] Chris (Birds): Yo man
[2017-09-11, 9:35:31 PM] Chris (Birds): all good this end, how about you?
[2017-09-11, 9:36:22 PM] Fleezus Clyde: not too bad - was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about w93 for an upcoming article I’ll be writing - i’m trying to remain unbias - so hearing your side is critical to this - I hope you are able to help :)
[2017-09-11, 9:37:21 PM] Chris (Birds): Yeah of course ill be happy to answer any questions
[2017-09-11, 9:38:48 PM] Fleezus Clyde: Awesome :)
[2017-09-11, 9:40:16 PM] Fleezus Clyde: So first off id like to congratulate you - you guys at squad have really held out for a long time & survived wave after wave from SCREW - what factors would you say contributed to your success ? (Good communication, tight knit group, etc.)
[2017-09-11, 9:43:25 PM] Chris (Birds): I appreciate that, although I am happy with it to a certain extent. It has not gone as planned. The majority of our success is down to a core group of players who have put the time in and effort. So in that sense they have kept us afloat against you guys. Also through the ops and merge with panda these people helped lead by example when we were faced with a lot of internal issues. They also stuck by me when decisions had to be made even if they did not agree with them at first.
[2017-09-11, 9:50:04 PM] Fleezus Clyde: I can appreciate that :) I would argue most great tribes are really just a great small core that has the ability to manage the larger tribe - it seems you guys have slowly but surely figured that out. Now I've spoken with John (Autista) who speaks very highly of both you and your tribe - I take it SQUAD and STOIC enjoy a fruitful relationship. But how about squad and noobs ? Did STOIC spitting off cause/further any tension ?
[2017-09-11, 9:53:48 PM] Chris (Birds): We have no issues with STOIC. They formed due to issues with noobs, and its been a bumpy road as I’m sure you know. However, SQUAD have always had good relations with NOOBS and thats not changed.
[2017-09-11, 9:55:52 PM] Fleezus Clyde: Fair enough - my intention is not to uncover/instigate any beef, just genuinally curious as to the working relationship of the three tribes as I'm sure most people are
[2017-09-11, 9:56:36 PM] Chris (Birds): oh no I understand that, I was not be obtuse for any reason
[2017-09-11, 9:56:49 PM] Fleezus Clyde: Your tribe really came out of nowhere with the panda merge - mind if I ask a bit more about that ?
[2017-09-11, 9:57:02 PM] Chris (Birds): Yeah no problem
[2017-09-11, 9:57:09 PM] Fleezus Clyde: It was really you're vault into the limelight - did they come to you or ?
[2017-09-11, 10:03:29 PM] Chris (Birds): Basically I use to play worlds once a year or so. But I went to uni and forgot about it. My last serious world was 72 and decided to have another go. I started this world in the core and was holding out for a decent tribe, none really appealed to me and joined SQUAD day 3 I believe. It had a good group but the leadership was slightly misdirected, it was led by nice guys but they were not ruthless when needed to be. My survival rested in a tribe being able to survive the core. So I highlighted all these issues to leadership and they made me baron, then within a week of joining I was duke. I started setting high standards for everyone got rid of about 20 members quickly and we dropped out of the top 20. But we carried on working the core and I made contact with tribes I felt would be useful. We secured our backs with LP, FAKE etc and we moved on the core tribes. Slowly but surely we grew until nothing was left in the Core a part from us and PANDA. I knew panda were struggling with leadership and I knew that they had some good players. I thought about it and knew that something had to be done or SCREW would walk them. I told my council this and they were happy to follow me. The tribe were told and they all agreed and thankfully trusted me to this point. I joined the PANDA Skype and let them know my expectations etc and for the most part it was well received. Some people were not happy with a new leader, but quickly I gained their trust and we went from there. They could see I put the work in, sitting, sniping organising etc.
[2017-09-11, 10:09:50 PM] Fleezus Clyde: I can speak from experience in inc, trying to negotiate with panda prior as to how stubborn they were. So kudos to you on being able to bring them in! Granted they may have been a little further demoralized by then but still shows excellent leadership quality on your part.
[2017-09-11, 10:10:14 PM] Fleezus Clyde: Now for my final question: how do you see the rest of the world playing out ?
[2017-09-11, 10:13:21 PM] Chris (Birds): SCREW have a massive advantage now, so whatever happens will be an up hill battle. But I think if issues are worked out between then 3 opposing tribes, a real fight can be achieved. SQUAD are stabilising more now. I am happy to be on the frontline now, I feel more in control of this front now. But internal issues are still causing some caps to be losed. Once all of this is ironed out, I am hopeful that between us we can cause a challenge for screw which will at least make them have to work hard for this world win. But I’ve seen a lot of crazy come backs in previous worlds, so who knows.
[2017-09-11, 10:16:38 PM] Fleezus Clyde: Exactly :D if I recall correctly on W80 dest was within 1% of triggering endgame before regime mounted a comeback - hopefully you guys can rally together and give us a great run like that :D best of luck to you birds and thanks for chatting with me today (bow)
[2017-09-11, 10:18:05 PM] Chris (Birds): No worries mate, all the best. See you on the battlefield :)
[2017-09-11, 10:21:42 PM] Fleezus Clyde: Likewise :D

*I attempted to contact BGR in game, through the forums and via skype however he has declined his option to interview and had actually blocked me in-game. So I went to what I suppose is the next best thing; I got a little insight from Sagar (SassySwagGuru) although what he had to say was short and to the point.*

[2017-09-12, 10:28:52 PM] Fleezus Clyde: I've been trying to get in touch with BGR for an interview for an upcoming article but he's been dodging me :D If I recall - you are a baron - would you be interested in an interview ?
[2017-09-12, 10:29:13 PM] Sagar Gaur: (facepalm)
[2017-09-12, 10:29:17 PM] Sagar Gaur: Nah mate
[2017-09-12, 10:29:26 PM] Sagar Gaur: all interviews after we win the world :)
[2017-09-12, 10:29:54 PM] Fleezus Clyde: Fair enough :D
[2017-09-12, 10:30:14 PM] Fleezus Clyde: Mind if I ask your opinion on STOIC and artista now in squad ?
[2017-09-12, 10:30:41 PM] Sagar Gaur: don't know. I'd say my opinion about them is bad
[2017-09-12, 10:34:35 PM] Fleezus Clyde: Fair enough :D I am not trying to create/escalate tension just oblivious to the situation and interested to learn more
[2017-09-12, 10:35:09 PM] Fleezus Clyde: I am trying to be as unbias as possible in my upcoming article hence why id like some input from NOOBS
[2017-09-12, 10:35:23 PM] Sagar Gaur: well stoic is "fighting their own fight"
[2017-09-12, 10:35:57 PM] Sagar Gaur: artista is trying to work out with us since his thoughts of working with screw are no more happening
[2017-09-12, 10:36:10 PM] Fleezus Clyde: From artista I've heard it's more of an open democracy where as noobs is more of a traditional tribe
[2017-09-12, 10:36:34 PM] Sagar Gaur: 1 point, do not take a word or artista or petal about noobs
[2017-09-12, 10:36:37 PM] Fleezus Clyde: Yeah I'm guessing you're aware of artista asking for screw nap :D
[2017-09-12, 10:36:42 PM] Sagar Gaur: noobs is the best tribe I have ever been in
[2017-09-12, 10:36:47 PM] Sagar Gaur: ofc I am
[2017-09-12, 10:36:53 PM] Sagar Gaur: and I have a message for solo
[2017-09-12, 10:37:00 PM] Sagar Gaur: because ricky doesn't responds to me
[2017-09-12, 10:37:07 PM] Fleezus Clyde: Fair enough :D
[2017-09-12, 10:37:10 PM] Fleezus Clyde: Spit
[2017-09-12, 10:37:26 PM] Sagar Gaur: Ozzo was taken out on false accusations and the guy didnt like it. Idc about screw, but when both SCrew and noobs will stabilize, the war will be amazing- So looking forward to that, I want to warn you that ozzo has joined an account on screw to mess screw up. Watch out for him as noobs will not be entertaining that sort of gameplay anyway.
[2017-09-12, 10:38:25 PM] Fleezus Clyde: Fair enough :) I find that very admirable of you and wish you the best of luck going forward. While ofc I want to win - id love a good run for my money and I think you guys could give it to us :D
[2017-09-12, 10:38:36 PM] Sagar Gaur: thanks mate
[2017-09-12, 10:38:40 PM] Sagar Gaur: see ya around :)
[2017-09-12, 10:39:06 PM] Fleezus Clyde: Thank you for talking to me today (Bow) I'll see you on the battlefield ;)

W93 Forum Mod
[2017-09-11, 11:45:10 PM] eLeMeNOhPi: W93 had a pretty good start. However, at one point it was easy to predict that SCREW is going to win the world
[2017-09-11, 11:45:10 PM] eLeMeNOhPi: and now the 45% dominance just proves it all.
[2017-09-11, 11:46:27 PM] eLeMeNOhPi: This kinda made the world a bit boring tbf
[2017-09-11, 11:46:49 PM] eLeMeNOhPi: But still the dedication of SCREW players is admirable :)

So to summarize the various thoughts and interviews I had - there is a consensus from SCREW & a respected outsider that SCREW will continue to cruise to victory. All three of the major tribes opposing SCREW, feel otherwise. Individually they have all expressed that they have plans in place to turn the world around, yet diplomatically the east remains so fragile. The Coalition is not truly a coalition; merely a name given to an aggregate group of tribes fighting SCREW. While they all share that common goal, their ideologies are clearly different as we see from the interviews above & frankly I believe that maintaining cordial relations between the big three (four?) is essential to any chance of a comeback on W93. Below I am going to breakdown the statistics & war stats of the last week.

War Stats:



Where applicable I updated the changes from the 6th. I am too tired tonight to do the players so that will have to come another day.


Player Villages: 13.341
Total Villages: 34.067
Current villages of SCREW: 6108 (+388 since sept 6th)
Current villages of the Coalition: 5572 (based on the top 6 Coalition tribes)
Average SCREW gains per week: 409.6 villages

To get 70% = ((13.341 * 0.7) - 6108) / 409.6 = 7.9 weeks
To get 100% = (13.341-6108) = 7233 / 409.6 = 17.7 weeks

To get 70% = ((12.930 * 0,7) - 5570) / 358.8 = 9.7 weeks
To get 100% = (12.930-5570) = 7360 / 358.8 = 20.5 weeks

So a little flashback to my math on the 6th - it seems that the trajectory of the world is continuing as predicted.

Concluding Thoughts & Summary:

While I could drabble on further if needed but I am going to cut to the point. Statistically unless the Coalition make some drastic changes fast; this world will be entering it's end phase very shortly and SCREW will be declared the winner. Whether you approve of SCREWs tactics or not - it's hard to argue against stats. I hope you guys and gals enjoyed my little dissertation & I wish you all the best of luck on the battlefield :) Furthermore, I tried out a new posting style in making this article so I do ask you to bear with me if it's unappealing/ I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

I was able to acquire more information on why Artista90 left STOIC for SQUAD and is now in REBELS. These below interviews further give insight into Artista's experience in this game & the new political situation of the east. Thank you very kindly to @Voodoo. for your conducting of an interview here :D

[2017-09-14, 9:01:44 AM] Fleezus Clyde: I'm guessing noobs didn't like him joining you? (cwl)
[2017-09-14, 9:02:09 AM] Chris (Birds): And when he found out we were allied to noobs he left saying he can’t work with that?!? Is he mad? I think every account in this world knows that
[2017-09-14, 9:02:23 AM] Fleezus Clyde: (Cwl)
[2017-09-14, 9:02:28 AM] Chris (Birds): he honestly thinks he can war noobs and then war screw
[2017-09-14, 9:02:32 AM] Chris (Birds): I just have no words
[2017-09-14, 9:02:37 AM] Fleezus Clyde: Yeah.... And then doesn't rejoin stoic either
[2017-09-14, 9:03:00 AM] Chris (Birds): i have had a lot of patience for him, argued with noobs to get him in and then he pulls this shit
[2017-09-14, 9:03:10 AM] Chris (Birds): So my cords are cut
[2017-09-14, 9:03:19 AM] Fleezus Clyde: He's been a fun player to follow not gonna lie - would hate to have him in tribe
[2017-09-14, 9:03:25 AM] Fleezus Clyde: Seems more work than he's worth
[2017-09-14, 9:03:28 AM] Chris (Birds): he can learn TW the hard way
[2017-09-14, 9:03:35 AM] Fleezus Clyde: Haha as most of us did :p

[13/09/2017 21:07:33] [Voodoo.]: Howcome you left squad already?
[13/09/2017 21:34:52] Artista: They lied
[13/09/2017 21:34:57] Artista: A LOT
[13/09/2017 21:35:07] [Voodoo.]: What about? Wtf
[13/09/2017 21:35:14] Artista: If u guys are planning an op on me
[13/09/2017 21:35:27] Artista: Just keep in mind i am stacked against noobs as well not just screw
[13/09/2017 21:35:41] Artista: And if u target me that area, u will turn me into their food
[13/09/2017 21:36:02] Artista: Just saying. I am neutral with all now
[13/09/2017 21:36:44] Artista: Most likely ur entire first wave will fail

But u will surely turn 1.5 mill points into noobs food
[13/09/2017 21:37:04] [Voodoo.]: Wtf? What happeed ma, from that interview souded like you and birds where solid
[13/09/2017 21:37:09] [Voodoo.]: I'm soo confused
[13/09/2017 21:37:23] Artista: Until i joined and saw hes been lying this entire time
[13/09/2017 21:37:25] [Voodoo.]: And no, we don't want to go for a player to give his villages to the enemy
[13/09/2017 21:37:28] Artista: They had stoic as Nap
[13/09/2017 21:37:34] Artista: While stoic had them as allies
[13/09/2017 21:37:47] Artista: They plan on merging stoic and internaling them and then merge into noobs after
[13/09/2017 21:37:53] Artista: I refuse to be a part of that
[13/09/2017 21:38:33] Artista: They had nap and had the nerve of asking constantly for support

We all know Clyde explained the difference between nap and alliances
[13/09/2017 21:38:58] [Voodoo.]: Are they stupid, like what will they gain from joining noobs
[13/09/2017 21:39:17] [Voodoo.]: you can vouch for how bad they are from being with them, and I know they are useless at ops and shit
[13/09/2017 21:39:25] Artista: Just heads up

1) if noobs attack me first wave, they will fail= i become screw food

2) if screw attack me first the opposite will happen
[13/09/2017 21:39:25] [Voodoo.]: Plus BGR is such a shit leader
[13/09/2017 21:39:30] Artista: Its common sense
[13/09/2017 21:40:28] [Voodoo.]: Honestly, even though I don't like you, you and birds would of been a great leadership duo and impossible to move
[13/09/2017 21:40:39] [Voodoo.]: If they join Noobs, I see it being a steamroll to the world win
[13/09/2017 21:40:47] Artista: Dude they are feeding bgr 10 villages
[13/09/2017 21:40:55] Artista: Internals from squad giving away dominance
[13/09/2017 21:40:59] Artista: So bullshit
[13/09/2017 21:41:08] Artista: He already stole all the serene internals
[13/09/2017 21:41:25] Artista: Birds is dumb and i was derp :/

U guys broke him already
[13/09/2017 21:41:27] [Voodoo.]: Yeah you see what he done to sprengers account?
[13/09/2017 21:41:34] Artista: He was good at first and now he is broken
[13/09/2017 21:41:51] [Voodoo.]: He asked him to set him as emergency sitter incase he went yellow, but then jumped on the account moved out all troops
[13/09/2017 21:42:11] [Voodoo.]: So sprengers set me as sitter, he had next to 0 troops and killed over 80 noobs nobles :p
[13/09/2017 21:42:20] [Voodoo.]: And that's why BGR got banned too
[13/09/2017 21:43:11] Artista: I know man
[13/09/2017 21:43:13] Artista: Lol
[13/09/2017 21:43:25] Artista: Anyways let screw know we are neutral with everyone
[13/09/2017 21:43:38] Artista: Whoever attacks us first

Then we will ally their enemy
[13/09/2017 21:43:42] [Voodoo.]: Yeah man, believe it or not, there was no plans to hit you anytime soon
[13/09/2017 21:44:12] Artista: Just saying the tribe that makes the mistake of targeting me first will turn me into food for their enemy
[13/09/2017 21:44:22] Artista: And hey id rather give u over bgr
[13/09/2017 21:44:29] [Voodoo.]: Yeah won't be us, we just got our op plans earlier today
[13/09/2017 21:44:30] Artista: He ruined w93
[13/09/2017 21:44:41] [Voodoo.]: Trust me, I cant wait till he goes
[13/09/2017 21:44:50] Artista: He sucks bro
[13/09/2017 21:45:01] Artista: And now stupid stoic doesnt want me back :p
[13/09/2017 21:45:15] [Voodoo.]: Wtf?! Why not, it was your tribe
[13/09/2017 21:45:23] Artista: So im gonna take them off my profile after my stacks land south lolo
[13/09/2017 21:45:30] [Voodoo.]: What do players like Luck Madness and jmess think they can do now?
[13/09/2017 21:45:31] Artista: Shes being a bitch Petal
[13/09/2017 21:45:40] [Voodoo.]: You was the only STOIC in range to help them
[13/09/2017 21:45:45] [Voodoo.]: Yeh fuck petal
[13/09/2017 21:45:52 | Edited 21:45:58] Artista: Shes duke of stoic
[13/09/2017 21:45:56] [Voodoo.]: you seen what he done to that king enea guy at start of the world
[13/09/2017 21:46:06] Artista: Yeah i sae
[13/09/2017 21:46:26] Artista: King enea i always believed him
But i was always stuck and surrounded by noobs
[13/09/2017 21:46:43] Artista: I dont know what u think im doing in k36 but i am completely isolating myself
[13/09/2017 21:46:56] Artista: I dont want to help any of them

So if last night's dinner wasn't enough for you - have some dessert! Let's discuss this recent turn of events below!

FC out.
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Apologies Clyde

But u will need to fix this again

Mistake after mistake made, all to blame on the noobs

Squad/noobs never had alliance with stoic yet had the nerve to constantly beg for troops

Squad/noobs only had an nap, and i am sure we discussed the difference between nap and alliance

Now w93 is over because the low noobs declared war on stoic

They can have any excuse they want but the truth is, they are desperate to make up for their lost points and it is more than obvious they arent capable of taking from screw

Between the 2 of us, they will fail against stoic many tomes before going trhough. And that is just hilarious considering screw is on the verge of winning


Not to mention their mastermind plan

Of merging stoic and force internaling them

Then afterwards they will force internal the dead weights in squad and noobs

And then merge them into a super power tribe

People need to realize its not the account that matters... its the no skilled idiot behind that screen that counts, getting rid of good players in order to give their villages to bad players such as bgr is just worse than commiting suicide


It is one of those strange days, where I would say I don't just "like" Artista's post, but agree with what he is saying.

Soooo, when is this Squad + Noobs merging finally happening? I want a date so I can free my evening.


Clyde is funny :) he added stats by hand if no one noticed :p

Ps wtS is wrong with ur handwriting :p
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Voodoo, although i dont normally see eye to eye with you. I am quite shocked to see you take every word Arista says as fact. How about you actually find the truth. Half the s**t Arista is spouting is just that... s**t.

There was no plan to force internal. None at all.

Also the amount of patience i have had with this guy. Seriously I am so done with it. Arista for the last time, you are an average player at best. Your many flaws and weaknesses will become apparent very soon. You know stacking requires a certain amount of troops to minimise loses and you can defend in other ways...

SQUAD have always been allied with noobs for several months now. I have said on many occasions, and by many i mean 10+ to Arista saying what our relationship with them is and that he needs to get over it. He blames them for everything. He is a joke player, who is blinded by his own delusional thoughts about noobs which stop him seeing anything past his nose.

Arista did not even ask me about these concerns he just leaves. Everything he posts either shows his lack of TW intelligence or his inability to look at anything without his own personal bias. He says that it is now noobs fault that this world is lost because we have declared on them. But then says why would we stack SQUAD front... Thats just a contradiction. On one hand he wants to work together against SCREW but on the other is not happy to help.

Arista if i was closer to you I would Rim you myself.

P.S Force internal, yes thats pretty common in any tribe. And every tribe does this, SOLO has, I have BGR has and pretty much any duke who has at least 2 cents in their brain. Your tribe is a joke, anyone who reads your interview knows this. Your tribe is an open democracy where each player has equal say. And who i want to internal in my tribe has jack s**t to do with you. If it gets to the point of force internal trust me they deserved that.


Voodoo, although i dont normally see eye to eye with you. I am quite shocked to see you take every word Arista says as fact. How about you actually find the truth. Half the s**t Arista is spouting is just that... s**t.
I don't believe or trust him, but I do believe in entertainment.
Somethings he says I do believe will happen.
Either way, just like I said I would happen in my first interview and mentioned to anyone and everyone in this world, the East will not be capable of working together fluently, weather it be from my early game antics to make sure I didn't get bored in those boring early-game stages or through your own stupidity in still fighting each over, it is great entertainment.

Hell, am I even right in hearing that Noobs have declared on STOIC, keep fighting each other guys. Well Done.

But all in all, Lovely post Clyde. Shame the cheater BGR wouldn't talk, he may of been busy ruining other peoples accounts.

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I don't believe or trust him, but I do believe in entertainment.
Somethings he says I do believe will happen.
Either way, just like I said I would happen in my first interview and mentioned to anyone and everyone in this world, the East will not be capable of working together fluently, weather it be from my early game antics to make sure I didn't get bored in those boring early-game stages or through your own stupidity in still fighting each over, it is great entertainment.

Hell, am I even right in hearing that Noobs have declared on STOIC, keep fighting each other guys. Well Done.

But all in all, Lovely post Clyde. Shame the cheater BGR wouldn't talk, he may of been busy ruining other peoples accounts.

Birds your shit, to scared to even say shit, little shit.

Loved this :D


The LOGIC here is that whoever targets Rebels first would be pretty much serving as prenukes for their own oppostie enemy

GL world! And Good Night!


Or u could both just skip ahead and fight each other... muhahaha

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[2017-09-11, 11:45:10 PM] eLeMeNOhPi: W93 had a pretty good start. However, at one point it was easy to predict that SCREW is going to win the world
[2017-09-11, 11:45:10 PM] eLeMeNOhPi: and now the 45% dominance just proves it all.
[2017-09-11, 11:46:27 PM] eLeMeNOhPi: This kinda made the world a bit boring tbf
[2017-09-11, 11:46:49 PM] eLeMeNOhPi: But still the dedication of SCREW players is admirable :)

This is the most accurate description of the world I've seen posted by anyone.


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Great post.

Voodoo guy, Hats off to you sniping all those 80 nobles with scouts or whatever.
BGR is one of the greatest of all times and an honorable leader. You and your friend screw us over, fine. An impressive tactic, but shit about BGR like that is not appreciated.

You will be touched <3


Great post.

Voodoo guy, Hats off to you sniping all those 80 nobles with scouts or whatever.
BGR is one of the greatest of all times and an honorable leader. You and your friend screw us over, fine. An impressive tactic, but shit about BGR like that is not appreciated.

You will be touched <3

Stating truth isn't appreciated. Sure.