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Michael Corleone.

There are plenty of forums online with rep systems that actually shows you the username of who the rep is from. I wish TW forums would have a forum like that


I would imagine that if it showed the username, there are a lot of comments that would have never been typed. You would not even believe (or maybe you would?) some of the foul and obscene comments that I've received. Some have even been removed by TW. I didn't even realize they could do that.

Anyway, I pretty much ignore it for the most part. And, aside from accidentally downrepping Styx (I apologized profusely!), I either up-rep or nothing at all.


The same rules apply to reputation comments that apply to posts; if a comment breaks the rules, PM Jirki88 about it. We can see who makes reputation comments, so I would advise if you're making them, don't break the rules assuming no one will see.
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Since when is a NAP permanent? ANY is a lot better than NAM ever was or will be because they didn't betray their real allies.

If ANY was so great they would have continued to war NAM without a NAP. Truth is they needed that NAP at the time and the only way to get one was string NAM along. That is all


Played it very carefully and very dull.

It was obvious they were not interested in relations, the leader wouldn't join the Skype chat.

14. Krieger was also obviously against it as the Welsh account was.

Kept asking for more and more.
It's a shame.

Alas, it's a crap end to the last no hauls.

Any Age of empires players? I need a team to take down Harry


If ANY was so great they would have continued to war NAM without a NAP. Truth is they needed that NAP at the time and the only way to get one was string NAM along. That is all

Please check the facts first. We were not in war with NAM when their current leader approach us and offered us diplomacy. But we were involved in wars with Khan and OPs on Sass, wile we were under more or less constant fire from few NAM players that probably started this world just in order to fight us. Honestly pissing off these players with setting up diplomacy were one of the main reasons why we accepted the offer at first place and I never hide that motive from NAM leaders.

Btw where you sow anyone from ANY said we were "great"? Great tribe or not fighting on several fronts at once is usually not good idea.
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Worlds get boring would rather not play till the end for most of them still wish i didn't on 77and i most likely would of been rimmed on 69 in the end up considering only shaundk and me were left active in that tribe so deleted cant win 2 tribes v 2 active accounts.

Also if you are going to down rep someone sign it.... there is a difference on whining and whining when you loose or get rimmed i have been rimmed before and lost it happens move on.

love the losers who down rep but never sign it


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NAM are just returning to their roots guys!

They are

Sorry not sorry, I had to do it.


[spoil]LMAO NAM this is awesome


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I hope you get that dance Ara and gl to all

Edit: It is sad when tribremates purposely get banned or vanish and allows the enemy to move next door.
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Yeah sorry all those stats are like over a week old!! so it's not really an update. find your own updated stats, jeeze. Get off my case.


Ahahhahhah Lmao Goldberg its soooo cooool..... #Rekt aaaaahhahaha... Good Game Well Played Guys.. <3 <3 <3



Your videos always make me laugh display keep it up nowww i got to go to work hungover least i had a laugh before hand !