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Discussion in 'World 39' started by Kinky Kiwi, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. jeremyleite

    jeremyleite Guest

    Well since the last user-created map was posted way back on November 22nd, I decided to make one.
    Somehow the font became un-antialiased (is that a word - perhaps aliased?) when it was converted to .gif ... please excuse the messy writing.
    Err, this is only the second time I've made maps on GIMP. Any tips/hints/suggestions are much appreciated.
    The non-animated map (which is much prettier in my opinion) is underneath, in a spoiler.


  2. Nice map jeremy. I think my colour suits me ;)
  3. Cindy9286.

    Cindy9286. Guest

    Very good :)
  4. jeremyleite

    jeremyleite Guest

    I made sure to pick that colour specially for you guys Sean. ;)
  5. Gruenhagen

    Gruenhagen Non-stop Poster

    Jul 26, 2009
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    Very nice map Jeremy, all thou I was some what surprised not to here some form of Rhianna as the map came up :p
  6. Noffish

    Noffish Guest

    Nice map Jeremy :)
  7. jeremyleite

    jeremyleite Guest

    The thought didn't even occur to me. Perhaps nex time. (bandit) <-- Yeah I'm too lazy to copy the actual emoticon... you know what it is.
  8. Cindy9286.

    Cindy9286. Guest


    Mate I am gonna add you on skype, I know you on my Us sever account ;)
  9. scarlet ash

    scarlet ash Contributing Poster

    Apr 19, 2008
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    3 super powers in the world pretty much left and not even out of the 8x8 map size :p.
  10. jeremyleite

    jeremyleite Guest

    We won't ever leave the 8x8 map size. :p
  11. lumograph4

    lumograph4 Guest

    This world really got little interest, everyone started on world 38
  12. lumograph4

    lumograph4 Guest

    Nobody posts this much now, so I thought I would give you a new map of the top 8 tribes, couldn't be bothered going any further, the colour distinction wasn't good enough

  13. minaise

    minaise Guest

    one of the most pointless self-made maps i've seen. : )

    don't bother to flame back, im off to get drunk.
  14. lumograph4

    lumograph4 Guest

    how nice of you to say so :icon_razz:
  15. TheSettler

    TheSettler Guest

    LUMO? Why you make Raid RED? In TW RED is BAD!! :icon_eek:
  16. jeremyleite

    jeremyleite Guest

    Lumo, that is just a map copied from twstats. Fail times a bajillion.
  17. lumograph4

    lumograph4 Guest

    Correct my pc is full of viruses, all I have is internet & one or two programs I saved lol
  18. jeremyleite

    jeremyleite Guest

    That's an interesting tidbit there Lumo.
    Perhaps you should get your computer fixed then.
  19. lumograph4

    lumograph4 Guest

    Yeah correct I should do,

    Oh wait, yes I thought of that, & oh yes I sent it to them & oh yes I remember they said there was too many for them to get rid of :icon_sad:

    Anyway as long as TW and a few others things work, then I am not that bothered
  20. rohan white

    rohan white Non-stop Poster

    Oct 12, 2009
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    Can someone change ~RAID~'s color on the map to something darker......so we could see the difference between NOB and Raid's borders on the map.

    Even better instead of purple.........turn the bunny tribe a light pink color......=D