Time To Say Our Goodbyes


Woop Woop. We can finally wave to W53 ay? :icon_cry:

During my time here there were many up's and down's. But entirely, everything came together and we fought as a tribe above whatever circumstances. I would like to say a very well done to everyone that was part of DRAMA!

Hoping to see many of you again in W69


The Death Stalkers (Later on becoming Purple Rhino)


I have played this world from the very beginning to the very end and all i can say it was a blast! World settings & and people that made me to enjoy them to the fullest, friends & enemies, sometimes an enemy later would become a friend and sometimes a friend that later would become an enemy happened quite a lot during our journey here in W53, all those feelings mixed in a tribe that was constantly at war made our regular days exciting to say the least:icon_razz:

I have met a lot of great people and i get to know some old friends again ! In Drama! we have only 27 accounts, but were there way more people building this tribe. I will try to write a few mentions, now before/if you read, do not get cocky i also write this for myself so when i forget you all years later i can go back here and read this again to remind myself what a great group of guys we were and how we kicked ass! lol

[spoil]Kreme - top class person & player! She would never accept excuses. With co-players & most time without co-players stayed #1 and kicked ass in wars no matter what were the circumstances, never would refuse to help to anyone, perfect team player. A Big thanks for your time, without you we would still be months away from finishing this world. I loved our never ending chats, we had a special connection :*

Rednecks - it was great to play with you once again, i know you had less work as a duke here than in a previous world that we played together and i'm sure people even in Drama! haven't seen 100% of what you are truly capable of as a duke (worst duke eva ? :icon_razz:) and a player (barb nobling much ? :icon_razz:), i would like to say that i am happy that i followed you, but that would be a lie because you followed us to DSL :icon_razz: All jokes aside, you have been great & fun person, people acknowledged you as a leader and you led this tribe to a victory. About your W53 story someone could write a book or make a movie ;p

Starcadia - you have been a huge help, if not you i am sure the barb nobler that is Red, would have the worst nobling record in entire world :D, it was nice to meet you.

Jamiesonn - we never talked much, but you never refused to help when asked, but hey what else can you wish from the tribe mate ?!

jmslklcs63 - been huge help to tribe towards ending the world, his input made us finish it way faster.

Sham - even though we played another world together i get to know you here more than there and there is one thing i would like to ask you - your real name is Silvio Berlusconi right ? :icon_razz:

Eternalsai aka Sai aka cutest thing on this earth ! :icon_razz:

Tom/TDO* - you were one of those people that made my first days in DSL enjoyable, despite being enemies one day, the next day you made me feel like a part of a team and i'm glad i met you (hope it doesn't sound too much umm gay :D )

Naruto - A guy with a pile of nobles, hadn't you been this lazy we could have finished this world a month earlier :icon_razz:

Rake - favorite petal :)icon_redface: :D), you have been an awesome guy to know always fun to chat with, a player i would always like to have on the same team.

Lidia - glad i met you on this world again, you have been great asset to Drama! and you have done a great job!

Veronika - like i said somewhere - i like your temper, especially towards your co :icon_razz:

Mohsen - since the very first day you joined our tribe chat you scared off all the girls but later seemed that everything went well on that front for you :D

Jess - drunkie! It was a pleasure to know you, you are always in a good mood, even when you are pissed off you are still fun! Also in my opinion you were one of the key stones for this tribe during our major wars, thank you for all your invested time in helping tribe mates, fighting and keeping this tribe active!

The Cracker - the funniest guy in Africa and possibly in a whole world, most times i have laughed out loud was after i have read your dirty thoughts on skype ! It's sad you couldn't play till the end but it was fun while it lasted :D

Fiumani - another dirty mind that couldn't stay with us until the end, it was great to get to know you again.

Tugor - i know you had to leave to join an army and you were supposed to get back months ago, i hope everything is fine with you mate!

Jay & Tammy - like husband & wife, one is calm and respectful and the other, well the other is wife :icon_razz:, jokes aside it was nice to meet you guys, you were the combo that no one could crack and you earned respect of many in a battlefield.

Asif & Kitty - another deadly combo, both great players, when put together a nightmare to enemy, would love to play again some time in future.

Lordsanchez & Lord Teradin - it is true when they say that there can be only one Lord in account, a deadly combo to the account they co :icon_razz:

Faaaaark & Allos - a never ending love that seems to go from one world to another lol Thank you Brad for your time and energy put into Drama! while you played an account here.

Auskilla & UK patriot - you two have done a great job in fighting while you still played there. It was good to play with you on the same side.

Petricko aka farming bot, the only person i know who loved to farm :D

Kontagion aka Lisa - it was a pleasure (for one thing not! lol) to get to know you even tho we played on another world together years ago, i liked our drunk chats :icon_razz:

Lamby - a nub who deleted account on front-line! Still, a good guy ;p

Special mention to the players that co-played with me Mixed Village during various times of the game, we all played in the beginning and how we ran our account back then set the foundation to where the account is today and i believe (positive, but not sure :D) it's the account with the least amount of barbs & internals nobled in entire world and 98% of it caps being war caps. /bragging over

Steve aka Yellowcow - a guy i would never get tired to talk to, always in a good mood, fun and optimistic.

Gabriel aka Cheaterkadze - we have had some disagreements in the past, but when you know someone for this long it tends to happen i guess, great player and always enthusiastic! The only person from my country with whom we had to talk in english for months instead of our native language! :D

Jommie aka Licca - a true sweetheart, she's both optimistic and enthusiastic always fun to chat and joke around, sometimes still acts like a kid tho (jk;p) P.S. I'm still waiting for your x-mas card!!![/spoil]

Now, i would like to call myself a guy of a few words, but i guess that's not me :D, didn't planned to write it this long but it happened somehow, tho i had fun while thinking what to write ;p, i am very sorry because i am sure i have missed out someone whom i wanned to mention, i keep my rights to edit this post to add some names to it or delete if you piss me off :lol:



I will not thank to anyone... :icon_razz:
Because 'thank' word is not enough for me when i need to mention these people below..

I will send some kisses and my respect to some peoples here, which made my w53 playtime so pleasureable and full with fun!

Well, who to be first? :icon_redface:
(dont worry peeps, that's not another one ranked list :lol: i just need to start from somewhere :axemen:)

I want to send kiss to:
- Sich (2 axes) for his great mind and awesome friendship. He showed to me what is team play.
- Dan(SkafeDog), April(April1988), Petricko(Brutus IV), Cezar - my lovely co-players for their help on MP during that long journey. they were amazing when they co-played me. Dan - at same begin of w53, April stepped after him and put really new level about word "farming" meaning. When she needed to reduce her TW time around march 2011, Pet replaced her and deserved title "farm-bot" :icon_razz: until he needed to focus at school around july 2011. Cez was around for short time, but his fierceness in fight was great.
Never mind that i needed to play Major Pleasure last 9-10 months alone, their friendly support on skype always make me feel not alone.
- Cracker and Todd(Purple Rhino origins) - for your loyalty, for your friendship, for your awesome skill to make me laugh till death ...
- great Mixed Village team: mighty Muncius :*, awesome Steve a.k.a. Yellow Cow, sweety Gabrielius and lovely Jomana.
Probably i need to write few days if i want to explain fully all my deep love and my attachment to them.
But i dont want to lose all your time and they know my feels :icon_razz: <!
I cant imagine my play here without you guys!
- Rake (EgoMyster) - awesome person, friend in everything.. you know: Pleasure always is mine! :icon_razz:
- Ruhtan and Cursed (Tugor Han players) - your friendship was one of my best awards here on w53

- Morning After Pill players... Star, Lloyd - great time at begin and a lot of fun.
- White Noise. players - Sham and RedMau - always ready for fun, fight and help.
- fiumani - missing you, my dear friend.
- Vinnie(barb muncher) - always ready to help and smile :icon_wink:
- Asif(Spotted Cow) because he gave me some real fight and real respect.
- Jay(great enemy, friend, challenger.) + Tammy(Raven24)
- PNE (one of throw rocks acc players)
- Sai, Tom and narutocrazy (TehDarkOne* acc players) awesome in fun and fight
- Jess(yonithan78) ...mmm much love! :icon_smile:
- DaOscar, Hadlus, Simmo, Ninja (Kontagion originals) :icon_wink:
- Selvedre :icon_razz:
- Red, because he always looking at things from bright side and was ready to turn serious things in awesome fun..
and of course because he leaded us through Drama's :icon_wink:

- TRD-Z - nevermind ally or enemy, he stayed friend.
- Fix(1BigMess) - was pleasure to meet you!
- hlook - respect for your loyalty, my friend
- Alf Hucker, because i like persistence
- Lt. Dire - was fun to meet him :lol:
- jmslklcs63 - for his devotion to our tribe
- Mike and his gf Claire (both on stitch79)
- jamiesonn, GhostFly, unamericana, Lidia(LRD) and other tribemates - always ready for fun and fight

Special kisses to AusMark and Bishop Wasteman

Kisses to all people in lovely Orgy room, aways ready for fun and pleasure!:icon_razz:

Sure i forgot to add few people, please dont be so mad at me :icon_redface:

Miss Pleasure :icon_wink: told me when we only had one village she was going to win this world.... My admiration goes out to you, completely.

Oops! :icon_redface: You got really good memory and i talk too much sometime ..really :icon_razz:

p.s. sorry Munc, my post is longer than yours :icon_razz:
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We designed W53's settings with the goal of a world that ends faster than usual - nice work on pulling it off :)


We designed W53's settings with the goal of a world that ends faster than usual - nice work on pulling it off :)

You just cheapened our accomplishments here. Thanks!

The beginning stages were hell as we were all compacted. This world attracted more experienced players that on any other world, it did make the fighting fun and I am sure accelerated the pace.


Well, we envisioned a run time of 2-3 years, so you did it a lot faster than expected.


This is the third world i have played with a winning tribe, but by far and away without a doubt the best collection of players hands down. From the leadership (original then Red) to the people that have come and gone. In fact i think that the ones that have passed through and not stayed would top any of the tribes ive been in. So many amazing players and personalities a dynamic that if you were ever in this tribe you would remember days that would make you pull your hair out one day, rant, rave and then offer to give the shirt off your back the next. Drama! indeed :lol:

I would like to thank everyone i have played with it has truly been fun and entertaining. I was never the biggest player nor the most active and i appreciate the patience and loyalty shown to me by everyone.

some shout outs!

MP- simply wow. great player, better person.
Raven- Jay and Tammie do it again. I always look forward to playing with you not against ;)
Jess- My girl! If she had the time to devote to this world only I think she may have topped it.
Lamb- My Van city brother!
Red- had my doubts about you when you first showed up. thanks for proving them wrong.
Ghostfly- Veronika you are a sweetheart and dedicated player. GF i still feel bad for things said and do apologize.
Alphabonkers- thanks for keeping me around early on mate.
Sai- my brother from another mother. always there when i asked.
LT- a pleasure to play with you mate. hope to do so again.
Stevei- I wish this game wasn't so easy for you and could keep your attention. Best skype convos with you, Jess, sanchez and others some seriously funny shit.

others currently in the tribe you are all fully deserving of this. Drama! dominated early on and knew what needed to be done late game kudos to all.


W14 The Foe
W16 C²
W53 Drama!

I'm a lucky charm.


While 29 DSL will go down as the funnest group of players I played with, W53 DSL/Drama will go down as the BEST group of players I have played with. I haven't been able to be active since end of September due to classes, work and internships. But the time from November-September I did play active it was a blast (Particularly during the summer, when I was very active). I met some new cool guys in this world and will be on skype every now and then between now and summer. When summer comes around, ill be online a little more often (like last summer).

I would like to say to Rednecks, it was great meeting you and getting to know you. You are a chill guy and a good leader. I thank you for taking the tribe I created under your wings and leading it to victory.

To the new people I've meet in this world: MP (Kreme), Muncius and jom, Ghost Fly. and Veronica, jamie, Shambolla, Lord Teradin (Ricky), hot beef, Phil (Alf), Jza08 (Jared), Jay and Tammie, ponds, Asif and Kitty, and finally but not lastly... Brad (faaaark). It was a pleasure meeting you guys, playing with you, and getting to know you when I could be active.

To the people that came to this world with me: Jess, Joe, Potash, Sai, Naruto, Wickerman, Yoni, KingMyster, Broly, and the many others that were part of the original group of DSL it was great playing with you guys for a second, third or fourth time. You guys helped lay a great foundation for something great to come, a few of you stuck around longer than others but everyone played a big role.

To the people that one point in time played a key role in leadership; Tracey, TR, Earthquake girl, Alphabonkers and Kitty, Barfbug, and Naurto; I thank you for the time you put into the tribe to making it great. You guys laid the foundation to make it a great successful tribe. Rednecks did an amazing job at the end to hold us all together and to keep fighting till the end with some help from ukpatroit (Dave).

W53 was a heck of a feat, WE are the fastest tribe to ever close a world. Everyone that stayed till the very end should feel proud; your determination and dedication is what won us this world. The people that played in DSL/Drama at one point should also be proud, you guys made a mark in this world, you helped us in some way or another to win the world.

Drama will go down as one of the best tribes in TW history

Carpe diem.


No mention

*deletes on skype*


Yeah, guess i have to leave my 2 cents here as well..

I'm a proud creator of Mixed Village account and played actively in the beginning. Later on I was just here and there with ideas, a few trains, snipes, farm raids, but mainly it was muncius later on :icon_rolleyes: im too lazy to stay all the time.. Yet, in the time I've been here I've made some great friends through the entire ride.. Made some great fun as well. Partly because of enemies. Special mention goes to:

Muncius - For sobering up and taking care of the rest of 18,000 attacks that I left undealt with :D I won't mention how we love each other, cause that would be gay
Jom - For always being the little cheer. Always.
Yellowcow - For late night talks about anything and nothing(i know its morning for you but still :D )
Kreme - The sweety and the beast (2in1). Sweety on skype and Beast in game. I have to admin: I've failed to sneak Major Pleasure's village while you were not around... twice :(
Rednecks - For great leadership and sense of humour.
Alphabonkers - For the lessons you have given when playing against your tribe and for the lessons you've done while participating in your opereations.
GiraffeMonkey - For peculiar sense of humour and tiny things you've taught me that made my life easier.
Cracker - for teaching how to play the west... wtflol?
AusKilla - for providing so much fun when we spiked your barbs at the beginning (made you to restart).. AFter that we restarted and popped right beside you - spiked again. I know it was harsh, I'm sorry for that, I would hate em too :D
Petricko of Major Pleasure - who helped me fail while nobling Major Pleasure's village :D
Raven24 - For showing that impossible is nothing.
For all the fake PA's that we've eaten - big thanks. You made us big.

And generally: Abort! (RIM!), DSL! - thanks these tribes for providing such a great patch of players to form Drama! eventually. This was something I haven't seen before. Amazing ride guys, take care! :icon_wink:

Always Yours,


Thanks to everyone for making this world the most challenging I have ever played. And a special well done to MP. Deserved to be sitting right at the top and stats to die for :)



Thanks to everyone for making this world the most challenging I have ever played. And a special well done to MP. Deserved to be sitting right at the top and stats to die for :)


It was fun fighting you Jay, the toughest battle I faced in this world. You beat me 8-5. :icon_sad:


Parting is such sweet sorrow :)

Thanks to all those who had kind words to say about me. For the rest of you who didn't even give me a mention, I never liked you that much anyways! :p

Kreme/Major Pleasure - what can I say, always willing to help whether it be tw or anything else. You are a big part of why I enjoyed this world so much. Thank you barely seems adequate.

Jess/Yonithan78 - Though once enemies on w29, I now count you among one of my closest friends on this game. I'm happy I got the chance to know you better on this world. (even if you did slack off horribly at the end :p)

Muncius/Mixed Villages - Though on opposite sides of the world ingame and unable to interact much it was a blast talking to you on skype.

Lidia/Little Red Dot - It was great getting to know you and working with you against Alf. Always a good time. :)

Sham/White Noise. - You got busier towards the end with work but it was always fun on skype while you were around, hope to see you around more again sometime soon. (GIVE ME THAT DAMN VILLAGE IN K22 :D)

Rednecks/Rednecks - (I don't know you by any other name come to think of it :O) It was an honor to serve under you. You kept a cool head and kept the lid on many crazy situations. Not to mention being a great person on top of it all.

Star/Rednecks - She offered to make me unlimited food and give me a foot massage. Need I say more? Hands down winner! :D
You didn't come on skype nearly often enough but it was always fun when you did.

Tom/TehDarkOne* - Founder and original leader of DSL which later changed it's name to Drama! Played w29 with you as well but you were way up in the Northeast and I was in the Southwest so unfortunately never got to know you well there. Fortunately I did get to know you better on this world and through skype and I must say I'm luckier for it. It was a blast working with you against Static and Uruz.

Naruto/TehDarkOne* - I can't forget naruto or he will threaten to throw himself into a living volcano again. Tom invited me down to k56 and then bailed and left me stuck with you. :p (All kidding aside though it was truly a pleasure)

I wasn't nearly as talkative on this world as I have been on previous ones so to the rest of you I must say I didn't get to know you nearly as well as I wish I had but you all brought your own special spin to the tribe. Whether it was Jamie, Una, GF/Veronika, Mohsen/Earl, Vinnie, Ricky, Hossain/Will/James/Asif, Mike/Claire, Raven - of the last hash variety :D, Dave, PNE, or Jay/Tammy you all made the tribe a interesting and fun place to be.

As for the rest of you, I must unfortunately say I never got the honor to know you but I thank you for your contributions.

On a side note I'd also like to give an honorable mention to Jom, Gab, Petricko, Leuk, and Panda for your sporadic appearances on various accounts and for the fun times on skype.

Last but certainly not least I'd like to thank everyone who helped me no matter how long or briefly on the EgoMyster account. First off the Daves, KingMyster and DetroitCanuck, you were the original owners and graciously asked me to join. Though you both ended up bailing on me I never regretted my decision to play this world. I'd also like to thank Marline, Trevor, and Blair for the help that they gave when they could and also again to DetroitCanuck for returning the past week and helping me finish off the world when I no longer had the time.

Lastester but certainly not leastester :p I'd like to give a very special thank you to both dalesmckay and stotty2009. Without the scripts that you both made and helped me with I probably would have gotten bored long before winning this world. You guys and others who have contributed to the scripting community make this game actually playable and without your hard work I would have probably deleted after 20 villages. lol
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And the last vill was taken by Ghost, and the world is won by Drama :D