Time To Say Our Goodbyes

hot beef

Cheers guys, great world.

And nice to see my account just about finished in the top 20 despite me leaving when we had no more competition :icon_biggrin:


(bandit) would have won had I had the time to challenge you all. We were the fastest growing tribe in W53 history


Im still better than you all!! :p....Especially Sanchez!!

Congrats guys, just had a quick browse through this worlds forum and I have to say its a job well done.


Been a while since my last login.

Good to see this fun world to an end. Good job Drama! and to those that sticked around till the end, respect.

Jay, good to see you played till the end. The account you had was fantastic. Even a good job to Raven, alltho we had our bad things more then once. You both make the best team I have seen.

And to all other I know and like, who knows I might come back soon :D

Those who I pissed off, to bad.

PS. For those not remembering, Nooble says "hello" :)


Congrats Drama. I enjoyed playing this world (loved the settings) I played around the time of the fall of Allos, and enjoyed the world. Well done to all in Drama.


congrats to my former neighbors, esp to barb muncher who I had border agreements with. Shame I wasnt able to fight against you guys as I quit really early.


some shout outs!

MP- simply wow. great player, better person.
Raven- Jay and Tammie do it again. I always look forward to playing with you not against ;)
Jess- My girl! If she had the time to devote to this world only I think she may have topped it.
Lamb- My Van city brother!
Red- had my doubts about you when you first showed up. thanks for proving them wrong.
Ghostfly- Veronika you are a sweetheart and dedicated player. GF i still feel bad for things said and do apologize.
Alphabonkers- thanks for keeping me around early on mate.
Sai- my brother from another mother. always there when i asked.
LT- a pleasure to play with you mate. hope to do so again.
Stevei- I wish this game wasn't so easy for you and could keep your attention. Best skype convos with you, Jess, sanchez and others some seriously funny shit.

Yay i got a shout out :lol:
By far the best tribe in Tw.net history, it was the best tribe i have played in. The settings made it so easy to take over K's in 2 weeks. I remember doing ops into K44, and we nobled all BA-I in 2 weeks and controlled 100% of that K so fast. Settings made this world the most fun out of them all.

Good job DSL/Drama!

The Handyman

Shit Rednecks won another world. He's gonna brag about it for the next 10 years :lol::lol:


I'm sure I used to be in this tribe as monkycmonkeydo or GiraffeNuke?


Probably the best ever settings possible that TW can offer, I have played. I was in hibernation since w49 1/0 burnout and told myself I will never come close to leading thing again and probably a long break from TW. Then one day I get an email from TW announcing world 53, that it is open. I couldn't believe my eyes and it dragged me to the world. I call up one of the better team players I have found and tell her let's co-play this interesting world together anonymous. Me and Kitty (Lazy Days) joined the world and so is Spotted Cow born.

Till date, I think this is probably by far the best TW decision I have made of playing this world with Kitty. Kitty, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me one memorable gaming experience of life time. We were anonymous for some good time and than started to try our luck in then RIM!, Happle, DSL and finally settling in DSL.

I would like to thank each and every one of the player who were at times our tribe-mates, you all made it enjoyable till we played. Some people still need special mentions,

I would start with Throw Rocks (not tracey, :D), then duke of DSL for being a lovely sport to us all the time.

A big hug to EQ girl and Sir Jibbs for remaining in then DSL and helping them organize in regards to our request. Without you, there might not be DSL which created the foundation of Drama!.

Major Pleasure, Human Bull, Mixed Village for providing me and kitty with the special TW fight before joining us.

MonkyCMonkeyDo for being the best close tribe-mate ever. Monky and Cow showed the value of close teamwork, which played a major role in RIM!s defusing.

Finally rednecks, oh well, what can I say. I felt pleasure when I mastermind your tribe's defeat, but I felt more pleasure when you join the cause and eventually we decided to give you the dukeship. I think hardly this incident happens in top tribes. But oh boy, what a decision that was. I really feel honored playing along you. :D

I had to stop playing due to some life emergency issues, and kitty continued a few month more. But then we have to completely leave and unfortunately the Spotted Cow account was tarnished badly by one of the new holders, it is pity.

During this course of absence I am blessed with a lovely son. I just had to come back to see the end, so I did and tried to help my old tribe-mates to quicken the end. I won't say that I did great, but well every single village helps. :)

I think if I continue, I will be emotional. I will just say a few more words.

I have been introduced to this game on world 2 by some fellow online gamers from CM (Cricket managers). Since, then I consider myself excelled in TW in almost every aspect that is possible, from a rank 1 player to a leader of aggessively ranked 1 top tribes, from a cunning diplomat to a respectable forum poster. I have almost spend six years on and off in this game. I was a first semester master's student when I started playing and now I am a proud father and a University professor. So much has happened.

Only one little scalp was remain to get for me in tribalwars, being the member of a tribe that won the world. Though I took a 11 month leave, I think I can fairly say that Spotted Cow, played a very important role in shaping of this world and Kitty and I are proud of it.

Thank you so much Drama! and all it's members to help me get the last and probably the best accomplishment, achievement that I can possibly get from Tribal Wars. You completed my TW journey.

It is an honor to play side by side with you all in this online journey.

K M Ibrahim Asif
famously known as alphabonkers in TW

It almost brought tears to my eyes to bring back these old memories, it was a damn fun fight :p


Yeah, guess i have to leave my 2 cents here as well..

I'm a proud creator of Mixed Village account and played actively in the beginning. Later on I was just here and there with ideas, a few trains, snipes, farm raids, but mainly it was muncius later on :icon_rolleyes: im too lazy to stay all the time.. Yet, in the time I've been here I've made some great friends through the entire ride.. Made some great fun as well. Partly because of enemies. Special mention goes to:

Muncius - For sobering up and taking care of the rest of 18,000 attacks that I left undealt with :D I won't mention how we love each other, cause that would be gay
Jom - For always being the little cheer. Always.
Yellowcow - For late night talks about anything and nothing(i know its morning for you but still :D )
Kreme - The sweety and the beast (2in1). Sweety on skype and Beast in game. I have to admin: I've failed to sneak Major Pleasure's village while you were not around... twice :(
Rednecks - For great leadership and sense of humour.
Alphabonkers - For the lessons you have given when playing against your tribe and for the lessons you've done while participating in your opereations.
GiraffeMonkey - For peculiar sense of humour and tiny things you've taught me that made my life easier.
Cracker - for teaching how to play the west... wtflol?
AusKilla - for providing so much fun when we spiked your barbs at the beginning (made you to restart).. AFter that we restarted and popped right beside you - spiked again. I know it was harsh, I'm sorry for that, I would hate em too :D
Petricko of Major Pleasure - who helped me fail while nobling Major Pleasure's village :D
Raven24 - For showing that impossible is nothing.
For all the fake PA's that we've eaten - big thanks. You made us big.

And generally: Abort! (RIM!), DSL! - thanks these tribes for providing such a great patch of players to form Drama! eventually. This was something I haven't seen before. Amazing ride guys, take care! :icon_wink:

Always Yours,

Aww thanks mate it was great playing with you too :)


Thanks for the mention guys :x was one of the most fastest worlds ive played to end Cough w16 was a drag

apart from that...

Was a Great pleasure playing with you all good luck in your future worlds ^^ had a blast playing with you all special mention to tom& naruto & barfbug & others in TDO* acct, Wuffa, Kreme and all in her acct :p , Jom, Muncius, una , Asif & Kitty , Redneck with his funny pics :O , T.R & others in his acct , Lamby >_<, Auskilla , UK patriot, yellowcow , LT , Dave , jay jamiesonn, Stevei, GhostFly and to all others who played in w53 and if i forgot anyone >_< forgive me. it was fun here ^_^ ty for the wonderful time i had here.

Sai/Eternalsai/Sarv/DR.Tiny/Ahmedrefaat/Jerpmom/TehDarkOne* all the account names ive played with...

W16 - C
W29 -DSL
W53 - Drama

Thankyou W53 :)!!!


Anyone from the old gang looking to do a premade for W69? Thinking of maybe coming out of retirement lol