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The external forum really isn't the best place for me but i just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blogs and hope you put out some more soon :) it's always interesting reading about the past, present and future of world 39.


Oh soph when will you learn to keep your mouth shut on the externals unless you have something intelligent to say... :/

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@ jeremy: but i thought it wad dedicated to the people who kept whinning for an update and i was one of them :)

@toxic: you gotz no right to make fun of me only jeremy does


Hi World 39,

My name is Kris, I am jeremyleite's head blogger.

I know he many not of told anyone but he is currently on holiday and will be due back with in a week or two.

Now as his head blogger I have been authorised to use a caddle prod to ensure he posts.

If you guys would love to chat,

Please don't hesitate to contact me.