Time To Say Our Goodbyes


As of right now we only have 126 villages left to noble. It is time for us to start saying goodbye, pat each other on the back, congratulate us, ect ect. If you ever played this world feel free to post your memories and stuff like that.

As for me, thanks to all my friends that followed me here and stuck by my side. It was a bumpy road but it was a bunch of fun. I also want to thank my friends that came on and helped finish the world, we could not have finished so quickly without you. Also thanks to those friends that followed me here but was not able to continue playing, your contributions helped.

Big thanks to all the new friends that I met here and a big time thanks for putting up with me. I know there were mixed feelings of me coming on board and taking over the tribe but to each of you I thank you. Thank you Raven for joining us down the stretch and helping us finish it off.

Sorry if I missed everyone. Big hugs and kisses all around. :icon_wink:

This world had the best settings, Morthy we will want to see another world like this.


Finally lol, will be the fastest world to close yay lol

Anyways, i greatly enjoyed playing with you all, it was a blast, all you guys did an awesome job and thanks, especially to the guys who sat and launched trains :D and red, us winning is all thanks to joo barb nobleing skills lol xD


Beautiful settings and a beautiful tribe :)

Glad i was allowed to be a part of it, its been fun

Keep me in mind for future worlds


Sir Vinnie (w17)
Barb muncher (w53)
Rakib89 (w28)

Skype = tw.ruinedmylifereturns


Thank you for letting me play!!! That was a lot of fun!!! :D Onto the next world, lets do it!!! :icon_twisted:


I don't actually play the world, but I've come to know several people from this place, for one reason or another. Must say, it has indeed been a pleasure to be this worlds mod from start to finish, and I congratulate Drama! on their win. Great job guys.


:icon_cry: See you all W69... for OBVIOUS reasons,

Lets hope the settings are the same as this world.
No Hauls would be a nice addition though , and the coins ACTUALLY getting Cheaper would help.
Have met quite a few great players here who have taught me alot.
And Gotta send the Love out to MY CO- Veronika, <<<<< without this woman at the healm cleaning up all the blood and balancing the villages, and LOGGING in everyday :icon_redface:. Ghost Fly. account would have been a barb on the Maps Ages ago :).

Thankyou all , been a blast.

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Feel My Fire

I am thankful for the time people invested towards the end (I know I have slacked right off :|) and I give you guys BIG props. I also want to say, it has been a great pleasure to be apart of this world, from start to finish. Met wonderful people along the way, played with amazing players, and had a lot of laughs along the way. This world has been great.

See you on skype peeps :)

Anomandaris Irake

This world has been a joy to play and the tribe has been great. Glad I was duped into playing and I hope someday we can all do it again. Good luck to you all in your future endeavors whether it be on tw or real life.


Congrats to all Drama and its members. Good show.

Commiserations to all the louts like me who didn't cut it. :(

Still had a great time of it while I played. Really digged my introduction to the chatroom genius that is Pervis. :)

Really glad to have played with all the excellent ppl in Nooble and Uruz. Special shout out to Arky poo, Shango, Steven, David, Jo. :D


Congratulations on winning this so quickly, awesome settings and I liked it when I played.


w00t w00t and the Rest.
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It's been a funny period, full of drama as always i play under redneck's guide.
i have found old friends like red, munc, mzare, heavens, lisa, and lot's of new friends.
I want to thank you all, those that i have met in skype, i have had lots of fun with you all.
4 special mentions:
Rednecks, thank you for your leadership this is the second time i win a world with you, in this world you have worked less then w12, probably because this time players had more experience.
Spotted Cow, probably you'd be rank 1 now if you hadn't been banned, you have been a pain in the ass till we have played not in the same tribe ;)
MP and Raven, to all players and coplayers that have worked hard, you 2 have played another game, always 1 step ahead all the others, always available to help.
and last but not the least to Redmau5 aka engi, my coplayer, he has worked hard in the early stage of the world, i think he has done most of the work.
thank you again to all, you'll be forever with me, it's time for me to say goodbye to this game for some period, need to come back a little to real life.

ps, i forget 2 special mention, thank you to geo aka Lt.dire, i think that the name of the tribe can be linked to him, he has made so much Drama in the tribe and out, but he was also a nice player and a big friend, and when not flamed (very few times) a funny boy.
and last think go to a player that is no more with us but that has well played in w53, R.i.p. Hasoona.

i wish you all the best
Shambolla2 aka White noise.
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Thanks everyone, particularly those in Drama for making this such a great world to play! Its the only world I've ever played to the end and that has to go down to the settings, but more importantly, the people here! It was great to start the world with some mates and meet new people as we went along.

Big props to Red for being the only leader to successfully bring the tribe together and cut out the Drama long term!

hot beef/Roversbeef for being a laugh on the start out of this world and originally helping to get me into Voodoo.

And also the original Spotted Cow account for rimming me and reminding me how to play this game near the start!

The east team (Ego/Rake, Obsidian, Hossain n Will and Jess particularly).

Its been a pleasure, hopefully I'll find the time to play a world again in the future :)


Loved my time on this world definetly going to go down as one of my all time favorites. Great job all you guys on winning this world i hope to see ya all in the future


While 29 DSL will go down as the funnest group of players I played with, W53 DSL/Drama will go down as the BEST group of players I have played with. I haven't been able to be active since end of September due to classes, work and internships. But the time from November-September I did play active it was a blast (Particularly during the summer, when I was very active). I met some new cool guys in this world and will be on skype every now and then between now and summer. When summer comes around, ill be online a little more often (like last summer).

I would like to say to Rednecks, it was great meeting you and getting to know you. You are a chill guy and a good leader. I thank you for taking the tribe I created under your wings and leading it to victory.

To the new people I've meet in this world: MP (Kreme), Muncius and jom, Ghost Fly. and Veronica, jamie, Shambolla, Lord Teradin (Ricky), hot beef, Phil (Alf), Jza08 (Jared), Jay and Tammie, ponds, Asif and Kitty, and finally but not lastly... Brad (faaaark). It was a pleasure meeting you guys, playing with you, and getting to know you when I could be active.

To the people that came to this world with me: Jess, Joe, Potash, Sai, Naruto, Wickerman, Yoni, KingMyster, Broly, Rake and the many others that were part of the original group of DSL it was great playing with you guys for a second, third or fourth time. You guys helped lay a great foundation for something great to come, a few of you stuck around longer than others but everyone played a big role.

To the people that at one point in time played a key role in leadership; Tracey, TR, Earthquake girl, Alphabonkers and Kitty, Barfbug, and Naurto; I thank you for the time you put into the tribe to making it great. You guys laid the foundation to make it a great successful tribe. Rednecks did an amazing job at the end to hold us all together and to keep fighting till the end with some help from ukpatroit (Dave).

W53 was a heck of a feat, WE are the fastest tribe to ever close a world. Everyone that stayed till the very end should feel proud; your determination and dedication is what won us this world. The people that played in DSL/Drama at one point should also be proud, you guys made a mark in this world, you helped us in some way or another to win the world.

Drama will go down as one of the best tribes in TW history

Carpe diem.

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Congratz guyz and gals... Was pretty fun while I was there.

Red, I think this makes you THE TW pimp.. :icon_cool:


Wow, less than 100 villages to go. Congrats to those that stuck it out.

Thanks for the mention TDO, was a pleasure working with you too.
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I don't think I can top any of what has been said already. I had a lot of fun playing this world and met a lot of of great people.

Just a few special mentions though.

Lloyd, sometimes less said is more :icon_biggrin:

Miss Pleasure :icon_wink: told me when we only had one village she was going to win this world.... My admiration goes out to you, completely.

Red, thanks for letting me co play with you these last 10 months, it has been a pleasure :)