w39 Blog; Gotta Read 'Em All!

rohan white

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Wow I can thank blazing for my Newly found motivation to FIGHT...

I believe things are about to get fun again.


Nice blog Jez, and as a 'welcome back' present I'm not even gonna troll it :icon_eek:


I had to giggle - According to Blazing TDE losses are inevitable - the result of villas being isolated behind the front lines and hopelessly mal-located. His own captures are, of course, the result of superb gamesmanship on his part...not in the least the result of A-21 villas being attacked that are isolated behind the front-lines and hopelessly mal-located...


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I am not fully updated in the current events...however....just briefly reading some threads..I see some old faces.

I had to quit TW...takes up too much time right now.

I do miss playing...I really never got a chance to make a name for myself..but had fun and learned somethings in ~RAID~.

I see myself playing again someday...not soon though :(

I truely don't see Hybrid and Foc being defeated by T.D.E. (although) I did see a disapointment in W54 :(

Good Luck...I hope to check back in the future!


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Good to see you.

Don't worry for your name i'm pretty sure most player still here remembers you ^^.

Current event is Nob/Raid merged, even if a few Nob joined TDE.
War is still going on, and on a good way.


I think it's his math. But don't say anything, he seemed so happy.