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First regarding UI:
I personally am a heavy user of separate village group screen, however with addition of a new report viewing (when you hover over report and it gives you a preview) I saw some complications. I keep the village group screen on the left side of the screen, because left side is not heavily loaded with information and it sits there perfectly without interrupting anything else (map is on your right side, majority of village info as well). So, logically one can assume if someones hovers over reports and in general is looking into them, reports shall be treated as a priority, however the village group screen overrides the preview and I should either close it, or move it, which is a minor yet still an inconvenience.
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Thank ya'll


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This idea is approved for voting. Please note that I have removed the second part of your suggestion( rams in LA), as that was suggested and rejected before. For future reference, please create separate threads per suggestion.

Thank you and good luck!


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Can we also add so you can resize the window? Example above only has 9 villages in the group while often you have tens and hundreds of villages. It would then be nice to make the window longer to fit more villages without scrolling